Beyonce Knowles(65%) Clashes with Le Ann Rimes (35%)


The bell rang to the delight of the crowd, and Country sensation Le Ann Rimes is squaring off against pop diva, Beyonce Knowles. Billed as THE teen catfight, everyone has high expectations for this match up. Le Ann is wearing a black corset with matching bikini briefs and black nylons. Beyonce was wearing a simpler, yet spectacular white bikini. Both girls are ready to go, and ready to give their all.

“Get ready to be my bitch,” yelled Le Ann as she yanked Beyonce into a standing headlock.

Le Ann quickly spun Beyonce around and kneed her in the breasts, sending a shot of pain throughout her chest, and sending the beautiful diva to her knees.

Sensing that her opponent was hurt, Le Ann stood over Beyonce and mocked, “You’re making this too easy, bitch...”

Hearing enough, Beyonce pulled back her right fist and sank it into Le Ann’s tight stomach, dropping the blond onto her knees right in front of the diva. Beyonce smiled and began drilling Le Ann with punches to the chest and stomach.

A punch by Beyonce to the stomach of the country teen. “OOOOOOFFFF!”

A two punch combo to the breasts. “UNGGH! OOOFF!”

Beyonce brought her fist back again and sank it deep into Le Ann’s stomach, lifting the blond off of the mat, and sending her onto her back. Beyonce got to her feet and stalked her prey. Le Ann was holding her stomach and trying to catch her breath. Beyonce sat down behind Le Ann and wrapped her sexy legs around the blond’s head and began to squeeze.

“UHHHNNNNAAAA!” moaned Le Ann as her head was being squeezed. Beyonce took the opportunity to wave at her fans, as she was torturing Le Ann. Le Ann begins to try and force her way out of the headscissors, but finds that her chest is under heavy attack from her assailant. Beyonce starts slugging away at Le Ann’s pert tits like a speed bag which prompts the country cutie to cover up her battered chest.

Beyonce breaks the hold and jumps to her feet. Le Ann takes the opportunity to get her breath, but it is short lived. Beyonce yanks Le Ann to her feet by her golden locks and throws her into the corner. Le Ann’s arms hang over the ropes, and she’s barely able to hold herself up.

“Who’s the bitch now,” quips Beyonce as she closes in on Le Ann. Without warning Beyonce sends a left punch into Le Ann’s ribs doubling her over. Beyonce smiles and yanks Le Ann up and slaps her hard across the face, drawing a huge response from the crowd.

Beyonce nods, “You’re my bitch, bitch.” The pop diva grabs Le Ann’s hair and pushes her throat across the middle rope, choking the country teen. The ref, who has been missing for the duration of this match so far, admonishes a count, ordering Beyonce to break the choke. Looking annoyed, Beyonce let up on Le Ann, allowing the blond to breathe again. Le Ann is on her hands and knees and is having a hell of a time.

Beyonce strolls over and kicks Le Ann in the side, sending the blond into the center of the ring. Le Ann lands on her stomach and is unable to put up much of a fight. The early beating by Beyonce has left her drained. Beyonce dances over Le Ann’s prone body and sits on the small of her back. The dark haired diva pulls back on Le Ann’s hair, in a modified camel clutch. Le Ann only recourse is too scream painfully as her hair is being ripped out. Finally, Beyonce slams Le Ann’s face forward, smashing Le Ann’s pretty face into the mat.

Beyonce stands up and kicks Le Ann onto her back. “I know you’ve ALL been waiting for this...” comments Beyonce, and then she slowly lowers her lovely ass onto Le Ann’s face. Le Ann tries to put up a fight by scratching away at Beyonce’s legs, but this resistance is met with slugs to Le Ann’s stomach. Beyonce intensifies this attack by painfully squeezing Le Ann’s perky breasts. Several moments go by and the crowd’s response intensifies with each passing second that Beyonce sits on Le Ann’s face.

Finally, Le Ann’s struggles begin to fade and the ref orders, “Okay, Beyonce, you have to get off.”

“I think I just did,” giggles Beyonce. Beyonce gets up and begins pushing her foot onto Le Ann’s face. “Lick my feet bitch,” orders Beyonce.

“ hell,” responds the defiant blond.

“Hmmmm,” responds Beyonce thoughtfully, “This is going to be more fun than I thought.”

Beyonce tugs Le Ann’s face into her ass and wraps her legs around Le Ann’s neck and squeezes again. Le Ann begins to scream, but her cries get lost in the frenzied crowd, as they are enjoying Beyonce’s dominance. Next, Beyonce unwraps her legs from around the country cutie’s head and wraps them instead, around her chest. Le Ann cries in pain and her breasts are being flattened inbetween Beyonce’s thighs.

Finally, tiring of this hold, Beyonce relinquishes the hold and stands up. Le Ann is curled into a little ball, until Beyonce hoists her to her feet by yanking on her hair.

Beyonce looks into Le Ann’s face and asks, “Have you had enough, bitch?”

Le Ann says nothing, but nods yes.

“Too bad,” Beyonce laughs and punches Le Ann in the gut.


Beyonce stands back and kicks Le Ann square in the stomach.


Le Ann, unable to stand falls onto her stomach, hoping to cover it up from any more pain. Beyonce stands over Le Ann, and asks, “Well?”

Le Ann looks up, with a mask of anguish and nods her head. Beyonce smiles and slides her foot into Le Ann’s mouth as Le Ann gives her foot a thorough washing with her tongue. The fans are eating up Le Ann’s degradation. Feeling satisfied with one foot being taken care of, Beyonce forces her other foot into Le Ann’s mouth. Le Ann offers no resistance and is completely subservant.

Finally, Beyonce pulls out her clean foot from Le Ann’s mouth and says, “Its time to finish this. Roll over onto your back.”

Following orders, Le Ann lays on her back and waits for the inevitable. Beyonce makes a deliberate, dramatic spectacle of herself as she dances and sways over Le Ann’s beaten body, and finally sits on her face. Le Ann offers no resistance as her face is overwhelmed by the pop diva’s sexy ass. Beyonce rubs her ass in Le Ann’s face at will, much to the delight of the cheering crowd. Finally, the ref counts Le Ann’s shoulders and the winner of the match: Beyonce Knowles!

Beyonce waves to the crowd in acknowledgement of her destroying and humiliating Le Ann Rimes.


Beyonce makes LeAnn Say Her Name, Say Her Name

LeAnn is looking for a her next match