Throughout her career in the Stone Rage Battle Zone, Beyonce has had a pretty good run, facing and usually defeating a wide range of opponents. Her next opponent has little experience in professional fighting and was willing to fight anyone who would take her on at this point, as she got one blown off challenge after another. Her opponent was none other than Natalie Portman. Beyonce was looking to pad her stats while Natalie was fighting more for some respect, recognition and even a slight boost in the league. Natalie figured that she would probably get her ass kicked by Beyonce, but she'd at least try to make a good show of the match.

The match started simply enough with the ringing of the bell and the two circling each other. The two locked up at the shoulders and almost instantly Beyonce started to push Natalie backward toward the ropes with her overpowering strength. Natalie tried with all her might to stop Beyonce from pushing her back, but with little success. After getting to the ropes, Beyonce broke the hold, then landed one hard punch after another to Natalie's face and chest with an intermittent knee.

After the first few punches, Natalie brought her fists up and began to block the punches before soon being able to fire a few of her own. The momentary slugfest between the two caused Beyonce to back off for a moment. Natalie, however, didn't stop sending her punches flying toward Beyonce causing her to retreat back a few steps. After forcing Beyonce back, Natalie ran backwards to the ropes she was just at and bounced off them for momentum as she headed toward Beyonce. She tried a half clothesline, half shoulder block on Beyonce in an attempt to take her down with little effect. All it did was make Beyonce stagger a little bit on her feet and arch backwards a bit, but nothing else.

Natalie PortmanNatalie tried again from one of the other ropes, but with the same effect. Natalie looked almost in shock for a moment at Beyonce that her attack had such little effect on her. As she was about turning and going to the ropes for a third time, Beyonce grabbed her arm smiling at her and shaking her head "I don't think so sweetie".

"No?" asked Natalie with a furrowed look on her face.

"Nope." Responded Beyonce as she let go of Natalie's arm and almost as quickly jump up and drop kicked Natalie who fell to the mat with little trouble. As Beyonce got to her feet after the drop kick she looked down at Natalie, "Now that's how you take someone down girl." Natalie growled at Beyonce's statement after she heard it.

As soon as she started to get back up, Beyonce quickly sent a kick to Natalie's exposed gut, flipping her onto her side, followed by another kick to send her to her back holding her stomach. Beyonce leaned over and grabbed Natalie by the hair, bringing her to her feet. Natalie grabbed Beyonce's wrists to try and free herself, but with little effect. Natalie instinctively reached out and racked Beyonce's eyes. Beyonce released her hold on Natalie's hair and went to her eyes to protect them. She was blinking wildly as she held her hands in front of her eyes.

Natalie took advantage of the situation by pounding Beyonce's breasts and torso with one rapid-fire punch after another. Natalie intermittently threw in a kick to Beyonce's ribs, whether it was to her right side or left side. Natalie finished with several hard kicks to Beyonce's gut causing her to double over. Natalie then wrapped her arm around Beyonce's neck and dropped to her ass connecting with a DDT causing Beyonce to grunt as her head connects with the mat. Her ass stays up in the air for all to see for a second before it falls to the side.

Natalie quickly rolls Beyonce onto her back and covers her for the quick pin. The ref comes in and starts the count, but before he could get to the second count, Beyonce kicks out. Natalie quickly gets back to her feet, with Beyonce a little slower and holding her head being a bit woozy from the DDT.

The two began to circle each other again both a little weary of the other. The more confident Beyonce moves in, bull-rushing Natalie with a series of punches to Natalie's breasts and face. Natalie was completely caught off guard by Beyonce's tactic as she was hoping for a more conventional type of attack. After more than a half dozen punches, Beyonce's punches were starting to take their toll on Natalie.

After forcing Natalie back to nearly the corner, Beyonce switched her tactics by kicking Natalie in the gut, causing her to double over. Beyonce then grabbed Natalie's head and drove her knee hard up into Natalie's face causing her nose to start bleeding and her neck and body to snap back upwards. Beyonce then spun around and kicked Natalie right in the gut sending her flying into the corner. Natalie saw the kick coming, but there was little that she could have done about it. Natalie was now in a bit of pain, her knees starting to buckle under her and her chest heaving in and out trying to get some air in. Her arms were resting on the top ropes steadying herself. She looks out and sees Beyonce smiling like a predator ready to pounce on its prey.

Beyonce KnowlesIn a deteriorating situation and somewhat out of fear and desperation Natalie charges out at Beyonce screaming and leaps at her. She is able knock the ebony warrior down onto her back. Natalie straddles Beyonce's chest and started raining punches at Beyonce's face. Even though they had some strength behind them they were wild and unfocused punches, mostly from being an inexperienced rookie.

Natalie quickly changed her tactics and grabbed Beyonce's honey colored hair and started to slam her head against the mat causing Beyonce to howl in pain. Beyonce was able to reach up, placing the palms of both her hands under Natalie's chin and push against her head. This manuever forced Natalie to let go of Beyonce's head. Beyonce was pushing so hard and so far up that Natalie was arching her back. She started to buck underneath Natalie, and without too much effort she was able to push Natalie off of her.

Natalie was able to get to her feet relatively quickly, while Beyonce was still getting up. Natalie charged at Beyonce and kicked her in the stomach causing her to flip over to her back. Natalie then guillotine kicked Beyonce causing her body to flop on the mat. Natalie then brought Beyonce to her feet, but as she did that Beyonce uppercuts her in her pussy causing Natalie to scream in pain and hold her pussy as she doubles over. Beyonce wasted absolutely not time as she puts Natalie in a reverse headlock and drops her to the mat in a DDT. Natalie was still in shock and pain from the low blow uppercut and now finds herself lying on the mat in even more pain.

Before Natalie could recover from the surprise assault, Beyonce rolls Natalie onto her back, straddles her and plants her ass on Natalie's face. Natalie violently flails her arms and legs while she's being smothered out by Beyonce. Natalie tries to bring her legs up to wrap them around Beyonce's neck, but Beyonce grabs them and holds each leg under an armpit thus neutralizing her legs. Time and lack of air finally takes its toll on Natalie as her strength dwindled and air supply gone while under Beyonce's ass. Natalie's strength finally failed after almost two minutes as her arms fell limply at her side.

The ref moved in and administered the three count using Natalie's arm. After the three count, Beyonce released Natalie's legs and stood up and the ref lifted her arm in victory.

After her match, Natalie was in her locker room feeling down after her loss to Beyonce. She decided to call Shakira, but got her voicemail instead and thought to herself as she listened to the voicemail message: "Damn…I fucking hate leaving voicemails. Hardly anyone returns mine. Maybe Shakira will be different…maybe."

After the beep Natalie left a message: "Shakira…it's Natalie. I need to ask you a really huge favor. I just lost to Beyonce in a match and was really hoping I could come to you for some training. I know you've trained others in the past and they've done well. I was hoping you could do the same for me. I could really use your help right about now. Please call me back."

She then hung up the phone and started thinking, "She won't call me back…I know it. I sounded too desperate on the call…dammit." She slumped down against the locker and hung her head.