Christina Aguilera (50%) ties Beyonce Knowles (50%)
Beyonce Knowles vs. Christina Aguilera: This was a much-anticipated matchup. Beyonce and Christina matched up in size and relative experience very closely. Beyonce who preferred among her nicknames simply "Bee" decided on the ring moniker "Queen Bee" and entered the ring area in a black robe. As she was introduced the entrance music changed from Destiny Child's latest hit to Christine Aguilera's music. Christina strode to the ring her platinum hair shimmered and her full-length white robe sailed as she hopped up the ring steps. Both women eyed each other as they disrobed. Bee was wearing a black and yellow striped vinyl top, black square cut briefs and shiny black wrestling boots. Christina wore a light lime green two-piece with white boots. The bell sounded and the combatants charged.

Christina and Bee began to lockup in a collar-elbow lockup but quickly changed to a mutual hair pulling contest. They squealed in pain as the two danced around the ring each holding onto the others curly long hair, except for those locks that were pulled out and were now souvenirs being held by the respective opponent or now gracing the ring floor. A few spectators managed to grab some that floated out of the ring near enough for them to grab. The two let go and they both landed opposite sides of the ring coming to rest on the ropes. Rubbing their scalps they met again center ring and the traditional wrestling lockup were forsaken for another round of hair pulling. This time they held their ground shaking each other till both ended up on their knees. The strenuous pulling began to cease as the auditorium filled with the sound of their heavy breathing and occasional squeal of pain.

Suddenly Christina let go with one hand and slapped Bee. Bee fell back a bit but returned with her own slap. Christina came back with another and Bee with another till at least 4 more slaps were exchanged and both women's faces were turning red. After Bee's last slap Christina curled up her fist and slugged her on the jaw. As Bee followed up with a teary eyed look that could kill, Christina blocked her fist and raked her eyes. All this time the women had stayed on their knees and now Bee simply fell back with Christina reaching down grabbing her leg into a leg bar holding her other leg down with her knee. But the sweat was a friend to Bee as she easily slid out as Christina stressed her knee pulling and twisting. Bee took her free leg and kicked Christina in the jaw. Christina fell back now and Bee pounced on her shaking some feel into her leg.

She picked herself up along with Christina and draped Christina over the bottom rope holding her there with her throat pressed down by Bee's leg across the back of her neck. Bee let go and rushed across the ring bouncing off the opposite ropes heading back for Christina. But Christina rolled off the rope as Bee slid through the ring ropes with enough momentum to land in the laps of some thrilled fans. Bee leaped on top of the ring apron as Christina got to her knees only to be slugged in the stomach by Christina who was now on her feet. She held Bee's head over the top rope and reached over grabbing her briefs suplexing her back in the ring holding causing her to land hard on her back. Bee's body spasmed from the impact and the still heavy breathing Christina needed a break. She saw it as Bee raised her head and she slithered her legs around her head into a figure four headscissor. Christina was getting a second wind back and Bee was losing hers as she tightened the hold and reached down for an occasional choke or punch.

Bee began to panic as she felt herself get light headed and raked and bit at Christina's legs. Christina unable to get her to submit and feeling the pain of Bee's nails and teeth dig into her soft flesh let go. She stood her up by her hair and kneed her in the sternum as she took her down grabbing her head into a DDT. Christina yanked her groggy opponent up and holding her in a headlock showing off to the crowd that Bee was on rubber leg street now plowed her into the corner turnbuckle using her hair as a guide. As Bee's head and body impacted Christina caught her as she began to fall back lifting her to the top of the turnbuckle as she had knelt down sticking her own head between Bee's legs shimmering with sweat. As powerful as Bee's legs were they were no threat as Christina's equally powerful legs had been moments before in the headscissor. Christina lifted her straight up only to fall back with both of them. Bee landed and lay still as Christina never letting go of her legs rolled back with a folding matchbook pin. 1-2- was quickly counted but Bee was able to sneak her left shoulder off the mat an instant before the 3 count.

Christina knelt down to pull Bee to her feet and finish off the dazed teen. At that point hearing a gasp from the audience and seeing something streak into the ring from the side of her eyes before she suddenly felt a sharp blow on the back of the head. Enough to make her nearly see stars she rolled to her back feeling kicks to the side and looking up into the angry eyes of fellow Latin singer, Shakira wearing her skin tight black outfit similar to the one in her Pepsi commercial. Shakira kicked her in the side of the head and lifted her up body slamming her over the listless body of Beyonce. Shakira took the mike and yelling at the audience stated, "I came here for a match! No one would accept my challenge because look at what I can do with one kick and one fist! I challenge you Christina, Beyonce, any of you skanks! But especially you Britney! I know you can hear me back there! Anyone! Sign and let Shakira end your fighting career. You want more of what I can do?" With that Shakira threw down the mike and began to whale blows on both Christina and Beyonce. Christina was getting the worst of it as a few fists began to puff her face.

The crowd began to cheer as Shakira took notice seeing Britney Spears, hair still wet and still in her dressing gown from her earlier match, charge the ring to Christina and Beyonce's rescue. Britney didn't really care that much about what was happening to her archrival, Christina but she was really angry at Shakira who not only challenged her for the fight circuit but had steamed up the t.v. ads with her own Pepsi commercials over Britney's. As Britney slid through the ring ropes, Shakira just as quickly exited taunting her from ringside. Shakira grabbed a vendor's Pepsi and taking some gulps exaggerated her pleasure as Britney leaned over the top rope. Shakira swaggered a few steps closer just to toss the remaining soda onto Britney. As Britney jumped over the ropes onto the ring floor Shakira beat a hasty retreat through the exit doors. Britney reluctantly went back in to the ring still staring at the exit doors with disgust and helped clear the carnage Shakira left behind helping to carry out Christina and Beyonce. Will Shakira get her wish? Britney never said anything, Christina and Beyonce couldn't. Time will tell if Shakira gets her spot on an upcoming card.

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