Jenny McCarthy (52%) slams Elizabeth Hurley (48%)
Ever since losing to her teammate Christina Applegate, Jenny has lost more than the title to her but also her leadership. As each day passed, the more Christina wrested the leadership position from her and the harder it was for Jenny to hold on to it. Then came her opportunity in a match against Elizabeth Hurley. This was her chance to show everybody that she hasn't lost any bit of who she was and she thought that this match will once again bring her on the road to the championship.

Angelina JolieMatch time came and Elizabeth Hurley was introduced first to the ring accompanied by cheers from throughout the arena. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a leather crop top showing her cleavage. She was intending not only to make an impact inside the ring and the league, but also with the fans. Jenny was announced next to the music of Kid Rock's 'American Bad Ass'. She was wearing a pair of tight leather pants and a leather bra. When she came to the ring, the crowd roared in support for her. The referee for the match was Angelina Jolie dressed in the 'Lara Croft' outfit and her hair braided.

Before Jenny could react, Elizabeth charged her and assaulted her with punches and hard slaps to her chest and face. Jenny was startled by the attack as she stumbled back to the turnbuckle. Not allowing for any respite, Elizabeth continued her assault on Jenny's body with a flurry of hard punches and kicks to her torso, with special emphasis on her breasts which took its toll on her body. Elizabeth then hurled Jenny from pillar to post further wracking her body with pain. As Jenny came stumbling out from the final whipping, Elizabeth grabbed her in a bear hug squishing Jenny's breasts with her own. She then executed a belly-to-belly slam leaving Jenny sprawled on the mat in pain. Elizabeth reveled in her early dominance of the former champion as she rose her hands above her head and strutted around the ring.

Elizabeth finally turned her attention back to Jenny and planted a few kicks to her ribs and stomach causing her to groan in pain and hold her affected areas. She then grabbed her hair, slowly bringing her to her knees. As Elizabeth was bringing Jenny to her feet, Jenny's experience kicked in as she laced Elizabeth's crotch with a pair of vicious uppercuts causing Elizabeth to let her go and instinctively hold her crotch. Her eyes bugged out and she let out a loud shriek as the pain coursed through her body. Jenny stood up, put Elizabeth's in a headlock and dropped her to the mat for a DDT. Angelina warned her about the low blows and that she'd disqualify her if she did it again. Jenny brought Elizabeth to her feet and once again brought her to the mat with another DDT. The two DDT's dazed and confused Elizabeth as she held her head obviously still in pain from the unexpected attack.

Jenny went off the ropes and dropped her leg across Elizabeth's exposed throat causing her body to spasm uncontrollably. Jenny then continued her assault and began to kick and stomp Elizabeth's torso with pinpoint precision of an expert fighter would to maximize their assault. She then brought Elizabeth to her feet whipped her into the ropes and body slammed her on the return. Jenny place Elizabeth in the middle of the ring, then went to the outside of the ring to the third rope for a high-risk maneuver. She then launched herself at Elizabeth for a belly splash, but Elizabeth moved before Jenny could get to her and Jenny yelped as she hit the mat hard. She tenderly held her stomach as she recovered from the fall.

Elizabeth slowly made it to her feet and made her way to Jenny and once again began kicking her ribs. She dragged her to her feet, but much faster this time not wanting to make the same mistake twice. She walked up close to Jenny and kneed her twice in the crotch eliciting the same reaction from her that Jenny got when she attacked her crotch. Angelina gave Elizabeth the same warning that she gave Jenny a few moments earlier. Elizabeth forced Jenny back into the corner with a combination of punches and kicks to her body and face. Once Jenny was in the corner, Elizabeth used the opportunity to use Jenny's near defenseless body as a punching bag. Jenny's arms hanged weakly over the top rope as her body absorbed all the blows from Elizabeth's attack.

Elizabeth reached around Jenny's back, unlatched the brad from behind and removed the bra, throwing it to a screaming fan in the stands. Elizabeth's lips curled up as she eyed Jenny's bruised breasts, but decided against attacking them for the time being. She then lowered her shoulder and rammed it into Jenny's stomach a dozen times. She stood up and kneed Jenny in the stomach another dozen times causing her even more pain and taking all the wind out of her. She then got up on the second rope, grabbed Jenny's hair, pulling her head back and began punching away at her face causing blood to spray everywhere from her nose. After her assault on Jenny's face, Elizabeth whipped Jenny to the opposite corner following close behind her. Jenny sensing Elizabeth behind her, summoned all the strength she had left and grabbed onto the third rope and used it to vault her body horizontally up and wrap her thighs around Elizabeth's neck. She then flipped Elizabeth onto her back after executing a hanukanrana.

Jenny flipped to her feet and hurried over to the surprised Elizabeth Hurley and began kicking and stomping her torso a number of times before dragging her to her feet. The two then got not only into a slugfest and but also a battle of wills as they slugged it out. The more experienced Jenny soon gained control as she wore out the older Elizabeth Hurley, forcing her to stumble back with each punch. Jenny followed up the punches with karate chops to Elizabeth's chest. She then hurled Elizabeth off the ropes and on the return, picked her up, twirled her around in mid-air and slammed her down onto her awaiting knee causing her to cry out in pain. Jenny let Elizabeth limply drop to the mat and watched as she held her back. Jenny flipped Elizabeth onto her back and quickly straddled her and began pummeling Elizabeth's face with punches. The crowd counted along with each punch. They both stopped after 25 punches.

After she finished pummeling Elizabeth's face, Jenny dragged Elizabeth to her feet, whipped her off the ropes and kicked her in the stomach on the way back causing her to double over and hold her stomach. Jenny thrust Elizabeth's head between her strong, sexy thighs and squeezed tightly as she applied a standing scissor hold. Elizabeth clawed and flailed futilely at Jenny's legs. Elizabeth's arms soon dropped to her side and legs began to wobble under her as the scissor hold slowly took its effect. Jenny then wrapped her arms around Elizabeth's waist, stood her upside down between her legs for a few seconds awaiting Elizabeth's blood to rush to her head, then dropped to her knees and Elizabeth onto her head. Jenny released the near unconscious Elizabeth onto her back and straddled her for the cover. Angelina got into position and slammed her hand down three times onto the mat. She then raised Jenny's hand above her head to signify Jenny as the victor.

Jenny leaned over and whispered something into Angelina's ear. Quickly the two were planning something as smiles appeared on their faces and they took glances to Elizabeth's direction. Their conversation soon ended as they walked over to Elizabeth Hurley and the two of them completely stripped her with little resistance. Angelina picked Elizabeth up to her feet and applied a full nelson, facing her towards Jenny.

Elizabeth was asking them what was going on and asked Angelina why she was all of a sudden helping Jenny out. However, she got no response from either of them until she saw the sadistic, cruel look on Jenny's face. Jenny reached in and began clawing and digging into Elizabeth's breasts eliciting painful screams from her. Jenny's breast attack went on for what seemed forever to Elizabeth. By the time she finished, Elizabeth's breasts were swollen, sore and bleeding. Yet, Jenny's assault on Elizabeth's body did not end there as she used the already beaten body of Elizabeth Hurley as a punching bag. After Jenny finished her assault, she and Angelina Jolie switched positions and Angelina repeated the same process as Jenny. After she was finished, Elizabeth's body and breasts were little more then bruises, cuts and welts.

Angelina then took the battered Elizabeth and hurled her toward the ropes and kicked her in the abdomen as she returned causing her to double over. Angelina put Elizabeth's head between her thighs and her arms around her waist and power-bombed her. Angelina then took off her bottom revealing her sexy lower half of her body to all. She then straddled Elizabeth's face with her crotch and began riding her face with token resistance from Elizabeth. Within a couple of minutes, Angelina was brought to a massive orgasm as her juices completely covered Elizabeth Hurley's face. Angelina then turned around with her butt facing Elizabeth's face and planted it on her face. Within a minute, Elizabeth Hurley was unconscious under Angelina's luscious butt. After knocking Elizabeth out, Angelina stood up and put her bottom back on and walked up the ramp arm in arm with Jenny. They and the rest of the ABA celebrated another ABA victory.

Jenny McCarthy Lays Down A Huge Victory


After the match, Angelina Jolie, followed the rest of the ABA for yet another wild post match celebration. As typical with Hollywood's wild girl's parties, it extended well into the twilight hours. All through the night Angelina had been dropping hints about her interest in joining the ABA. All the ABA girls were excited about the possibility. Angelina's wrestling debut has been greatly anticipated by all fans, and to have the hottest recruit on their team would extend their dominance around the league. Finally, at the close of the night, Angelina asked Jenny could she speak to her privately about some 'business matters'. Jenny eagerly agreed, feeling confident that Angelina was going to ask to join the ABA.

Angelina lead Jenny up to her hotel room and slowly opened the door to the dark suite. The blonde's senses were dulled by the generous amount of wine & champagne she had consumed that night. She thought she was hallucinating when Angelina turned on the lights and she saw Tia Carrere executing a spinning karate kick in front of her. Jenny quickly realized this was no dream as the sole of Tia's boot collided into her jaw. Jenny's head spins and her body corkscrews to the ground unconscious.

Tia CarrereJenny suddenly finds herself awaken by the shock of cold water. She looks up to see Pam Anderson holding a now empty picture with a mean smirk on her face. Jenny had no clue of how long she had been out but now she finds herself lying completely nude on the hotel room floor surrounded by the Fab 4: Pam Anderson, Tia Carrere, Jennifer Lopez & Halle Berry. "Damn... that skinny bitch Angelina set me up!" Thinks the captured blonde.

"So the goodie-too-shoes Fab 4 are reduced to kidnapping?? What's the matter, can't compete with me woman-to-woman??" asks Jenny trying to talk tough and find a way out of this situation.

"Au contraire" quickly retorts Pam, we can all kick your ass one-on-one, but we never get the chance for a 'FAIR' fight with your friends around."

"Yeah, tonight we decided to give you a taste of your own medicine and see how you like it." says Halle as she reaches down and pulls Jenny to her feet.

Halle securely holds one of Jenny's arms and Pam grabs the other one. They stand Jenny in place while Jennifer & Tia start to pound the blonde's tits & stomach. Jenny screams and starts cursing like a sailor. Jennifer & Tia unload punch after punch until their arms start to tire. Jenny's cursing verbal venom quickly subsided into blubbering and sobbing, and begging for mercy.

Tia & Jennifer stop and change places with Pam & Halle. They hold the pleading blonde and allow Pam & Halle to punch away. Jennys tits & belly take another terrible beating. The 'Bad Ass' is no more, there is only a whimp begging & pleading for mercy.

Luckily for Jenny, Pam & Halle have a heart and limit their assault to half the time of Tia & Jennifer's. They release the beaten blonde and allow her to drop to the floor and curl up into one big blubbering ball. The Fab 4 smile & celebrate the destruction of the Original Bad Ass. "Hey Jenny!" Tia says, "The last producer I auditioned for says you give fantastic head to get all your parts. Why don't you give me a demonstration of what a sagging, old hag has got to do to survive in Hollywood?"

Halle BerryHalle reached down and grabs a handful of Jenny's long blonde hair and starts to lead the crawling blonde to the bath room. Pam points to the long gold faucet on the bath room "suck that long gold dick right there!"

"Yeah.. just do what you did to get on Singled Out", Halle says with a giggle.

Jenny realized how ridiculous she was going to look, but anything was better than another beating. So, the blonde crawled into the tub and placed her mouth around the faucet and started bobbing her head back & forth like she was deep throating a huge dick. The girls of the Fab 4 began to laugh their asses off, and heighten Jenny's humiliation. Jenny bobbed enthusiastically on the faucet for what seemed like forever. She hoped by entertaining her tormentors it would ease the beatings. Jennifer walks to the faucet and says, "Uhh Ohh girl it's coming!!" and turns on the water. The water pours out into Jenny's mouth before she could pull out, and douses her in the liquid. The Fab 4 laugh heartily at the sexual overtones of what they just witnessed.

"Okay enough girls, I have a big date with my husband tonight, can we end this now?" Tia says while still chuckling.

"But how do we finish it?" asks Halle.

Pam AndersonJennifer Lopez"I know" says Tia, "We'll flip a coin. Heads, Pam's tits or tails Jennifer's legs." Tia flips a coin and watches as it drops to the floor. Jenny looks at the quartet. She never sees the result of the coin flip, but she does see Jennifer start to walk toward her. Jennifer wraps her legs around Jenny's waist and squeezes. Jenny feels like she is caught in a vice grip or in the clutches of a boa constrictor. She opens her mouth to scream but the squeeze is soo tight no sounds escape. Jennifer holds her squeeze until Jenny can no longer breath and passes out.

Again Jenny does not know how long she was out, but she is awakened by the cold air of the outside. She opens her eyes to find herself tied to the outside of the balcony. Her ankles and wrist are securely tied to the railing overlooking the busy city street below. A large crowd was on the street below gawking up at her nude body. She looks down on her stomach where a large red '4' has been written. "BITCHES... I'M GOING TO GET ALL OF YOU AND ANGELINA... BUT GOOD!!", screams Jenny.


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