The whole crowd went crazy as Salma Hayek, with her beautiful hair set loose; wearing a long pink coat (from shoulders to toes) walked down the ramp, her wooden sandals clipping and clopping, stepping into the ring. She lightly waved to the crowd and asked for a mic. She got one in no time. She stood in the center of the ring, looking at the yelling crowd.

"What's up?" She said, with a sweet smile.

"Are you guys ready to watch me beat Applegate's ass this week-end?"

"YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!" was the immediate reply.

Salma laughed and walked around the ring, feeling the support of the crowd.

"Well guys, how do you think this will look on me when I'll beat her ass?" She asked.

Salma slowly opened her pink coat, and reveal a pair of extraordinary metallic, shiny pink bra, silk made, with flowers embroidered on, and a matching panty, shining under the spotlights. She soon took a posture of a godly statue, revealing her splendid body.

Well I think that -"

The beauty was interrupted… by the ABA's music. The crowd paused for a moment, Salma's eyes fixed on the entrance at the other end of the ramp. Christina Applegate just stepped out of the curtains and revealed herself on the ramp.

She was wearing a sleeveless white shirt, and a side-striped, black and white sport pants (Jogging), accompanied by a pair of silver white sneakers. She slowly walked down the ramp, and paused in midway. She took out the mic she had in her large pockets.

The crowd chanted "Applegate! Applegate! Applegate!" which quite embarrassed Salma, look gazed at Christina, with wide eyes of shock and surprise. Christina raised her hand and the crowd was quiet.

"You wanna play games with me Salma? Hm?

You think you're smart? Coming out here dressed up like that? You think you've got some nice things there?" Christina started.

Salma turned her face away with a smile, eventually nodding, and full of confidence over her beauty.

"Well you've got something even nicer!" continued Christina, "And that's a ticket to a nice, humongous, super APPLEGATE ASS WHOOPIN!"

"Ooooooooohhhh!!!! OHHHH!!!!!! Go Christina!" were the sounds made by the crowd, feeling how shafted Salma is.

Salma stepped back, her jaw naturally dropped, shocked by the words.

"NOOO NO NO NO NO! Not yesterday!!! NO NO! The APPLEGATE Ass Whoopin is not yesterday, it's not tomorrow, THE APPLEGATE ASS WHOOPIN IS HERE TONIGHT!"

"YEAH!!!!! *OHHHH my god!!!*" replied the crowd, crazy about the blonde, far more dominant.

Salma almost fell off, as she luckily grabs onto the ropes to keep herself up. She gazes at Christina with huge empty eyes.

Salma quickly raised her mic.

"Who the fucking hell you think you are?!?" the Latina yelled.

"Who the hell I am? Who's Applegate?" Christina asked, full of shock. "Applegate is who's going to tighten her shoes, get in that ring and WHOOP YOUR ASS!"

Salma's jaw dropped once more as she steps back, completely bashed by the words.

"To say the least, I'm something you're not, and that's being a WARQUEEN, so SHUT UP! BITCH!"

The crowd yelled and screamed "OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!", all flinging their hands, enjoying this verbal game.

Salma literally fell down right on the ass. She quickly gets up as she sees Christina jumping into the ring. Salma hastily tries to pull her coat off as she rushes towards her rival.

Salma didn't even have the time to take her coat off before getting knocked out by a punch to the throat. The Latina quickly got up and again, knocked down by a punch on the same spot. The coat is taken off, but she still has an arm in it. Salma stands up for the third time, and for the third time she is knocked down by a punch to the face. As she falls, the coat naturally slides off from her arm, her wooden sandals flying away.

The stunned Latina quickly rises to her feet, lightly stunned by the blows. Christina grabs her arms, and flings her to the ropes. Christina bends down, ready to catapult the Latina in the air. Salma stops a few inches from the blonde's head, grabs the hair, and sends it right down on the mat. Christina's face bounces off the mat as she gets on four, recovering from the blow. Salma yanks Christina's hair until she gets to her feet.

"Think you have it all bitch?" the Latina queen taunted as she stepped back, and begin sending quick jabs to her rival. Christina was knocked around on the ring, bouncing off ropes. The Latina pushes her into a corner, and, getting on the second rope, starts pounding onto the blonde's pretty face.

T"1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8...9…10!" the crowd counted.

Suddenly, Christina's arms came straight onto Salma, hitting her ribs hard. Salma couldn't show anything but a grimace before rising to a high level. She has just been lifted up by the blonde. Using the same move she has used against Aguilera, she puts all of weight in the front, and, Christina, taken off guard, falls back into the corner as Salma smothers her with her firm breasts.

Mandy MooreMandy Moore ran down the ramp and quickly slipped into the ring. She did not expect this fight, for she has been dispatched right away by the committee. She only had a sleeveless black white striped shirt with black shorts.

Christina bites onto the bra as she unsnaps it with her teeth. Salma , feeling something's not right, backs off to see what's going on.

"My bra!" She screamed as the blonde once again lifts her in the air, and slams the Latina, legs spread, right on her knee.

Salma bounces off from Christina, landing hard on the ring, holding her crotch, moaning, and her firm breasts naked. Christina approached Salma, and grabbed her hand, but suddenly, a loud "PAF!" sound was heard.

Salma just sent her foot right onto Christina's face. The blonde staggers away, dazed. The Latina pulled her bras off and jumped on Christina's back, locking her into a sleeper hold.

The blonde tried to get her off, but couldn't, as her breath slowly left her. She collapsed to her knees as a sweet smile appeared on Salma's face. She sweaty wet skin shone brightly under the spotlights. Salma removed her arm, and quickly got to the nearby second rope, as the blonde stayed on her knees, dazed and tired, although panting. The Latina jumped off and sent a hard clothesline, knocking Applegate down. She proceeded to a pin. She was quickly countered. She once again wrapped her arm around the blonde's throat and waited.

Christina, without a word, slowly lied down, her eyes about to close. About a minute later, Mandy came and raised her hand, it dropped. She repeated the move, the same result. At the third time, the hand stayed up, Salma glared at it, wide eyes, shocked. Christina started slamming her fist into the ring, letting out a loud "BANG!" sound.

At every hit, the crowd responded with a "Applegate!"

Salma let the blonde go and slammed both her hands on the ring, enraged, and frustrated by her invincible opponent. She quickly got to her feet and turned around to face the blonde.

Applegate was on her knees, glaring at Salma, both beauties soaked of sweat. Salma pulled her fist back and launched it right on Christina's neck (on the side). No effect. She repeated that move over and over, the blonde didn't even grimace. Soon, Applegate rose to her feet and pointed at Salma. Salma looked at the crowd, herself terrorized. She slowly backed off. She turned around and tried to jump out of the ring as Christina grabs her by the panty, bringing her back

"Oh no!!!" Salma begged.

Christina, holding Salma by the panty, pulled with her arms.


Salma's panty is torn apart as she falls to her knees, holding her crotch, moaning in agony. As the Latina stood up, and turned around, she saw Christina , ripping her white shirt apart, revealing her golden bras, shining and glowing. Salma's jaw dropped, her eyes widened, as Christina sends a hard right hook to her face. The Latina bounced off, sending her saliva high into the air. She bounces off the ropes and walks back RIGHT into a big boot of Applegate. Salma landed on her back, herself laying down, arms and legs by her sides. (opposite of spread eagle) Christina ran around the ring, and finally, dropped a quick, fast, hard, solid elbow on the chest on Salma.

Salma's eyes nearly popped out, her head snapped right up, looking at the blonde's elbow, buried deep into her own breasts. The Latina's head crashed back down, sweat dripping from her face.

Applegate kneels next to Salma, and poses her forefinger onto her foe, between the breasts.

"Count!" She yelled to the innoncent little Mandy.


The match is won…

Applegate rose, and looked down on her beaten foe. She slowly began to remove her sneakers, and pull out a sock. She passionately slides her hand in it and stands a few feet away from Salma, who's still unconscious.

Mandy came rushing to Christina, telling her the match's over. Before the little blonde could talk, Christina just shoved the sock right onto Mandy's face, as she firmly presses on the back of the referee's head.

Mandy's arms flung wildly in the air, she glared at Christina with huge eyes, and soon, she was brought down. The little innocent blonde soon passed out at Applegate's mercy. But she was not done.

She left Mandy , spread eagle on the floor, as she stood up, patiently waiting for Salma's waking.

~5 minutes later~

Salma, dizzily, rose to her feet, barely able to stand.

She slowly turned around…

All she could see was a sock coming right into her beautiful face…


Salma is overmatched tonight

CHristina "Hulks Up" and "socks" it to Salma!

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