Madonna (54%) bashes Mariah Carey (46%) Madonna and Mariah Carey both stood in their corners with their hands on their hips. Both competitors looked across the ring, staring a hole through each other. They have had a long rivalry. It began in the late eighties when Mariah began her meteoric rise in her singing career, with a list of number one hits that rivaled Madonna's own lofty accomplishments. Their fans have endlessly debated who was superior. They have fought many times before, with each winning their fair share. This is the first time their paths have crossed in Stone Rage's Battle Zone though. The only thing that will certainly happen in this bout, is that the loser will suffer; and suffer greatly. She will encounter a humiliating defeat. Also it is certain this will not settle the rivalry between these two legends.

Madonna is dressed in a black leather vest, with her boobs popping out, black panties with black fishnet panty hose. To top off her outfit, she strode to the ring in a black cowboy hat that drove the fans wild. Mariah, not to be out done, chose a shiny silver bikini to show off her sexy body.

At the bell the two superstars charged at each other and met with a resounding smack. Claws and legs franticly flailed about searching for an opening to inflict some damage. Ultimately their claws found each other's hair and they started yanking each other's head about until they lost their balance and fell into a heap. This did nothing to slow their frantic thrashing about, as each still sought an opening to gain control of the match.

Multiple bruises were being raised on both girls. Both had lost clumps of hair, and both had suffered several nasty scratch marks. Finally Madonna found the opening she was looking for. She used her superior strength to roll Mariah over onto her back, and get on top of her. Grappling on the mat negated Mariah's height advantage and Madonna was able to get on top and stun the brunette with a quick, sharp combination to the chin. This stunned Mariah for a second, allowing Madonna to bash her with a head butt to the forehead. Madonna added further damage by leaping in the air and driving the point of her knee into Mariah's soft belly. In a matter of moments Madonna has turned the tide of this grueling match.

Seeing she finally had the double tough Mariah hurt, Madonna was not going to let her quarry escape. Mariah had rolled into a ball gasping and covering her aching stomach. Madonna hair hauls her to her feet so she can scoop up the New Yorker and body slam her back down to the mat. Madonna follows up by leaping up and landing with both feet down on Mariah's stomach. Mariah's eyes almost bulge out of her head, then she resumes her previous balled up position, gasping for air.

The veteran Madonna pulls Mariah to her feet again and applies the perfect hold for the situation, a bear hug. Madonna bends over and positions her shoulder in Mariah's belly button, her arms encircle their prey, and she squeezes with all her might. Madonna's grip prevents Mariah from taking a breath, and further injure her already sore mid section. Second, Mariah's retaliatory punches weakly fall down on Madonna's back, which easily absorb the blows. Mariah's face showed panic, her fingers start to probe Madonna's face, looking for eye sockets to jab into, or anything else to bring her some relief. Realizing this, Madonna lifted Mariah off her feet and twisting, slammed her to the mat with a belly-to-belly suflex. Mariah landed hard, and grimaced in agony.

Mariah was still howling in pain as Madonna snaked her powerful thighs around the brunette's stomach, and squeezed. Mariah's screams were instantly snuffed out as her air supply was cut to a minimum. Madonna wrapped her arm around Mariah's throat reducing her to only a few short gurgles. Confident Mariah was about to crack and submit, Madonna used her other hand to untie Mariah's bikini top, allowing it to fall in Mariah's lap, before she started to claw & maul Mariah's right breast.

Mariah's face was a mask of anguish. She fought the urge to tap the mat and admit defeat, but knew it was only a matter of time before she would be forced to tap out. Suddenly out of no where, Mariah's team mate in the Divas, Whitney Houston darts in the ring and wallops Madonna over the back of the head with Madonna's own Warqueen Title belt. Madonna releases Mariah and slumps back to the canvas holding the back of her head.

Whitney starts stomping Madonna and yells to her friend, "Get up and pin her, We've got her!", confident her Divas team was about to win their second title of the night. (Shania Twain kicked Jennifer Lopez's big ass for the Songbird Title earlier)* Slowly Mariah regained enough wind in her body to crawl over to Madonna and fall on her chest. The referee began a count but suddenly Mariah found herself being drug out of the ring. Mariah looked back to see Whitney's arch rival Janet Jackson pulling her out the ring by her ankle.

Whitney's eyes popped and jaw dropped at Janet's appearance. Before Whitney could react, Janet had pulled Mariah out the ring, placed her head between her strong thighs and pile drive Mariah's head into the hard arena floor. Mariah was knocked senseless, prompting Whitney started to climb out the ring to help her teammate. As she approached the ropes, Madonna clobbered her over the back of the head with the championship belt. The force of the blow sent Whitney flying over the top rope to the unforgiving arena floor.

"I knew two sneaky punk bitches like you would try something, so I had Janet watching my back!" screamed a furious Madonna

Janet rolled Mariah back into the ring to Madonna while she beat the hell out of Whitney outside the ring. Whitney found herself being stomped, whipped into ring steps, and her head slammed into the barrier surrounding ringside. Her stylish mini dress was ripped to shreds, along with her silk bra & panties. Inside the ring, Mariah was walloped over the head with the championship belt every time she rose to her feet. Being clotheslined and bitch slapped were also painful, but the worst was when Madonna stripped off her shiny bikini bottoms, and used her index finger to stuff them up Mariah's ass.

After the two nude superstars were beaten into oblivion, Janet rolls Whitney back into the ring, and Madonna and Janet, greet each other with a quick kiss on the lips. Mariah & Whitney were lying face down on the mat when their rivals mounted them. Madonna & Janet tucked one leg of their opponents under their arms and bent them back into a single leg Boston Crab. Madonna applied the hold the Half Crab to Mariah while Janet did the same to Whitney. They applied a Half Crab so they could use their free hand to claw at their rival's pussies. For several minutes Madonna & Janet tugged harder & harder bending their opponents bodies backwards into a painful, unnatural position while they groped, clawed, mauled, and violated their sex organs. Whitney & Mariah were trapped and defeated, and only moaned, panted and squealed like common street corner whores enduring the torment. After several minutes of molestation, the two classy superstars were brought to screaming orgasms.

With their mission complete Janet & Madonna released their prey, and shared a kiss again before exiting the ring. Both girls walked up the ramp arm in arm turned on by their conquest of their rivals. Madonna grabbed the mic at the top of the ramp and announced, "We let you bimbo's off easy tonight! Next time we see you, we're turning you into our sex toys!"

Mariah & Whitney were face down in the ring, almost too exhausted to move. Both were drenched in their own sweat and sexjuices as they slowly looked at each other.

"Fucking Bitch, you never can win a championship," muttered Whitney to Mariah

"I didn't see you being much help you stupid fuck!" slammed back a frustrated Mariah

More words were exchanged, before the two dove at each other and were catfighting across the ring. The two former friends rolled around cursing and pulling each other's hair. Shania bolted from backstage to break up the fight. After several failed attempts to separate the two, she threw up her hands in disgust and left the ring. Whitney & Mariah continued thrashing about a couple more minutes till exhaustion set in and the two lied still on the mat in each other's arms.

Madonna & Janet are a Hot Couple!!!??!?!

Mariah Carey & Whiteny Houston got whipped - Are the Diva's finished?

*J. Lo vs Shania