Melissa Joan Hart (50%) draws with Alyssa Milano (50%)
Alyssa waited for her cue to go to ringside thinking she was to follow Melissa, the star always came in last and Alyssa's ego had her prepped for that sequence. The ring announcer made his announcement of Alyssa aka Phoebe Halliwell aka Eva Savalot. Alyssa made it slowly to the ring with a look to the audience that would kill and try to kill Melissa she would. She had tugged her ring jacket tightened her boot laces and admired her own tanned legs that were well oiled and shimmered like her hair as the audience appreciated her athletic beauty and appreciated her demeanor knowing she was mad and was going to give a good fight. Alyssa limbered up impatiently waiting for the other witch actor as she thought of her. Melissa's announcement finally came.

The spotlight showing on the dressing room entrance with no one there then searching the auditorium where perched on a balcony Melissa came sailing to ring side astride a broom affixed to a cable ala Sabrina the Teenage Witch. She wore a pink lace see though full length outerwear that resembled more of an evening dress, cut in the sides to reveal Melissa's fair legs and white wrestling boots as she rode a feminine side saddle. She hopped off the broom amid cheers for herself and her unusual entrance.

Alyssa ripped her black leather jacket to reveal a two piece black with gold stripe outfit and black boots and charged Melissa. She barely had time to react as the two grabbed each other's hair circling till both were like a whirlwind and released. Both lay on the mat rubbing their scalps and recovering from the impact as they slammed into the mat. Both struggled to get up, Alyssa being the first yanking Melissa up by her blond locks. Melissa did a quick turnaround shoving Alyssa's arms away and catching her in a front face lock. Melissa ground Alyssa's head between her powerful arms and may have been choking, or thrusting a thumb to her throat as well as some subtle rakes to the face from Alyssa's reaction of stomping her feet and alternating between trying to separate Melissa's hands and slapping and scratching her legs. Melissa loved her good girl image but could fight as dirty as the rest of them and loved to give her opponents a good working over.

Melissa stamped her own foot to increase the pressure. To tease the crowd and Alyssa alike occasionally she'd let her go only to keep a tight grip on Alyssa's hair and return her to the basic but effective hold. Melissa knew she couldn't hold on forever and the crowd would grow tired so she acted like Alyssa was forcing her out only to whip her around in a reverse neck breaker. Alyssa writhed on the canvas stomping her feet in pain holding her neck. Melissa used this lull to finally remove her lacy accoutrement revealing a white and pink two piece outfit with white shiny vinyl wrestling boots with white socks and pink stripes. Melissa did a leg drop across Alyssa's throat which increased the writhing and had both legs and arms flailing. She slowly walked around her done in foe and grabbed both her legs separating them and dropping her own across landing on her crotch. Alyssa lurched up unable to scream aloud just gape her mouth open. Melissa barely showed her first beads of sweat as she rolled her over into a double leg lock and using her chiffon ring robe wrapped it around Alyssa's sensitive neck pulling from both ends. "Submit", she yelled. Alyssa either couldn't or wouldn't give up.

Melissa released the hold and again slowly went around Alyssa. This time she wrapped her legs around her and tightened in a figure four headscissor. She maintained that for a moment then moved to a conventional headscissor which seemed to hurt Alyssa more as she raked at Sabrina's legs and stomped her own in pain and frustration. Melissa then released for only a second or two as she held Alyssa's head between her ample and well toned legs everyone could tell she had worked to improve strength-wise. She stepped over Alyssa's head in a standing headscissor and then rolled forward wrapping the two into a painful pin attempt. However this was submission only and Melissa used it just to further weaken Alyssa. She released it after Alyssa refused to submit but was nearly out of it altogether.

Melissa decided it was about to end this one sided match. She laid out Alyssa and ran bounding off the ropes with a leg drop. She repeated the move again but this time with an elbow drop as Alyssa convulsed. A third time she indicated with a slit to her throat was going to be the finish. Alyssa was barely moving. As she went to bounce off the ropes she didn't notice a figure move to the apron and grab her ankles as she bounced off. Melissa fell face first hard nearly knocking herself out. Sarah Michelle Gellar jumped up onto the ring amid gasps from the audience. She stomped Melissa mercilessly then wrapped her in the ropes and pummeled her till she was barely conscious. Alyssa groggy and hurt was coming around somewhat and noticed the carnage. She struggled to get to her knees as Michelle made a sympathetic look toward her. She leaned out however and grabbed a folding chair she had propped ringside and slammed over Alyssa's head. Not just once, twice but a third time as Alyssa fell onto her back. A small laceration opened up on her forehead. Michelle turned her attention to Melissa striking her first in the head then the knees and lower legs and then again in the head till she was out like Alyssa. All the time trapped and helpless in the ropes.

The crowd booed and threw stuff at Michelle as she still held the chair and grabbed a microphone. "You want to see a couple wimpy has been wrestlers that like to play witches or do you want to see the cream of the crop of fighters...ME!" Boos intensified but now some cheers could be heard as Michelle had the audience's attention. "There's someone who thinks she's one bad-assed superhero who's been trash talking me of late. You know who I'm talking about! The Dark Angel, Jessica Alba! Who wants to see The Slayer slay The Angel?" The crowd erupts in cheers! "Did you hear that Jess, they want to see it, I want to do it. Stop hiding! I challenge you to a fight, anytime, anywhere, anyhow. Let's put it this way, either you accept my challenge or I'm finally going to end this and come after you! Got it!!" Michelle looks at both Alyssa and Melissa. " Oh and if you two ever recover I'd fight you as well, just for the practice." Michelle drops the mike and hits both with the chair again before quickly exiting the ring but impudently taking her time amid some boos and thrown rubbish on her way out as Melissa and Alyssa are both carried from the ring.

Match is officially called a draw with no winner

Melissa & Alyssa better keep looking over ther shoulder for Sara Michelle Gellar!

Sara Michelle Gellar is a Real Winner Tonight
Dark Angel vs Slayer????