Major Gunns (54%) shoots down Madonna (46%)"Haaa haaa haaa... pathetic!" Madonna laughed she can't even beat a third rate piece of trailer park trash!"

XPW's Lizzy BordenMajor Gunns pulls herself from the mat. She has just been attacked by her arch nemisis in the XPW, Lizzy Borden, and worked over pretty well. She gets to her feet and slaps the top rope in disust and frustration. She circles the ring then kicks the bottom rope with more digust, and rolls out of the ring. Major Gunns was frustrated that her arch enemey had gotten the better of her yet again.

"HAAA I guess that's why they kicked that loser out of WCW!!" Madonna continued.

Madonna was in the front row with her full entourage. She was at the arena to scout the new possible threat to her War Queen title, the undefeated Major Gunns, but primarily to have some fun and get away from the grind of her latest record breaking world tour. With fun being Madonna's primary goal of the evening, she was laughing and carring on with her friends, with Major Gunns being the butt of a few jokes. They all really enjoyed seeing Lizzy give Gunns a pretty good whipping and were at peak as Gunns walked by on her way back to the dressing room.

"That sorry sack of shit couldn't fight her way through wet toilet paper, she could never contend with me for the War Queen title!" Madonna boasts, clutching her War Queen belt close to her busom.

"What the hell are you laughing at?" shouted the frustrated grappler to Madonna.

"You getting Your ass kicked!!" Madonna replied inbetween laughs and giggles "Major Gunns is out of bullets tonight"

Already peeved & frustrated Major Gunns could not contain her emotions, and swiped Madonna across the head with a sweeping slap. "Fuck you Grand Ma, Lizzy might can beat me, but your old butt sure can't" Gunns yells back at the pop star. "If you think you're bad enough I'll be in the ring!" Gunns says as she turns and steps back into the ring.

Madonna was not going to let this indignity pass with out a fight. She gritted her teeth and jumped over the guard rail with a growl. Madonna climbs the steps and enters the ring. She drops the War Queen belt in the corner of the ring. "No way a second rated bimbo like you gets away with slapping me!" Madonna growls.

"Yeah right you old hag" Gunns continues, "Lizzy is a tough little bitch, but the only things you and Lizzy have in common is being a bitch and being the trashiest whores I've ever met in my life!"

Unable to contain her fury any longer, Madonna made a grab for the blonde but Major Gunns danced out of reach. As she did, she smacked Madonna's tight bottom. Even more furious from this indignity, Madonna spinned around with a sneer. She hurled herself at the female grappler, but in her wrath, left herself wide open. Gunns drilled a series of short, pile driving punches into Madonna's lower belly. The blows stopped Madonna and doubled her over, clutching her stomach. Gunns began to focus her punches for Madonna's bouncing breast. Gunns fist smacked into Madonna's tits time & time again. The stunned blonde gave ground, desparately trying to protect her throbbing bosom.

Madonna let out a shriek as she lounged forward and grabs Gunn's large boobs. Gunns gasps before returning the favor and grabs Madonna's tits. The two stand locked with their death grips when Gunns changes tatics and drives her right knee up into Madonna's sore belly. Madonna's hands falls from Gunns big tits and covers her stomach. Gunns shoots and uppercut into Madonna's chin that drops the pop star to her knees. Gunns follows her down and throws a side headlock on the older blonde. With Madonna's head secured with her left arm, Gunns starts to pelt Madonna's face with her right fist. Madonna struggles to escape, but Gunns powers the singer onto her belly. Gunns releases Madonna but before the blonde could breath a sigh of releif, Gunns leaps in the air and drops her elbow across the back of Madonna's neck. Gunns regains her feet and stands over her heaving blonde opponent's body. She reaches down and yanks off the tank top Madonna was wearing before the singer knocks her away. Madonna's embaressment grows as she lies on the mat in her bra compliments to her much younger attacker.

Gunns continue's to admire her work, but her lust for victory was far from satiated so she pulls the stunned woman off the mat to her feet by her hair. Madonna screams in protest, but is helpless to stop Gun's total domination. Gunns overpowers Madonna and whips her into the corner. The well poportioned blonde slams into the turnbuckle with a thud, shaking the ring ropes. Madonna stayed on her feet by grabbing the ropes on each side of the turnbuckle, but to proved to be an error in judgement. Gunns gets a running start leaps and splashes onto Madonna, landing breast to breast on the weakened blonde. Gunns steps to the side and watches Madonna stumble out of the corner a couple of steps before falling flat on her face.

Gunns leaps in the air again and comes down ass first on Madonna's back. Madonna yelps loudly with Gunn's weight as still flattening her tits to the mat. Gunns continues to bounce on Madonna's back smashing her aching tits into the mat even further. Gunns places her fore arm under Madona's neck and pulls back, choking her foe. Madonna bucked wildly trying to free herself from Gunn's strangling. Gunns began punching Madonna in the sides with her free hand, sending bruising blows into the blonde's ribs. Madonna's screams become louder as she slowly subcumbs to Gunn's attack and her struggles become weaker & weaker. "You fucking bitch!" Gunns taunted, "Your ass is mine!"

Fearing further punishment & public humiliation, Madonna redoubles her efforts to break free. As she used her hands to raise her upper body off the mat, Gunns started moving backwards and allowed Madonna to reach her knees with Gunns looming behind her. Gunns maintained her grip on blonde hair on top of Madonna's head, and the singer knew she was being set up for something. A least not being pinned to the mat allowed Madonna some opportunity to defend herself. Gunns kept one hand in Madonna's mane holding her in place by her hair and took the same fist that battered Madonna's ribs and began to punch Madonna in the small of the back. Madonna groaned in pain from each blow moving closer & closer to defeat. Gunns stopped punching, and snaked her right hand around and sunk her claws into Madonna firm breast yet again. Madonna acted instinctively and brought her hands up to protect her breast, as the dominant blonde behind her squeezed unmercifuly.

With Madonna pretty much defenseless now. Gunns put one hand under the older lady's chin, and the other stayed gripping the hair on the top of Madonna's head. Gunns then wrenched Madonna's head hard clockwise. Madonna screamed in agony feeling like Gunns was about to twist her head off her shoulders. "You're not so tough now are you?", chortled Gunns as she twisted even harder reducing the once confident & powerful Madonna to pitiful tears and sobbing.

"Want me to let you go?" asked Gunns, "Well, tell the crowd what an old hag you are!" "Say it!!! TELL EVERYBODY YOU'RE AN OLD HAG!!" demanded Gunns.

Trapped with no other options than to obey her tormentor, Madonna loudly bursts out "I'M AN OLD HAG!!!!"

"I guess you know better than to come down to the XPW and mess with me again don't you, you old cow???" Gunns said twisting Madonna's head even harder. "Huh?? ANSWER ME!!"

"Yeesss...... I'm sorry!" sobbed Madonna.

"I don't believe you're sorry Madonna" says Gunns.

"I I I I AM!!" pleaded Madonna.

"Really? Well tell everybody the truth about your self and I'll let you go" Returned Major Gunns, "Tell them you're an old cow with gray haired pussy, you fucking whore!"

"Oyay..... Okay..... I'M AN OLD COW WITH GRAY HAIRED PUSSY!!!!" yelled Madonna at the top of her lungs.

Gunns released Madonna and allowed her to roll out of the ring. Her entaurage snatched the sobbing woman and rushed her up the stairs and out of the arena.

Gunns sees Madonna's War Queen title belt abandonned in the corner, and picks it up. She hoists it high above her head and yells, "Stone Rage!! This belongs to me now, so tell your prissy little girls in the Battle Zone they can come here to the XPW if they want to try to take it from me!"

MAJOR GUNNS looks great in Championship Gold

Madonna - No longer on top of the heap!!