Our first Hard Core Rules Match!

Madonna (57%) Rocks Janet Jackson (43%) Hard-Core Action! Janet struts to the ring for this highly anticipated match. She is wearing a black leather corset, painted on, black leather pants, and carrying a riding crop. Madonna wears a black leather teddy with fishnet panty hose with a steel chair in hand. Quickly, Janet finds that although the riding crop looks ďcuteĒ with her outfit, it is not a suitable weapon compared to the chair.

Madonna does not say a word when she enters the ring, she just clobbers Janet over the head with the chair. Again & again Madonna slams the chair down on Janet's head. Janet pitifully tries to defend herself by raising her arms to cover her head as Madonna sends the chair crashing down on her head again. Janet drops her riding crop, and soon Madonna has her dazed on the mat lying beside the crop. Madonna relentlessly pounds Janet with the chair, only stopping to kick her opponent in the ribs from time to time. Janet rolls into quivering ball. Realizing Janet was in deep trouble, Madonna throws the chair to the ground, and pulls Janet to her feet. She tucks the groggy woman's head under her arm, and lifted her up into a suflex. Madonna held Janet in the air for an unusually long time, before falling back, and suflexing her to the mat. Janet grabs her lower back and withers on the mat. Madonna smiled, two minutes into the match, and she could pin Janet at any time. Of course Madonna was not going to be that merciful though.

She pulls Janet to her feet, and tosses her over the top rope. Janet's body made a loud smack as it hits the arena floor. Madonna follows Janet to the floor. She picks up the ring steps, carries them above her head and walks toward Janet. Janet lies face down on the ground, slowly rising to her hands & knees when Madonna dropped the stairs on her back. Janet was squashed like a bug and fell back to the floor. Madonna then pulls a ladder from under the ring. Madonna stands the ladder up, and climbs to near the top rung of the ladder. Madonna dives off the ladder and lands on Janet's back, again squashing her like she was a pesky mosquito.

Madonna rolls her lifeless opponent into the ring. Now that Janet had absorbed quite of bit if punishment Madonna felt it was time to bring the match to an end. Madonna peels the skintight pants off Miss Nasty. Janet could do nothing to prevent any of the desires of the conquering blonde. Janet's only thoughts was to somehow escape from this manic, and this pain. Madonna retrieves Janetís abandoned riding crop, and mounts Janetís back, who is on all fours. Madonna slaps Janetís bare bottom with the crop saying, ďgetty-up horsieĒ Janet knew what Madonna wanted, and slowly gave the conquering blonde a victory ride like a beaten down horse, while Madonna slapped her ass repeatedly with the crop.

Janet, in one last act of defiance, bucks the blonde off her back and tries to mounts her first real offensive of the match. Janet pounds the blonde's stomach with all her strength. Madonna grunts in obvious pain as Janet knocked the breath out of her. The desparate blonde pushes Janet away and tries to find a moment to catch her breath. Janet gets the riding crop and slashes Madonna's back a few times as she retreats.

Madonnaís friend, and sometimes lover, Naomi Campbell comes to ringside but her interference was not necessary. Madonna turns the match back around by throwing a handful of salt, from a hidden pouch, into Janetís eyes. Janet rubs her burning eyes trying to clear the salt from them. Madonna grabs the already badly dented chair, raises it above her head, and carefully measures Janet. Madonna brings the chair down on Janet's head with a sickening thud. The audience all release a collective moan feeling the pain the superstar must have just felt. Janet stood for just an instant after the chair's impact, then fell over like a tree. No one expected her to rise from that chair shot. Naomi slid a table into the ring from ringside. Madonna placed Janet on the table, and leaped on her from the top rope with the steel chair leading the way. Madonnaís impact on Janet breaks the table in two. The blonde continues to lie on Janet's chest and pins Janet in the middle of the wreckage.

Naomi joins Madonna in the ring as the removes Janetís corset, and begins to massage & caress Janetís nude body. Naomi sits on Janet's chest, plants a kiss on her lips, then fondles her breast while Madonna licks her sweaty snatch. Janet comes to, but seemed to be enjoying the ladies touch too much to protest. Maybe Janetís former longtime boyfriend, Reneís accusations of Janetís lesbianism are true. Naomi whispers something in Janetís that brings a smile to the beaten diva's face. The two friends rise off Janet, and extend a hand to help Miss Jackson to her feet. Madonna winks at Janet before leaving with Naomi. Janet tries to conceal a sly grin and follows the two back to the dressing room.

Madonna (with Naomi Campbell's help) is our Queen of Extreme

Janet Jackson: Miss Jackson if you're Nasty!
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