Despite their recent duet together and public appearance of being friendly with each other, there is an underlying jealousy on the part of Beyonce toward Shakira. Even though she liked Shakira on a personal level and the two were becoming friends on the set, Beyonce felt that she, and not Shakira, should be the Bootylicious champ. After all she was the one that started the title and was its first ever champion. The title itself was called after her song 'Bootylicious' and not after Shakira's 'Hips don't lie.'

For some reason, Shakira brought the title to show it off to everyone, and all the photographers on the set. At first Beyonce was happy for Shakira being the champion. It's not like Shakira beat her ass in a nasty fight and smothered her out to win the title. Beyonce would slowly start getting irritated by just how much Shakira was showcasing the title and somehow couldn't shake the feeling that she was rubbing it in. Her jealousy would grow a little bit each time whenever fans and media come up to Shakira taking photos of her wearing the Bootylicious title and getting autographs.

The media started asking about the title.

"What's that title you're wearing Shakira?" asked one of the reporters.

"Oh this thing. I won it while fighting in the Stone Rage Battle Zone." Smiled Shakira as she looked at her newly won title.

"The celebrity catfight league, huh?" asked another reporter.

"That's right. I won this title from Alicia Silverstone, who's also in the league." Responded Shakira. She then blew a kiss and waved to the cameras, "Hiiiii Alicia. Miss your title?" The sight and sound of Shakira blowing a kiss played off perfectly with the press as they ate it all up and were putty in her hands. She posed for a few pictures with her title around the waist for the media. She even showcased her voluptuous and sexy ass for the media with the title conspicuously placed near her ass just to show all that saw the pictures that she is the 'bootylicious' champion.

By making such a public display with the title over a few days time, it was clear to anyone who saw the news clips on TV or read the paper that Shakira was looking not only for respect from the other celebrities in the league, which winning this title could only help, but that she had plans of her own…and big plans at that. The mini media blitz showed that she wasn't just going to win the title and disappear into the background. She wanted to solidify the respect she's already won by beating Alicia, by taking on the one person who this title was made for and made famous by…and that person was none other than Beyonce who once wore the title firmly and proudly around her own waist.

While all this was going on, Beyonce outwardly kept her cool and bit her tongue, but couldn't help but think as the days wore on, "That bitch is signing those photos and doing those press bits in front of me on purpose just to stick it to me. It's starting to get on my fucking nerves. That Colombian bitch is walking around like she owns the place and that she's all that with her…I mean that's my title around her waist. I fucking started that title. Not only that, it was named after my fucking song 'Bootylicious' and not after her song 'Hips don't Lie'. Those fans and media should be kissing my ass instead of hers…'Shakira, you're so great'…'I love your ass Shakira'…'I love you Shakira'…'congrats on the title'. I don't want to spite the chick and steal the spotlight, but damn…just be happy about having the title and shut the fuck up."

After seeing Shakira sign a few hundred photos and playing to the media, she decided to do something about it. Rather than make a public spectacle of the whole thing, and making herself look foolish, she decided to wait until she could have a word alone with Shakira.

"Hey Shakira, hold up." Said Beyonce as she walked up to Shakira as the two were about to head out for the night.

"Hey Beyonce…what's up?" smiled Shakira as she looked at Beyonce knowing she was talking to her for one reason and one reason only.

"What's up with the media spectacle about the title? I know you're the title-holder and I'm happy for you and all, but why are you flaunting it like nobody's business? You must know I'm the original title-holder and that the title you hold was named after my song 'bootylicious'." asked Beyonce trying to hold in her emotions.

"Well B, I'm sorry if you don't like the fact that I'm 'flaunting' my title." Said Shakira as she took a quick look at the title "and my sexy ass for all to see." Shakira thrusts her ass out a bit and pats it a bit. She continues, "But times do change and new champions do rise up and you're just going to have to live with me being the champ…that is unless you want to challenge me for the title." Smirked Shakira as she looked at and stepped up to Beyonce. If Beyonce does challenge her, then she's succeeded in at least the first part of her plan.

"You're damn right I want to challenge you for the title. I know you really can't handle a truly bootylicious ass like mine." Replied a slightly bitchy Beyonce as she snapped her fingers and slapped her own ass that she had stuck out near the end of her statement to accentuate her point.

"Well then, let's meet at the gym to settle this after the video shoot is over." Smiled Shakira.

"Fine by me girl. Just remember your words when you see my ass coming down your face and smother you out for the title." Replied Beyonce.

"I doubt that you'll get the chance to smother me." Winked Shakira as she turned around and walked out the double doors of the studio to her Mercedes convertible while Beyonce watching her the whole time. Shakira could tell that Beyonce was looking at her and she accentuated her steps by swaying her hips from side to side.

ShakiraBeyonce eyed her up and down as she walked to her car and had to admit to herself, "hmmm, not bad for a Latina. I do have to give it to her though, she does have a decent ass…but it ain't bootylicious like mine though."

The next few days were spent finishing up a bunch of angles for all of the scenes for 'Beautiful Liar'. A number of scenes had to be redone because the two stars had their mind elsewhere than on the set. Word had spread from early on in the day that the two would fight at the end of the shoot; most of it came from the two divas quietly talking to the production crew about it.

The day had finally come for the two to fight it out at the nearby gym. The production crew soon followed behind them excited to see a fight between these sexy divas they all had fantasized about. They all had cameras in hand to capture the fight. Beyonce and Shakira arrived still wearing their jeans and skimpy tops from the video. They made their way inside the gym. The two were glistening in sweat and somewhat tired from dancing.

The first one to enter the ring was Beyonce herself. She slowly made her way up the steps to the ring. She showed her ass to the crew shaking her ass while she stood by the ropes. She then licked her finger and touched her ass and did a sizzling sound as she did. She then slowly bent over and made her way into the ring. She took as quick glance at everyone and saw a lot of excited faces gawking at her ass.

Shakira made her way up the stairs next and did her own style of ass shaking that made her famous. As she finished, she slammed her ass down to the ground and raised it up as her upper body bent over and continued to shake her ass. She then made her way in the ring herself and smiled at Beyonce. She took her title off her waist and gave it to a fan outside to hold on to until the end of the match.

"You ready to lose your title, bitch?" sneered Beyonce.

"Only if you're ready for me to beat you like you're my bitch." Retorted Shakira.

The two then closed in on each other and began circling. Shakira feigns a left, which Beyonce falls for and dodges to th right. Shakira follows that up with a nasty right hook spinning Beyonce around. Shakira followed that with a kick to Beyonce's gut causing her to double over then a roundhouse kick knocking her to the ground. Shakira tried to move in for a kick, but Beyonce swung her leg around and swept Shakira off her feet and onto her back.

The two quickly got back to their feet and started to circle each other once again. They locked at the shoulders for a moment and strained their muscles for an advantage. Beyonce was able to grab onto one of Shakira's arms and twist it around causing her to shriek in pain and release her hold. Beyonce then brought the arm behind Shakira and twisted it in a hammerlock hold causing Shakira to shriek again.

Shakira tried to elbow Beyonce with her free arm, but Beyonce was out of reach of her elbow. After that didn't work, Shakira reached over her head and grabbed a tuft of Beyonce's hair and quickly started yanking. Beyonce shrieked, "You fucking bitch!" as her well taken care of hair was being pulled on and nearly being pulled out. Beyonce responded by driving her knee into the small of Shakira's back causing her to arch her back and wrenching Shakira's arm upward forcing Shakira to release her grip on the hair.

In a bit of desperation Shakira lifted her leg up in a standing split. She connected with Beyonce's face causing her to snap her head back, but not hard enough to release the hold. Shakira once again brought her leg up connecting once again with Beyonce's face, which was coming forward from the last kick, but this time with more force. This time around Beyonce let go of Shakira's arm and staggered back a couple steps and holding her now bleeding nose. Shakira stepped back holding her aching arm. Beyonce brought her hand out from her face and looked at her hand in shock, "You fucking busted my nose you damn bitch. You're going to pay for that."

Beyonce charged at Shakira, which played into Shakira's hands. Beyonce threw a flurry of hooks and jabs, most of which were blocked or ducked under by Shakira. Shakira countered with a number of her own punches, each one connecting with pinpoint accuracy. Shakira intermittently connected with several lightning fast kicks to Beyonce's ribs or legs forcing her back with each kick. Beyonce was able to connect with several of her own kicks and knees to Shakira's ribs. Shakira was slowly wearing down the stronger Beyonce. Beyonce soon saw that she wasn't gaining an advantage over Shakira and decided to change her tactics. She stepped back to catch a breather from the fight.

"What's the matter Beyonce? Can't keep up with me? I can see why you're not champion. You're too out of shape…unlike me." teased Shakira.

"You fucking bitch, I'll fucking rip your tongue out if it's the last thing I do." Replied Beyonce as she started to get pissed at Shakira.

She then brought her right hand up in the air above her head and inviting Shakira to a test of strength, "Come one girl, let's try this my way now".

Shakira warily brought her left hand and intertwined her fingers with Beyonce's knowing that this is where Beyonce has a better chance of gaining an advantage. They brought their other two hands up above their heads and intertwined them. They instantaneously started to push against each other straining their muscles for an advantage. Beyonce used her height and weight advantage and slowly starts to push Shakira backwards and to slightly arch her back. Shakira tried pushing back, but to little use. She didn't have Beyonce's physical strength. Shakira decided to play possum and lead Beyonce into thinking she was gaining a real advantage over her. Shakira kept her arms tense, but began to slowly drop to her knees all the time grimacing in pain. A smile came across Beyonce's face seeing Shakira dropping to her knees. Shakira's plan backfired though. Just as soon as Shakira got to her knees, Beyonce fired off several knees and kicks to her exposed face. One of the knees busted Shakira's nose and sprayed blood all over the place.

"Payback's a bitch huh, Shakira?" Said Beyonce as she stepped up and brought her legs behind Shakira's shoulders and squeezed tightly around Shakira's neck. Beyonce smirked down at Shakira's pained, shocked and now bloody face.

"Thought you could outsmart me with that little maneuver of yours? I've been in enough fights and been around enough players to know when someone's trying to play me." Beyonce accentuated her comments with a few slaps to Shakira's face.

Beyonce continued punching Shakira's prone face with one punch after another. Shakira grasped and clawed at Beyonce's strong thighs trying to free herself but to no avail. Beyonce continued to tighten her grip on Shakira's neck, making her face to redden and puff up. "I remember you saying something about me not getting the chance to smother you out. (giggles) From the looks of it, the only one that's about to get smothered is you and your pretty face girl." Smiled Beyonce as she finally released her tight grip on Shakira's neck allowing her to gasp in some precious air.

Beyonce KnowlesBeyonce brought her legs out in front of Shakira and with one strong and well place roundhouse kick laid Shakira flat on her back. Beyonce took some time to slowly unbutton and unzip her pants. Then she slowly and sexily slid her pants off her sexy frame, bending over as she did. She then threw it out to the adoring fans, "That's for you guys to keep." The fans that made it there from the studios ogled her awesome, naked ass and salivated at it. Unlike her pants, Beyonce just ripped off her top. She then straddled Shakira's body with her ass to Shakira's face and sexily shook her ass and hips. Beyonce looked over her shoulder at Shakira, "Time to lose your title bitch." Beyonce swayed her hips and shook her ass, not only for Shakira to look at, but also for the on lookers to get a good look at how sexy her ass is.

Shakira looked up at Beyonce's ass and couldn't help but feel a bit of admiration for Beyonce's ass. "Damn she's got nice ass." Thought Shakira before she snapping back to reality. She realized where she was and knew now wasn't the time to be admiring Beyonce's ass, because she was going to lose the title if she didn't do something and quickly too.

"Fuck you bitch. I'm not losing the title tonight bitch." Shakira grunted as she looked up at Beyonce.

"Wrong thing to say." Beyonce said as slowly started to sway her ass as she slowly started to bring her ass down. Without noticing it, Shakira shoots up her foot nailing Beyonce squarely on her pussy. Beyonce's eyes widened, groaned through her clenched lips and her legs stiffened as she got hit. Shakira kicked her pussy once again getting a loud screech of pain from Beyonce. She then placed her feet on Beyonce's firm ass cheeks and pushed her forward. That's all that she needed to knock Beyonce over. Beyonce curled up and held her pussy in pain as she slowly recovered. She looked at Shakira in a bit of shock, not expecting to have received the 'low blows' from her nearly defeated foe.

In the meantime, Shakira too was slowly recovering as well. The two slowly made it to their feet, struggling a bit at times just to get up. Beyonce had to use the ropes she was near, because slipped and fell back down on her first attempt.

Shakira was the first to strike with a hard right hook to Beyonce's chin as Beyonce was getting up to her feet causing her head to snap to the side. Shakira tried for another punch, but it was blocked and countered by a right hook from Beyonce to her own chin causing her to stagger back a couple steps. Beyonce had her own follow up punch blocked by Shakira and countered with a hook. This punch-block-counterpunch match continued for a good couple of minutes between the two bootylicious babes until Shakira decided to grab Beyonce's punch instead of just blocking it, then twisting it to the side. This gave her a bit of an advantage as it caused Beyonce to grimace in pain and turn her focus to getting her fist free from Shakira's grip. Shakira took this time to first poked Beyonce's eyes then to a half dozen punches to Beyonce's unprotected face, followed by several slaps and back hands.

After the slaps, Shakira let got of Beyonce's fist and watched her trying to regain her eyesight and her balance as she staggered around. Shakira wasted little time admiring some of her work as she quickly kicked Beyonce hard in her pussy causing her to scream in pain and to double over. She then brought her knee up fast and hard to connect with Beyonce's forehead forcing her upright once again. Shakira quickly drop-kicked Beyonce forcing her to stumble back and fall down onto the ropes. Beyonce was doubled over, draped over the second ropes facing outward, her chest heaving and her strength pretty much depleted by now.

Shakira smiled and point with her hand at Beyonce's slightly upturned ass, "Is that an ass of a champion that you see by the ropes?" to which she received some applause and cheers. She continued, "Or is mine the ass of a champion?" She received even more applause and cheers than Beyonce which struck at Beyonce's heart like a dagger and made Shakira smile.

Shakira knew she had an opportunity to finish off Beyonce as she looked at her on the ropes. She charged at Beyonce, jumped at her and slammed her butt onto Beyonce's upper back as her legs slid through the ropes. Shakira grabbed onto the third rope, lifted her ass up and slammed her ass down onto Beyonce's back several more times. With each butt slam, Beyonce screamed in pain and lost her breath. Using the ropes for leverage, Shakira pressed her ass down on Beyonce's back making sure she as weak as possible before getting off of her.

As Shakira stood up, she brought Beyonce up to her feet and toward the center of the ring before serving up a DDT to Beyonce. Beyonce's ass stayed in the air for a few seconds before falling over to the side. Some of the on lookers snapped photos of Beyonce's ass while it was stuck in the air.

Like Beyonce before her, Shakira decided to play to the crowd a bit thinking that the match was in hand. She stood up and slowly removed her pants, swaying her hips the whole time. She finally removed them revealing her naked sexy ass and then threw it to the crowd, "You guys can keep it". The first few fans that got to it tussled over her pants before finally one came away with it. Shakira quickly removed her top and threw it to the crowd as well.

Shakira then pulled Beyonce to her feet by her hair and then forced her head between her legs, squeezing tightly as she did. Before wrapping her arms around Beyonce's waist, she couldn't help it as she smacked Beyonce's sexy, voluptuous ass a few times and watched it jiggle a little bit, while Beyonce yelped as she did. She then wrapped her arms around Beyonce's waist, hoisted her up in the air and slammed her down on the ground in a powerful powerbomb. Beyonce arched her back and howled in pain.

After the powerbomb Shakira smiled down at Beyonce and slid her thumb across her throat signifying she was ready for the end of the match. She made her way to the corner and climbed up to the third turnbuckle. She then launched herself at Beyonce who was half out of it on the mat below. Beyonce had the wherewithal to raise one of her legs up…and connect with Shakira's gut. Beyonce pushed Shakira toward the turnbuckle with her leg. Shakira was caught off guard by the kick and it took the wind completely out of her. She sat upright in the corner with her arms on her waist desperately trying to catch her breath.

The two stayed where they were on the mat for a couple of minutes trying to gather their strength before starting to get back up. Beyonce just got up to her knees from her hands and knees, while Shakira had used the ropes to get to her feet and preparing to fight. Shakira snapped a kick Beyonce's head, which she was somehow able grab and push away from her, much to Shakira's surprise. Shakira tried another kick, but got this kick blocked and pushed away too.

Shakira was ready to do anything at this point to keep the title. She launched herself at Beyonce knocking her onto her back and straddling her stomach. The best Beyonce could do was to put her arms up in defense to try and block Shakira. She was determined to win as she punched at Beyonce's face and chest with a wild fury no one has seen before. There was little that Beyonce could do besides try to block Shakira's punches and try and punch back. Each time Beyonce tried to punch, she was hit with another punch from Shakira. After nearly four dozen punches Shakira had nearly punched Beyonce into unconsciousness and only then did she stop punching.

The crowd could see the fierce determination in Shakira's eyes and face throughout the punch fest and even now. Shakira then reversed her position on Beyonce's chest and wiggled her way up Beyonce's body. Just before she planted her ass on Beyonce's face, Shakira looked over her shoulder to Beyonce who barely registered where she was at this point and said, "Time to be smothered out by the best ass in the business bitch and believe me when I tell you that my 'Hips Don't Lie' about me being the real 'bootylicious' champion. I hope we can still be friends." She then planted her ass on Beyonce's face. Beyonce flailed her arms and legs weakly and muttered incoherently while she was being smothered out.

In just over a minute, Shakira had smothered Beyonce unconscious, but stayed on her just to make sure she was out. She then looked out to the crowd and said, "If anyone wants to take pictures of this go ahead. I'll autograph them for you if you want." The crowd quickly got their cameras and snapped photos of Shakira smiling and flexing her arms while smothering Beyonce. After all the pictures were taken, Shakira stood up and placed her foot between Beyonce's heaving breasts and posed once again for pictures.

After all was said and done, she autographed any other photos the fans had with them. She even autographed the clothes she was wearing for the fan who grabbed them when she threw them out of the ring. She even allowed the occasional fan to kiss her champion ass. She stayed and signed all the autographs the fans had and went home afterward.

She called and left Beyonce a voicemail afterward on her cellphone, "I hope you enjoyed the match as much as I did…well probably not since you lost. I hope we can be friends though. To show you what a nice person I am, if you ever want a rematch…I'll be glad to give you one. Just let me know, got that? Bye for now." Then she hung up the phone and smiled a slightly bitch smile knowing that the message would eat at her a bit.


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