Alyssa Milano vs Scarlett Johansson

Introducing The New Booking Committee

It is my extreme pleasure to announce the new members of the Stone Rage Battle Zone booking committee. Christina Applegate proudly announces in a special press conference.

"Our first new member is an American actress. She has become well known for her roles portraying real life women, like Tina Turner in What's Love Got to Do with It, as well as Betty Shabazz in Malcolm X and Panther, Rosa Parks in The Rosa Parks Story, Katherine Jackson in The Jacksons: An American Dream, and Voletta Wallace in Notorious. I give you, Angela Bassett." Christina proudly announces.

Christina allows Angela to come to the podium and stand behind her. Once done, Christina begins announcing the next new member.

"Next we have a former adult model and pornographic actress. She is the undisputed queen of Napali video's catfights. This is a person who needs no introduction to any catfight fan." Christina pauses. "I give you Ebony Ayes."

After Ebony takes her place beside Angela, Christina says, "Our next new member is a British-American actress. She played the role of Deanna Troi, on the television and film series Star Trek: The Next Generation. She also played in one great film catfight in The Wicked Lady. I introduce Marina Sirtis."

"Lastly but definitely not least" Christina speaks. "This woman was the overwhelming vote getter to join the new committee. She is a New Zealander actress, best known for playing the title character of the internationally successful television series Xena: Warrior Princess. Please welcome Lucy Lawless to the booking committee." Christina finishes to a loud ovation.

At that moment, a new era in Stone Rage's Battle Zone begins. The new members now field questions from the press about their future intentions and goals, now that they have acquired this new influential position.

"We will start meeting with celebrities tomorrow to fill out the card at our next super event, BATTLELINES 2" Lucy explains.

"Also we'll discuss punishment from some people's actions." Angela butts in. "We can't have chaos like Halle Berry kidnapping other stars during one of our events again." Angela elaborates. I promise this committee will govern with a stronger hand than the previous one."

"We'll be dishing out helpings of justice to some others too." Marina adds.

The next day, Alyssa Milano is called for a meeting with the booking committee. Alyssa happily waltzes into league headquarters. She is sure her little post match attack on newly crowned Drama Queen, Salma Hayek, has earned her a title shot. Especially given her history with Salma, Alyssa expected that Salma and the public were salivating and clamoring for them to get in the ring at the first occasion.

Alyssa is shocked to find things were quite the opposite. Once the meeting started, Marina tore into Alyssa about her despicable actions. "A title shot?" Marina exclaims. "No one is rewarding you for a cowardly attack. You deserve to be suspended for your actions!" Marina reiterates. "In fact I'm giving you two choices. Either you can take this match I'm offering or be suspended 3 months."

Alyssa was left with no options, but to take whatever is being offered. "You may think it's still the 80's and 90's and you're still hot shit, but you're not." Alyssa grinds her teeth silently as Marina continues to reprimand her. "I'm putting you in the ring with someone that'll show you how pathetic you really are these days. I'm putting you in the ring with a woman that's younger than you, she's stronger than you, she's far hotter than you, and a much much more talented actress. This woman is just far superior to you in every way. You'll be facing Scarlett Johansson and she'll teach you a lesson."

"Scarlett Johansson?" Alyssa asks incredibly. "Christina, are you just going to sit there and let her do this? I thought we were cool after filming Hall Pass together. I thought we put those old ABA bad feelings behind us. After all you beat the living day lights out of me, and had me groveling and begging for mercy publicly. I deserve a match with Salma for the championship."

Christina chuckles in amusement. "We are cool Alyssa." Christina admits. "In my lonesome opinion, you are worthy of a title shot. But Salma voted for Marina to get on the committee, so she has a debt to pay. Second, with the Avenger's movie coming out, the studio is paying huge promotional dollars to get Scarlett in a match with a big name. So I whole heartedly endorse this match, and I suggest that you do too."

"Fine!" Alyssa impatiently and confidently answers. "You want me to rip this young bimbo a new one? I'll do it."


Next thing Alyssa knows she is across the ring facing Scarlett Johansson and the opening bell has just rung. At this moment, she is feeling far from confident and secure with her boast to rip Scarlett a new one. As soon as the promotion for the bout began, Scarlett has out shined Alyssa in every way imaginable at every press conference and public event, just as Marina promised. Scarlett was charming, classy, and confident far beyond her years. She was regal, funny and earthy at the same time. Scarlett was all you could dream a woman to be. She was winning the press and fans by the truck loads. Next to Scarlett, Alyssa appeared and felt like a washed up old tramp. This phenomenal young woman will use and abuse Alyssa as a stepping stone to a much greater destiny.

Alyssa starts out of her corner and circling her opponent. Alyssa's faltering confidence starts crumbling even faster. Scarlett's body moved with a grace and confidence of an athlete. Scarlett is in marvelous condition from filming the Avengers. Alyssa was getting envious of the young blonde's physique. The movie producers obviously made a wise choice, dressing Scarlett in a black leather bikini with the Avenger's logo on the bra cups for this match. Alyssa is glad she chose a more conservative white one piece swimsuit, especially since she is coming off a pregnancy. She would hate to draw unnecessary comparisons to Scarlett's body on this day.

Alyssa cautiously moves out of her corner and closes the distance between her foe. She notices the workmanlike expression on Scarlett's perfect face. There is no hate or detest for her opponent. Scarlett is there simply to do a job. Alyssa can tell that Scarlett's body tingles with the excitement of the challenge. Alyssa has more than a grudging respect for her young opponent, it is full blown admiration.

However Alyssa is a former War Queen champion, a former Bootylicious Champion and the original founder of the ABA (the American Bad Asses). Once she starts moving, her body naturally shakes away the nerves and the veteran skill floods Alyssa's physique. Alyssa lashes out and belts Scarlett across the chest with a forearm shot. The young starlet tries to strike back with her fist, but Alyssa keeps coming forward and blasting Scarlett's chest, sending the blonde retreating backwards. The swiftly backpedaling Scarlett lashes out with her foot, catching the aggressor in the gut to end Alyssa's initial assault.

Scarlett follows quickly. She sends a sharp elbow across Alyssa's temple, buckling her knees. Scarlett ensnares Alyssa in a head lock. With Alyssa under control, Scarlett forciblely drives Alyssa's head down to greet her rocketing up knee. Alyssa snaps upright with a shout as her forehead greets Scarlett's knee, and the brunette starts reeling back. Then Scarlett strikes with a open hand palm to Alyssa's chest, knocking Alyssa to the canvas. It was all done so quickly and smoothly, Scarlett resembled a real life super spy. Scarlett smiles seeing the move she learned playing the Black Widow actually worked in real life.

Although on the outside, Alyssa and the world sees a cool, self assured and impressive young woman that looks like she can handle anything the world throws at her in stride, that is not reality. Scarlett is really very nervous about this fight. First, it is her first match in Stone Rage's league. Although definitely one of the world’s biggest, sex symbols, Scarlett does not view herself nor wants to be viewed in that light. Even after being acknowledged as Esquire magazines "Sexiest Woman Alive", Scarlett wants to be recognized for her talent. Scarlett says "being sexy is boring." She says people say she is sexy because, "it is a byproduct of being curvy". She only agreed to enter celebrity catfighting after her colleagues that she respect, Natalie Portman and Keira Knightly entered. Even then it took a huge check, and pressure from the studios to get her to crawl between the ropes. Scarlett definitely did not want to crawl into the ring with a veteran like Alyssa. However she zestily accepts the challenge, like she accepts all challenges in life. Now just like in movies, stage, music and virtually everything else Scarlett is excelling.

Very dazed, Alyssa stands and wobbles backwards. Scarlett charges at Alyssa and plows the smaller woman down with a running clothesline. Scarlett delivered her blow right under Alyssa's chin to the neck, gagging Alyssa. As the brunette lies on the mat gasping and holding her neck, Scarlett reached down and grabs a couple of handfuls of Alyssa's hair, and hauls the brunette to her feet.

Scarlett muscles Alyssa back into the corner. After securing her gagging foe in the corner, Scarlett raises her knee and drives it deep in Alyssa's stomach. Alyssa barks and coughs and gags again as the breath is knocked out of her. Scarlett strikes with another knee in Alyssa's gut. As Scarlett lowers her knee away, Alyssa crumbles down to her hands and knees barely able to breathe. Scarlett adds a stomp on Alyssa's back to knock her flat on her face on the canvas.

Alyssa is hurt, but Scarlett makes the mistake of backing off instead of trying to finish Alyssa. The veteran could not believe her luck. Then she realizes that as impressive of a young lady, and professional that Scarlett is, she is still a rookie catfighter, making her debut in the league. Alyssa scrambles ungracefully to her feet, eagerly taking advantage of Scarlett's leniency.

Alyssa and Scarlett lock up collar and elbow. Alyssa's awe of the young lady, in the ring at least, is gone. Alyssa lashes out and kicks Scarlett in the knee. Scarlett drops to the mat grasping a painful right knee. Alyssa drops to the mat with a vulnerable Scarlett. Alyssa snakes her legs around Scarlett's mid section and grabs her from behind in a choke hold. The inexperienced grappler allowed herself to easily be caught in Alyssa's Anaconda Choke hold.

It was the first time the bouncy blonde has been exposed to this hold. She knew nothing about it and nothing about escaping it. Scarlett tired to escape, but mostly jiggled her sexy body around and excited the audience while she flailed away in Alyssa's clutches.

Alyssa is smiling and laughing as Scarlett's flailing starts slowing and fading. She realizes that poor Scarlett is nowhere near prepared for this match. Alyssa can end this match right now. "Is this it? Is this all you've got?" Alyssa loudly shouts for all the fans. "I wanted Salma Hayek and the Drama Queen title, and I get pathetic little girl. Marina! What do you think about your Scarlett Johansson now? She's really teaching me a lesson! She's really punishing me for beating Salma's ass last month!" Alyssa calls out to the fan's disapproval. Alyssa does not care. It is time that she re-establishes herself as the big bad bitch in this league again.

When Scarlett was almost out and barely struggling, Alyssa releases her choke hold and kicks Scarlett away. Alyssa gets to her feet laughing. She definitely intends on playing with the rookie. Alyssa clearly has not been the same in the ring since Christina Applegate annihilated her after she was kicked out of the very group that she founded, the ABA. Alyssa is planning on getting a little respect, confidence and swagger back.

Alyssa grabs Scarlett's ankles and spreads the blonde's legs apart. Next Alyssa fiendishly stomps down on Scarlett's cunt. Alyssa backs off Scarlett then demands "Get up! Get up and fight. Come on, you're supposed to be a super heroine or something." Scarlett slowly revives and rises to her hands and knees coughing and gagging. "Come on girl. Are you giving up already?" Alyssa taunts.

Suddenly the angry young woman gets to her feet and immediately charges at Alyssa. The veteran was surprised to say the least. She thought Scarlett was finished. Before Alyssa could react or even move, Scarlett was on her. Scartett wraps her arms around Alyssa's waist and hoists the veteran off the mat. Alyssa finds herself in a very snug bear hug, and Scarlett squeezing with everything she has got.

Alyssa is grunting and groaning, as Scarlett proves that she is a pretty strong young woman. She has Alyssa reaching and struggling in her clutches. Then before Scarlett wears herself out, she drops Alyssa cunt first, down on her knee. Alyssa bounces off of Scarlett's knee and falls to the mat, and holds her pussy tightly with both hands. "How do you like getting hit in your privates?" Scarlett vengefully barks down to Alyssa. "Doesn't feel too good, does it?"

Alyssa is on her side holding her privates when Scarlett comes over and stomps down on Alyssa's side and demands "Stay down!" Next Scarlett takes her foot to kick Alyssa over onto her back. Then Scarlett comes crashing down on Alyssa, driving her elbow into the brunette's gut. Scarlett bounds up to her feet, while Alyssa lies on the canvas, looking foolish her cockiness and not finishing the match when it was well in her hands.

Scarlett reaches down and hauls Alyssa to her feet. The blonde gets a grip around Alyssa's head, then falls backward driving Alyssa's head to the mat in a DDT. The fans are cheering and Scarlett gets to her feet, feeling in total control again. Alyssa lies suffering on the mat, but very happy. Scarlett's DDT should have finished her, but the neophyte botched the execution. Alyssa was barely fazed when she should have been kayoed. So, Alyssa pretended like she was terribly hurt, and nearly out, while gathering her senses.

When Scarlett returns to Alyssa, the brunette comes to life and drives her forearm between Scarlett's legs for a low blow. Scarlett falls to the mat, holding her pussy again, and realizing that she has been duped.

While Scarlett is down, Alyssa plucks a handful of Scarlett's blonde hair, and uses it to place Scarlett's head between her thighs. Next Alyssa clamps her legs shut, and expertly does it so that she twist and torques Scarlett's neck to cut off her blood and oxygen flow. Alyssa knows that her usual competition would never have allowed themselves to be placed in this head scissors in such a fashion. There are subtle defenses that this amateur are obviously unaware of.

Alyssa ratchets up the pressure, and it take a couple of minutes, but the results were predetermined. Scarlett has no defense, or a counter and eventually goes to sleep. The moment that Alyssa thought Scarlett was out, she releases her hold. Alyssa wanted to play some more and not end the match. However Scarlett is flat on her back, spread eagle with tits up and not moving at all.

"Wake up" Alyssa orders and slaps Scarlett across the cheek. Scarlett does not respond. Alyssa moves around and sits on top of Scarlett for a few harder slaps to Scarlett's face to rouse her. "Hellloooooo! Wakie, wakie! I'm not done yet." Alyssa sings. Scarlett starts reviving, slowly moving her extremities. Seeing that Scarlett is waking, Alyssa stands and delivers a hard stomp down on Scarlett's stomach. Scarlett's body recoils and jackknifes bringing the blonde to full consciousness. However she is coughing and gagging and writhing in pain.

Alyssa paces the ring and thinking of what she can do to Scarlett next. She plans on making a statement to the booking committee and Salma Hayek by destroying the young blonde.

Scarlett is slowly recovering. She looks around, and realizes that even though she was out, that the match is still going on. She raises to her hands and knees as Alyssa approaches again. Scarlett does not know what to do but lashes out. Scarlett just kicks out with her foot as hard as possible and luckily hits pay dirt. Alyssa drops to the canvas, holding her belly.

"Fucking young girls" Alyssa curses to herself. "They are always so fucking resilient!" Scarlett shows how resilient and determined she is, as she gets to her feet, spreads Alyssa's legs and stomps Alyssa's pussy again. Scarlett spreads Alyssa's legs again, then leaps up and comes down knee first into Alyssa's cunt. Alyssa is down and suffering. Meanwhile, Scarlett backs off, noticeably limping and favoring her own pussy. That still does not stop her from returning and adding a few sporadic kicks to her downed foe, as Scarlett buys time for herself to recover from being kayoed two times previously.

A snarl crosses Alyssa's face as she grows tired of underachieving and being an ordinary fighter. "That's it girlie. It's over." Alyssa grumbles and springs to her feet. Alyssa blitzes Scarlett. She drives her shoulder into Scarlett's mid section and lifts the blonde onto her toes. Alyssa keeps driving through, plowing Scarlett backwards as if she is a tackling dummy, and drives her into the corner. Alyssa drives her shoulder into Scarlett's belly to further incapacitate her opponent. Alyssa stands upright and blasts Scarlett with a punch to the chin. The blonde swoons and is about to go down, but does not ever have the opportunity to fall. Alyssa is on her, overwhelming her and starting to deliver a memorable beating.

"I don't know who you think you are." Alyssa starts as she continues to blast her trapped foe with forearms to the chin. "But I'm Alyssa Milano. I'm the former War Queen, the former Bootylicious Champion, and all-time great Bad Ass Bitch in this ring!" Alyssa steps back and raises her foot and presses it against Scarlett's throat. Alyssa uses the top rope to apply extra leverage. "You can have your pretty face, witty jokes and your perfect body. You can have all your classy dramatic roles with Woody Allen and your BAFTA and Golden Globes, but I'm still Alyssa Jayne Milano and that's still a big fucking deal!"

Alyssa removes her foot allowing Scarlett to collapse to the mat, coughing, gasping and grabbing her neck. Instinctively Scarlett's starts trying to crawl away, just trying to escape the enraged she-devil. "It's about time that you, the fans, the booking committee and Salma Hayek remember just who the fuck I am!" Alyssa delivers a hard kick, knocking the blonde to the mat. "I'm still smoking hot! I'm still kicking ass and taking names! I'm still a huge fucking deal!" Alyssa spouts as she drops to the canvas and seizes Scarlett. Alyssa rolls Scarlett onto her side, and raises one of Scarlett's arms above her head. Then Alyssa wraps one of her arms around Scarlett's neck from behind, and entraps the extended arm and Scarlett's neck in a rear choke. Alyssa connects her right hand to her other arm and applies another choke hold that Scarlett never knew existed.

"You see this Marina!!! What do you think about your Scarlett Johansson now? How much better than me is she now?" Alyssa blares, while looking directly into the camera. "You see this Salma? This is what I have in store for you little bitch!"

The haggard blonde quickly succumbs to another mysterious hold that she was terribly ill prepared to handle. As soon as Scarlett goes out, Alyssa releases the hold. With Scarlett on her side, Alyssa plants both feet into the small of Scarlett's back. Next she grabs a arm and a leg of Scarlett's and pushes and pulls Scarlett in opposite directions, in a bow-and-arrow hold. Scarlett instantly comes roaring back to life with a long howl.

Scarlett realizes that she has just poked a bear and made a terrible mistake. She knows that before entering a ring again, she will beg Keira Knightly, Natalie Portman and G-Man to train her. Scarlett swears to join the Resistance or seek counsel with anybody that can help her avoid another drubbing like this. "I give" Scarlett meekly sings "I’ve had enough... I submit."

Annoyed and frustrated that Scarlett is about to escape her blood lust, Alyssa huffs, "Oh shut up. Aren't you supposed to be a super heroine or something? Just be quiet and take it." Alyssa release the bow and arrow hold and wraps her legs around Scarlett's head again for another head scissors. Alyssa lifts up with her arm to keep her sexy body from lying on the mat this time, adding more torque, and more leverage in the hold. Scarlett fades to sleep in record time.

Alyssa finally stands and accepts her victory. She indulges herself by reaching down and untying and removing Scarlett's black leather bikini top with the Avenger logo. Alyssa slings the skimpy top around her neck as a trophy for the night. Lastly Alyssa reaches down and grabs a handful of disheveled blonde hair and pulls the unconscious blonde's lifeless body up to a seated position. Standing behind Scarlett, Alyssa raises her arm for a victory pose while displaying her vanquished foe to the world. It was a starking contrast. The still lovely, despite being severly worked over, slumping blonde only being supported by a handful of hair, sits in an unrestful slumber with her mouth hung open. Then there is the conquering bosom mighty brunette, standing powerfully behind her, like a real super heroine.

Up in the VIP booth, Marina Sartis sits with Salma Hayek. "Well that did not go as we had hoped." Marina comments.

"Ohh it went just fine." Salma purrs. "Just keep giving Alyssa the run around and frustrating and wearing her down. Then I will deal with her when the time is right. Alyssa is dangerous, but not terribly smart. When I get my hands on her, she’ll regret ever laying eyes on me."

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