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GOLD EXPERIENCE Drama Queen Title Match

NOTE - This match follows events of Jennifer Love Hewitt vs Eva Longoria RAGE!
Salma Hayek walks down the ramp towards the ring exuding confidence, leading Penelope Cruz and Vanessa Williams her Confidante. She’s wearing black boxer shorts and a white v-neck tee that dips down just enough to show a little of her ample cleavage. She completes her ensemble with matching black and white tennis shoes and white calf length socks. Her shadows Penelope and Vanessa dressed to impress. Penelope looked killer in a low cut black dress that accentuated her cleavage complete with black heels. She motioned to the crowd to encourage their continued cheering of Salma. Vanessa, also in black, a strapless number that equally made jaws drop, did the same. Again in heels she, same as Penelope, obviously didn’t come to fight. Salma didn’t want their help anyway. She was convinced she was taking the title no matter what Hewitt had to say about it. She steps up the steel steps and enters the ring with little wasted energy. Besides acknowledging a cheering fan here or there, Salma conserves her energy for the task at hand. Penelope and Vanessa make their way to Salma’s corner outside the ring and like Salma await the champ.

The wait is soon over as Jennifer appears at the top of the ramp wearing the Drama Queen belt around her waist. She poses for a minute, then removes the belt and raises it in the air with both hands. Keeping the belt on display she started down the ramp towards the ring bathing in the applause of her fans. She wore a buttoned up blue jean shirt and blue jean short shorts that were a tad revealing in the rear. She strutted confidently down to the ring in her wrestling boots. Close to the ring she sprinted forward and slid in under the bottom rope. Quickly to her feet she raised the belt again. “Take a good look Salma,” Jennifer taunted. “No wait. I’ll give you another up close and personal look at it like I did the last time I mopped the floor with your chica ass.”

“Bring it puta,” Salma answered with both hands out directing Jennifer to come get some.

“Don’t worry,” Jennifer said as she looks at the ref and hands him the belt. “I’m coming. I wouldn’t miss this for the world. Once I beat you down I’m gonna make you tell everyone here who’s the champ, who’s got the best boobs…” Jennifer then cracks a wicked smile and turned to face Salma as she continues, “…and who’s the washed up whore.”

Salma responded confidently, “Not gonna happen slut. I’m not distracted like Aniston or a push over like Eva. You had your cheap shot. You got your licks. Now it’s my turn to school your candy ass. I won’t make you say any of those things you dream of making me say. Everyone will know who the champ is and who the spent whore is. And they already know who’s got the best boobs,” Salma says as she pulls up her tee to reveal a massive black sports bra and monster cleavage. “You ready to get those little puppies of yours neutered?”

Now furious, Jennifer ripped her shirt open, sending buttons flying, to reveal a strained pink bra and her own massive cleavage. She then walks right up to Salma and juts her chest out and presses her cleavage against Salma’s. They press hard into each other’s chest, the stare down intense. Both could feel her opponent’s nipples stiffen despite the thickness of the fabrics. Both began to feel the discomfort of the breast to breast face-off, but that was of no matter. Hatred saw through that pain. They wrapped their arms around each other for a mutual bear hug and continued taunting each other. Jennifer saying, “close your legs. I smell fish.”

Salma shot back, “that’s your breath.”

Jen, “Mexican cunt.”

Salma, “backdoor slut.”

Jennifer, “gang bang whore.”

Salma reacted badly to that last comment tightening her grip and muscling Hewitt into the air. Jen moaned in agony as her boobs were engulfed by Salma’s, and her ribs creaking. “Put me down bitch,” Jennifer demanded. Salma too was in agony, with her breast aching, and her ribs in torment, but she poured on the pressure shutting Jennifer’s mouth. Before her strength could fade Salma took off for the opposite corner and body slammed Jennifer into to the corner taking the breath out of them both. Salma backed away massaging her breast while Jennifer collapses into the corner comforting her own agonizing pair.

Salma lowers her tee back into place covering her cleavage and eliciting some boos. Then she zeroed in back onto Jennifer. As Jen just gets to her feet, Salma spears her back into the corner. Hayek follows through with three swift kicks to Love’s bruised tummy driving the Drama Queen down to the mat. Kicks turn into stomps as Salma now targets Hewitt’s scantily clad breasts. She pauses briefly to ease the ref and then moves back in planting her tennis shoes on Jennifer’s neck for a dangerous choke. The ref moves in and lifts Hayek up rescuing Hewitt. As soon as the ref released Salma, the furious Latina rushed back to Love. She grabbed Hewitt’s ankles and pulled her to the center of the ring. Releasing the legs she buries her hands into Jen’s hair lifting her to her feet.

Just as Jennifer got to her feet she balled a fist and low blowed Salma right in the pubic mound praying she bulls eyed the clit; she did. Now taking advantage of Hayek’s agony filled daze, Jennifer took a hold of the Mexican’s hair and threw her to the mat. Jen then lifts and spreads Hayek’s legs. A stomp to Hayek’s soft tummy follows. As Salma juts upward and covers her bruised tummy Jennifer drops down and head butts Hayek’s vulnerable crotch. Jennifer then easily mounts Salma and starts punching her with brutal right hands. When the ref warns Jennifer to break off, she goes for a two handed choke. This time the ref has to pull her away as he did Salma earlier. Salma rolls over to the ropes to aid in getting up, but Jennifer takes advantage running over and as if sliding into home base kicked Salma out of the ring. Hayek hits the concrete floor with a thud and lays there motionless for a moment. Jen took a quick break to tie the bottoms of her shirt together recovering her chest, again to collective boos from the crowd.

Jen slides out eager to resume their little disagreement over who is top bitch. Salma stands just as Jennifer closes and slaps the shit out of the champ. Jennifer now briefly stunned staggers away from Salma. Hayek charges her and spears her in the back slamming Jennifer face and tits first into the hard ramp that led to the ring. Then up to her knees to the side of Hewitt, she brutally beats down on the Drama Queen with unforgiving balled fists like she’s having a temper tantrum flattening the starlet out across the bottom of the ramp.

Standing back up and moving away Salma allows Hewitt a moment to get to her knees. Then she sprints forward ending in a kick that catches the starlet in the back between the shoulder blades. Hewitt crashes back to the ramp. Her chin hits hard forcing her teeth to grind. She is of no help to Salma who wishes her to stand as the furious Hayek yanks her up by her hair to her knees. Jennifer’s inability to stand encouraged a savage knee to the face. Hayek then continued to muscle Jen to her feet. Dazed Hewitt was easily arm whipped back first into the steel gate that started at the ramp and surrounded the ring, forcing the spectators near it to back away. Their eyes were glued in awe watching these busty cats brawl. Salma forced Jennifer to straighten up against the gate by shoving her palm into Hewitt’s bruised chin. And when Hewitt was fully upright, tits poking up and out towards the sky, Salma hit her with a chop to the chest, one that was a little low. “Owwwwwww shit,” Jennifer cried at the assault on her tits. “Owwwwww shit… you fucking bitch,” Jennifer cried out the second time Salma chest chopped her famous mams. Jen's clothing offer little protection from the savageness of the blow.

Salma, “How’d you like that Love? It’s just the start of a very bad day for your little lily white titties.” Jennifer was not used to having her tits referred to as little. Sure Salma new that Jennifer’s tits weren’t small by any means, but she wanted to make sure the younger girl realized that her tits were bigger and better than the soon to be ex-Drama Queen. The taunts did have a slight psychological effect on Jennifer, but not the one Salma wanted. Jennifer was more determined to beat Salma and more so Salma’s tits. She wasn’t used to having her jumbo jugs referred to as small, much less berated, and she planned to make Hayek regret targeting her boobs. But first she had to get the Mexican bitch off her. Not an easy task with Salma whipping her around by the hair. The impact into the ring apron to Jennifer's skull was agonizing, but at least Salma let her go.

Salma stepped a few steps back to catch her breath. When she moved back in to continue Jennifer’s beating, Hewitt sprung to life burying a fist into Hayek’s midriff. Salma coughed and gasped as she doubled over clutching her tummy. Hewitt grabbed her by the hair and slammed the Latina’s face into the top of the steel step that lead up to the ring. Before Salma could react Jennifer lifted her head for two more head butts into the unforgiving steel. Hewitt then kicked Hayek in the ass forcing her to sprawl out over the steel steps. Ms Love then moved to the opposite side of the steps and with her hands embedded in a beautifully dark mane, forced Hayek to painfully cross over the steel steps. The closest top step corner embedded otself painfully into Hayek’s tummy, the opposite corner into her left breast. Just as Salma made it to her feet on the other side, Jennifer elbowed her in the left temple. She then grabbed an arm and whipped Salma into steel gates that surrounded the ring delighting in the grunt it drew from Salma lips and the look of pure agony on her face.

Jennifer immediately went for the pin and the win, but Hayek kicked out on 2. Jen was furious. She stood up yanked Hayek to her feet by her hair. Keeping Hayek’s head down, she swiftly secured her dazed rival’s head between her thigh’s preparing to power bomb Ms. Tits into dreamland. “Good night sweetie,” she says before going for liftoff. Unfortunately Hayek reverses the hold taking Hewitt up and over for a suplex to the mat. Jennifer hits hard but fights through the pain to jump back to her feet and charge Salma before the challenger could fully recover. It wasn’t happening. Hayek caught her and used her momentum to execute a perfect sidewalk slam.

They both jumped to their feet, Hewitt not quite so fast. Groggily she stepped right into a backdrop suplex. The three consecutive moves finally took the fight out of Jennifer. She had to be aided to her feet, and Hayek did that with a combined tug of the hair and wedgie of the thong Jen sported under her shorts. She then whipped the younger woman into the corner causing her to head butt the middle turnbuckle. Jen collapses in the corner. Given a second she is able to rise on her own, well with aid of the ropes. She’s on her feet just in time to get speared back into the corner by a charging bull. Salma’s presence in her abs is all that keep Jennifer on her feet. She’s wheezing, chest heaving, desperate for air. When Salma steps back Hewitt starts to collapse, but Hayek takes her arms and wraps them over the top rope forcing Jennifer to stay on her feet.

Salma then reached for Jennifer’s top, “Now it’s time to deflate those cow tits of yours.” Salma’s tactics here were in error. She wanted to pull Jennifer’s shirt down to bind her arms, but the shirt didn’t easily clear Jen’s shoulders. Despite being a quick tie the knot in the shirt was too time consuming to attempt to undo, and Jennifer wasn’t out of the fight enough to just sit by and let Salma strip her. Hayek just barely cleared Jen’s frilly laced bra, which was filled to the breaking point, before Hewitt jumped back to life and started tearing at Salma's tee. Jennifer seemed to get Salma’s tee at just the right spot because it ripped off surprisingly quickly revealing a grossly overloaded sports bra. Jennifer pressed out of the corner pushing her body against Salma’s so that their bra clad breast mashed together. Salma’s nearly engulfed Hewitt’s knockers winning the size debate instantly. However, Jen’s firm rounders gave as good as they got in this breast to breast battle.

Jennifer was even able to push Salma back a little quite sure she’d heard the Latina slip a pain filled moan. They struggled in a brief test of strength and resilience that led out into the center of the ring. Then they went for each others bra. In the fury of the tussle, Jennifer is actually the first to de-cup Salma’s melons from an over worked bra. Her bright pink nails immediate sink in eliciting a high pitched howl from the busty seniorita. The pain causes Salma to give ground finding herself being mauled backward into the opposite corner. Desperately she abandons de-cupping Jennifer and targets her cream colored nails on Hewitt’s ample cleavage, that's quite enough to work with. Hewitt cries out as Salma makes use of the constraints of her bra in a most unusual way. Hayek has her nails embedded in the center of Hewitt’s cleavage and is pulling away from the center like trying to force an elevator door open. The bra serves as a hindrance as it is now digging into the outside of her boobs adding to her torment. Despite her own personal hell Jen keeps the pressure on the titflesh that oozes out from between her fingers.

With Salma on the retreat, Jen slips a leg around and trips Hayek to the floor. Jen falls on top sinking her claws into Salma’s ribs via her meaty teats empowered by all her weight. Salma cried out in torment, quickly releasing her hold on Jen’s whoppers to free and protect her own tits. She expelled a brief sigh of relief when Jen released her crushed jugs, but her rejoicing was short lived when she realized Jennifer was in control of her arms. Jen made use of Hayek’s moment of weakness to mount her and pin her arms at the waist.

Jennifer faced Hayek and smiled down at her. Despite Hayek’s struggles Jen kept the arms pinned under her thighs as well as a firm seat on Hayek’s heaving tummy. Jen then applies some nasty nipple pinching and twisting. Salma’s agonizing screams were cut by screaming Spanish. Hewitt didn’t like what she heard so she started raining punches down on Hayek’s melons. She ordered, “Shut up bitch!!! The only thing I want to hear out of you is ‘I quit!’.” Salma’s head shook back and forth as she moaned with every impact, no more Spanish though. “That’s better… cunt.” Jennifer went back to mauling Salma’s tits and as she squeezed more toward the nips she was rewarded by squirts of milk. Jennifer tickled, “I hadn’t planned on milking you.” Jen laughed, “You are nothing but a cow aren’t you? …a filthy Mexican cow.” Jennifer coated her hands in as much mother’s milk as she could before bending over to bathe Hayek’s face in her own juices. Jennifer was beside herself with the joy of being able to humiliate Salma so thoroughly. Salma however, made use of Jennifer’s adjustment in position to dethrone the now almost gitty champion.

The ref was finally back in the match. He was out of it when the titfight started distracted by the throbbing in his shorts. A couple of years as a ref for TNA didn’t prepare him for what he was seeing. If Salma hadn’t broken free when she did, he was sure he was about to cream his pants. But when Salma did break free he snapped back to his senses, “Oh ah yeah, break it up. Ah yeah.” Neither paid him any attention. For Salma, it was payback time. She was going to crush Jennifer for the assault on her tits. She’s not going to be satisfied with the three count tonight. No, Jen is going to suffer.

For Jennifer, it was all about keeping up the pressure. She rushed to get in behind Hayek as she rose from the mat. It was Jennifer who succeeded in her immediate plans, forcing Salma’s vengeance to the back burner. Salma was soon in agony again as Jennifer’s claws slipped in under her armpits and sunk back into her tortured titflesh. The glaze of milk and sweat that covered Salma’s tits caught the light making them look even larger. Soon tears would add to that mixture. Hayek couldn’t fight them back any longer. Ordered to break by the ref, Jen rakes her nails across Salma’s milky melons leaving streaks and a screaming watery eyed starlet.

As Salma turns to face Jennifer she follows through with a power slap that dazes Jennifer just long enough for Salma to get behind her and capture her breasts. Turnabout is fair play and Salma was more than ready for her turn. Salma’s vicious slice and dice nail attack on Jennifer’s tits was rewarded by high pitched squeals and moans. Hayek changed grip on the left focusing more on the nipple and was again rewarded, this time by three streams of milk. She thought Jen had had a baby and was thrilled the heffer, like herself, was still lactating. She then cradled the right tit the same way, forcing some more streams and encouraging moans of anguish. When ordered to break, Salma twists Jen towards the ref and squirts some milk towards him laughing all the while. She dumbfounds the man and gets a little more time with Jennifer’s udders. By the time the ref recovers Jennifer is on wobbly legs. He orders a break and starts a count for disqualification. Salma prepared to break. She goes for the tit rake like Jen, but straight down moving quickly to wrap her arms around Hewitt’s waist. Hayek then applies an Atomic drop from behind hitting the tail bone. As Jen staggers forward clutching her ass, Salma grabs her by her shoulders, spins her around and seizes her for another drop this time nailing her squarely in the groin. Jennifer is allowed to collapse to the floor.

Salma pulls Jen’s arms together into an x shape behind Jen’s head forcing her head off the mat and down into her chest. Salma then sits on her arms pinning them. The ref jumped down to the mat to start the 3 count, with Jen’s shoulders clearly down. As he hit the mat for 1, he spotted Salma sink her nails back into Jen’s huge breasts. Now Salma is free to maul Jen’s breast despite the younger woman’s protests. Oh Jennifer raises her legs, but Salma avoids her kicks easy enough. She even tries to bury Jen in her own titflesh, a move made easier by Jen’s head already being forced down towards her cleavage. Now Salma was laughing so more, taunting Jennifer’s muffled sobs. “Don’t cry little tits. Don’t cry. It’ll all be over soon."

It’s during the taunting that Jen is able to get an arm free. Hayek moves quickly jerking Jennifer’s head back and sinking a facesit again pinning the arms before the blonde can escape. Tugging on Jennifer’s areola and nips produces more milk to Salma’s delight. She pressed down into Hewitt’s tits forcing them to balloon out the sides and continued to milk her rival. Jennifer kicks up some more trying anything to get free. Annoyed, Salma balls her fists and slams two crosses into Jennifer’s melons forcing them to dance across her chest. Salma giggled as the muffled screams tickled her puss. She keeps up the right left combination and even starts timing them with the ref’s count to break. Just before the count is over Salma stops the assault and begins to stand. However she failed to protect herself and ate a boot to the forehead knocking her to the mat.

Jennifer whilst nursing her battered jugs is the first to rise. “What the fuck ref,” she questions the man about not breaking up the assault on her tits. She is soon standing over Hayek by the time she makes it to her knees. Jennifer decides to be nice and help her opponent up. She reaches in front and under Hayek for her dangling melons. A quick touchy feely survey finds Hayek’s plump hard nipples. Catching them between her thumbs and forefingers Jennifer’s pinches them for all she’s worth. “Oh god!!! Aiiiii!!!” Salma grabs Hewitt’s wrist searching for relief, but she can’t bare the thought of the torment she’ll put her nips through if she tries to tear them free. She is forced to rise and soon forced to her tip toes.

“Thanks for sharing your milk with me cunt. I think when we’re done here I’ll take you home with me.” Jennifer forced a laugh through her own pain before she continued, “my own personal live in cow.”

“Stinking Pu…” was all Salma could say before Jennifer started twisting her nipples, the left clockwise and the right counterclockwise.

“What? What was that honey? I didn’t quite make that ow…” Now it was Jennifer who was struck silent as Hayek mustered up enough of a fighting spirit to drop from her toes and position herself for a punt between Hewitt’s thighs. When Jen released Salma’s crushed nips, Hayek wasted no time in celebration and kept the pressure on spinning into Hewitt to secure a facelock over the shoulder and dropping down to the mat with the slut in tow for a jawbreaker. In its entirety the move was similar to Steve Austin’s stunner. Jennifer’s head rebound off Salma’s shoulders and her whole upper body sprung up only to collapse into a heap back to the mat.

Both were slow to rise, but Hayek was more in her senses. As Jen staggered forward Salma shifted to her side grabbed some dirty brown locks and threw the still dazed starlet back to the mat. Jennifer shows true warrior spirit jumping back up immediately, but she was still in a stupor. And unfortunately all that bought her was another hair assisted slam to the mat. Again Hewitt fought to her feet. Salma ran behind her and rebound off the ropes. Hewitt turned just in time for a rope accelerated clothesline that nearly takes Love’s head off. This time Jen doesn’t make it back to her feet. She lays motionless eyes fixed towards the lights, her legs and arms spread apart.

Salma moves quickly positioning herself in front of Jennifer, between her feet. Quickly Salma is airborne jumping straight up and over Jennifer for a tit to tit body splash. Both fighters agonize over the terrible impact; their precious melons mushroomed between them, all the air knocked out of their lungs. Neither moves for a moment. The motion of the ref as he drops to the mat for the three count is the only movement. The bell rings with Salma the winner and new Drama Queen Champion.

Salma stirs as the ref raises her hand in victory. She felt Jennifer’s chest heaving beneath hers. Despite her win by pin, Salma was determined to make good on her threat of defeating Hewitt’s so called Best Boobs. She pins Jennifer’s wrists to the mat near her sweaty mane. Hayek’s legs tangle up with Jen’s. They are crotch to crotch bosom to bosom, Salma’s enormous knockers dwarfing Hewitt’s huge rounders. Jen starts to stir just in time for the first impact. She grunts in pain a Hayek’s weighty breasts slam into her battered chest. Hayek raises her upper body again and flops back down with all the force she can muster slamming her chest into Jen’s, bruising the captured girl’s ribs and smashing her udders into oblivion. Of itself the attack was minor, however after the titanic titfight these rivals had found themselves in and a punishing boob bursting body splash, it was all Jennifer could do to keep from crying too loudly. Salma rammed her chest again and again. She was like a mad woman energized by the look of anguish in Hewitt’s eyes. “Stop, oh stop,” were the only words Jennifer could soon muster. Soon her words were unintelligible from moans of torment as Hayek kept on with the pounding.

Now past the count of thirty, Salma finally showed signs of tiring. Jennifer now a slobbering mess offered no resistance. She just cried out with ever nipple punishing impact. By the time Hayek stopped, nearing fifty boob crushing slams, Hewitt was puddy. Hayek sat up on Jen’s chest pinning the arms under her legs satisfied that not only had she put down Jen’s bouncy claims to fame, but she also taught her a lesson in titfighting. “Best breast my ass,” Salma laughed as she tugged on Jennifer’s nipples to position her breast properly between Hayek’s thighs. After a few twists of Jen’s nipples failed to stir a response other than sobs Hayek continued, “Oh poor baby. Are these little titties broken? Got nothing to say anymore?”

“Bitch,” in a whisper was all Jennifer could muster.

“Bad girl,” Salma teased. “Baby needs a spanking.” Salma then got off Jennifer and pulled the beaten now ex-Drama Queen up by her hair. She then dropped to on knee and put Jennifer over the extended one. What followed was cheek to cheek spanking, made easy by Hewitt’s revealing short shorts. Hewitt, in no position to defend herself, took the beating in sobs till her ass turned bright red. Then again came more tears as Hayek started to leave bruises. Only now did Salma start with the humiliating interrogation, something she said at the beginning that she would not do. She asked who was the best fighter, who had the best tits, who was the prettiest, and who was the sexiest? Each time Jen hesitated with the right answer until she got the hardest smack Hayek could deliver. Soon Jen was responding as Salma desired. And when Salma asks, “Do you give?”

Hewitt responded instantly, “Yes. Please let me…” Hewitt took another smack to the ass. “Please Salma.”

Finally satisfied, Salma pushed Jen off her knee. She then mounted her victim again. “Time for baby’s feeding. Or is it nap time? Maybe both,” Salma asked with a sinister smile. She cupped her teats and squeezed them gingerly, just enough to squirt a little milk onto Jen’s face and to gather enough to moisten her own boobs. Salma then lowered her milk and sweat glazed mountains engulfing Jennifer’s face. The moisture helped make for a perfectly humiliating seal. “Come to mommy. Let mommy make it all better,” Salma cooed as she put Jen out of her senses. The match was finally over by pin, by submission and by KO. Hayek stands and collects her title. She looks down at her destroyed opponent, reaches down for one last nipple twist and begs Jennifer to challenge her for a rematch. “This was fun.”

Hayek then takes her bows. Suddenly Alyssa Milano swoops in under the bottom rope clear from Salma or her friends’ sight and runs in bulldogging Salma to the mat. Penelope and Vanessa who are milking the crowd for Salma don’t even notice at first. Penelope finally spots Milano as Alyssa slips out of the ring with the Drama Queen belt. Alyssa smiles at her and displays the belt before turning and running up the ramp.

Penelope alerts Vanessa who turns just in time to see Milano half way to the curtained exit/entrance. Penelope immediately starts over towards the ramp, but has to pause to clear her heels. Vanessa too clears her heels, but slips into the ring to check on Salma. Salma now on her hands and knees tells Vanessa she’s fine and to go after Penelope. Vanessa dips out the ring and bolts up the ramp.

Backstage now, she comes up on Penelope who is obviously getting directions from a workman. When Penelope suddenly burst away towards the parking garage, Vanessa doesn’t question and just follows suit. By now Salma was making her way up the ring still being applauded, again a slight boo when she returned her tits to her sports bra. Also diehard Hewitt supporters kept some boos going, but that didn’t bother Salma. She had done what she came to do. She put Hewitt in her place as far as Salma was concerned, beneath her. Now she focused on Alyssa. It was time to make that bitch pay for… Salma’s thoughts were broken as she reached the top of the ramp by the emergence of Milano from the curtains that draped over the entrance to the arena. Alyssa had hidden in the folds and watched Hayek’s allies chase the goose. Before Salma could say a word Milano rushed her and clotheslined her to the steel ramp. Hayek tumbles head of heels down to about the middle of the ramp.

As Salma stands and staggers back down the ramp Alyssa jumps her and drops her face first into the ramp with another bulldog maneuver. That was it for Salma. She couldn’t get back up, just laying there flat on her tummy. Alyssa takes the Drama Queen belt and uses it like a strap to spank Salma’s ass. When Salma rolls over to protect her ass after the third strike, Alyssa goes for another swat of the belt this time across Salma’s sports bra. Salma howls in agony. After the tit war she’d just been through this new assault on her boobs left her with a sobbing cough.

Alyssa drops the belt onto her victim when Salma covers up and goes over to the audience. She forces one of the male spectators out of his seat and grabs his metal folding chair. Soon she is standing over Salma delivering a brutal beating with the metal chair. As Salma moans and rolls down the ramp onto the concrete floor, Alyssa targets one of Hayek’s most prized possessions. Timing her move for when Hayek is on her side, Alyssa digs one of the chair legs right between the sports bra cleavage and into the boob resting on the floor. Salma screams in torment as Alyssa grinds her titflesh into the concrete slab.

For the first time, Alyssa speaks, “Congratulations on your win Salma. I planned to challenge the winner for the title. I’m soooo glad you won. If you thought what I did to you the last time I kicked your ass was out of line just wait and see what I have planned for you this time.” Alyssa then twisted the leg of the chair into Salma’s already bruised and battered titty. “See you soon,” Alyssa said before freeing Salma’s tit and lifting the chair high into the air. In a final move of bitchiness Alyssa let the chair fall onto Salma encouraging a final moan. Alyssa then left as she came, through the crowd.

By the time Penelope and Vanessa returned from the wild goose chase the workman had put them on, the workman who was now no where in sight, they found Salma in beaten and broken on the concrete floor near the ring. Hewitt was still in the position Salma had left her. Vanessa, voice raised in frustration, said to Penelope as they both rushed to Salma, “I told you Alyssa tricked us.”

Penelope returned, “Yes, I know. I know.” Soon at Salma’s side Confidante found there was nothing they could for their girl as Salma winced at every touch. The new queen’s reign doesn’t start on a high note.

In the end there’s a new queen and both fighters are hauled off to the hospital, oddly enough the winner of the match being in the worst shape.


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