GOLD EXPERIENCE IIPrelude to Songbird 3Way

Not long after their plane landed in Houston and got to their hotel rooms that Keira, Natalie and Carrie contacted Kelly for a meeting to talk about what happened in Cabo. They were all to get together with her, Rihanna and Shakira at Kelly’s suite. They all looked a worriedly at each other as they got close to her hotel room. Keira knocked on the door and no sooner than she did that Kelly opened the door.

“Hey girls, come on in.” smiled Kelly as she motioned them in. The girls walked in and greeted Kelly, Rihanna and Shakira before sitting down.

“I just got off the phone with Janet. She was talking about some agreement that Christina made with you guys while you were in Cabo. She didn’t seem too keen on the idea but she was open to the idea after I told her I wanted to talk to you girls first. So… what happened?” asked Kelly. The girls looked at each other wondering if Kelly was open to having the alliance.

Keira began, “Well, after we beat Christina and her friends and spoke to you later that night, Christina came up to our room. She was going on and on about how the ABA stabbed them in the back and that she and the rest of Gen Prime were pissed about it. She practically begged us to have a secret and temporary alliance between our two groups. She told us that if we agreed to this alliance that they would be moles for us feeding us info about the goings on with the ABA so that our combined efforts would take them down. She also promised to have Janet do some additional training for us. Once we take down the ABA, we then end the alliance and have a battle between our two groups for supremacy in the league.”

“I see. It didn’t cross your minds that this might be a plot by either or both their groups to try and take us out? Even if the ABA isn’t a part of this plan, don’t you think they’d eventually sniff this one out and take action? The ABA has built their own network of girls to do their dirty work for them and we have to be extra careful.” said a worried Kelly as she looked at each of the girls.

“I understand your worries Kelly, but Christina was sincere about the alliance when she came to us. If she was totally honest about the ABA betrayal, Janet and Chris are the ones that have to be looking over their shoulders, not us. They’ve got no allies to help them if the ABA discovers what Christina did. We can’t play things safe in the league if we want to be going anywhere. We’ll be the ones in the drivers seat in this alliance. Once the alliance ends, we can have them under our collective foot by beating them in the match. Besides, we’re not the only group the ABA has to worry about.” said Keira.

Kelly explains, “You’re probably right about all that, but I don’t trust either of them; especially since we’ve had an ongoing war with them ever since I’ve been in the group and the two groups have been sparring since Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera headed the two groups.”

“You’re both right about this. I don’t trust Christina and Janet either as it doesn’t make sense for them to seek an alliance after fighting us for so long." Said Shakira as she stepped in with her own opinion. "But like I told Kelly before she took over the group, the group has kind of lost it’s way since the days of Britney. It needs to be brasher and take more risks. I think you girls should do this, but with a weary eye on them and if they so much as do anything to show they aren’t on the up-and-up on the alliance, call them on it and I might even go so far as having them face the music with the ABA.”

“I do.” smiled Shakira.

“Ok then, I’ll call Janet then and tell her we’re going through with the alliance.” said Kelly as she got the phone out to call Janet.

“Hey Janet, it’s Kelly. I spoke with the girls about what happened and I’m just calling to let you know we’ll do the alliance…" "You’ll do it too? That’s great. Our groups should meet up at a place where the ABA won’t find us.” Kelly told Janet on the phone.

While Kelly was talking on the phone to Janet, Keira turns to Shakira and says, “Thanks for giving Kelly that a little extra push towards the alliance. I’m glad she listens to you.”

“You’re welcome. You made some good points in your arguments. I can see why G-Man wanted you in the group and maybe you can continue to remind her of that. You’ve got that spirit of the old group and yes she does listen to me. We’ve gotten pretty close ever since she joined the league and subsequently Gen Next.” Shakira explains.

“I will definitely remind her of that kick ass spirit we should embrace. Hopefully I’ll get her to warm up to me and listen to me some more like she does with you.” smiled Keira.

They all turned to Kelly as she gets off the phone.

“Well, I’ve got some good news. Janet wants to go through with the alliance and meet up a few days after the tag team match Shakira and I are having with the Simpson sisters. I hope this pays off dividends for us. Anyway, we should have the next few days off to do our separate things until we meet about the ABA.” said Kelly.

While they all left, Keira waited behind to talk to Kelly, “I hope you still trust me. I want what’s best for the team.”

“I do trust you, it’s Gen Prime I don’t trust. We’re all going to have our own points of view. I bet your happy that I decided to go through with the alliance.” replied Kelly.

“I am happy. I am also glad that Shakira was here to nudge you in that direction.” said Keira as she moved closer to Kelly.

“What are you getting at?” asked Kelly.

“You were hesitant about getting into the alliance; that is until Shakira chimed in and then you caved and agreed to the alliance after she told you to. There something going on between the two of you?” asked Keira.

“I’m not her bitch if that’s what you’re implying. We love and respect each other very much. There’s a little give and take between us. We’re doing the tag team tournament because I told her I wanted to do it. Besides, we’re also lovers.” Kelly clarifies.

“I wasn’t implying anything. I was just curious why you folded so quickly when she spoke up. I didn’t realize the two of you were that close. I hope you can listen to me like you listen to her.” Keira cpmpliments.

“I do listen to you and you’ve certainly helped your case in my eyes by being a hell of a leader and fighter in Cabo." Said Kelly. "If this alliance you agreed to and Shakira supported works out, I will definitely listen to you on the level that I do with Shakira.”

“Will we be lovers too?” smirked Keira as she puffed up her chest in a playful manner.

“I don’t think so. I’d have to break up with Shakira to do that.” Replied Kelly as she raised her eyebrow.

“As you wish.” Said Keira as she clicked her tongue. “Anyway, I’ve got to go catch up on some work.”

Kelly and Keira said their goodbyes and Kelly rubbed her forehead after Keira left as she struggled to figure Keira out.

The following week Shakira and Kelly showed up to the Los Angeles Staples Center for their tag team match with the Simpson sisters. There has been hype building up for the tag team tournament, especially since the unconditional surrender match took place not too long ago. The two got down to business as they changed outfits, stretched and discussed strategies for the match. They continued strategizing until they were finally called for the match.

The first to be called to the ring was Jessica Simpson. She came in to the song ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking!’ She had her songbird title over her shoulder and when she made it to the top of the ring, she took the belt and held it over her head. She had a mix of mostly cheers and the frequent boos. She waved to her fans and shook their hands as she walked down the aisle to the ring. When she got in, she handed her belt to the ringside girl.

The next to be introduced was her sister Ashlee to her song ‘Rule Breaker’. She didn’t get as many cheers as Jessica, but she didn’t seem to care as she just raised her hand to them. She marched straight to the ring and hugged to her sister.

Not long after her, Kelly Clarkson was introduced with her song ‘Behind These Hazel Eyes’. She received a round of cheers from the crowd. She smiled and waved at them. She walked down the aisle and shook the hands of her fans. After she got in the ring, she glared across at Jessica, who she had lost the title too and was a little bit bitter about it.

Shakira was introduced last to her song ‘Give It Up To Me.’ and she got the most cheers of all. She had a huge smile and did a little hip shaking before going down the aisle to the ring shaking hands as she did. After she got into the ring, she stood next to Kelly and glared at the Simpson duo who glared right back at them.

The referee called the girls to the center of the ring and explained the rules. The girls went back to their corners until the bell range a few seconds later. Shakira and Jessica stepped out towards each other while Kelly and Ashlee stepped outside on to the apron of the ring.

Shakira and Jessica circled each other watching each other carefully. These two met years before in one of Shakira’s first matches and Jessica got the upper hand at that point and won but many things have changed since then. They quickly lock up with each other, each pushing and straining their muscles to try and overpower the other. After a few seconds, they each release as neither could get an advantage.

Jessica moved in aggressively and feigned a left hook that Shakira blocked easily. As Shakira blocked the hook, Jessica brought her right leg up to kick Shakira’s ribs. The leg found its mark but not before Shakira was able to partially deflect the kick. The kick made Shakira grunt a bit. Jessica quickly followed the kick with a jab to Shakira’s head. Shakira though was ready for this and grabbed Jessica’s wrist. Shakira quickly sent several kicks to Jessica’s guts causing her to grunt and her body to jolt with each kick. Shakira then released Jessica’s hand and smiled as Jessica doubled over holding her stomach. Shakira grabs Jessica’s head and brings her knee up to meet with Jessica’s forehead making her head to snap up and her to stagger back a couple steps. Shakira charged at Jessica with her arm out and clotheslines her. She stands over Jessica and stomps on her stomach several times making her grunt and spasm a couple times.

Shakira bends over to pull Jessica up to her feet by her hair. As she is pulling Jessica up, Jessica uppercuts Shakira’s gut making her yell in pain, release Jessica’s hair and stagger back a couple steps holding her stomach. Jessica jumps at Shakira tackling and straddling her. Just as the two hit the mat, Jessica grabs Shakira’s hair with her left hand and sends one punch after another with her right like a jackhammer. Shakira grunts and her head snaps back with each punch. Jessica continues for more than half a minute before she stops.

While still holding Shakira’s hair, Jessica pulls her up to her feet. She sends several jabs followed by a karate chop to Shakira’s chest making her grunt and forcing her back to her corner. As Shakira was forced back to the corner, Ashlee wraps her arm around Shakira’s neck. Shakira’s eyes widen as she brings her hands up to grab Ashlee’s arm to pull it away. Before the referee comes over to tell Ashlee to release the hold, Jessica moves in and lands a handful of punches to Shakira’s exposed torso. The referee finally gets to the corner getting in between Jessica and Shakira and warns Ashlee on her tactics. Ashlee throws up her hands in a sarcastic ‘Did I do something I wasn’t supposed to?’ attitude. Shakira gasps for air as the referee hands out the warning.

After the referee hands out the warning and gets out of the way, Jessica charges at Shakira with a body splash but Shakira quickly moves out of the way causing Jessica to hit the turnbuckles hard. Before Jessica could respond, Shakira sends a flurry of punches to Jessica’s head and chest followed by a kick to her stomach causing her to hunch over and hold her stomach.

As this is happening, Ashlee is able to quickly slap Jessica’s hand tagging herself into the match hoping Shakira doesn’t notice. Both the referee and Shakira see this. As Ashlee starts to enter through the second rope, Shakira quickly turns to her and dropkicks her off the apron and to the floor beside the ring. Jessica takes this opportunity as Shakira is on the mat after the dropkick to come after her and drop an elbow on her. Shakira grunts but retaliates with a punch of her own albeit a bit awkwardly at Jessica’s ribs. Jessica and Shakira trade elbows and jabs while on the mat.

The referee quickly moves in and pulls Jessica away and pushes her to the corner. Jessica gives a ditzy ‘what’d I do?’ look. This whole exchange gave Ashlee the time to get back to her feet and in the ring. Ashlee starts to stomp on Shakira as soon as she gets in the ring. After a few stomps, Shakira rolls to get away from Ashlee’s attack. Ashlee grits her teeth as she whiffs after a few stomps.

“Stay in one place bitch.” mumbles Ashlee under her breath as she pursuits Shakira. As she gets closer to her, Shakira stops rolling and swings her leg out attempting to sweep Ashlee’s legs from under her. Ashlee’s arms and legs flail and lands on the mat in a thud as Shakira catches her by surprise takes her out at the knees.

They each get to their feet quickly and as they do, Shakira launches herself at Ashlee tackling her taking her breath away momentarily and straddling her quickly. Shakira grabs Ashlee’s hair with her left and starts to pummel her head with one right jab after another. Ashlee grunts as her head gets punched. After more than a dozen punches, the referee steps in to stop Shakira. She shakes her head as the referee does this. Shakira keeps a hold of Ashlee’s hair and brings to her feet. Shakira yanks on Ashlee’s hair to bring her closer and knees Ashlee in the gut causing her to grunt and double over. Shakira puts Ashlee in a headlock and drops to her ass completing the DDT. Ashlee grunts in pain as Shakira does this and her ass wiggles in the air momentarily before dropping to the side.

Shakira gets up and goes to her corner and tags in Kelly who smiles as she gets a chance at some action. Kelly gets into the ring and heads to Ashlee. As she grabs Ashlee by the hair and starts to pull her up, Ashlee sends an uppercut to Kelly’s stomach as a bit of desperation. Kelly’s eyes widen as she staggers back and gasps for air as the punch connects. Ashlee smirks as she stands upright and sends a roundhouse kick to Kelly’s jaw making her spin around and drop to one knee. Ashlee sends a kick between Kelly’s ass making her lurch forward and flop to the mat. Kelly yelps as she gets kicked and hits the mat. She holds herself, looks over her shoulder and growls, “You fucking bitch.”

Ashlee rolls her eyes at Kelly’s comments as she quickly moves in and grabs Kelly’s hair bringing her to her feet. She karate chops her a few times to get Kelly to the ropes. Ashlee then grabs Kelly's arm and shoulder and sends her hurdling towards the opposite ropes. Ashlee bounces off the ropes, and charges at Kelly and as they come close jumps at her for a flying clothesline. Kelly grunts as she hits the mats after Ashlee’s clothesline. Ashlee doesn’t give Kelly any reprieve as she quickly comes back to her and starts stomping on her making Kelly grunt and her body spasm with each kick. After a half-dozen kicks, Ashlee places her right foot down on Kelly’s stomach and presses down as she steps over her. Kelly’s eyes bug out and her air is puffed out as Ashlee does that. After Ashlee finally steps over, Kelly holds her stomach and curls her legs up.

Kelly hasn’t so much as touched Ashlee in the match, but she’s been totally dominated so far by Ashlee. Ashlee plays to the crowd and taunts Shakira for a few seconds before returning to Kelly. Ashlee brings Kelly to her feet once again by her hair. As she still holds her hair, Ashlee bends Kelly over and puts her into a headlock and performs a DDT. Kelly grunts as she hits the ground and feels a bit woozy from the hit. She rolls to her back holding her head and stomach.

Ashlee smirks at Kelly’s predicament. She stomps on Kelly a few more times before leaning over and bringing Kelly to her feet. She sends one chop after another to Kelly’s chest forcing her to her corner. She sends a flurry of punches to Kelly’s torso making her grunt with each punch. She then bends over and sends several shoulders into Kelly’s prone stomach. Each shoulder to Kelly’s stomach gets her winded and hunches her over. Ashlee grabs onto Kelly’s arm and hip tosses her close to the center of the ring and then tags in Jessica.

Jessica climbs to the third rope. She waves to the crowd as she steadies herself. She then launches herself toward Kelly for a frog-splash. Just as she is about to get there, Kelly brings her knees up and Jessica falls right on top of them. Jessica drops her jaw trying to scream but there is no air. Kelly pushes Jessica off of her towards her corner and watches as Jessica grabs her stomach. As Jessica is recovering from the surprise move, Kelly is slowly getting to her knees and then her feet. Kelly staggers to her corner and tags Shakira so she can recover while Shakira works over Jessica.

Shakira moves in quickly and sends several quick stomps to Jessica’s head making her slightly dazed. Shakira bends over, brings Jessica to her feet. Without wasting any time, Shakira lifts Jessica vertically in the air. She holds her up in the air for a few seconds then starts bringing her down, twirling Jessica in the air a bit as she does before dropping Jessica’s back to her outstretched knee making Jessica grunt. Shakira grabs Jessica’s neck and crotch and starts pressing down to put pressure on Jessica’s back. After applying pressure for a few seconds and before the referee can tell her to stop, Shakira loosens the hold for a second before reapplying pressure. Shakira does this a few times to weaken Jessica. Each time Shakira applies pressure, Jessica screams in pain and flails her arms. After doing this for over a minute, Shakira let’s go of Jessica letting her drop to the mat. Shakira looks at Ashlee and grins at her. Ashlee is gritting her teeth, glaring at Shakira and seething at the turn of events against her sister Jessica.

While Jessica is groaning on the mat and trying to get to her knees, Shakira kicks her so she flops to the mat. Shakira squats down and quickly straddles Jessica’s back. She intertwines her fingers around Jessica’s chin and pulls her back applying the Boston crab. Jessica screams in pain as Shakira is causing further pain to her already hurting back. The referee soon steps in telling her to release the hold. Shakira complies letting Jessica drop to the mat and groan in pain. Shakira stands up, grabs one of Jessica’s legs and starts to drag her to her corner, tags Kelly and drops Jessica’s leg. Before she goes to apron outside, Shakira drops a knee to Jessica’s lower back making her scream in pain.

After Kelly gets in the ring, she stomps Jessica’s back several times before reaching down to bring Jessica to her feet. This time, there is no surprise punch from Jessica. Kelly pushes Jessica into corner and sends a flurry of punches to Jessica’s chest and head followed by her jumping in and elbowing Jessica in the head. Kelly turns her back to Jessica and slams her own back into Jessica’s torso making her groan in pain and become winded. Kelly then takes a step out and sends a back-kick to Jessica’s stomach sending her slamming into the turnbuckles once again. Kelly smiles and takes a couple more steps out and looks over her shoulder. She sees Jessica stumble out of the corner, stop for a second before dropping to her knees and then flop to the mat half unconscious.

Kelly looks over at Ashlee and winks. Ashlee has had enough and comes through the ropes and charges at Kelly. The referee isn’t able to get between her and Kelly in time to stop Ashlee’s charge. Kelly is able to twirl out of Ashlee’s way just in time and gets a hand on Jessica’s back pushing her into the corner. Just as Ashlee turns to face Kelly, Shakira wraps her left arm around Ashlee’s neck and starts to punch her with her right. Kelly moves in and starts to punch away at Ashlee’s torso. Ashlee is taken by surprise by this and can only flail her arms in defense as she gets double-teamed.

The referee tries to break this up, but has little luck in doing so. After nearly a minute of this, Ashlee’s arms flailing has nearly stopped. Shakira stops punching Ashlee and lets go of her throat. Kelly knees Ashlee in the gut, turns around, brings Ashlee’s head to her shoulder and then drops to her ass. Ashlee groans from this hit, jumps to her feet for a split second before dropping to the mat in pain. Shakira jumps down from the apron and pulls Ashlee from inside the ring and lets her drop to the outside mats so she won’t interfere again.

Kelly turns her attention to Jessica who is starting to groan as she comes to. Kelly kicks Jessica so that she rolls to her back then sits behind her. She props up Jessica, applies a sleeper-hold to her and also wraps her legs around Jessica’s waist to double deprive her of air. Kelly locks her ankles as she squeezes Jessica’s waist. Jessica’s eyes bug out as she gasps for air and tries to paw at Kelly’s legs to pry them open. Her already weakened state doesn’t do her any good as her struggles quickly start to wane and her eyes flutter. In just over thirty seconds, Jessica’s struggles have practically stopped and her tongue leans out of her mouth as a clear sign she is practically out. A few more seconds of the double hold and Jessica has gone limp.

The referee comes over to check on Jessica. He lifts her left arm up, holds it for a second and lets it drop. He does it again and gets the same result. The referee raises Jessica’s hand up for the third count holding it up for an extra second before letting go and it once again drops to the mat. He calls for the bell to sound the end of the match. Kelly rolls Jessica to the side as releases the holds and gets to her feet. Shakira walks in to the ring and the referee raises their hands. Kelly and Shakira start heading to heir locker room.

“That win didn’t go exactly as we planned Kelly.” Says Shakira as she wraps her arm around Kelly while they walk up the ramp holding her up.

“I know Shakira. It’s all because Ashlee caught me by surprise. It must’ve been that training she got with the Resistance girls. I’ve got to be more careful next time.” sighed Kelly.

“Don’t blame yourself Kelly. You’re experience and training helped turn the match around and that’s the important thing.” smiled Shakira as she patted Kelly on the back.

“Of course you’ll say that. You’re the one who trained me, Shakira.” said Kelly knowing that Shakira was trying to keep her spirits up even though she nearly cost the match.

“Don’t you forget that Kelly. Now, let’s shower up and get massages.” smiled Shakira.

Meanwhile back in the ring, Ashlee slowly gets to her feet and rolls into the ring to check up on her sister. She wells up and bites her lower lip seeing her sister knocked out and splayed out on the mat. Ashlee picks her sister up and carries her back to their locker room where Cameron Diaz is waiting for them. Ashlee lays Jessica on one of the benches.

“What happened out there Ashlee?” asked Cameron.

“We lost Cameron. We did what we could.” replied Ashlee.

“You girls were supposed to keep tagging each other in so you wouldn’t get in the situation you did.” said Cameron sounding like a teacher reminding a student of a simple, yet important lesson.

“I’m sorry Cameron. It won’t happen again.” replied a sorrowful Ashlee.

“I hope not. Lucky for her, I got Jessica another match coming up shortly. It’s a three-way against Christina Aguilera and Shania Twain.” said Cameron.

“Isn’t Christina on a bit of a losing streak and didn’t Shania lose badly to Kelly?” asked Ashlee.

Cameron smiled widely: “Yes they did, which is why this match would be a nice and easy one for her to win.”

Ashlee smiled a bit hearing the good news, “Thanks.”

“Don’t thank me just yet, the two of you have got some more training to do.” said Cameron.

Ashlee bowed her head a bit as she looked at Jessica, “Of course boss.”