Alyssa Milano (53%) conquers Salma Hayek (47%)
Alyssa enters first looking like she is getting ready to head to the beach for a carefree stroll.  She is dressed in a bikini top vertically striped with white and different shades of blue, and a light blue short short skirt that gives a glimpse of her white string bikini bottoms.  She seems confident enough almost giddy.  Not the attitude you would expect from a former War Queen about to trade blows with another former War Queen. 

Salma hears the echoing boom of her name being announced over the speakers.  She is soon strutting down to the ring to a serenade of cheers and catcalls which pave the way as they did for Alyssa as she jogged to the ring a few moments ago.  Salma is wearing a purple cropped t-shirt complete with blue jean cut off shorts.  Her black mane rests on her shoulders.  With tennis shoes tapping the mat in anticipation she seems eager and more focused than her rival.  Alyssa is light on her tennis shoes as she near jogs from her corner.

"I have something perfect planned for you when you loose.  You're going to wish you were never born," Alyssa snarled. 

"Bitch," Salma responded, "I'm going to beat you so bad you'll piss your pants at the mere mention of my name."
Alyssa was about to make Salma regret that comment as they waited for the bell but she was cut off by a teen screaming.   "Alyssa, we love you!!!"  Alyssa turned her back to Salma to wave at a cluster of guys she thought the cheer came from.  Then from behind Salma, "Hayek Rules!!!" cut through the cheers.  Salma twists by the waist to look back at her screaming fans.  And then it happened.  Milano got tired of waiting for the bell.  She stepped back a couple of steps and as soon as Salma started to turn back to face her, she moved in plowing down the Mexican hottie with a clothesline.  As soon as she hit the mat the bell rang.  Alyssa spun and reached down for Salma's hair but before she could get hold she found herself munching on shoe as Hayek kicked her square in the mouth.  She sprung away from her prone prey with her hands clinched tight around her mouth.  Salma jumped up and smiled as she noticed that not only has she drawn first blood but in the first few seconds of the match.  This would be a cake walk she thought as she copied the boxing posture of Italian goddesses who stared her down, blood pouring out of the left corner of her mouth.

In the slugfest, that followed they latch on to each other's top.  Alyssa rips Salma's shirt down the middle exposing her black bra as she pummels the Latino's face with a blind fury of downward cave man like blows.  Salma has freed Alyssa's left tit with the constant jerking of the bikini top, and lights it up with a barrage of uppercuts.  The fierce blows also wreak havoc on Milano's ribs as they plow through the plumb tit flesh buffer.  Alyssa pulls her left hand away from Salma's tattered shirt to cover her pulsating boob as it cried out for protection.  Salma takes advantage of a brief opening and almost takes Alyssa's head off with a classic western punch that featured her reaching as far back as possible to build up speed and power.  As Alyssa's body twisted to the right from the blow, Salma scooted to the girls left.   When Alyssa came back with a old western cowboy blow of her own she hit nothing but air.  Alyssa then suffered as she found her opponent too late to put up any defense as a high powered knuckle flattened her lips against her teeth.  Another slammed into her left eye just after she blinked from the pain of the first blow, closing the eye in another testament of pain.  Another cut opens in Alyssa's mouth.  She is soon spitting blood with every breath.  Salma stays at Milano's left side playing on the girls brief weakness and attacks Alyssa's tummy with a hook.  Alyssa then takes a quick right to her lower back and then another gut cruncher.  As she bends over, Salma holds her down by the base of her neck and slams her knee four times into the little Italian's tummy dropping her to her knees.
Salma moves in behind and unties woozy Alyssa's bikini top and jerks back on the strings while planting her knee in the Italian's back.  Then just as Alyssa starts to moan from the pain of her bikini grinding into her boobs, Salma jerks the top to the right and then to the left sawing into Alyssa's mammies like sandpaper.  Back and forth.  Back and forth.  To Alyssa's dismay, her nipples harden due to the added attention and are soon mangled by the very bikini that served to cover and protect them minutes ago before the match.  Back and forth.  Back and forth.  Alyssa is whimpering by the time Salma pulls the top off and throws it behind her back.  Salma steps in front of Milano looking to tenderize her with a few knees to the melons when she got a surprise.  Alyssa delivers a combination to Salma's pubic mound, just as the Mexican tugs on her hair to force her into position.

She stands and tries to separate Salma's head from her neck with a boxing volley that shows she's been practicing, hard.  And finally, after half a dozen blows she was rewarded with a stream of blood that seeped from the Latino's mouth.   Alyssa shreds what's left of punch drunk Salma's shirt as she spits a mixture of blood and saliva into Hayek's eyes.

Alyssa then practices her takedowns lifting Salma up by the hair three times each followed by a hair drag takedown.  For the fourth takedown she switches.  Salma is taken down by an arm bar.  Alyssa holds on to the arm and drops planting a leg scissors on Salma about the chest, squashing her tits.  She plays with Hayek's captured hand bending the fingers as far backwards as they could go without breaking them.   Salma howls in agony as her black bra does nothing to protect her tits from the vice like hold and her fingers approach the snapping point.  In desperation Salma tickles Alyssa's foot to get out, but before she gets away Milano stumps a heel into her face.  As Hayek rolls around covering her face, blood gushing from her nose, Alyssa forces her up and over to the ropes.  Alyssa locks Salma's arms over and under the top rope as she knees the Mexican goddess repeated into the tummy.  Salma's tits nearly leave their restraints as they gyrate with every bone pounding thump. With Salma gasping for air, her chest heaving up and down her huge proud tits peaking out of her bra, Alyssa takes a less than a step back and balls up her fist.  Then in a savage fury she pummels Hayek's beautiful balloons with over fifteen tit slamming torpedoes.   She grew almost giddy at the sight of her bloody rival's tears that now soaked her cheeks.  In the mist of the several uppercuts that found their way into the fray, Salma's tits had been knocked completely free of their support.  Alyssa soon threw Salma to the floor and then unfastened her bra.  Placing her foot on Salma's upper back, she mashed the whimpering beauty's tits into the canvas as she tortured them more by scraping the black bra against them as she pulled it slowly from under Salma's right arm throwing it out of the ring.  Alyssa rolled Salma onto her back and sat on her tummy facing her legs.  She unzipped Hayek's shorts.  One hand held the panties aside as the other delivered a crotch claw to her bare pussy.

Salma raised and wrapped her legs around Alyssa's waist, desperate to save her sex, and unpearched the Italian.  Alyssa isn't done yet.  She snakes her legs around Salma's waist and they are soon locked in a double leg scissors.   Alyssa was forced to release Salma's pussy as she fell to her side, but was confident that she had the best legs.  She would torture the older woman and made her beg for mercy. 

A while later after they roll around the ring in a struggle to break free and dominate, Alyssa muscles her way out after scarring Salma's ass cheeks.  She then latches back onto Salma's cunt this time on the outside of the panties.  Salma pinches the front of Milano's bikini bottoms luckily latching onto some pubes and secures her own freedom.  They stand almost simultaneously and the slugfest is on again when their comforting hands finish easing the pussy pains.  It is even for a while as they punish every inch of each others bodies.  Now covered in lakes of sweat, each punch makes a splash.  Though the head and tummy get equal attention the boobs steal the show.  Both topless, they seem bent on torturing the others womanhood. 

It's a battle of the cups, Salma's C's versus Alyssa's B's.  They clinch up and before she can deliver her knee, Salma's cunt takes a blow from Milano's knee.  Only their bodies being mashed together, their bruised boobs locked together in a private little war,  keeps her on her feet.  Alyssa soon steps back, her boobs aching from the Latino's more massive boobs engulfing them, and lowers Salma's head into another raised knee.    Salma falls back against the ropes and bounces back into a roundhouse followed by three quick hooks to the tummy and an uppercut that would have made Tyson proud.  Salma sinks to the mat, and Alyssa yanks off her shorts.  Salma realizes she can do nothing to save her shorts but at the last moment grips her panties to prevent them from being taken as well.  Alyssa climbs up to the top rope and slams into Salma's Torso with a body splash.  She goes for the pin, but Salma kicks out at two.

Alyssa forces Salma onto her knees with some hair yanking and then grabs the back of Hayek's panties wedging them up into her crack.  As Salma's knees leave the mat thanks to a little crotch torture by her own panties, Alyssa tosses her through the ropes, and soon follows.  Salma struggles to her hands and knees and accidentally finds her discarded bra.  She clinches it tightly as she is hair lifted to her feet.  Having hit the cement like a sack of potatoes,  Salma can offer no defense.  Alyssa tosses her into a row of empty chairs.   Salma screams as she crash lands, taking multiple bruises all over her body.  Alyssa follows picking up chairs and throwing them onto Salma keeping her buried in chairs.  The former War Queen and Latino Title holder took blow after blow to the skull from the volley.  Her head was bleeding from a small cut in her forehead.  She had another cut but it was hidden by her hair. 

Alyssa goes in and pulls Salma from her grave by the hair and tosses her into another row of chairs, this time occupied by some horny spectators.   They cover Hayek like wolves.  Over ten pairs of hands constantly grope and probe every inch of her body.  Her beautiful breast are caressed, nipples pinched, areola teased.  A pair of hands run through her hair.  Three guys even French kiss her, surprised at their goddesses acceptance of her predicament, as she willingly tongue duels her fans.  Hands sink into her panties, her legs spread wide as they are licked and praised.  Her shoes and socks are soon gone replaced by tongues that caress her arches.  Her panties were stretched to their limits by seven hands.   One teased and twisted her pubic hairs in a playful manner, as two dug into her cunt.  Together they had six fingers plowed into Hayek's puss, three on one hand and three on the other.   They pumped her sex in a fury as it grew wetter and wetter.  A third hand fought to get into her box but had to settle for her clit.   It had swelled to fullness from her obvious arousal at being buried in horny studs, but seemed to plump more majestically thanks to a forceful massage.  Each ass cheek had a hand on it, along with the other three hands that did not reach into her panties, squeezing, pinching, and slapping in a uneven yet totally arousing succession.

The seventh hand sent out scouts to survey Salma's tight cave.   The index and forefinger widened her anal walls to make room for their friends and soon Salma's ass was stuffed.  Salma was just about to cum when that bitch returned.  Milano forced the crowd apart, slapping away the hands that sought to probe her body as well.  She found Salma moaning in pleasure as her wildest fantasy was being carried out.  Alyssa broke it up though dragging an orgasmically dazed Salma from her admirers, the guy giving her the anal fisting being the last to let go.  Alyssa had been busy setting up five chairs laid flat in a line.  She scoops Salma up and suplexes  her into the row of chairs.  While forcing Salma back to her feet, only at the beginning of her plan to brutally annihilate the Latin angel, Alyssa slips on one of the chairs and fell on her ass.  Her plans went up in smoke as Salma came to her senses and takes her into the air.  Still in a lustful haze Hayek didn't suffer from the fall as much as Alyssa would have hoped.  A second more to let Salma calm from her engagement, one more suplex, or at least avoiding a tail bone pounding fall, would have kept Alyssa in control.  Instead there she was soaring through the air soon to near break her back thanks to a power bomb on one of the very chairs she had waiting for her foe.
Now the bra comes out.  Through all of her suffering Salma had still managed to hold on to it. She wraps it around Milano's neck and pulls her back into the ring by it.  Salma uses her bra to choke out Alyssa as she spit out Spanish curses.  She should have kept Alyssa on her back, but Hayek wanted to put her on display.  She forced Alyssa on to her feet continuing to curse the Italian with a run on stream of Spanish curses.  She forced her to walk around the ring like a puppy on a leash.  This puppy bit backfired though.  Alyssa nails Salma in the boobs with a couple of elbow shots.   She then manages to turn into Salma as the strangle hold weakens and tears into her boobs with another barrage of blows.  The already battered melons soon cry out in pain, their tears returning to Salma's eyes.

Salma releases her and receives a knee to the crotch as a thank you.   She drops to her hand and knees, one hand deep within her cunt as comfort.   Her tits ache so badly, she doesn't want to touch them fearing she'd only make it worst.  Milano spits an order, "Get up bitch!   I'm going to pulls those cow nipples off your chest."  Salma is terrorized by the threat, her bosom already in hell, but she can't let Alyssa know how hurt she is.  In the second it takes Salma to settle on her feet, they each grip and pinch each others nipples desperate to finish their war.  Salma comforted herself with the thought that Alyssa was in the same predicament, but it just wasn't true.  Though Alyssa's eyes were starting to tear up, the drumming she delivered to Hayek's utters earlier ensured she would win any tit to tit struggle. She backs Salma into a corner, and reads the anguish in Hayek's face.  It's over if she acts quickly.  She sees the hopelessness in Salma's eyes, but has learn not to celebrate victories to quickly, unless she feels like giving her prey a chance to get her second wind. 

Milano quickly pulls Hayek out of the corner by her nips out to the center of the ring, the Latino whimpering all the way.  Her palms go from facing each other, as her thumb and fingers clinch tighter, to facing the ceiling as she twists her rivals battered nips in opposite directions.  Then using the former War Queen's own momentum from her dash out of the corner in a struggle to stay with her fleeing nipples, Alyssa muscled Hayek into the air.   Salma huge titties were twisted and destroyed as they now supported her one hundred pound frame.   They stretched to droopy D's and soon DD's from the weight.  Alyssa then plopped her whining rival onto her knee in an atomic drop.  She wouldn't let Salma drop.  Again she thought to herself, "Make sure this bitch is out."  She stood up and made Salma follow by a few jerks on her chest handles, despite the beaten desperado's desire to lay down for the count.

To Salma's relief, Alyssa finally let go of her tortured saggers.  In the second it took Alyssa to wrap her arms around Salma's waist, the Mexican hottie was beginning to fall and Milano had to catch her.  The Italian ignored Salma's whisper, "Please, Do....", and cut her words short by lifting her into the air in a bearhug.  Salma's arms dangled at her sides.  Her feet dangled just inches above the floor, Alyssa being about the same height, but the ground seemed miles away as her body went into shock.  Finally satisfied that her prey is ready to be served up defeat, Alyssa lifts back as far as she can straining her back.  Then with lightning speed she reacquaints the Mexican snatch with her Italian knee with another atomic drop, this one knocking Salma out cold.
Alyssa relishes the look of utter agony in her broken opponents eyes before they seal in a tight clinch and then come to rest as all emotion from Hayek's face is washed away by her dream state.  Hayek hits the mat with a thud.  Alyssa rolled her over face down and planted her foot on the back of Salma's head.  She raised her hands in victory as Hayek was counted out.

Alyssa then ass dropped onto Salma's lower back expelling what little wind remained in the lifeless husk of a former champ.  Alyssa tanned Salma's can with a fifty whack spanking.  The first nine hit while Salma was still in oblivion, but the tenth shocked her back to life.  She was then forced to endure the remaining forty whacks in hopeless sorrow.  Finally the conga rhythm on her ass paused.  Her crayon red ass would be throbbing for days, but at least it was over.  Alyssa pulls off one of her tennis shoes and continue to spank Salma with the weapon.  Every one in the audience including her own fans are horrified at the number psycho Milano did on Salma's deliciously plump ass.  The suffering her ass went through before was nothing compared to how it felt now.  The first was like stomping your toe where this was like having the digit severed from your foot.  Salma was crying like a baby, her ass sure to be sore for weeks.  Blinded by her own tears, she couldn't fight back even if she had the strength to. 

Alyssa rolled Salma on to her back and saw a face more red than the ass she had just pounded.  Hayek looked like she had dunk her head into a pool.  Her face was a river of blood mixing with a lake a sweat and then an ocean of tears.  Alyssa face sits her and forces Salma to lick her.  "Please me bitch or I'll tear off these baby feeders," She says as she wrenches Salma's meaty nips.  Salma licked the bikini clad clit like her life depended on it, and she felt like it did.

In moments, Alyssa cums hard.  She stands and takes off her bikini bottom.  Straddling the dampened garment she flosses the crack of her sweaty ass with it also making sure to clean her still dripping snatch off.   Salma rolls over to her tummy reaching for her ass to attempt to comfort her cheeks but every brush of her hands makes her moan in pain.  Alyssa flops onto her back, forcing Salma to howl in agony as her arms are twisted awkwardly by Milano's weight.  The Italian terror takes advantage of the Latino's screams gagging Salma with her sweat and cum dripping bikini.  Salma's tongue instantly told her what she was munching on.  She tried to buck free, but Alyssa was in total control.  She slammed the older actresses head into the mat three or four times and then easily tied the garment around Salma's head making sure to get some of her hair caught up in the wrap.  That will make getting it off impossible without causing her slaughtered foe even more pain. 

Alyssa wedgies Salma up to her feet and forces her to walk around the ring or suffer more as her panties would surely be hefted further up into her crotch at the slightest hint of refusal.  Satisfied she has almost tortured Hayek enough, Alyssa yanks Salma's panties down to her feet and forces her to walk out of them by pushing her in the back towards one of the turnbuckles.  Alyssa flipped Salma into the corner putting her in the tree of woe.  She then left Salma for a few  seconds to fully absorb her defeat as the she took a victory walk around the ring throwing kisses at the mixture of boos and cheers.  She returned to Salma all too soon taking off her other shoe.  She drove it into Salma's unprotected steaming snatch.  Alyssa pumps Salma's box into an orgasmic frenzy.   But before the cum river can drain down to the top of Salma's bush, Alyssa clamps on with a crotch claw making use of Hayek's most vulnerable moment and most vulnerable spot. 

To finish her humiliation of her rival, Milano maneuvers her crotch into Salma's muffled and moaning face.  It is unclear whether it was the crotch torture or the lack oxygen which sent Salma back to dream land.  Who knows?  It could have been the near drowning caused by the juices pouring from Alyssa's cunt into her nose as the youger actress gets off on torturing her.  Leaving her shoe in Salma's pussy Alyssa goes to work on the plan she had for Salma.

Salma wakes up with the foul taste of her sweaty bikini bottoms in her mouth.  She found her self in the leather back seat of a car.  Suddenly she flew from the seat onto the floor as she heard tires screach followed by a familiar voice, "Move that piece of shit off the road."  Hayek swallowed hard as a graspy male voice returned with, "Fuck you lady.  Watch where you're going next time cunt."  "Fucking cock sucking queer," Alyssa shouted back.  The car was off again leaving whatever had disturbed the Brooklyn native far behind.  It was Alyssa's voice.  She was sure now.  Salma's defeat was now complete, beaten and humiliated by someone no bigger than she is and even younger.  She's fought and beat girls bigger than her before and never considered that Alyssa would dominate her so badly.  Now she raced to face an unknown horror that Alyssa has been planning for god knows how long.  She tried to free herself but her arms were now tied by duck tape.  Then she felt it.  Something large stuffed into her pussy.  She moaned in disbelief and fear at what it might be.  She couldn't move enough on the floor board to get a peek at what was violating her.  Even if she could get into the desired position her eyes were still blurred by the drying up mixture of sweat and tears.  Her legs were also bound about the ankles, knees, and thighs.  The thighs, probably to make sure whatever penetrated her pubic lips stayed there. 

Suddenly the car stops.  "We're here, finally," Alyssa started.  She soon finished with, "Come on dear, you don't want to keep the crowd waiting." 

"What the hell is she talking about," Salma thought. 

The door opened and Alyssa drug the wasted Latino out of the car by her hair.  She propped Salma up against the car and and then rolled the still bound and gagged actress onto her shoulders lifting her up into the air.  Salma got quick glimpses of a parking garage filled with cars as her capture carried her through a pair of double doors.  Like Alyssa said, Salma began to wish she had never been born, terrified over what lie in store for her.

The End?     Oh Hell No!!

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