Halle Berry (59%) beats Jenny McCarthy (41%) This story began the month before when Halle Berry decided to give number one contender, Salma Hayek a title shot even though Salma had just gotten her ass kicked big time by Jenny McCarthy. Jenny figured she had earned Salma's title shot, but Halle did not think she 'deserved' a shot. Jenny challenged Halle to a match to show her she was championship material, even though Halle has dropped the belt to Britney Spears.

Halle gladly took the challenge, but Jenny took the challenge a little further and demanded a no disqualification, falls count anywhere match. Halle again agreed.

Jenny waited in the ring for Halle wearing her customary black leather shorts and a black tank top. As always her over endowed body spilled out of every opening of her outfit. Halle walked to the ring in another stunning glimmering gold bikini. Jenny met her at ringside as Halle greeted her fans. An argument and a shoving & pushing match quickly ensued.

Jenny scoops Halle up in the confusion and body slams her in the first row of her beloved fans. Jenny grabs a handful of hair and pulls Halle off the fan's laps and nails her in her tight flat belly a couple of times. Halle is able to block one of those punches and return the favor with a punch of her own to Jenny's soft belly that doubles the blonde over. The two grapplers lock their hands in each other's hair and begin to struggle for an advantage.

Jenny, easily the stronger of the two gains that advantage and whips Halle into the announcer's table. Only the former champion is able to leap on top of the table at the last moment, then turns and body splashes Jenny, knocking her to the floor as she stood amazed and dazzled by Halle's spectacular reversal.

Halle pulls Jenny to her feet and attempts a bodyslam of her own, but the strong blonde blocks the maneuver and reverses it and lifts Halle up in the air, and drops Halle's back across her out stretched knee for a back breaker. Halle slowly regains her feet while Jenny catches her breath. The two grapplers take one look at each other and tear into each other again. Hands deep in each other's hair as they struggle around ringside.

Jenny once again utilizes her strength to maneuver Halle into a sleeper hold from their stalemate. She walks the moviestar to the ring and they roll into the ring under the bottom rope. Halle continues to struggle until she slips out of the hold and twist Jenny's arm behind her into a hammerlock. Halle's wrestling expertise is on display as the Playboy Playmate grimaces from the expertly applied hold.

Jenny once again relies on her superior strength and powers to her feet. Seeing Jenny about to escape, Halle whips the blonde into the ropes and backflips her over the top rope to the arena floor as she rebounds. The blonde is holding the small of her back, now realizing the sweet heroine, Halle, has a killer instinct hidden deep within. This moment of realization was cut short as Halle leaps from the ring apron, and again knocks Jenny to the arena floor. Halle quickly follows with a pin attempt, but Jenny kicks out before the three count.

The brutal match continues as both slowly regain their feet, and again tear into each other in the next instant. Both warriors exchange chokes and hair pulls until Jenny's strength once again wins out and she slams Halle's head into the ring apron. The slender former champion was stunned and easily lifted upside down for a suflex. Jenny holds Halle upside down for an extra long time, allowing the blood to rush to her head, and increase her disorientation before falling back and dropping her to the hard arena floor. Jenny goes for a pin attempt but Halle kicks her off in a count of two.

Jenny is rising to her feet, breathing hard from this grueling fight, when she sees Halle slap the floor and mutters, "bitch". Halle leaps to her feet with a burning fire in her eyes that at least shocks or at most frightens Jenny. Halle barrel's into the blonde knocking her into the front row of fans. Halle holds Jenny in place and slams her forearm across Jenny's chest several times. The crowd starts to chant "HALLE... HALLE... HALLE..." as she continues to assault her opponent.

Halle grabs a handful of hair and yanks Jenny off the laps of the front row fans, and usher's her to the steps leading up to the balcony. Halle flings Jenny face down on the steps and slams her face into a step blooding her foe. Halle then pulls the beaten blonde to her feet and slams her face into the railing up the steps. This causes the sprinkle of blood to flow like a river. Halle then tosses Jenny over the railing sending her falling several feet onto the ramp leading to the backstage area. The fans are in a frenzy to see their heroine fight fire with fire and vanquish the villianess blonde.

Jenny hits hard on the ramp and is lying in obvious pain moaning & sobbing. Halle climbs down the steps the traditional way and makes her way to the fallen blonde. Halle offers a few stomps on Jenny for good measures before standing on her shoulders, using the railing for balance and pinning Jenny to the ground. The referee easily administers the three count, and the crowd erupts with Halle's victory. The heroine goes back to exchanging greetings her fans, leaving the blonde in a heap behind her. Jenny struggles to a seated to a seated position, and even through the mask of blood, flashes of hatred and thoughts of bitter revenge can be seen. This story is not over by a long shot.

Halle keeps on trucking over Jenny McCarthy

Jenny is looking for revenge