The 2 Latina Princesses Fights To Become THE QUEEN

(Note: Xtina= Christina (X'mas))
Salma Hayek (55%) Smothers Christina Aguilera (45%)
"Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls! Let's get ready to RUMBLE!!!!!!!!!" the announcer yelled.

"RUMBLE!!!" replied the crowd.

"Yeah!!! Today! We have a fight of the century... There are many Hispanic wrestlers in our federation... Right now! We will have two latina princesses face each other in a bikini wrestling match! To see who is the true LATINA QUEEN!!!" he yelled.

"Yeah!!!" the crowd cheered.

"*Pointing at a elevated mobile platform, with a red and gold throne chair* The winner will be crowned as the real, the one, the only, Latina Bomba Queen! Let me introduce to you our guest referee for the match! Roselyn...Sanchez from Rush Hour 2!!!!!!!!!!!"

Under the cheering of the crowd, Roselyn, dressed in a white black striped T-shirt and black pants, walks in, waving to the enthusiastic crowd. She enters the ring and shakes the announcer's hand.

"Now, introducing first! From Generation Prime, accompanied by Jessica Simpson! The hot and cute pop singer! Christina!!! Aguilera!!!" the announcer introduced.

Christina walked through the entrance hall, the boo's from the people were dominating over the Yeah's. Trailing behind was Jessica Simpson, impeccably dressed in white female tuxedo. The pop singer wore and nice pink bikini and thong, having strap high heels sandals. Jessica stayed at ringside, looking at her friend with confidence. Christina jumped in the ring and took off her sandals quickly, walked to a corner and started to make her hair; looking pretty confident.

"Now, her opponent is of course the gorgeous, beautiful, hot and cute SALMA!!! HAYEK!!!"

The crowd blew in Yeah's.

Salma walked in, dressed in a red bikini and thong, with red slippers. She took the stairs and reached the ring, she kicked off her slippers and began stretching.

"This match is ready to blow!!! LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!" the announcer yelled, leaving the ring.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The match started. Both girls approached on the center of the ring.

Salma was ready in a fighting position, but Christina was walking slowly around Salma, with an evil smile, not nervous at all. Soon, they both wrestled. They are both locked up in some arm lock.

"Heh, bitch, trying to be the queen huh? Wait and see...hehe" Christina said with an evil smile.

Right after, Salma got kneed to the guts and she stumbles backwards until she reaches the corner. Christina walked slowly to the corner and began to punch Salma with a training look. After a dozens of blows, Christina pressed her body against Salma's.

"When you'll lie flat on your back later...I want you to kiss every part of my body and submit to your queen..." Christina continued with her annoying sentences.

Salma was then whipped to the opposite corner of the ring. She crashed on it hard. She needed to catch her breath from the devastating blows of the pop singer. The crowd started to cheer:" Go Salma! Go Salma! Kick the fucking ass of Christina! Go Salma! Go Salma! Kick the fucking ass of Christina!" The crowd didn't disturb the pop singer, she yanked the hair of Salma until she faced her. Christina, spits on her hand and delivers an incredible slap towards Salma's face. But astonishingly, Salma blocks Xtina's arm with her hand and sends her back a slap. Paf!

Xtina got slapped on the face hard and she spins around and stumbles back and forth, still couldn't believe the blow she just received. The pop singer turned around and tried to punch Salma, but the same thing repeats, Xtina gets punched. The same thing repeats for a few times and Xtina is pushed to the corner, still dizzy from all the blows she received. " face..." she sobbed. "Soon, your face will kiss my ass bitch!" yelled Salma, beginning to grab Xtina and slam her around the ring.

At ringside, trying to help her friend, Jessica jumps on the ring stairs and tries to enter. Roselyn runs to her, holding Jess back. "What do you think you're doing Jess?" asked Roselyn.

"Whatever I want bitch! Now let me enter the ring!" she replied, trying to move but Roselyn blocks her way.

Meanwhile, Xtina is once again sent to the corner. While she's on her knees, Salma slowly approaches from behind. Xtina sees her strap heels sandals. She grabs one, turns around and shoves the heel on Salma's crotch. "AWWW!!!" sobbed Salma, before collapsing on the canvas, holding her crotch and crying. Christina immediately threw away her shoe and continued her assault on Salma.

"Enough Bitch! I'm giving you 3 seconds to go back down to the ringside or else..." Roselyn warned for the god knows how many times.

"Else what? Gonna beat me up?? asked Jessica, with a super bitchy look.

"Nah...just bitchslap you back to hell bitch!" Roselyn yelled, smacking her hand on Jess' face and sending her flying to the ringside.

"My face..." Jess sobbed.

Xtina grabs Salma to her feet by and handful of hair and smiles: "Told you you're no match for me bitch, now you're going to suffer..." Xtina wraps her arms around Salma's body and lifts her up in the air, a BEARHUG from Xtina!!! How impressive! The pop singer is tying hard to force all the air out of Salma's lungs...

Few minutes later...

Salma and Christina are sweating like hell. The pop singer is still has an advantage over Salma. She squeezes real hard. "Give up bitch!" Xtina yelled. Salma is almost unconscious...Her air is leaving her, and her body begins to go limp. Suddenly, she sees Alyssa Milano at the entrance of the arena, smiling like a bitch.

"That fucking bitch probably came here to watch how I'll get my ass kicked...Fuck her! I can't lose!!!" Salma thought.

Suddenly, from the power of God knows where, Salma presses all her weight on the Xtina, the pop singer, surprised and shocked by her power, starts to stumble backwards, towards a corner. She finally hits it and is going to let Salma go. But...

But...This is where the miracle arrives, when she hit the corner, Xtina let Salma go, but Salma, instead of landing on her feet, she jumped on Xtina with her chest and locked her in a BREAST SMOTHERING!!! Xtina screams in horror as Salma wraps her arms around the back of the singer's head. The nice titties of Salma are smothering the life out of Xtina. Slowly, Salma, still holding Xtina's face against her chest, moves to the center of the ring. Roselyn observes every moment of submission. After a few minutes, Xtina falls on her knees and her arms begins to go limp. "C'mon Christina! You can do it!" yelled Jessica, trying to encourage her friend. Salma stands there, with Xtina on her knees in front of her, with her head between her boobs. Salma saw Xtina's eyes close, but she decided to keep her like this anyway. The crowd was so happy to see so much smothering.

Roselyn slowly approaches, raises Xtina's hand first time, it dropped limp. The second time, limp, the third time, still limp. She stood up and asked for the bell.

Roselyn asked Salma to release Xtina. Salma unwraps her arms and Xtina bounces off from the boobs. The pop singer crashes on the center of the ring, flat on her back, spread eagle and out. Salma raises her hand and joyfully and jumps around the ring to celebrate her victory! Jessica runs up to the ring and yells at Roselyn: "That was an illegal smothering!!!" and Jess slaps her across the face.

"Oh my you're dead girl!" replied Roselyn, kicking Jess' guts.

"Oooof!" she sobbed. Salma watched. Roselyn shoved Jess' head between her legs and delivered a Power Bomb.

"Nice Bomb Roselyn!" Salma said with a smile. Jessica lies next to Xtina, totally devastated. Roselyn winks her eye at Salma.


The crowd was so satisfied! They cheered for Salma wildly. She turned and looked at the entrance, there was no more Alyssa.

To please the crowd, Salma did a short strip show. She unsnapped her bra and took off her thong, exposing her heavenly splendid body to the crowd. A photographer on the ringside asked: "Ms. Salma, can you please pose for us to take some photos?" "Sure" she answered with a smile. But the most surprising thing was that she wanted to have some memories of this match.

XtinaJessica SimpsonShe walked to the injured Jessica and looked at her, still sobbing. She kneeled down between Jess' legs and lifted them on her. Salma licked her fist a few times. "NOOOOO!!! PLEASE!" screamed Jessica, terrorized. BANG! Salma punched Jess' crotch hard with her fist. The singer immediately crashed back down, totally devastated and out.

Salma walked to Xtina, still looking at her cute KO'ed face. She slowly crouched down and sat on the pop singer's face with her naked "A$$" (back facing Xtina's legs). There was no reflex from Xtina, she only moved a bit as a natural reflex. The flashes on the photographers were blinding. Salma then turned, rubbing her ass on the face of the pop singer, now facing her legs. Suddenly, Jessica landed between Christina's legs, back of her head on Xtina's crotch. "Take her too" Roselyn said crouching next to Salma with a V fingers. Salma put both of her bare and nice feet on Jessica's face, smothering her completely in a FOOT SMOTHER. After a few minutes, the photographers have taken more than 100 shots. "Now, Salma, you'll be crowned." Roselyn said, helping Salma.

"I want to bring these two bitches to the throne too." Salma replied.

"Fine", answered Roselyn.

Salma ran to Stone Rage, sitting on the front row, watching the whole match. She kissed him on the cheek, leaving a nice sweet lipstick mark... (lol)

They arrived at the platform. They both dropped the two blondes on the floor. Roselyn slowly placed the golden crown on Salma's head, put the Royal Red Cape on her back, and finally, handing her over the Golden scepter and a beautiful rose. "Congrats Salma, you're the queen!" said Roselyn with a smile. Salma hugged her tightly. All the photographers followed like dogs. Salma thought of another posing shot. She placed Jessica in front of the throne chair. Then she leaned Christina against the chair, so she was sitting on Jess' face, and putting Cristina's head on the sitting part.

The final moment has finally come, Salma sits on Xtina's face, which is on the throne chair too, and Xtina is sitting on Jess' face. Magnificent...! The platform slowly moved, heading back inside the arena... Salma, sitting, kept waving to all her fans out there, and the flashes of the photographers blinded her.

Once arrived inside, there were two huge trashcans. "Roselyn, where do trash go?" Salma asked with an evil little smile.

"Trash cans of course." Roselyn replied, with the same evil smile. They opened the lid and threw Jess and Xtina in it, then closed it. Their feet were sticking out though, heh. Salma finally came off of the platform and walked away. Suddenly, she saw the two other members of Generation Prime, lying unconscious on the floor. There was a note next to them. Salma picked it up: "Love Always, Alyssa."

"What the hell??" thought Salma.

Meanwhile, Roselyn went to her locker room and started to undress, when suddenly, she called Stone Rage on his cell.

"Hello? Stone Rage? I...I'm very bored...Can you spend the night with me at my house? Please?" she asked with puppy eyes...

~ ~ ~END~ ~ ~

Salma Hayek Stands Proud as a Latin Queen

Buly Alyssa Milano is still somewhere lurking

Mr. Skin

One team blows their chances and gets fucked hard @ ULTIMATE SURRENDER!