Britney Spears(59%) slams Jessica Simpson (41%) This would be a match with long standing repercussions. Britney Spears battles Jessica Simpson. First, it's a battle between two hot pop stars with similar looks and appeal. Second, it's the next chapter in the war between Britney's Generation Next and Jessica's Generation PRIME. Generation PRIME has been floundering as of late, and knows a victory over Britney will rocket them back on top. Britney knows a victory over Jessica will launch her back into the title match.

Britney Spears comes to the ring first then Jessica Simpson. An argument quickly breaks out over who is the top pop star, but is broken up when Jessica kicks Britney in the pussy. Britney yells in shock and pain and drops to her knees. Jessica grabs Britneys by the hair and tries to slam her head into the mat when Britney strikes back, hitting her opponent in the jaw. Jessica lets Britney go and holds her aching jaw. Britney knocks Jessica off her feet. Jessica lands on the back of her head, stunning herself. Britney captures Jessica's ankles and pulls off her shoes and socks. Jessica is trying to fight her off but can not until after Jessica is barefoot.

Britney picks Jessica off the mat. Jessica is kicking and thrashing around in her bare feet as Briney prepares to slam her. Jessica's efforts are rewarded when she is able to escape Britney's grasp and knocks her down in the process. Luckily for Jessica, the tiring Britney is stunned for a few seconds allowing Jessica to leap on top of her. Jessica quickly rips off Britney's top to expose her bare breast. Britney tries to cover her breast but cannot before Jessica pins her arms down. Jessica tries to hold Britney down but the formidable blonde proves to be too strong for Jessica and kicks her off.

Feeling the pace from the match Jessica and showing her inexperience is slow getting back to her feet, while Britney quickly regains hers. Britney snares her foe and quickly pulls Jessica's head between her legs, lifts her upside down and executes a devastating pile driver that knocks Jessica unconscious. Ready to show Jessica and the world, who is the "Pop Princess" Britney takes Jessica's belt off and whips her with it. Jessica squirms in pain trying to escape Britney's attack. Britney ties Jessica to the ring ropes with the belt and she strips Jessica of all her clothes. For her final humiliation Britney then grabs some clippers and shaves Jessica's pussy bald.

Britney Spears Versus Jessica Simpson
One Fight is not going to be enough for this classic rivalry!



"Ladies, what we are doing isn't working" Christina Aguilera said as she paced in front of her Generation PRIME team of Jessica Simpson, Ananda Lewis and Foxy Brown. A few days had passed since Christina Aguilera's and Jessica Simpson's latest crushing defeats at the hands of Mariah Carey and Britney Spears respectively. Christina had asked the other three members to meet her is a secret location in a California wilderness in combat attire. Once they arrived at the location, it was equipped like a military zone with a camouflaged military truck, jungle nets, and large pit dug in the ground. "I'm on a horrible losing streak, Jessica loss to another Generation Next member and Foxy & Ananda haven't been able to do anything to stop the losing." Christina continues, shaking her head remembering the pain of each loss. "As leader I had to do something, so I've obtained a coach for our team....... Ladies meet our new coach Janet Jackson"

Jessica SimpsonAnanda LewisJanet Jackson steps out of the back of an Army camouflaged truck wearing army fatigues. She had a crop tank top that displayed her trademark washboard stomach, and a whistle. The three girls in attendance clapped and applauded adding this legendary coach to their team. "Okay girls, my job is to turn you bunch of losers into a championship team." Janet starts, getting a respectful silence as soon as she starts speaking. "I have identified the problem. Christina is our star player, and you have been letting her down. Like any new coach, I wanted a rooster change, but Christina was loyal to you." Janet looks over to Christina, and the two exchange a small smile and a nod. "So we came to a compromise.... you three can earn the right to stay on the team. Let's play a little game called Generation PRIME Survivor The rules are simple, Christina has chosen 3 potentional new member, and I have chosen three. All nine of you fight. You can use any of the "toys" in the clearing to incapacitate your enemy. Last three are left standing join our new Generation PRIME!"

Foxy, Jessica and especially founding member, Ananda stood in shock that they would be forced to fight to remain on the team. But each knew there was little they could do but refuse and be cut anyway. Janet once again began speaking, "You may recognize my recruits, I call them the Three Bad Ass chicks of the Moulon Rouge: Lil Kim, Mya and Pink" All three girls exit the truck after their name is called. All three are wearing black shorts and white tank tops. "Christina's choices are: Willa Ford, Alicia Keys, and Samantha Mumba." Once again these three emerge from the truck, dress identical to Janet's recruits. "You may begin when you're ready." and blows a whistle to start the contest.

Foxy BrownLil' KimFoxy, Jessica, & Ananda were still in shock from this unexpected turn of events. Unfortunately for them, the women who seek to unseat them were not handicapped by the unexpected. Lil Kim charged her longtime archenemy, Foxy Brown and tackled her to the ground. Before Foxy could react, she lies underneath Kim taking punch after punch to her lovely face. Samantha approaches Ananda and decks her with a right cross. Samantha starts to kick the downed slender talk show host unmercifully in her side. Seeing her friends' fate, Jessica was able to duck Pink's heymaker aimed at her. She fired back with her own punches, as the two girls started trading blows. Alicia & Mya locked up and fell to the ground in a tangle of arms and legs. Willa jumps on top of the two and melts into their pile. No one could tell where one gorgeous body began and one ended aside from the differences in skin color.

Samantha continued stomping the lovely Ananda with more zest. Finally the slender girl was able to catch her attacker's foot. Ananda twisted Samantha's foot and pushed back at the same time. Samantha looses her balance and staggers backwards. She trips and falls ass first into the middle of the puddle of beauties thrashing behind her. Mya, Alicia & Willa break apart as if and lie beside each other on the ground with Samantha in the middle, frozen in an instant as each contemplates their next move.

Jessica is struggling to match Pink punch for punch. The well-toned Pink was overpowering her blonde counterpart. Jessica had to used skill instead. Jessica slipped one of Pink's powerful blows to the left of the singer. Jessica rockets her knee up into Pink's stomach. Jessica got a small reaction as Pink grunted and doubled over a bit, but her her muscles absorbed most of the blow. Jessica used this momentary reaction to get back in front of Pink and launch a full kick between her legs and into her pussy. Pink shrieked in pain and grabbed her throbbing snatch. Jessica darted behind Pink, and locks a sleeper hold on the singer. Pink instantly struggles to escape the deadly hold, but Jessica has applied it with a technician's skill, and maintains a tight grip around Pink's head.

Meanwhile Lil' Kim's fist have all but taken Foxy Brown out of the fight. Kim's fists slam time & time again into Foxy's lovely face. A few feet away, Mya and Willa decide on their next move. Mya leaps to her feet, runs over to Foxy & Kim and rips Kim off of Foxy from behind by her hair. Kim screams, as she's being snatched by her hair and drug several feet away from Foxy. Willa follows Mya and pulls a groggy Foxy to her feet. The battered beauty is bearly able to stand, but Willa unleashes a right cross that sends her staggering backwards. Samantha and Alicia begin to tussle on the ground over on their portion of the battlefield.

PinkPink continues to swing her arms wildly but there is no escape from Jessica's sleeper. Her struggles, only prove to tire her out and make the effects of the sleeper more potent. Pink continued to fade fast. She realized she was defeated and close passing out. Pink tapped Jessica on her arm that crossed her throat indicating her surrender and her hope to be released. Pink is definitely fearfull of being helpless & unconcious in this den of vultures. Jessica snapped back, "Oh No Bitch! No tapping out here, this is a fight to the finish! I'll only let you go after I've put you to sleep." As the darkness started to surround Pink, she pitifully moaned, realizing she was only moments away from unconsciousness.

Willa FordFoxy is practically out on her feet. Her head snaps back after each carefully measured punch landed by Willa and she stumbles back a few more feet. Foxy is cornered at the edge of the battlefield. She woozily sways back & forth, about to tumble over at anytime. Willa backs a few steps and unleashes a powerful kick to Foxy's chest that sent the diminutive rapper hurtling back into a jungle net strung up between two trees. Foxy lands on the ground tangled up in the net. Willa grabs the ropes attached to the corners of the net and draws them up. The net contracts around the dazed rapper and lifts her into the air. Willa ties the ropes into a knot around a tree and secures Foxy being suspended in the net several feet off the ground, and removing her from the fight.

MyaMya continues to drag Lil' Kim back to the edges of the battleground by her hair. Once reaching the back Mya pulls Lil' Kim to her feet and slings her back into a palm tree. Kim grunts as she makes contact with the hard tree trunk. As she focus her sight through tearful eyes, she sees Mya closing and nails her with a right cross. Mya's fist collides with Kim's chin and rocks her back so she bangs the back of her head into the tree. Mya sends three more punches across Kim's chin, and each one forces the back of her head to slam against the tree. The fourth punch slammed Kim's head against the tree so hard; the vibration caused a couple of coconuts to fall out of the tree. Mya reaches down and grabs one of the coconuts and says, "You know Kim.... I never liked you!" and slams the coconut into Kim's head. The dazed girl slides down the tree and comes to rest on her shapely ass. Mya again whacks her with the coconut so hard it cracked the coconut. Mya pries the coconut open far enough that she can pour the milk out of top of Kim's head. The dazed girl can only slight moans as she receives a shower of coconut milk. Mya tosses the coconut shell aside and reaches down and rips off Kim's tank top. Mya pulls Kim to her feet and uses the top to tie her in place to the tree. Kim has a pained look etched on her face, as her drooped head rest on her chest mindlessly moaning.

Jessica continues her hold on Pink until her body is limp in her arms. Realizing the Pink is beyond a shadow of a doubt unconscious, Jessica carelessly tosses her body to the ground. The young blonde takes great pride seeing her stronger rival beaten and face down on the ground at her feet. She deeply regrets not having opportunity to humiliate the beaten girl, and further prove her superiority. But as she looks up she sees Willa approaching her. "Willa what the hell is going on here!?!?" she asks her long time friend & acquaintance. "Why didn't you tell me about this?"

"Sorry, Coach Jackson said I couldn't tell anyone, and I have to do what coach says" Willa replies as she walks over to her friend. "Let's just kick some ass so we can both make the team, okay!" Willa says before their conversation is interrupted by a rampaging Mya charging at them.

As Mya approached, Willa's sexy leg lashes out and catches her in the mid section. Mya stops and doubles over allowing Jessica's fist to come crashing down on the side of her face. Mya screams, and her knees buckle, but she remains on her feet. She straightens up with pain written all over her face, and both hands holding her aching stomach. Willa & Jessica blasts her simultaneously with a hard straight fist to her face. Mya screams and goes stumbling backwards in obvious extreme pain.

Samantha MumbaAlicia KeysSamantha takes advantage of the opportunity and runs up behind Mya and starts to drag her towards the large pit. Samantha easily pulls Mya to the lip of the pit, but the tough singer starts to fight back. Mya fires back with desperate punches to the sexy Samantha's mid section. Those punches temporarily prevents Samantha from tossing her into the pit, until Samantha fights back with punches of her own. Once again Mya is in danger of being tossed into the pit, but she continues to struggle and fight back and thwarts every attempt to dispose of her into the pit.

Several feet away Alicia's fist are beating a nasty tune on Ananda's face and body. They have the slender beauty doubled over, desperately trying to cover up and loudly moaning & groaning in pain. Alicia gets a tight grip on Ananda's long silky hair and starts to spin the talk show host around in a circle, building more & more speed. Jessica sees her friend in deep trouble and starts to come over to help her, but before she can get over to help, Alicia releases the tiny hostess and sends her flying across the battlefield towards the pit where Mya & Samantha are struggling. Ananda flies uncontrollably and collides into Samantha & Mya, knocking all three women into the pit.

Janet loudly blows a whistle to signal the end of the conflict. "Congratulations Ladies" Janet says. "Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, Alicia Keys and Willa Ford.... welcome to the NEW Generation PRIME."