Melissa Joan Hart (60%) slams Jessica Alba (40%)
G-Man Fall
"Hey Angel girl, how you feeling after your beating at the hands of the ABA? Did you get the smell and taste of Alyssa‘s butt off your lips and face?" taunted Melissa from across the ring with a big smile on her face.

"When I‘m through with you, what I went through would be nothing compared to what I‘ll put you through." replied a bitchy Jessica.

"Oooooohhhh, I‘m scared!" cooed Melissa.

"You‘d better be." responded Jessica thinning her eyes.

The bell rang beginning the match and the two hot stars quickly approached each other and locked up. Jessica was in her ‘Dark Angel’ outfit and Melissa was wearing leather pants and a halter top. Neither was giving much ground while locked up. The moment it was going Mel’s way, Jess would readjust and force Mel back and vice-versa. They both soon saw the futility and released their holds and began slugging and kicking away at each other.

Mel soon saw an opening and kicked Jess in her crotch causing her to yelp and hold her crotch. Mel grabbed one of her arms and tossed her off the opposite ropes and connected with a standing dropkick on Jess’s return sending her to the mat. Not wanting to give up her early advantage, Mel quickly went over to Jess and started kicking and stomping her chest, stomach and breasts. "Does this bring back memories for you Jess, huh? Does it?" taunted Mel.

"Screw you, bitch." said a defiant Jess between the kicks and her groaning. She quickly grabbed one of Mel’s legs and yanked it causing her to lose her balance and fall hard on to her back. Jess slowly stood up with visible signs of pain in her face. She was still holding Mel’s leg. She elbow-dropped the point where her leg went into her body causing Mel to spasm in pain and to cry out in pain. She repeated the move a half dozen times.

She then stood up, grabbed both of Mel’s leg and held them apart. Jess rose one of her legs, slammed the ball of her foot into Mel’s crotch and ground it in causing Mel to jolt up in a semi-sitting position and scream in pain. "How does it feel to have your crotch attacked, huh?" said Jess through her gritting teeth. Mel, in a desperate attempt to stop the pain, grabbed Jess‘s leg and vainly tried to pull it off. Jess countered by dropping Mel‘s legs and connecting with two bitch slaps to Mel‘s face, one with each hand. She finally removed her foot from Mel‘s crotch, took a step back and side-kicked Mel‘s face- with the same foot that was a moment ago grinding her crotch- putting her flat on her back once again. Mel was holding her tender crotch and moaning in pain. Jess dragged Mel to one of the corner posts and the slid outside the ring to the other side of the post. She reached inside and grabbed both of Mel’s legs, spreading them a bit and yanked them toward her and slammed her crotch into the post eliciting Mel to scream in pain. Jess then grabbed the leg that she had elbow dropped and slammed that into the ring post numerous times eliciting screams from Mel and calls from the referee to put a stop to her actions. Seeing that she caused as much damage as she could outside the ring, Jess heeded the referee and went back inside the ring by which point Mel was holding her hurting leg and was in serious pain which showed on her face.

Jess dragged a squealing Mel into the center of the ring in order to set her up for her finish. Knowing she had the match in hand, Jess took her time in heading to the turnbuckles, stepping onto the outside part of the mat and climbing to the top turnbuckle. Jess jumped off the turnbuckle for a body splash, but just before she got there, Mel raised her knees to her chest and connected with Jess’s unprotected gut. Jess rolled off of Mel and curled into a fetal position while holding her stomach.

Both lovely wrestlers rolled in pain on the mat for a couple minutes holding their injured areas. Both were struggling to get to their feet over that short period of time, but Mel, who was in the better position of the two at this point, got to her feet first. She limped over to Jess, grabbed her by the hair and dragged her to her feet who was still tenderly holding her stomach. She landed a few right punches to Jess‘s face punctuated by a few karate chops to her chest eliciting a shriek with each chop and driving her back to the ropes. She then whipped Jess toward the ropes and connected with a vicious sidekick to Jess’s face that echoed throughout the arena and sending her flying and nearly unconscious to the mat in a spread eagle form.

She went over to Jess and stood between her legs, bent over and picked her right leg and began elbow drops to the point where the leg meets the torso. Each elbow drop caused Jess‘s body to spasm slightly. After a dozen elbow drops, still holding Jess’s leg, Mel drives her knee into Jess’s tender crotch and ground it in. With Mel driving her knee into crotch, Jess instinctively sits up with her eyes bulging from the pain.

"How do you like this, tough girl? It hurts doesn’t it?" said Mel gritting through her teeth. Jess was only able to reply with groans of pain. Jess could only muster a few week punches to Mel’s face which barely made her flinch and only made her grind Jess’s crotch with her knee even more. In an act of desperation, Jess raked Mel’s eyes causing her to stumble back a few steps and cover her eyes. Jess, who was weakened by the crotch attack and unable to capitalize on her attack could only roll up into a fetal position and hold her crotch in pain. Mel quickly shook off the rake to the eyes and quickly went over to the Jess and dragged her to her feet. Having watched Jess‘s last few matches on tape, Mel decided on how to finish her lovely opponent. She got a cruel smile on her face as she kicked Jess in her soft gut causing her to double over in pain and hold her gut. Mel then thrust Jess’s head between her thighs, hooked her arms behind her back and dropped to her knees perfectly executing HHH‘s pedigree. The maneuver nearly knocked Jess unconscious.

Mel rolled Jess onto her back and quickly got to her feet. Not wasting any time and falling into the same predicament as Jess, Mel hurriedly went to the outside of the mat and climbed to the top turnbuckle. She executed a reverse moonsault and landed squarely on Jess’s midsection. She quickly covered her for the pin and the referee did the three count and announced Mel the winner of this hard-fought first fall. Mel stood over Jess’s battered bodied and bent over pointing in her face yelled out "You‘d better think twice before going against me next fall." She then went back to her locker room with the rest of her teammates to celebrate her recent victory. Jess, who was still in the ring, was wondering to herself how she let this match slip through her hands after being in a dominant position during the fall.

Fall 2
The Dark Angel is Cursed by a Witch

Wild West Fall
Melissa Joan Hart vs. Jessica Alba: Melissa was rolling up the excess white socks over her shiny white wrestling boots and admiring herself in the mirror in her pink and white one piece wrestling suit she did some last minute primping unaware that just a wall away, Jessica Alba was doing the same thing. Melissa bounded out of her dressing room door ready for her match almost running into Jessica as the two surprised soon to be combatants sized each other up. “You don’t look so tough. I expected you to be a bit more buffed”, as she scanned Jessica from head to toe from her black boots to her black two piece outfit and black shiny hair, straight and as shiny as Melissa’s blond locks. “But you are just skinny!” Jessica with a hand on her hip just stared for several seconds.

“Mmmm, beefy”, then she let out a sarcastic laugh. An official intervened telling the girls to save the fight for the ring. Both girls staring daggers at each other, especially Melissa after Jessica’s comment says “why?” And with that the two grabbed handfuls of each other’s hair. Before introductions could be made the audience is instead surprised by yells and screaming as Jessica and Melissa fight their way to the ring.

Melissa and Jessica are pirouetting neither letting loose of the other’s hair till Melissa knees Jessica and whips her into the audience where she goes down with some now empty folded chairs. Melissa hops on into the ring but jumps right back out again helping Jessica up with a handful of hair and ramming her head first into the ring post.

Melissa jumps back into the ring and does a victory strut then props herself center ring hands on knees ready for Jessica. Jessica is stunned as she shakes her head. Melissa drove her head so hard a small gash and goose egg had formed at the top center of her forehead. Jessica’s stunned look now took a more sinister appearance as she raised herself to the apron.

Melissa raced across the ring doing a baseball slide into Jessica’s face and sent her back into the collapsed chairs. Melissa taunts Jessica from the ropes as she again takes in the crowds reaction of both cheers and boos. Jessica slaps her hands in pain, frustration and anger as she screams getting up and bounds for the ring. Melissa makes a gesture to come and get me. Melissa sidesteps her foe and whips her into the far ropes. Jessica comes off but gets her bearings and grazes Melissa with a clothesline as Melissa resembles a toreador evading a charging bull. Melissa shakes it off and again motions for Jessica to come on. Jessica uses the rope for momentum coming at Melissa lifting her legs into a dropkick. Unfortunately she telegraphed the move in just the slit second Melissa’s sharp senses needed as the t.v. witch ducked. Jessica intended this to be a defining move to get her back on top but instead the move proved reckless as she landed hard with the back of her head taking the worst impact. Jessica writhed in pain clutching her already hurting head.

Melissa stood over her and dropped a leg drop across her head. This slowed down the writhing of Jessica as Melissa held her for a moment in a headscissor. She let her go wiping the perspiration off her leg from Jessica’s head as if it offended her playing to the audience. Melissa bided her time as Jessica tried to get up to her hands and knees. Melissa helped her grabbing hair but taking her back down with a forearm smash to the back of the head. She repeated this three times till Jessica struck out with her leg striking Melissa’s shin. Melissa dragged her to the end of the ring by those legs where she lifted and rammed them down across the edge of the ring right across her shins. Now Jessica was hurting from head to toe. Melissa turned Jessica around leaning her over the ring apron. In a fit of bloodlust she bit into the wound on Jessica’s forehead and then rubbed her elbow across as Jessica tried to save herself grabbing the ropes. Before she could pull herself in, Melissa let a booming elbow drop guillotine land across Jessica’s chin with enough force to potentially break her neck.

Melissa jumped back into the ring and led the prostate Jessica around forcing her to follow on hands and knees as she raised her up for a reverse neckbreaker. She repeats it taking her time to get the crowds approval, Melissa is surprised when Jessica slaps away her arms and rains some fists and chops to Melissa’s chest and face. With her neck pained her blows don’t have near the effect so Melissa is more surprised than hurt. In fact she makes off she enjoys the slugfest and stops the onslaught with a knee to the stomach then slamming Jessica’s head into her knee. Jessica reels back into the ropes where she traps herself. Melissa with a sinister yet sweet smile only she can manage approaches her with closed fist. Jessica knows the match is over and only hopes Melissa shows mercy, though she won’t beg for any. Melissa delivers about a half dozen blows to her face and chest. Then releases her from the ropes straddling her trapping her boots in the ropes for added measure and crowd appeal and lets loose with a half dozen more. Melissa sees Jessica’s eyes no longer register any response and not wanting to do her very serious harm or worse death, gets off her. Melissa only stands there lifting Jessica’s limp arm one, two and three times not making an effort for a pin. She lifts her hands in victory as Jessica is carried away with Melissa waving bye to her amid cheers from the crowd.

After Jessica had a day to recover, she made a statement blaming herself for her loss missing the dropkick, which stunned her, the most she said. "No way can Melissa Joan Hart beat me. I beat myself. I want a rematch! If I can’t get one in the ring, I’ll get you anytime I see you, Melissa. Anytime, anywhere!"

Melissa’s response was “sore loser. Bring it on baby, anytime anywhere, Dark Angel. I’ll clip your wings for good.”


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