Cameron Diaz (52) beats Carmen Electra (48%)
An Original Story from the pen of Omega

(Camera fades in to show a ring with a pink canvas and purple ropes, in the center of the ring is wrestling legend Jerry 'The King' Lawler, and beside him is a referee... Lawler holds a microphone in his hands)

King Lawler - Welcome wrestling fans, I said welcome wrestling fans.

(crowd cheers and screams loudly)

King Lawler - That is much better. Well we all know what we are here for. Over seventy-thousand fans packed in to the Georgia Dome right here in Atlanta, Georgia!!

(fans go nuts and the screams are deafening)

King Lawler - I know we have a few celebrities out there including the baddest man on this planet, Iron Mike Tyson!!

(crowd boos)

King Lawler - Oh come on show some respect, besides if you make him angry he will probably bite the ear off of the person sitting next to him!!

(crowd laughs hysterically)

King Lawler - No really, we have a jam-packed house here tonight, and this is completely non-profit, all the proceeds go to the relief efforts in New York City where tragedy struck on September 11. So welcome one more, and thank you for showing up tonight. I swear you won't regret it. Two of the most gorgeous women in acting today are going to get it on right here in this very ring!!

(crowd cheers loudly)

King Lawler - So let me introduce, first from Cincinatti, Ohio, standing 5'4", with brown hair and tantalizing green eyes, here she is, ready to electrify the crowd, Miss Carmen Electra!!!

(Rock Superstar by Cypress Hill blasts over the PA System as Carmen makes her way down the aisle in a long black trenchcoat, her hair is not in a ponytail, it is however pulled behind her ears the crowd is going nuts as Rock Superstar continues to play... Carmen climbs through the ropes and waves her hands at the fans then takes the microphone from Lawler)

Electra - King, would you do the honors and disrobe me, but do it slowly, so nobody misses even one inch of my body.

(Lawler steps behind her and begins to pull off the trenchcoat revealing a breathtaking white bikini top with red hearts over her nipples and a white thong bikini with a heart in the center of the front of them)

Electra - You like what you see Atlanta?

(crowd yells out 'hell yes get undressed' over and over again)

Electra - Okay Jerry, make this quick, call out Miss Diaz so I can mop the floor with her and be out of here in no time.

King Lawler - Okay wrestling fans, here is Carmen's opponent for this match, standing in at 5'9", from San Diego, California, a true blonde beach babe with the bluest eyes I have ever seen, making her way down to the ring, here she is, Miss Cameron Diaz!!!

(Suddenly Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit blasts through the PA system as Diaz walks her tall, slender body down the ring, with no robe or trenchcoat, simply wearing a red thong bikini and a red bikini top she stares in at the ring, eyeing Carmen as she rolls underneath the bottom rope of the ring)

Suddenly Carmen Electra rushes towards Diaz who is still on her knees trying to stand up and Electra grabs Cameron's hair and pulls her to the center of the ring. Diaz screams out as Electra tugs on her hair with her left hand and slams her back with elbows with her right arm. It doesn't take long for Diaz to drop to her knees and Electra quickly puts Diaz in a chinlock hold, Diaz is on her knees and her head is being pulled back by Electra and the crowd is going crazy.

The ref asks Diaz if she wants to submit, but she manages to say no. Carmen releases the hold and steps back as Diaz collapses on the canvas, face down. Electra raises her fists in the air and the crowd cheers. She turns around quickly and sees Diaz laid out on her stomach. In one swift move Carmen sits herself down on Cameron's back and applies a camel clutch to the gorgeous blonde. Diaz is obviously in pain as she squirms and grimmaces as Carmen pulls back on her chin. Diaz reaches for the ropes and is able to grab the bottom one, due to her height, being 59 with a longer reach than Electra who is only 5'4".

Carmen releases the hold but doesn't waste any time as she grabs Diaz by her feet (both ladies are barefoot) and drags her to the center of the ring. Then she runs into the ropes, leaps over Cameron's fallen body, off the other ropes, and drops an elbow right to Cameron's lower back. Cameron reaches back and rolls over as she touches her lower back with her right hand, and looks to be in a lot of pain. Carmen is admiring her handiwork and once again closes in on Diaz reaching for her blonde locks, but the long-legged California doll takes Carmen down with a leg sweep.

The crowd is in a frenzy. It seems more of the fans are backing Diaz, as they begin to chant her name. Cameron slowly stands up with the aid of the ropes, and leans back on them trying to catch her breath. Electra is back up on her feet already, and screams as she charges Diaz in an attempt to clothesline her out of ring but Diaz has other plans and ducks down and Electra sails over the top rope and lands hard on her stomach outside of the ring. Diaz stands up straight, she is breathing hard, as her slender belly heaves in and out, nevertheless she has enough ring sense to turn and locate Carmen Electra. Carmen is still face down on the concrete outside of the ring. It seems her forehead was the first part of her body to strike the concrete after she was sent over the top rope by a great defensive maneuver by Diaz.

The referee is counting, he is on four and the count is 10, so Diaz slides through the ropes, grabs Carmen by her hair and rolls her underneath bottom rope into the ring. Cameron then climbs through the ropes herself, and pulls Carmen to her feet by her hair. Electra is dazed and leans on the ropes for support. Diaz takes advantage of the situation by driving hard chops into Electra's breasts and throat. Carmen doubles over and tries to cover up from the onslaught. Without even thinking about it Cameron instinctively slams her left knee into Carmen's face. Electra's body snaps back and is erect and you can see a trail of blood dripping out of her nose. Perhaps it has been broken... but Cameron Diaz doesn't give a damn. She simply drives three consecutive knees into Electra's belly, once again doubling her over and knocking the wind out of her.

Diaz grabs Carmen by her wrist and sends her into the ropes and as Carmen bounces off the ropes and approaches the center of the ring Diaz charges forwards and yells out as she clotheslines Electra, dropping her flat on her back. The crowd is chanting Diaz, Diaz, Diaz, and Cameron can feel the adrenaline coursing through her veins. She bounces off the ropes and drops a leg across Carmen's upper body and neck area. Cameron gets up as Electra rolls over onto her side, clutching her throat and gasping for air. Diaz quickly gets down on the canvas, and grabs Electra's right leg and right arm, then Diaz places both of her feet in the center of Electra's back and pulls back, executing a picture perfect bow and arrow submission hold. The ref asks Carmen if she wants to quit and she shakes her head no. Diaz pulls back further, getting closer to laying her own back on the mat which would serve to apply even more pressure to Electra's arched body.

Carmen continues to refuse to give in so Diaz releases the hold after a minute and a half, and Carmen rolls over onto her stomach gasping for air, all curled up in the fetal position as she can take no more of this punishment. Diaz knows she has Electra reeling and simply needs to put on the finishing touches. Diaz raises Electra up by her hair and grabs her neck as they stand back to back and Diaz executes a reverse DDT on the weary and bruised Electra. Cameron Diaz knows the match is finished, but she decides to do something she has always wanted to do since she saw her first wrestling match as a kid. So Diaz steps out through the ropes and climbs the turnbuckle to the top rope where she raises both arms in victory, and then leaps off the top rope and drops an elbow on Electra's belly.

The crowd is going beserk and backup security guards are coming from the back as the rowdy fans try to rush the ring. Diaz doesn't even notice all the chaos surrounding her. She is entirely focused on winning the match. Electra once again has rolled over on her stomach and covers her belly with both arms. Cameron leans down and grabs both of Carmen's wrists pulling them out from underneath her, plants her left foot firmly on the small of Carmen's back, pulls both arms backwards, putting extreme pressure on Electra's back, her shoulders, and arms, all the joints in her upper body are being pulled severely and eventually her shoulders would pop out of their sockets. Carmen screams in pain and the ref asks if she is ready to submit and Carmen nods her head quickly. The bell rings and Diaz releases Electra who lays motionless on her tummy.

(Lawler climbs into the ring with the microphone and raises Cameron's arm in the air)

King Lawler - Here is your winner, by submission, the lovely, and tough as hell blonde bombshell, Cameron Diaz!!!

(the crowd cheers loudly and chant her name in adoration, Cameron climbs each turnbuckle and waves to the fans and the camera shuts off)
Huge Win for Cameron Diaz!

Carmen takes another loss