Introducing Femme Fatale


It wasn’t a week after Nicki’s victory over Keri Hilson that Nelly and Melissa walked into the arena to fight each other. There hadn’t been much love lost between Nelly and Melissa ever since Britney, Melissa and Madonna beat the daylights out of Nelly a few years back before forming their new group. They haven’t spoken to each other since then.

They each went to their locker rooms to prepare for the fight. They each had their teammates in their respective locker rooms. Nelly had Shakira and Natalie Portman in her locker room while Melissa had Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj and Brandy in her locker room. Kelly Clarkson would have wanted to be there but she was still recovering from her loss to Britney.

“Did you bring that dildo I heard about with you Shakira?” asked Nelly.

“No, I don’t want to risk losing it tonight to Britney. If you should win and when I know that Britney and her friends have been neutralized, I’ll have Rihanna bring it here.” said Shakira.

“That’s probably a smart move seeing that’s how you got it the last time around.” replied Nelly.

Both Britney and Shakira each told their teammates to remain focused throughout the match and not let the other psyche them out. They also said that they would watch their backs if needed.

Not long after the last minute practicing and pep talk was under way, they were each called to the ring. Nelly was introduced first to her song ‘Maneater’. She waved to the crow as they cheered for her and shook their hands on the way to the ring. She had on a pair of jeans, a tank top and sneakers on. Melissa was introduced next to the ring to Shania’s song ‘I’m gonna getcha good’. Melissa got even more cheers than Nelly, especially since her recent appearance on ‘Dancing with the Stars’. She was similarly dressed as Nelly with jeans but with a sports bra instead. Once Melissa got into the ring, the two stars kept an eye on each other the whole time.

“Traitor.” sneers Melissa.

“Back-stabber.” growls Nelly.

“You never wanted me in the group did you?” asked Nelly.

“You never fit in with our group. Besides, we blondes are more fun. I don’t know why Britney is interested in having you in the group.” grinned Melissa.

“F’n bitches. You’re going to pay for what you did to me.” growled Nelly.

After the bell rang, the two circled each other and lock up. The two strained their muscles to gain an advantage over the other with no success. After some more struggling, both broke away from each other. They quickly get into a punching contest with each other. Melissa sees an opening in Nelly’s defenses and sends a kick between her legs. Nelly yelps in pain from the kick and lowers her defenses a bit. This allows Melissa to get a quick left hook making Nelly’s head snap and torso to twist a bit from the punch.

Melissa pursued Nelly and sent a couple more punches toward her chest and head. Nelly was able to block a couple of them, but the rest got through. The punches forced Nelly further back towards the ropes. As Melissa forced Nelly back to the ropes with her punches, she brings her knee up to her gut finding its mark and keeping Nelly on the defensive. After the knee, Melissa takes Nelly’s arm and hurdles her towards the opposite ropes. Melissa bounced off the ropes she was near and charged at Nelly. As the two come closer, Melissa drop kicks Nelly who flops onto the mat and groans in pain.

Melissa doesn’t miss a beat as she quickly gets up and elbow drops Nelly making her grunt and body spasm. Melissa quickly gets up to stomp on Nelly only to whiff as Nelly rolls out just in time. As she rolls, Nelly goes for a leg sweep hoping to catch her off guard. However, Melissa jumps over Nelly’s leg sweep and as she comes back down sends a kick down to Nelly’s ribs. Nelly tries to deflect the kick but the force of the kick is too strong and makes Nelly grunts from the kick. Melissa sends a few more kicks and stomps to Nelly’s ribs and stomach. Nelly tries to avoid the stomps and kicks by rolling away. It has partial success as Melissa’s kicks and stomps skims Nelly’s torso as she is rolling away. Nelly however rolls too far and falls off the apron hitting the mats outside the ring in a loud thud. Melissa smirks as Nelly falls outside the ring and mutters, “Stupid bitch!”

Melissa slips through the ropes and jumps off the apron with one foot aimed at Nelly’s ribs finding its mark and making Nelly yell in pain. She then leans over and brings Nelly to her feet by her hair and starts slamming her head against the apron. Melissa slams Nelly’s head a dozen times into the apron. Each slam makes Nelly grunt and dazes her. After Melissa finished slamming Nelly’s head into the apron, she places her free hand behind Nelly’s back and slams her body into the side of the ring. Melissa quickly followed by a kidney punch making her scream in pain. Melissa then quickly grabs her shirt in one hand and pants in the other and rolls Nelly inside the ring.

Melissa quickly follows just before the ref gets to the twenty-count. Nelly is holding her head from all the hits to the apron. Melissa once again leans over and brings Nelly to her feet by her hair. She puts her into a headlock with her head facing down. Melissa starts doing knee lifts into Nelly’s abs and stomach making her grunt and body jolt with each knee. After about a dozen knee lifts, Nelly’s legs give out and she drops to her knees before Melissa causing her to release the headlock.

Nelly’s arms are now holding her chest and stomach. Melissa brings her right knee up connecting it with Nelly’s head snapping it back. Melissa keeps her knee up at a ninety degree angle. She does several snap kicks to Nelly’s head connecting with each kick before bringing it down, taking a step back and spinning around. Melissa arches her right leg as she spins around connecting the heel with Nelly’s temple. Nelly’s body spins around before flopping to the mat.

“So much for kicking my ass, huh?” taunts Melissa as she leans over and starts stripping the half unconscious Nelly with minimal resistance from Nelly. Once she does that, she brings her to her feet. She puts Nelly’s heads between her thighs. She slaps Nelly’s ass a few times making her yelp with each hit. Melissa then hoists Nelly straight up in the air and holding her there for a few seconds before dropping to her knees in a pile-driver. Melissa holds on to Nelly before letting her drop to the mat and the rolling her onto her back. Seeing that Nelly is out of it, Melissa decides to strip her clothes to show the crowd her goodies. She played to the crowd for a few seconds and got a good amount of cheers from them.

Before long though, she turns her attention back to Nelly. She walks over to her and straddles her showing her back side to Nelly. Melissa looks over her shoulder and pats her ass cheeks, “Time for you to lose bitch.” Melissa sways her hips from side to side as she lowers her ass onto Nelly’s face. Nelly was powerless to stop her from doing that. Melissa ground her ass into Nelly’s face and smirked as she watched Nelly’s body twitch as if she was still trying to fight her. With each passing second, Nelly slipped further into unconsciousness. It took less than a minute for Melissa to knock Nelly out cold under her ass. The referee comes over lifting up Nelly’s arm and lets it drop for the first count. He repeats it a couple more times to count. The referee then called for the bell ending the match and announced Melissa as the winner.

Melissa stands up and poses over Nelly with her foot between her breasts and smiles as her fans take pictures. After about a minute of picture taking by her fans, Melissa wraps things up and gathers her clothes. She takes a look at Nelly’s clothes and then Nelly and smiles, “Oh, what the hell? I’ll take your clothes as a prize.” Melissa picks up Nelly’s clothes as well and takes them with her to her locker room.

“Congratulations on winning Melissa, you’re in the group.” said Britney as she hugged Melissa.

“No, they don’t have it here.” replied Britney.

“What do you mean they don’t have it?” asked a confused Melissa.

“What dildo are you talking about? You can just go get another one.” chimed in Nicki.

“It’s a special dildo and there’s a history with it. Anyway, I happened to be listening in while I was outside their locker room when they were talking about it. According to Shakira, Rihanna has it somewhere. She doesn’t want to risk losing it like you guys did.” replied Britney.

“Maybe you can find a way to have a match with her?” said Melissa.

“Good idea. I’ll talk things over with our girl on the new booking committee to arrange the match for me.” said Britney.

Meanwhile back in the ring, Nelly was starting to stir. She soon becomes fully conscious, becomes oriented and looks for her clothes in the ring. She sighs when she doesn’t find her clothes and then makes her way back to the locker room. She takes a look at Shakira as she enters the locker room.

“I’m sorry I didn’t win the match Shakira.” said Nelly.

“You can’t win every match Nelly. I didn’t win every match, especially at the beginning.” Replied Shakira as she placed her hand on Nelly’s shoulder.

“I’ve been considering semi-retirement from the league for a little while now.” said a saddened Nelly.

“Don’t say that Nelly. You can still be helpful to me and Kelly and the girls. You’re a good fighter despite what happened tonight.” said Shakira.

“I know I can help, but I don’t see it and I don’t know if I can handle it anymore.” said Nelly.

“There’s a way to handle this and that’s a match between us. If I win, I decide what happens to your career here in the league. If you win, you can go onto semi-retirement or even full retirement if you like. That sound good to you?” asked Shakira.

“I guess so. If you win, will you smother me out under your ass? At least you’ve got a better ass than Melissa’s” asked Nelly with a slight smile.

“That’s good to hear. If you win, I want you to smother me out under your ass. First though, I’ve got to take on Christina Aguilera for the Songbird title.” said Shakira.

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