Ever since the inception of the Bootylicious title, there's been one name who was seemed destined to where that mantle for all time, Beyonce Knowles. Beyonce defeated the other monster booty in the league, Jennifer Lopez, in a truely specatcular match worthy of Hollywood's two greatest booties. * Somehow, she ran afoul of the ABA resulting in a match with Christina Applegate. The ABA again cheated their way to victory, although the Bootylicous title was not at stake. The ABA wants to neutralize the ever growing threat named Beyonce, and they're sending Alyssa Milano to take her title and finish the job.

After much haggling with the fighters, StoneRage finally schedules a championship match between Beyonce and Alyssa Milano. Both fighters are eager to fight and be declared the Bootylicious champion. In separate interviews, they each complimented the other's fighting skills and booty but each guaranteed that they'll be champion by the end of the match. They each prepared for the upcoming match in between their schedules. Finally, the day of the match arrived. The adrenaline was rushing through them as they made final preparations in their locker room. Beyonce's group mates "Destiny's Child" are in her locker room for moral support and to watch her back if necessary. Likewise, the ABA members are there for Alyssa Milano.

Beyonce is introduced first to Destiny's Child's hit 'Bootylicious'. She is wearing a ruffled mini-skirt that barely covered her succulent ass and a mid-riff tank top. She smiles and waves as the crowd cheer her. She teases the crowd a bit by going through the second ropes slowly, showing off her ass a bit. She goes around the ring stopping every so often, jutting out her ass and smacking her cheeks. The crowd is eating it up.

Her fun is interrupted as 'American Bad Ass' comes on the speakers. Alyssa confidently strides down the ramp in a thong and bikini top. She comes in to a hale of boos. She quickly gets to the ring and makes a bee-line for Beyonce and before she could respond starts a rapid-fire punches to Beyonce's head and chest. Alyssa knows she has to keep Beyonce on her heels because she is well aware of how strong Beyonce is, especially when it concerns her legs.

Beyonce tries to block Alyssa's punches but to little effect as they are coming in too fast for her. Alyssa backs Beyonce to the ropes where she short-arm closthlines Beyonce over the ropes and outside of the ring, to the floor below. Alyssa quickly follows her to the outside and is able to get a few kicks and stomps in to Beyonce's prone body. Beyonce is able to somehow able to hook her leg around and sweeps Alyssa off her feet, knocking her to her back. Beyonce quickly follows that by lifting her left leg and dropping it to Alyssa's stomach causing her to spasm and nearly sit up whereupon Beyonce swings her right leg around smacks Alyssa's face with her foot. They slowly get to their feet and watch each other carefully.

Beyonce kicks her right leg out to Alyssa, but Alyssa grabs it and kicks Beyonce several times in the gut and crotch causing her to yelp in pain and nearly fall over. Alyssa lets go of Beyonce's leg and watchs as Beyonce bend over holding her stomach. Alyssa grabs Beyonce's head and knees her several times and while still holding on, runs toward the steel ring post and smacks Beyonce's head against the post half a dozen times. She follows that up by smacking her head against the edge of the mat before rolling Beyonce into the ring. She follows quickly behind her into the ring.

Alyssa quickly brings the still hurting Beyonce to her feet and grabs her in a reverse bear-hug. She uses all her strength to lift Beyonce off her feet for a German suplex. While still holding on to Beyonce, Alyssa stands back up and does a second German suplex…then a third and a fourth. Alyssa finally releases the hold after the fourth German suplex nearly exhausts her strength. The moves also took a lot out of Beyonce as well. Alyssa quickly gets to her feet though, goes to the outside of the ring and up to the third rope. She jumps off the rope toward Beyonce only to have her move away at the last second. "Fuck!" Exhaled Alyssa in pain.

Both fighters slowly make it to their feet and charge at each other, pound away at each other, each wanting to win the title. Beyonce quickly grabs Alyssa's arm and sends her toward the ropes and awaits her return. As Alyssa returns, Beyonce is bent over hoping to flip Alyssa onto her back. However, Alyssa puts Beyonce in a headlock, knees her several times in her gut and kicks her in the crotch in rapid fire motion. She finishes it up by DDTing Beyonce almost face first to the canvas. Beyonce's ass stays up in the air for a few seconds. Alyssa stands up and kicks Beyonce in the gut sending her to her back.

Alyssa quickly straddles Beyonce, and before she can retaliate brings her ass onto Beyonce's face. Alyssa traps Beyonce's arms under her knees. Beyonce kicks her legs and tries to buck Alyssa off of her, but that is soon countered by a few hard punches to Beyonce's gut. After that, Beyonce gives token resistance as she is slowly smothered out by Alyssa's ass. In less than a couple minutes, Beyonce's body goes limp under Alyssa's ass. The ref comes over to the fighters, then lifts up Beyonce's arms allowing it to drop three times to end the match, and calls for the bell.

Alyssa keeps her ass on Beyonce's face for a few more seconds to let the victory soak in. The ref gets the title from the outside official and hands it over to a smiling Alyssa. She takes the title and puts it around her waist as she stands up. The ref raises her arm in victory. She then posed over Beyonce and smiles for the cameras.

As she walked away, she says under her breath in Beyonce's direction, "You're not too bad a fighter. Too bad you had to fight me." She mades her way back to the ABA locker room where her teammates have victory champagne waiting for her.

* Beyonce vs J.Lo


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