Shania Twain (52%) slams Jeri Ryan (48%) "Disgraceful, she may be Queen over a bunch of beer gut, toothless hillbillies, but she certainly not my Queen!" Jeri Ryan said fueling the fire before her championship match with new Queen, Shania Twain. "She should be out on a farm somewhere milking cows, instead of calling herself a celebrity fighter!" Jeri laughed, "Where are we going to hold the match in a ring, or a in pig pen?"

Shania was furious at Jeri's comments. "Disgrace??!?? The only thing disgraceful is that I have to defend my title against someone who's 15 minutes in the spotlight is over!" Shania retorted at Jeri's comments. "She'll never get a job now that Voyager is finished." "She'll finish her life being the dream girl for a bunch of geeky fan boys at Trekkie conventions" Shania continued. "Hell her record isn't even that good, she's lucky to even get a title shot, but it'll be her last when I'm done with her!"

Shania was stung by Jeri's comments against her country music fans, and was determined to strike a blow for country fans everywhere. Jeri just wanted Shania's title. She felt she was the toughest fighter around and deserved the belt. At the opening of the match, it appears Jeri is the one who will prove her point, snaring Shania in a headlock, and wrenching the singer's neck. Jeri wrenches a few times before firing a fist into Shania's face, then her belly. Shania grunts and gasps for air. Jeri releases her headlock, but tightly grips Shania's hair. The champ caught a glimpse of Jeri's knee as it collided with her nose.

Shania eyes filled with water and she dropped to one knee. Jeri let loose a little smile at her early success before she attacked again. Jeri sent a sweeping open-handed slap across Shania's left cheek. Shania fell back on her butt. Jeri quickly went behind the champ and grabbed her hair with both hands and began to drag her across the mat. Shania screamed but was in no position to stop Jeri from hurting her. Shania's scalp burns in pain, like every hair on her head was about to be pulled out by its roots. Even her spandex covered ass burns as she is rapidly being drug across the rough canvas.

Jeri finds that dragging Shania across the ring is a very tiring offensive, and slings the champion to the canvas. Jeri walks around and dives on top of Shania. Their legs intertwine as they grapple across the canvas trying to gain the upper hand. Despite intense efforts; neither is able to gain a clear advantage. Both exchange grunts and moans until a mutual head butt cause them to separate. Each woman lies beside each other rubbing her forehead.

Jeri and Shania lie on their backs beside each other for a moment, then both women slowly struggled to their feet simultaneously. The match had been fast and furious so far, and physically draining. They reached their feet together when Jeri lashes out with a short right punch. The hard blow impacted on Shania's chin and rocked her back. Seeing her success, Jeri quickly launched another punch to Shania's chin that sends her staggering back. Spying an opening, Jeri follows in after her prey, and walks into an uppercut to her right breast that takes her breath away. Shania then retaliates with her own right cross to Jeri's chin that sends her reeling back a couple of steps. Shania lays into Jeri with punch after punch to her lovely face, systematically marching the blonde beauty backwards across the length of the ring, until she has Jeri trapped against the ropes, dazed, and taking blow after blow to her face. Shania pounds furiously until Jeri is senseless with her arms dangling by her sides. Shania draws back and lands one hard blow to Jeri's chin and steps aside allowing the blonde to crumple to the mat.

The damage from Shania's furious assault was evident, as the pained blonde slowly pushes herself off the canvas to her hands & knees. Shania does not give the blonde an opportunity to recover. She hooks the blonde's head under her arm and falls back, driving Jeri's head to the mat with a DDT. Jeri lies face down and motionless on the mat while Shania regains her feet. Shania looks down at the and pulls down the shoulder straps of her tight body suit to reveal Jeri's adorable big boobs. She then pulls the still dazed blonde to her feet. and again drops down to her ass and drives Jeri's gorgeous face into the mat with a face buster. Again the blonde lies face down and motionless, smeared across the mat.

Oddly, Shania does not go for the easy pin, but instead leaves the ring. She goes to the announcer's table and unhooks one of the eletrical cords from a television monitor. The country gal pulls up a 20-foot length of the cord and unhooks the other end and returns to the ring. Shania makes a loop on end of the cord and swings her makeshift lasso above her head. All the time that has expired have allowed Jeri to somewhat recover from the beating she's received. The blonde had begun to slowly & painfully rise to one knee. Shania waits to the perfect moment and throws her lasso over Jeri's head and snares her body. Shania yells "Yaaahhoooo" to the delight of the crowd as loops the lasso around Jeri securing her arms to her sides. Shania takes a length of the cord and uses it to gag Jeri and she ties a tight knot in the back. She pushes Jeri over back to the mat and puts one foot on her prone enemy and raises her hands above her head like a cowgirl who has just roped a calf at the rodeo.

Shania reaches down and pulls the rest of Jeri's body suit off her body, leaving the blonde completely nude. Shania drops to the mat and places her hand in-between Jeri's thighs and claws her vulnerable pussy. Jeri screams like a banshee and starts to sob in pain. The "tough girl" persona disappears as Jeri pitifully stutters, "you win, I I I submit"

"What's a matter tough girl? can't take it no more?" purrs Shania. "If you want this hillbilly to let you go, then squeal like a pig in the county fair!"

Jeri considered the humiliation of squealing but the pain was to great for her to resist. "ssqueeeee" Jer solftly said.

"You call that squealing?" Shania yells. "I thought you are some kind of actress? Now when I say squeal, I mean squeal!" Shania says as she grips Jeri's pussy even tighter.

Defeated & humiliated he sobbing blonde broke out with a loud, long "SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.......... SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE......... SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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