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NOTE - This match follows events of Beyonce vs Keri Hilson ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 3
"Yo, what up Bey?"

"What do you want Shakira?" Beyonce answers into her cell phone after receiving a curious phone call. After all they are supposed to be fighting each other in a couple of days in the main event of the ThE RoCk tHe BoAt CrUiSe! 3 tour.

"I heard about your injury. I think you should to pull out of our match. I'm sure Stone Rage can get a replacement, even in this short time. You know he always has a contingency plan. After all he has four boatloads of ultra competitive women that don't like each other to choose from."

At first Beyonce is silent, wondering who leaked her injury to Shakira. Her number one suspect is Keri Hilson, the bitch that she hurt herself trying to Beyonce Bomb her to hell in a sparring session. "No way. I'm not pulling out of the match." Beyonce definitively answers.

"Bey, you had little chance of winning this match going in.", Shakira explains. "Now that you're hurt, you have absolutely no chance of winning. Just admit it, I have your number. I know how to beat you. I coached Rihanna and Britney (Spears) to beat you. If you get into the ring, I will show you no mercy. I will be forced to destroy you. I will mop the ring up with you. Don't make me do this.".

Beyonce's Kobe Bryant level competiveness goes inferno. She is not really angry at Shakira. They have been friendly music and business acquaintances for years. The comments did not even make her mad. Deep down she would even agree with them to a degree. But hearing them out loud, and Shakira actually saying them to her, pisses Beyonce off. Anyway, Shakira knew how this conversation would go before she called.

"Do you know what? Fuck you Shakira!" Beyonce angrily answers. "There's no way that I'm going to pull out of our match. I am not going to disappoint my fans regardless of my injury! So get ready for the fight of your life! Don't worry about me. I'll be kicking your fucking ass all over the ring. Don't do me any favors, or show me one bit of mercy, because I won't give you any either." Beyonce sternly finishes. "I'm taking your Songbird title."

"Okay Bey have it your way. Don't say I didn't warn you. I hope that you're not as hurt as I've heard. If you are, then things can get real ugly." Shakira advises.

"If it gets ugly then you know what to do." Beyonce answers less emotionally. "Make it the ugliest. Do whatever is necessary to make this match one that the fans will never forget. Don't worry about me, the fans are what counts, my friend."

Shakira got her answers from that phone call. First, Beyonce is legitimately injured. However she is not pulling out at the last minute like a great warrior and a better business woman. She would rather sacrifice her body and take a serious ass kicking and face sexual abuse in 'doing the 'job', speaking in pro wrestling terms, than to pull out of the main event and disappoint the fans. Beyonce knows a bad loss with an humiliating finish will set up a bigger purse revenge rematch. In contrast, a no show disappoints the fans and kills the matchup.

Shakira should be happy, but the politics of this match, makes her sick. Shakira booked this match because Keri Hilson is blackmailing her. Keri wants revenge for an old beef with Beyonce. As fate would have it, Beyonce tried to settle their beef by whipping Keri's ass in a sparring session. Beyonce accidently hurt her shoulder beating Keri's ass so hard. Shakira still has her match with a dangerous wounded competitor in Beyonce with her orders to have Beyonce carried out on a stretcher. Also, Shakira is worried that Keri will continue to blackmail her. Keri knows that Shakira inserted Nelly Furtado into Britney Spears, Femme Fatal group solely as a spy. If Keri betrays her and divulges the secret, it will launch a war between Shakira's group and Britney's corp. This is something Shakira wants to avoid at all cost.

Shakira tried talking to the event booker, Ebony Ayes and Stone Rage, and warns them about Beyonce's injuries, and to call off the match. However Beyonce is adamant that she can compete. Beyonce is not a woman that is to be argued with. Once Beyonce said she is not pulling out of the match, the conversations stopped there. Shakira thought it would happen that way, but she had to try.

Fight night arrived with all the appropriate fanfare and grandeur of the highlight of a four day event. Myleene Klass began the affair sitting behind a grand piano. Klass dazzled with marvelous musical renditions combining the classical piano with electronic music flares. She finished her performance with Stone Rage's favorite, "Toccata and Fugue".

Mariah Carey came out for a mini performance. She only sang 12 of her greatest hits, but that is more than enough to entertain the crowd. There have been performances by Madonna, Britney Spears and Taylor Swift so far on this tour. Mariah is perfect to cap things off. Besides, the anticipation of the Beyonce and Shakira battle looming, made it totally acceptable for Mariah to cut things a little short.

Soon Shakira comes dancing down the aisle, gyrating, jiggling and bouncing along the way, The brevity of Mariah's show is forgiven after the hot Columbian arrives. Shakira wears a shimmering gold string bra for a top. Shakira wears shiney gold pants to complete her outfit. The Columbian looks beautiful with her equally beautiful Songbird Championship belt around her waist. The fans go wild for the international pop star. They give Shakira a warm welcome.

Beyonce comes down the aisle much less flamboyant. She did not want to throw her tentative shoulder out on something meaningless and stupid. She walks to the ring regally, wearing some of her new Ivey Park Addidas sportswear. Beyonce chose a maroon sports bra and tights matching outfit. Everyone can see that she is packing a few more pounds and is a lot thicker than before her last pregnancy. The ringside announcers begin to discuss its effects on the match. Beyonce looks stronger, but is way less mobile. She has displayed a vulnerability to Shakira's high flying style before. Britney Spears and Rihanna also were able to take advantage of her flat footedness with Shakira's coaching.

Beyonce and Shakira meet in the middle of the ring with the referee. "Are you sure you want to do this?" Shakira asks.

"Are you sure you can do this?" Beyonce defiantly answers.

The superstars return to their corners to await the bell. As soon as it rings Beyonce charges out like a locomotive. Beyonce crashes into Shakira, crushing her into her corner. Beyonce wisely leads with her knee to avoid her shoulder injury. Then she batters Shakira, clubbing her over the head and shoulders with her good arm. Beyonce knees Shakira in the side, as she struggles and escapes out of the corner. Beyonce follows her along the ropes repeatedly pounding her every single step. Shakira collapses and drops to one knee several times under the power of Beyonce's heavy blows.

Beyonce batters Shakira the entire journey along the ropes till Shakira reaches the next corner. Then Beyonce yanks Shakira up by her blonde hair, and slams her face into the turnbuckle. Shakira eats a mouthful of leather and drops to her knees. Shakira rises back up drunkenly. Beyonce nails Shakira in the head with a bionic elbow, and drives her back to one knee.

Beyonce's big hand jerks Shakira back to her feet, then forcefully whips Shakira into the ropes. Shakira shoots into the ropes and bounces back. Beyonce is winding up for a clothesline. Shakira responds with a baseball slide going right through Beyonce's wide spread open legs. Popping right back up, Shakira keeps going and bounces off the ropes on the opposite side. Beyonce whirls around and swings wildly and quickly only for little Shakira to baseball slides under her again. With Beyonce reeling, off balance and frustrated. Shakira pops up and snatches Beyonce by the arm in and whips her into the ropes. When Beyonce rebounds, Shakira has no problem cutting the big woman down with a double chop to the chest.

BeyonceBeyonce lands on her ass, but she has significantly more padding these days. Beyonce bounces back to her feet immediately. Shakira is waiting with a Japanese arm drag to sling Beyonce back down to the mat. Perhaps the blonde is testing Beyonce's injured arm. If it was problematic, Beyonce hid the pain, and bounces off the mat again and back to her feet. Shakira is unfazed and seizes Beyonce by the arm again and snaps her to the mat with another deep Japanese arm drag, reminiscent of pro wrestling Hall Of Famer Ricky the Dragon Steamboat. Shakira whips Beyonce to the mat, but holds onto her arm this time. Beyonce ends up lying on her side with Shakira seated behind her with her knee on Beyonce's ear to hold her down. Shakira grips Beyonce's arm with both arms intertwined around it. Shakira puts stress on Beyonce's shoulder and upper arm. Beyonce's face has an unusual grimace showing Shakira that her foe has indeed suffered an injury. After Beyonce muttered "bitch" all Shakira's doubts were removed.

Being bigger and much stronger, Beyonce powers to her feet. Shakira could not really stop her, but she yanked on Beyonce's arm and watched her opponent drop to one knee and regroup. Shakira chops down on Beyonce's shoulder, working relentlessly on the arm and shoulder. Beyonce would power to her feet time and time again, only for Shakira to twist the arm, chop her shoulder or yank and crank the arm to make the former War Queen to drop back to one knee.

Beyonce has had enough and grits her way to her feet. She sends forearm shots into the little blonde that is attatched to her arm's chest. After knocking her loose, Beyonce whips Shakira into the ropes again. Still angry and thirsty for revenge Beyonce winds up another big forearm blow. Shakira ducks under the tree limb arm, realizing that Beyonce is moving slower than ever before, but has not adjusted. Shakira bounces off the other ropes and comes back at Beyonce, when the big woman utterly surprises and shocks the Songbird champion by jumping up and leap frogging over Shakira. "That's new" Shakira thinks, as she follows through and bounds against the opposite ropes again, hurdling back at Beyonce. Shakira really did not know what to expect, and Beyonce catches her. Beyonce lifts the blonde off her feet and is spinning Shakira like a baton, performing a Tilt-the-world Slam. Beyonce is about to slam Shakira's back across her knee, when her shoulder gave a sharp pain. It allows Shakira to slip out of Beyonce's grasp, and land on her feet, with cat like agility. Without a moment to lose Shakira strikes with a side kick to Beyonce's tits, knocking the beauty down again.

Beyonce gets up to find Shakira waiting for her. The blonde snatches Beyonce by the arm again and whips her to the mat with yet another Japanese arm drag. Beyonce finds herself again lying on her side with her injured limb caught in Shakira's arm bar. Beyonce is about to power to her feet when Shakira forces her arm down to the mat and drops an elbow on Beyonce's shoulder simultaneously. Beyonce shouts as Shakira quickly reapplies her arm bar. Every time Beyonce made an effort to rise, Shakira punished her by dropping an elbow on Beyonce's shoulder, then back to the arm bar. Beyonce pulled Shakira's hair in retaliation. Beyonce got her arm twisted in as punishment and that makes Beyonce let go.

Beyonce knows her arm will be dangling lifelessly by her side before long if this assault continues. Beyonce had to get off the mat. The insanely driven woman powers to her feet, not allowing anything to stop her. She loops a punch into Shakira's gut once on her feet. That loosens up things, as the blonde exhales and she loses her hold over Beyonce's arm. Beyonce's upper cut dazes Shakira and sends her staggering against the ropes.

Beyonce grabs Shakira's arm and whips her across the ring, but Shakira is able to reverse the whip and sends Beyonce running into the ropes instead. Beyonce bounces off the ropes and comes charging back. Shakira leaps in the air and leapfrogs over Beyonce. Beyonce runs through and rebounds off the ropes again. Shakira leap frogs her foe again. Beyonce keeps going with her honey colored hair flowing in the wind. Beyonce bounce off the ropes and back at Shakira in a flash. Shakira launches herself and flattens Beyonce with a hard back elbow. Beyonce is down but not for long. However as Beyonce stands Shakira captures her and hooks Beyonce for a suplex. Shakira struggles to get the larger woman up but succeeds in lifting Beyonce upside down, then falling backwards, sending Beyonce crashing to the mat. Queen Bey grabs the small of her back with a howl. Shakira pops to her feet and grabs Beyonce's injured arm again as Beyonce rises to her knees. Shakira puts the arm in an arm bar, working over the injured limb diligently.

Beyonce is pretty tired of this little woman at this point. She rises purposely to her feet. While still in the arm bar, Beyonce grabs Shakira by her blonde hair with her other arm. She just muscles Shakira to the nearby corner and slams Shakira's face into the turnbuckle. Shakira kisses the leather of the turnbuckle and in a daze turns back around making a few groggy steps before Beyonce absolutely blasts her with a vicious clothesline, that knocks Shakira's feet in the air and deposits her on the back of her head.

After being nearly beheaded, Shakira is seeing stars. All doubts have been removed if there were any, that tonight's verion of Beyonce is by far the strongest. Shakira drags her body across the mat to the ropes, and lays her head on the bottom rope like it is a pillow. She has a distant look as the birdies fly around her head. Beyonce returns and drives her knee into the side of Shakira's head. She repeats the brutal move several times; eight in fact before the referee calls for Queen Bey to cease. Beyonce knocked the birdies away, but now Shakira has a head ache.

ShakiraBeyonce backs off as Shakira rises while still a little stunned. Beyonce grabs Shakira's arm and whips her across the ring. When Shakira comes running back at her, Beyonce hoists Shakira up in a bear hug. Immediately, her arm lets Beyonce know it is not up to this bear hug. So she backs up a few steps and tosses Shakira over her shoulder. She tosses the sexy blonde onto the ropes, making Shakira come down throat first across the top rope. Shakira guillotines herself and bounces off to the mat. She flops and gags holding her throat. Beyonce abruptly stops the flopping with a heavy stomp to Shakira's upper chest.

Shakira sits up with a dazed expression, while seemingly reaching for imaginary objects to help her get upright. Her hand finds the ropes and she starts pulling herself to her feet. Beyonce is content to stalk and wait, feeling that her heavy, powerful blows will win the day. She learned from her previous mistakes. With her added weight and strength, it does not take many hits to slow Shakira down or knock her out completely.

Once Shakira is almost standing, Beyonce's big hand grabs a handful of Shakira's blonde hair. The Columbian fireball seems to spontaneously combust. She fires to life and retaliates with a chop across Beyonce's tits. A loud smack rings out. Shakira chops again and again with all she can muster. However Beyonce is still standing right there. With fans rallying behind her, Shakira scoops Beyonce up in her arms for a body slam. Beyonce simply shifts her weight while being hoisted up in Shakira's arms. Shakira's eyes get big and quickly realizes, "Big mistake!" She falls backwards to the mat with Beyonce falling on top of her. The referee drops to count a pinned Shakira. The blond is able to kick out, just beating a close count and narrowly avoiding defeat.

Beyonce stands and shouts for Shakira to do the same. Shakira is slow to regain her feet, and still looks breathless and dazed. Once up Beyonce nails Shaira right between the eyes with a fist. Shakira stumbles and wobbles like a drunken woman. Beyonce measures her and nails Shakira again in the same spot. Shakira is looking like she is doing the stanky leg dance to the nearest corner for support. Beyonce follows and slams Shakira's face into the turnbuckle. Saying, "Come on 'Kira" Beyonce grabs Shakira's arm and whips her into the ropes again. When the blonde rebounds back, Beyonce is easily able to nearly decapitate Shakira with a clothesline this time. No duck under, no baseball slide or leap frogs this time. "Mike (Tyson) is right! Everybody's got a plan until they get hit!" Coincidently, Beyonce is shaking her arm some after using it for the clothesline. Beyonce drops a leg drop across Shakira's neck and upper chest. She quickly gets back up and drops a second consecutive thick, meaty leg drop across the prone blonde. Then Beyonce wraps Shakira up for the pin, but Shakira beats the count barely again.

Beyonce gets to her feet slowly. That is because she is giving the referee a dirty look about the speed of the count. Shakira is rising very slowly too, but that is because of Beyonce's heavy blows still got her half dazed. Luckily for Shakira, half dazed is not enough to put the amazingly tough champion away. Once standing Shakira defiantly fires another chop across Beyonce's boobs that resounded to the arena's cheap seats. Like legendary David chopping at Goliath, Shakira scores with another chop. The second one is just as loud. Shakira goes for a third, but, Beyonce ducks under Shakira’s chop as the blonde swings and miss her home run shot. Off balance from striking out,. Beyonce explodes into Shakira with another simple clothesline that puts the champ's feet in the air and deposits her on the back of her head.

Instead of going for the pin Beyonce is definitely shaking her arm and holding her shoulder. Shakira is grateful because she is not sure that she could kick out of that one. Fans erupt, cheering on both fabulous women equally. By her expression and holding her arm, everyone knows that there is definitely something wrong with Beyonce's shoulder and arm. However it is also clear that Shakira has definitely been knocked loopy by the strong titan she is battling.

Shakira is the first to harken the fan's call. She starts getting to her feet. Beyonce snatches Shakira and helps her up. Then Beyonce lifts her way up. Beyonce hoist Shakira up and presses the blonde over her head with both arms extended military press. Beyonce holds Shakira above her head as the fans marvel at Beyonce's strength. Then Beyonce throws Shakira down to the mat.

As fans cheer and react, Beyonce peels Shakira off the mat again. Just as quick as the first time, Beyonce hoists Shakira above her head again with another military press slam. Beyonce holds the blonde with ease and walks around with her. Then Beyonce slams Shakira down as hard as she could, planning on finishing the match.

Shakira lands with a boom and a splat. Then Beyonce shouts and grabs her shoulder and drops to her knees. Beyonce looks at Shakira. Her first thought is to just lie across her and pin the blonde, but second thought said, if Shakira kicks out and siezed her arm, Beyonce will be tapping and submitting in seconds. Beyonce' shoulder is in bad shape. She did not have a full range of motion, and she got sharp pains anytime it moved the least bit in the wrong way. Beyonce rolls out of the ring hoping the pain passes.

Shakira turns her head seeing Beyonce rolling out of the ring. She was fortunate because she knew she would not have kicked out of a tight pin after the second military press slam. Shakira felt slightly sorry for Beyonce. She was too strong for Shakira and should be the champion right now if not for her shoulder injury. However all Shakira sees is dead meat when she looks at Beyonce now. Sweet little Shakira is about to drag her old friend to the gates of hell. Keri Hilson's blackmail has nothing to do with this right now. It is just the champion doing championship things. No, actually it's not. It is a chance for sweet little Shakira to be evil and sadistic.

Ignoring the pain in her back, Shakira pops to her feet like nothing is wrong. She darts to the ropes on the side of the ring where Beyonce is standing. Shakira dives through the ropes in a suicide dive. Beyonce was absorbed with her shoulder, and was not paying a bit of attention to Shakira. The champions dove through the ropes and caught the unsuspecting Beyonce around head. Shakira contorts and spins her body around in a circle. Beyonce screams as the blonde whips her around to facing the opposite direction then using the built up momentum, Shakira abruptly ends Beyonce's scream as she spikes Beyonce's head into the arena floor with a tornado DDT.

The crowd is going bonkers from the spectacular move. Beyonce lays face down knocked senseless. She does not even know her own name for the next few seconds. Shakira sits up beside Beyonce with adrenaline pumping through her body like never before. Shakira feels like she is in a drugged trance. She is obsessively driven to destroy Beyonce to satisfy her addiction.

Shakira pops to her feet totally charged. She grabs Beyonce by the arm and hair and pulls her off the arena floor. Beyonce does not know where she is at the moment, so her body complies with Shakira's strong suggestions. Shakira rolls Beyonce into the ring under the bottom ropes. After putting Beyonce in the ring, Shakira scales the corner turnbuckle until she is standing on the top turnbuckle. Shakira waits up there until the clueless Beyonce rises shakily to her feet. Then Shakira leaps off the top turnbuckle. She grabs Beyonce's head like before and whirls her body around again building momentum then spikes Beyonce's head into the canvas with another Tornado DDT. The screaming Beyonce's head is driven into the mat with such force that her body flips over onto her back.

The crowd goes absolutely wild. Beyonce has a wild expression as her body acts on instinct. It tells her to get up and fight, but she lacks all coordination to do so. Shakira sits on the mat looking at Beyonce like a tiger looking at a hurt deer. The roaring fans keeps Shakira charged. Keri Hilson wanted Beyonce taken out. Shakira promised to send Beyonce out of the ring on a stretcher. Shakira even wagered Jenifer Aniston that she would also send Beyonce out on her back. Despite their long good relationship, Shakira is really enjoying destroying her friend.

Clueless Beyonce struggles to her feet. She stumbles and bumbles, obviously oblivious to reality. Shakira gets up, runs toward Beyonce then leaps on the middle ropes and spring boards off toward Beyonce. She grabs Beyonce's head a third time, and whirls her around then drives her head into the canvas for a third consecutive Tornado DDT. Beyonce flips over again on to her back and lays these sucking air and looking vacantly upwards. Shakira is happily disappointed that Beyonce is still conscious.

Shakira kips up to her feet and walks menacingly towards Beyonce. She reaches down and pulls her challenger off the canvas. Beyonce is so punch drunk that she uses her remaining strength and coordination to comply. She is knocked addle and clueless. Shakira ushers the stumbling wreckage to the corner. Shakira pushes Beyonce in the corner where she stands teetering. Shakira takes a moment to gather her strength then hoists Beyonce up and sits her on the top turnbuckle. Poor Beyonce sits there waiting for whatever Shakira has planned for her, while Shakira climbs the corner too trapping Beyonce on her perch.

Shakira stands on the middle ropes but still looms slightly over Beyonce, seated on the top turnbuckle. Shakira begins by reaching down and pulling up Beyonce's fashionable sports bra. Beyonce's naked tits fall out, but Shakira keeps working to pull the top off over Beyonce's head. Beyonce grunts and grumbles showing that somewhere she has awareness about what is happening to her, but after having her head spiked into the mat like a Rob Gronkowski touchdown celebration three consecutive times, labeling her resistance as 'token' would be unfair to token resistance. Shakira wrestles the bra off, leaving Beyonce topless. Shakira carelessly tosses the bra over her shoulder. The forlorn bra lands in the middle of the ring.

Shakira now steps up to the top ropes and pulls Beyonce up to standing too. The challenger groggily moans, "No, not another one."

"Sorry Bey it is out of my hands". Shakira answers as she tucks Beyonce's head under her arm. "I made a deal to send you out on a stretcher. Either it is your ass or mine." Shakira finishes as she leaps off the ropes taking Beyonce with her. Shakira whirls her body around in a circle along with Beyonce, then plummets straight down, driving the crown of Beyonce's head into the mat. Beyonce's body goes limp upon impact, then her lifeless body crashes to the mat. The referee is already moving in-between Shakira and Beyonce. Once standing in between them, he immediately calls for the bell to end the match before any more harm befalls Beyonce. The match is over, there is no need for a pinfall.

The referee grabs Shakira's arm as she sits on the mat, and helped her to her feet. At the same time he raises her arm in victory, all the while looking backstage for the medical team to come to the ring to help the unconscious woman stretched out on the canvas. He gently ushers Shakira to the ropes and gets Shakira's championship belt from the ring attendant. The referee hands Shakira the belt. Shakira grabs and hugs her cherished belt and begins to celebrate. Meanwhile the referee motions for the medical team to bring a stretcher from backstage. The scene continues with Shakira hopping and jumping around celebrating and playing to the fans, while three medical tech's care for Beyonce. They eventually wheel Beyonce's magnificent topless body out on a gurney. Shakira wears an innocent smile as they do.

Beyonce is missing from the post match press conference. She is in the hospital getting her shoulder attended to. Shakira was there and a magnanimous winner. She explained to the press that she knew that Beyonce had an injured shoulder going into the match. The champion praised her challenger's professionalism, pride and competitive spirit. Before leaving the press conference, Shakira reminded Jennifer Aniston of their wager. She bet $100,000 that she would beat Beyonce and a side bet of $250,000 that she would knock Beyonce out. Shakira told Jennifer that she is looking forward to her $350,000 donation to her personal charity, Pies Descalzos Foundation. ("The Barefoot Foundation works to ensure that every Colombian child can exercise their right to a quality education.")

After the press conference, Shakira's next call was to Keri Hilson. Of course Keri was at the match and was celebrating more than anybody afterward. Shakira and Keri had a brief conversation, but Shakira definitely got her point across. She let Keri know that this was a one time deal. If Keri tried to extorts her again, she would inform Beyonce that it was her that caused her to be carried out on a stretcher. Keri knows that would result in a brutal beating for her and possibly catastrophic consequences for her career once again. Shakira also informed Keri that Nelly Furtado will be informing Britney Spears that she will be leaving Britney's Femme Fatale group immediately, removing Keri's opportunity to blackmail her further.

Beyonce stayed in the hospital healing her shoulder. First thing in the morning her room was flooded with flowers from Shakira. The champion called later that morning. The blonde asked Beyonce how she was doing and asked for her forgiveness. Shakira explained to Beyonce that she had an enemy that left her no choice other than to take her out. Of course Beyonce asked who it was, but Shakira refused to say. Beyonce knows that Shakira is friendly with Rihanna and Britney Spears and considered if it was one of those. The studio advisor, Quatro Calderon is another likely suspect. It is surely a mystery that Beyonce plans on solving.

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