“Either the Simpson sisters want to be near us because they love us so much or they simply want to do us in with this match Jessica wants with me?” asked Carrie jokingly as she sat down on one of the gym’s benches to take a rest from sparring with Kelly.

“I think you know the answer to that question. Shakira and I can’t stand the Simpson sisters and they can’t stand us.” smirked Kelly as she sat next to Carrie. “This one’s going to be a lumberjack match between the two of you.”

“A what? What’s a lumberjack match?” asked Carrie.

“C’mon Carrie? You’re telling me you never heard of a lumberjack match?” asked Kelly.

“No. I’ve never really watched too much wrestling when I was younger or been in other leagues before I joined this league and Gen Next.” said Carrie.

“Well, it’s ummm…”started Kelly as she furrowed and scratched her forehead: “…it basically means that the two fighters in this type of match, like you and Jessica, will have their teammates, friends or allies lining the outside of the ring to give support and help during the match and to make sure the other side doesn’t cheat.” said Kelly.

“Oh, ok. You do realize the Resistance outnumbers us. How do you expect to get all that extra help?” asked a curious Carrie.

“Well, first of all, I was able to have the booking committee make them agree to not have more ‘lumberjacks’ at ring side than we do. At ringside you’ll obviously have myself, Rihanna and Keira to help you, not to mention Shakira and Natalie Portman. Rihanna apparently got Kesha, Katy Perry, Nicole Scherzinger and Shontelle to help out… don’t ask me how, but she did. Natalie got Mila Kunis to agree to help out. That brings it up to ten ‘lumberjacks’. Also, didn’t you say that Taylor Swift called you about you getting to help her train?” said Kelly.

“Yeah she did. I’ve only spoken to her a couple of time and not any time recently. I will reach out to her and see if she’s willing to help.” said Carrie.

“You do that and hopefully she’ll come through for your and all our sakes.” said Kelly. After a few more minutes of relaxing and talking about the match, Kelly and Carrie go back to sparring.

A few days later, the day of the lumberjack match arrives. It was going to take place at FedEx Forum in Memphis. Carrie Underwood along with Kelly Clarkson entered the forum and went to the locker room. In there was the rest of Gen Next along with Shakira, Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Kesha, Nicole Scherzinger and Shontelle.

“Hey girls; thanks for coming and helping out in this match. Both sides are going to have equal numbers outside the ring. While Carrie is taking Jessica on in the ring, I want the rest of you girls to keep tabs on the Resistance girls to make sure they keep their cheating to a minimum.” Said Kelly. Almost a half hour later, the time for the match came. Jessica Simpson was the first one to be announced. Jessica came out to her version of the song “These Boots are Made for Walking”. She came out in her ‘Daisy Dukes’ outfit and to a large number of cheers from the crowd. As she walked down the ramp to the ring, the rest of Resistance girls (except for Christina Milian and Gwen Stefani who are in the locker room) follow Jessica. Several of them carried duffle bags as they walked down the ramp. Each of them shakes their fans’ hands as the go toward the ring. After nearly a couple minutes, Jessica is in the middle of the ring and her ‘lumberjacks’ have occupied the two adjoining sides of the far corner. The duffle bags, they were carrying were stowed away under the ring.

A moment later, Carrie was introduced to her song ‘Cowboy Casanova’. She had on calf high boots, jeans and a halter top. She was followed by the Gen Next girls, and the various friends and allies. The crowd cheered loudly for her too. Carrie waved to the crowd as they cheered for her. Some of them had duffle bags as well as they made their way down the ramp and to the ring. They all shook hands with the fans as well as they made their way to the ring. After more than a minute of walking down the ramp, Carrie makes it to the ring and her ‘lumberjacks’ line up on the near corners of the ring. They stow away their duffle bags under the ring as well.

The referee soon calls the two blondes to the center of the ring and explains the rules before calling for the bell. The two sexy blondes don’t bother shaking as they look each other over like a pair of hated country music rivals. As the bell rang, the two blondes started circling each other and quickly locked up. They grimace and their muscles strain as they struggle against each other. As they struggle against each other, Jessica lurches forward and head-butts Carrie. This catches her off guard as she grunts a bit, her head snaps back and her grip on Jessica loosens. Jessica follows that up with several more head-butts Carrie before releasing her own grip on Carrie. Before she could recover from the head-butts, Jessica sends one right jab after another to Carrie’s jaw sending Carrie staggering back to the ropes near the Resistance side of the ring.

As they get closer to the ring, Jessica extends her right arm out to her side and clotheslines Carrie sending her over the top of the ropes and to the floor below. Several members of the Resistance (Jada Pinkett Smith, Nikki Cox, Ashlee Simpson and Eva Mendes) quickly converge on Carrie and start to kick her or stomp on her. The referee gives them a warning, but it goes unheard by the Resistance girls. It doesn’t take long before Rihanna, Shontelle, Mila and Kesha come to Carrie’s rescue and fend off her attackers. The other girls from the Resistance and Gen Next alliance nearest the fight scuffle with each other. Rihanna eventually grabs Carrie and pulls her to their part of the ring and make sure she’s alright. Rihanna makes sure the referee is holding back Jessica before allowing her back into the ring.

Carrie and Jessica start to circle each other again. Carrie moves in for a pair of quick jabs to Jessica’s jaw. They are easily blocked by Jessica and counters with several of her own jabs to Carrie’s jaw. Carrie blocks the first one and grabs the second jab. Carrie sends several quick kicks to Jessica’s mid-section causing her to grunt and double over. Carrie twists Jessica’s arm a bit and kicks Jessica’s stomach several more times before kicking her chest before swinging her leg around and connects the heel of her boot with the back of Jessica’s head. Carrie releases Jessica’s arm as Jessica flops to the mat. Carrie quickly drives a knee into Jessica’s lower back making her scream. Carrie quickly lifts her knee and drives it into Jessica’s back again making her scream again. While she has her knee in Jessica’s back, Carrie grabs Jessica’s mane and slams her head into the mat several times making her grunt with each hit.

Carrie then removes her knee from Jessica’s back and carefully starts to get to her feet while still holding Jessica’s hair. After she pulls Jessica to her feet, Carrie releases her hair and sends a hook to Jessica’s jaw which she somehow ducks underneath. Carrie’s eyes widen in shock as that happens and before she could pull her punch back, Jessica sends several hard punches to her exposed gut making her hunch over. Jessica follows those punches up with an uppercut to Carrie’s jaw making Carrie’s head snap back and to stagger a few steps. Jessica follows up the uppercut with several kicks to Carrie’s ribs, but Carrie was able to block them. Carrie countered with several of her own kicks, but Jessica blocked them.

The two started sending a flurry of punches towards each other, half of which were blocked by the other. Jessica saw and opening and took it as she sent a kick between Carrie’s legs. Carrie screamed, her eyes bulged and bent over from the pain. Jessica followed that up with a knee to Carrie’s forehead. Carrie stagger’s back to the ropes and holds onto them for support with one arm and holding her crotch with the other. Jessica smirks as she carefully comes towards Carrie. As she gets closer, Carrie charges at her with a left hook but Jessica was able to easily block it. Jessica countered with a series of quick punches to Carrie’s chest and head before finishing it off with a front kick to her stomach. Carrie grunted with each hit, then took a step back and dropped to a knee after the kick to her stomach. Jessica sent a snap kick to Carrie’s chin to send her to the mat. Carrie grunts from the kick and lays dazed on the mat.

Jessica leaned over, grabbed Carrie by the hair and pulled her to her feet. Jessica didn’t waste any time as she started to rock Carrie’s body with one punch after another. Carrie tried to block them, but to no avail as Jessica’s punches powered right through her blocks. Carrie grunted as each punch connected. After more than a dozen punches, Jessica grabs Carrie’s shoulder, pulls her closer and scoops her up. Jessica drops to a knee and slams Carrie’s back into her outstretched knee making her scream in pain. Jessica stands up still holding Carrie in her arms and heads over to one of the ropes with her teammates and tosses her over the side. Carrie grunts as she hits the mat covering the concrete.

The moment she hit the mat, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba, Lady Gaga and Vida Guerra converge on Carrie and quickly bring her to her feet. They each send a flurry of punches towards her head and chest making her head bobble around and for her to spin around with each punch. In the midst of their punches, Carrie’s halter top gets torn up. Lady Gaga and Jessica Alba smile at each other seeing this and each grab a part of Carrie’s halter top and rip what’s left of it off her exposing her breasts. While all this was happing, Kelly Clarkson, Shakira, Keira Knightley, Taylor Swift, Natalie Portman and Nicole Scherzinger try to rescue Carrie from the beat-down. They were held off, albeit briefly by Jeri Ryan, Xtasy, Kelly Hu and Jennifer Aniston. Kelly Clarkson and the girls eventually beat back The Resistance girls, but not before the damage was done to Carrie and watch helplessly as they roll her back into the ring.

Jessica smiles seeing Carrie be beaten by her teammates and then lay on the mat groaning in pain after being rolled back onto the mat. Jennifer walks over and pulls Carrie to her feet. After all the fighting with Jessica and the two beat-downs she received, Carrie was exhausted and barely conscious. Carrie’s arms dangled at her side and looked out of it as she stood before Jessica in the middle of the ring.

Jessica grabbed Carrie’s throat with her left hand and started to punch her face with her right making her grunt as head snaps back. After a handful of punches, Jessica then starts to bitch slap and back hand Carrie’s face. Carrie grunted with each hit to her face as her head snapped from side to side. Carrie was too weak to defend herself from Jessica’s attack. After a half dozen bitch slap/back-hand combinations, Jessica stopped hitting Carrie’s face and kicked her exposed stomach making Carrie double over. Jessica shoves Carrie’s head between her legs. Jessica wraps her arms around Carrie’s waist and hoists upside down. After holding her body vertical for a few seconds Jessica drops to her knees connecting her head with a thud against the mat. Carrie’s body unceremoniously drops to the mat unconscious.

Jessica easily rolls Carrie onto her back before standing up and placing her foot between her breasts. Jessica puts her hands on her hips and smiles as the referee slams his hand down three times on the mat. Kelly Clarkson and the Gen Next girls and their allies watch a bit glumly as the referee calls for the bell and raises Jessica’s arm up in victory.

“Now!” yells Cameron to the rest of the Resistance girls. At that point, they all charge Gen Next and their allies in a surprise attack. None of the girls expected this and some of them were easily rendered unconscious. Some of the Resistance girls used brass knuckles or short sticks to gain an early advantage. Taylor Swift, Natalie Portman and Katy Perry were among the first ones to be rendered unconscious in the melee. Gwen Stefani and Christina Milian came in from the locker room to join the melee.

The rest of them at put up some fight against the Resistance. Kelly Clarkson, Shakira and Rihanna put up the most fight and knocked some of their opponents to the ground, but even they were facing opponents on multiple sides. As one by one was knocked unconscious, the rest of the Resistance would double or triple team the remaining Gen Next girls and their allies.

Within a few short minutes, the last girls left standing were Shakira, Kelly Clarkson, Keira, Kesha and Rihanna, but they were fading fast. Jessica Alba, Jeri Ryan and Vida Guerra were taking it to Kesha. Jeri sends a kick to Kesha’s stomach making her double over. Vida then knees her in the forehead making her stand upright. Jessica then spins around sending her foot towards Kesha’s chin connecting with it and as her foot connects she yells, “TIMBERRRRRR” and chuckles as Kesha falls like a tree and is unconscious before she even hits the mat. Jessica smirks as she looks down at Kesha, “Looks like the animal’s been tamed.” Jessica, Vida and Jeri strip Kesha naked and toss her in the ring. Jessica goes to the duffle bag and grabs a 10” strap-on dildo and enters the ring.

Rihanna herself was getting beat down by Jada Pinkett Smith, Lady Gaga and Eva Mendes. She fought hard and as well as she could, but they soon overpowered her and pummeled her with their fists and kicks. By the end, she was staggering around listlessly and draped herself weakly over Eva. They each then grabbed a limb and tossed her inside the ring and followed inside. They quickly stripped Rihanna naked with no resistance from her. They then go back outside and rummage through one of their bags. Gaga and Eva each pull out a 10” strap-on dildo and put it on while Jada pulls out a whip.

Kelly Clarkson herself was getting worked over by Jessica Simpson, Cameron Diaz and Gwen Stefani. Like Rihanna, she too put up a fight, but was soon overpowered by her opponents. They had quickly worn her down once they got the upper hand. They took turns putting her into a full nelson for the other two to punishment from her tormentors. After a couple minutes of this they stripped her naked and tossed her into the ring next to Rihanna. Once they did that, they too went through the duffle bags. Cameron and Jessica each grabbed 10” strap-on dildos and put them on while Gwen grabbed a paddle.

Shakira was at her strength’s end facing Ashlee Simpson, Jennifer Aniston and X-tasy. They mercilessly attacked her with their fists, feet and knees. Whenever they hit her, she would spin around from the hit and right into another hit from one of the other girls. After just a couple minutes of that, Shakira crumbles to the ground barely conscious. The three of the strip Shakira and roll her into the ring. Once they roll her in the ring, Ashlee and Jennifer each grab a 10” strap-on dildo and put it on while Xtasy grabs numerous clamps from the duffle bags.

Keira fared no better than her teammates as she was getting destroyed by Nikki Cox, Christina Milian and Kelly Hu. She had fought valiantly at the start, but the triple teaming quickly caught up with her as they slowly and methodically took her apart. When they were finished with her, her body was bruised, beaten and barely conscious on the mat outside. Like her teammates, she too was stripped naked and tossed inside the ring. Nikki and Kelly each grabbed their own 10” strap-on dildos and put them on, while Christina grabbed a paddle.

Cameron and her girls step into the ring and surround the barely conscious Next Gen girls. She looks at her girls with a smile, “Let the real fun begin girls.”

Jessica and Ashlee Simpson headed to Carrie to have their fun with her, but Lady Gaga stood in their way. “Why don’t girls go have fun with one of the other girls… maybe Shakira or Kelly. I’m sure they’ll love getting fucked by either of you. Besides, I’ve got some unfinished business with Carrie.” said Gaga with a smirk. Jessica and Ashlee look at each other, shrug their shoulders and walk away with Jessica heading to Shakira and Ashlee towards Kelly.

Lady Gaga crouches down and strips the remaining clothes off Carrie who by this point was coming to as she groaned. “Hey sweetie.” said Gaga with a bit of sarcasm as she hooked Carrie’s legs.

Quickly realizing her predicament, she pleads with Gaga, “Please don’t do this Gaga, I beg of you.”

“You should be begging me to fuck you hard Carrie, not begging me to stop.” Said Gaga as she thrust the dildo into Carrie’s pussy and started thrusting her hips. She leaned in and lowered her voice, “It was either me or the Simpson sisters and they would’ve destroyed your pussy and ass. You can trust me to at least be… gentle.”

“I find it hard to believe you being gentle with me.” Said Carrie as she groaned a bit trying to resist Gaga’s thrusts into her womanhood.

“I will be gentle with you. I want you to enjoy this as much as I will.” Said Gaga as she caressed Carrie’s torso.

“I doubt I’ll enjoy this.” said Carrie as she thinned her eyes. A slight moan escaped her lips between her groans. The moan brought a slight smile to Gaga’s lips.

Meanwhile, Jessica S and Eva stand over Shakira, Cameron and Ashlee stand over Kelly Clarkson, Nikki and Jennifer stand over Rihanna, Kelly Hu stands over Keira and Jessica Alba stands over Kesha. All the girls they were standing over were becoming conscious. Each of the Resistance girls flipped over the respective Gen Next girls, Shakira and Kesha onto all four. Jessica S, Ashlee, Nikki, Kelly Hu and Jessica Alba took their respective girls doggy-style and their respective Resistance partner grabbed their respective girl’s hair (except for Jessica Alba and Kelly Hu who had Kesha and Keira to themselves) and forced their dildo into the girl’s mouth. Each of the Resistance girls started off slow with the swaying of their hips, but soon started increasing the speed.

Except for Keira and Kesha, all the other girls that were getting fucked had their groans muffled by the other girl’s dildo. Gwen and Christina walked around the ring to see who they could paddle. Gwen heads to Keira and Christina heads to Kesha. They grab their respective girls hair, pull it back and send one paddle strike after another to their breasts making them scream in pain.

Jada heads over to Gaga and Carrie with the whip to add a few lashes to Carrie’s body. Gaga sees Jada as she’s about to send the whip towards Carrie and holds one of her hands up: “No! She’s all mine. If anyone’s going to be whipping her it’ll be me. Whip one of the other girls.” Jada raised her eyebrow still wanting to whip Carrie. Gaga continued pleading, “Please, I’ll owe you one if you do this for me.”

“Promise?” asked Jada.

“Yes, I promise.” nodded Gaga.

“Fine.” said Jada as she brought her hand back down and headed to other girls. She initially stood between Shakira and Rihanna and took turns whipping them. Shakira and Rihanna screamed as they were whipped, but their screams were muffled by the dildos. After whipping Shakira and Rihanna for a moment, Jada heads to where Kesha and Keira are and takes turn whipping each of them. Both Kesha and Keira scream as they get their backs whipped.

Gaga leaned in and whispered in Carrie’s ear, “See how gentle I’m being to you. I’m saving you from being brutalized by these girls. To show your thanks, I want you to scream when I grab your breasts.” Gaga brought her head back, smiled down at Carrie and quickly grabbed her breasts massaging them. As if on cue, Carrie screams when Gaga grabs her breasts. Gaga’s attack on Carrie’s breasts wasn’t as bad as Carrie expected. It was more like a massage than an actual mauling. Gaga continued the ‘attack’ on Carrie’s breasts for a minute before stopping. Carrie had a mix of emotions going through her body. She was both excited and revolted as Gaga fucked her. The moans were coming more and more through Carrie’s lips.

After a half dozen paddles to the breasts of Keira and Kesha, Christina heads to Rihanna and Gwen heads to Shakira next. They squat next to their respective girls and send numerous uppercut swings with the paddles to their respective girls making them scream into the dildos. After Christina and Kelly finished paddling Rihanna and Shakira they stood up. It didn’t take that much longer for the Resistance girls to bring their respective Gen Next girls to an orgasm. They slowly bring their swaying to a stop.

After that, Ashlee and Cameron switch positions on Kelly, Nikki and Jennifer switch positions on Rihanna, Jessica Simpson and Eve switch on Shakira, Jessica Alba and Kelly Hu flip over Kesha and Keira respectively. Jessica Alba and Kelly Hu hook the legs of their respective girls and start to ream their pussies and mouths again.

At about the same time, Gaga brings Carrie to an orgasm. As Gaga removed the dildo from Carrie’s pussy, Carrie looks up to Gaga and mouths ‘thank you’. Gaga smirks down at Carrie and asks a bit surprised, “You actually enjoyed that?”

“Not completely, but yeah. You were actually pretty good… for a woman.” said Carrie.

Gaga’s smirk grew, “I knew you’d start to see it my way. Now flip over.” Carrie complied with Gaga’s request as got on all four. A few seconds later, Gaga started reaming her pussy once again. Gaga yells out as she reams her pussy and slaps her ass: “You’re nothing but a country slut Carrie.” Carrie gives her a quizzical look. Gaga leans in and whispers, “I didn’t really mean that. I said it for public consumption… you know… for our ‘rivalry’.”

“Uh-huh.” Replied a somewhat non-believing Carrie.

“Hey X-tasy, why not put some of those clips on Kesha’s breasts here?” said Jessica as she looked over to Xtasy.

“Keira could use some too.” said Kelly Hu.

“Sure thing.” Xtasy said with a smile as she came over and put the clips on their breasts. Keira and Kesha were in no position to resist Xtasy or their tormentors as they screamed when the clips were put on them.

Meanwhile outside the ring, while all the fucking was going on, Jeri and Vida were keeping a watch on Gen Next’s allies. As soon as any of the started stirring, they would go over and land a well-placed punch or kick… or two and knock them out again.

Within the next couple minutes, the Resistance girls brought the Gen Next girls to another orgasm. Jessica Alba and Kelly Hu took their dildos out of their respective girls and stood up albeit slightly hunched. They then grabbed the hair of their respective girls and brought them up to their knees. They each grab their hair and push their dildos into their mouths. They sway their hips back and forth in their mouth nearly making their girls gag.

After Gaga mad Carrie orgasm, she took the dildo out and crawled around to Carrie’s mouth. Gaga smirked at her and motioned with her eyes what she wanted. Carrie took the hint and started sucking on the dildo.

Ashlee, Jessica Simpson and Nikki take their dildos out of their respective girls’ mouths. Eva walks around Shakira, Cameron walks around Kelly, Jennifer Aniston walks around Rihanna and each goes to their knees before each girl and forced their dildos into their mouths to clean off their juices. Gwen and Christina walk behind each of the girls and give each of their ass cheeks several hard whacks each. When Gwen or Christina approached Carrie’s ass, Gaga looks up at them and says, “I already gave her ass a few good whacks with my hands, so there’s no need for the paddling.” They each in turn looked at the hand prints on Carrie’s ass, shrugged their shoulders and responded, “Whatever!” and walked away. As she heard that, Carrie looked up at Gaga with appreciative eyes as she sucked the dildo. Gaga winks at Carrie as she takes the dildo out of her mouth.

Within a minute, the remaining Resistance girls took their dildos out of the Gen Next girls and stood up. Jessica Alba takes the clamps off Kesha’s now bruised breasts. Likewise, Kelly takes the clamps off Keira’s bruised breasts. Cameron takes a step back and sends a right kick to Kelly’s chin sending her sprawling to her back. She then straddles her body, looks down at her and puts her hair behind her ears. “You see Kelly, this match and beat-down of you and your cute little group of girls was a display of which group is on top of the food chain in this league. As good as you think you’re girls are, they can’t fight worth a crap.” Cameron then looks at her girls, “Let’s go.” The Resistance girls fall in line behind Cameron and head to the locker room.

Soon after they left, the girls inside the ring got to their feet and put their clothes back on. Also, the girls that were outside started coming around and Kelly called them inside the ring. “I’m sorry for letting you girls down and not preparing you for what happened. I’ll make sure it won’t happen again.” said Kelly.

“It’s ok Kelly. It’s only one match. Don’t let it get you down. You’ve brought us this far and there’s still more to go.” Replied Carrie as she came up to Kelly and hugged her.

“Thanks Carrie. Now let’s head on out.” Smiled Kelly. She left the ring and the rest of the girls followed her to the locker room for a short while before heading out one by one. Kelly and Shakira head to their hotel room together and barely speak to each other. They looked at each other and saw the pain in each other’s eyes and neither wanted to talk about what happened tonight, at least for the near future. Rihanna and her girls went to Rihanna’s hotel to talk about the fight. She told them that fight’s like this happen from time to time and to not to get disheartened.

Carrie waits around to speak to if Gaga is staying around and alone. Fortunately for her, she gets lucky and Gaga is the last one to stay in the Resistance locker room. Carrie waits to see if any of the Resistance members come back before entering the locker room and closing the door.

“What are you doing in here Carrie?” asked and inquisitive Lady Gaga. Carrie nervously approached her.

“I just wanted to thank you for taking it easy on me after the match. I didn’t realize until just a few minutes ago about what you said about the Simpson sisters. I spoke with Shakira and Kelly and the Simpson that fucked them were really rough with them. I also want to thank you for sparing me from the whip, the paddles and clamps.” Said Carrie.

“You’re welcome. I tried to make it enjoyable for you and it wouldn’t have been the case if anyone else got their hands on you. I propose we keep jabbing at each other publicly to keep the rivalry between us going, both on an individual and at the group level.” said Gaga as she extended her hand.

Carrie shook Gaga’s hand and smiled, “Agreed. I wouldn’t mind if you fucked me in the future.”

“You crushing on me Carrie?” asked Gaga with a knowing smile as she pulled on Carrie’s hand bringing the two closer.

“No.” blushed a nervous, giggling Carrie unconvincingly. “You know I don’t like you. I’m just saying that my pipes could use a good cleaning every once in a while, especially when I’m on tour or when my hubby is away for his hockey games. It can kind of get lonely for me in bed during those times.”

“I see. I don’t much like you either at first, but I wouldn’t mind introducing you to my line of dildos. When we’re getting it on, you’ll be my little monster and you’ll be calling me the Goddess of Love.” smirked Gaga as she leaned into Carrie. Carrie followed Gaga’s lead and kissed her. They let go of their handshake and wrapped their arms around each other. The two continued to kiss for the next couple minutes. Lady Gaga occasionally patted Carrie’s ass to which Carrie didn’t mind. After they broke the kiss, they looked into each other’s eyes, “It’s quite the transformation for you Carrie. You went from hating me not too long ago to becoming my own little monster.”

“Well, a few things have changed since then. I never would have thought that I would enjoy getting fucked by you or like making out with you either.” smiled Carrie.

“I bet. You’re going to enjoy becoming my little monster just like I’m going to enjoy fucking your brains out.” said Gaga. “I’m sure I know the answer to this already, but I just want you to confirm something Carrie. Who calls the shots between us?”

“If it’s the agreement we’ve made that you’re talking about, it’ll be you calling the shots.” smiled Carrie.

“That’s what I thought.” smirked Gaga. “I’ll be in touch soon. I’ve actually got to go, Cameron wants us to go out, have a few drinks together tonight and some more practicing over the next few days.”

“Ok, see you around.” said Carrie as she headed out.
Keira looked through the peephole of her hotel room to see Christina Aguilara and Carmen Electra. She sighed and opened the door, but kept the chain on the door. “You came all this way for nothing Christina, I’m not in the mood tonight.”

“It’s ok Keira, we’re not here for our usual love making. We’re here to tell you how sorry we are to see what happened to you and Gen Next earlier tonight. It’s terrible to have that happen to you.” said Christina.

“Thank you. I appreciate your support, but it doesn’t make me feel any better.” said Keira.

“If you let us in, we can talk and have a few drinks. I brought a few shot glasses and a couple bottles of Jack Daniels. We can spend the night drinking and talking.” said Christina as she showed Keira the glasses and bottles.

Keira thought it over for a few seconds before unlocking the door and letting Christina and Carmen into the room, “I guess we could do that.”

“You won’t regret talking to us.” said Christina as she came in and hugged Keira. After they hugged, Carmen hugged Keira. They all sat on the couch and Christina poured drinks for all of them. They spent the next few hours drinking and talking about the events that night with Christina and Carmen trying to cheer Keira up which they slowly did over that night.


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