Pam Anderson (52%) busts Nikki Cox (48%) "Just look at these E-Mails" Nikki Cox says to interviewer Downtown Julie Brown. "Just look, hundreds of messages asking, no begging me to destroy & humiliate Pam Anderson once and for all!" "The fans hate her, and I will be the people's champion and grant their request for Pam's destruction." The camouflagued bikini dressed red-head continued, "After I've beaten you to an inch of your life, Pam, and you're begging me for mercy, I'll ask the fans what they want me to do with you." "The three most popular request I got from my e-mails are: one, 'Pam eat shit & die group!' Nikki says holding a small pail filled with cow manuer. That's where I force feed you this bucket of cow shit!" "Two, 'shave Pam bald' Nikki says now holding an electric razor. "No more blonde hair, bimbo." "And three the piss on Pam request or simply put 'a good, old fashioned golden shower." "After I'm through, Pam wouldn't dare show her face again!" "I'm doing it just for you fans."

"Yeah right," Julie interjects, "Are you sure it's not because, Pam is the number one big breasted bimbo in Hollywood, while you are a jealous distant after thought behind her? ...." Julie glares at Nikki, who just stands with her mouth open. Before the red head could form another sentence or thought, Julie says, "That's what I thought, but big talk, I hope you can back it up." Julie finishes with her sexy British accent. Nikki goes ahead and makes her way to the ring, carrying her bucket and razors. She goes from corner to corner hyping the crowd, asking which dastardly deed they prefer she perform on Pam.

Meanwhile, Pam joins Julie at the backstage interview area. "Pam are you worried about Nikki's threats of the horrible things she's going to do to you after the match?"

"Well, if Madonna or Jennifer Lopez, or somebody who could really fight said them, I'd be terrified, but I'm fighting a loser like Nikki, so I'm not too worried" answers Pam.

"Okay, well the last time we saw you, Salma Hayek was shoving a broom up you & Lil Kim's butts," * Julie continues, "any comments about that?"

"No, just let Salma know, I haven't forgotten it, and Salma, Kim and I will pay you back!" Pam says in an uncommonly serious tone.

Pam struts to the ring. She is wearing a crop button down shirt that is tied in a knot just below her famous breastline. She completes the outfit with a pair of tight shorts that barely contain her ass. Her training and physical condition is evedient by her tight flat stomach shown by the crop top, and the muscular legs coming from the short sorts. Pam accesorizes the outfit with a dark pair of sunglasses. The loud roar that the fans made as Pam appeared in the arena, shows Pam still has many, many fans, in fact she is getting a better response than Nikki recieved. Nikki has put her pail, and razors at ringside and anxiously waits for Pam in the ring. Nikki is ready for combat wearing camouflagued bikini and now seathing with jealousy over Pam's response. Nikki takes advantage of the situation and attacks Pam as she climbs through the ropes. While she is stooped over in a vulnerable position, the red head hammers the blonde across the back punch after punch.

Pam struggles through the ropes and unleashes a flurry of punches to Nikki's ribs. The sudden offence stuns the red head for a moment which Pam uses to lift Nikki up, and drop her throat first across the top rope. Nikki bounces off the rope gagging. Before she could get away, Pam grabs a handful of hair, and forces Nikki's throat across the top rope and presses down on the back of Nikki's head, choking her. Nikki stuggles to free herself, but Pam is far stronger, and holds the red head in place. With referee counting and calling for the break, Pam backs off Nikki. Nikki raises her head coughing & gagging allowing Pam to scoop her up again, and drop her crotch first across Pam's outstretched knee. Nikki howls in agony and falls to the mat holding her crotch. Pam drags Nikki back into the corner by her hair, and places her foot across her rivals throat. Pam grabs the top rope to get better leverage to apply more preassure to Nikki. The referee again counts and warns Pam, but finally has to physically push Pam back to get a break of the illegal hold. Pam pushes the referee back and screams at him for intervening in the match.

Nikki realizes she needs a break and slithers under the bottom ropes and out of the ring. Pam finishes arguing with the referee and shoots him a mean glare. She turns aroound to see Nikki has escaped. The wiley red head quickly reaches into the ring under the bottom rope and captures Pam's ankle. Pam falls on her tight butt with a yelp, as Nikki pulls Pam's leg out of the ring, causing the blonde to staddle the ring post. Nikki pulls hard on both legs, driving Pam's crotch into the ring post. Then she slams Pam's leg into the post before returning to the ring. Pam is in the corner holding her knee as Nikki returns and hair hauls her to her feet. Nikki pushes the blonde back into the corner and rips open Pam's shirt. The knot holds, keeping the shirt intact, but Pam's huge breast plop out of the already overstuffed garment. Nikki pushes back agains Pam's chin and slams her forearm across Pam's boobs again & again. Nikki stops to clutch both breast in her claws and lear in the blonde's pained face.

"How bout I rip these tits off your chest, and I'll have the Best Chest in Hollywood!!" Nikki warns through clenched teeth. Nikki releases the groaning blonde and uses her golden hair to toss her out of the corner. Pam lands hard on her back with a grunt. Nikki struts over to Pam with a big smile.

As Nikki approaches, Pam reaches out and grabs her ankles, and pulls Nikki's feet out from under her. Nikki lands on her butt, and Pam springs to her feet, not nearly as hurt as Nikki had hoped. Pam captures both of Nikki's ankles and splits her legs apart. Pam leaps in the air, and comes down with all her weight onto Nikki's pussy. Now Pam smiles as Nikki squirms in pain on the mat. Pam reaches down and uses Nikki's red hair to pull her to her feet. While Nikki is still bent over, Pam fires five kicks into Nikki's stomach. Nikki grunts loudly at each kick. Pam releases Nikki's hair and steps back and fires a devastating kick up into Nikki's face. Nikki's head snaps back and the younger woman sinks to the floor.

Nikki is in a complete daze as Pam pulls off her bikini top. The red head is still unable to shake the effects of Pam's karate kick as the blonde takes a seat behind her and wraps her long strong legs around Nikki's head, and locks her in a figure four head scissors. Pam pours on the power. Nikki moans and occasionally yells, but knows she has no chane at escaping the conquering blonde. Pam reaches forward and starts twisting Nikki's pink capped tits.

"You think you're gonna have the Best Chest in Hollywood with these floppy things?" asks Pam. "They named that stupid puppet in Unhappily Ever Ater after you didn't they Miss Floppy!"

"Ready to give, Miss Floppy, and apoligize for all those mean things to wanted to do to me?" says Pam.

Nikki is flopping on the mat in agony with no chance to escape, but she stubbonly shoots back, "Kiss off you dumb bitch"

"Okay, I guess we'll have to do this the hard way Floppy" Pam says as she unloosens her legs from around Nikki's neck. She quickly manuevers around, and plops her magnificent chest on top of Nikki's face. Pam presses her tits over Nikki's mouth & nose and wraps her arms around her prey's head to push her further into her bousom, forming a tight seal, and a very effective breast smother.

Nikki flails under Pam for a few minutes before lying still under Pam's famous breast. The referee raises Nikki's arm three times, and thrice watches it fall lifelessly to the mat. After the third try he calls for the bell and crowns Pam the winner. Pam rises off Nikki and dances around the ring. Judging by the roar of the crowd, the public's wide spread hatred for the blonde proves to be untrue. Pam then goes to ringside and retrieves Nikki's razor and bucket of cow shit. She stands over her victim taunting.

"How about if I did some of these mean things to you, how would you like it" asks Pam, threatening Nikki with the bucket and razors.

", please, I'm sorry" stutters a still groggy Nikki.

"Well if you don't want me to ask the fans what I should do to you, then get over here and kiss my feet. demands Pam.

Nikki slowly turns over and starts to peck kisses on Pam's feet, to the crowds' delight. Fearing that Nikki would suffer the same fate she had planned for Pam, Christina Applegate had already started charging from the dressing room to the ring to help her close friend. Christina arrived as Nikki started kissing Pam's feet and leaps into the ring. She runs toward Pam saying, "You're not going to embarress my friend you... " when her sentence was halted as she ran face first into one of Pam's well placed karate kicks. Christina's head snapped back, and she dropped to the mat mindlessly moaning in pain.

Seeming more annoyed by Christina's recent attack than anything else, Pam shakes her head and mumbles, "These two stupid bitches deserve what they've got coming to them." Pam then grabs the bucket of cow shit, and empties its contents over the two downed actresses lying on the mat. The fans erupt with an unprecidented roar of approval, as Pam adjusts her shirt placing her tits back inside of it, she then puts on her sunglasses and cooly leaves the ring.

Pam is Back!

Nikki and Christina gets the shitty end of the match tonight!
* Classic Salma vs Pam