Britney Spears (52%) defeats Halle Berry (48%) This match is huge. The two time former champion Britney Spears challenges our present queen Halle Berry.

Halle Berry emerges from the dressing glittering in gold. She wore her gold sports bra and matching bottom that sparkled in the light. The fans cheered their beloved champion. Halle restored dignity back to the title after a disgraceful interference filled reign by Britney and her Generation Next pack. Halle has ducked no one in her reign and defended the belt only against the worthiest contenders. She relished the opportunity to prove her worth against the former champion, and number one contender, Britney.

Britney enter the ring accompanied by her brat pack, Melissa Joan Hart, Le Anne Rimes and Aaliyah. Uncustomary this time she sent them back to the dressing room after the introduction. She wanted to prove she could win the title alone with only her wrestling skill.

At the opening bell, Halle runs across the ring and drop kicks her young foe in the stomach. Halle knew Britney was capable of defeating her with or without help, and wanted to get a quick start. After knocking Britney down, Halle drug her to the middle of the ring and tied her legs up in a figure four leglock. Halle generously applied the pressure trying to slow the young girl down by hurting her strong legs.

Halle had gained an advantage but realized she was not going to get a submission this early in the battle. So she releases Britney and grabs her ankles to repeatedly stomp her thigh and hamstring muscles. Halle drags Britney to the ropes and drapes her leg over the bottom one. She then leaps up and comes down with her full weight on the limb. Britney is able to squirm away, but the damage has been done. She can hardly stand on the leg.

Seeing her leg assault has been successful, Halle goes to work on the other end, and captures her foe in a headlock. She leads her to the far corner of the ring to get a running start and Bulldog Britney's face into the mat. Britney is definitely hurting now, and Halle grabs her ankles again for another leg lock. Halle's initial fear of Britney's leg strength appears warranted, as the blonde uses her strong legs to lash out, and knock Halle down.

Quickly taking the offensive, Britney whips Halle into the ropes, to lift her and body slam her to the mat on the rebound. She returns a couple of stomps to Halle's tummy, before lifting her across her shoulders in a fireman's carry. She parades the champion briefly before dumping her to the canvas. Britney quickly tries to follow up, but Halle takes her down with a leg sweep. Halle captures the challenger's arm in an arm bar and wrenches the blonde to her feet. Halle whips her into the corner. Britney uses the turnbuckle as a springboard as she leaps on it and then jumps backwards to tackle Halle.

Britney backs off and catches her breath from the frenzied pace of the match. Halle is thankful, she never thought the teen was as strong as she is. Soon both combatants are back on their feet and are ready for battle once again. They lock up again, and Halle slings the singer into the corner. She follows with multiple kicks to her gut. Seeing the kicks are taking their toll, Halle steps to the side and lets Britney tumble face first to the mat. Halle uses the singer as a dance floor, stomping her stomach again & again.

Halle reaches down to hair haul her foe to her feet, but Britney grabs her arms and slings her to the mat with an arm drag. The sudden jolt seems to momentary stun Halle as she lands on the small of her back, and comes to a sliding stop. Britney hauls Halle to her feet, but the champion struggles back. Eventually Halle captures Britney in another side headlock. The strong teen counters by scooping Halle up in her arms and dropping the small of her back across her knee in a back breaker. Halle screams in pain and lies on the mat clutching her back. The tall slender champion seems to be having trouble absorbing the power moves of her young challenger, especially those aimed at her back.

Britney takes charge and sends Halle in to the ropes. As she rebounds, the challenger splatters her across the mat with a backdrop. Halle's back is really aching now and Britney has ever intention on capitalizing on it.

Britney whips the champion into the ropes for the third time. This time when Halle rebounds, the blonde scooped her up and takes her over in one fluid motion into a power slam. Halle sends out another exclaimation of pain, with her back really in trouble now. The champion is really struggling to get back to her feet. In fact Halle falters and drops to one knee a couple times before she stands to find her opponent perched on the top rope.

Britney leaps off the ropes and crushes Halle to the mat with a big body cross. The youth holds Halle down and hooks her right leg for the pin. Halle kicks wildly with her free leg but the strong teen is not about to let her escape. The referee counts three, and Britney's third title reign begins.

The fans could not help but to be impressed by Britney's skilled and clean performance and cheered their approval of her performance. The Generation Next girls rush to the ring to congratulate their leader.

Halle has disappointment etched on her face but walks over to offer a congratulatory handshake to the new champion and hands Britney her championship belt. She holds her still aching back which lead to her downfall tonight. Britney takes the handshake with the very same grace and class the previous champion restored to the crown.

Britney proves to everyone (especially Halle) she deserves to be Champion

Halle is still classy... Even without the belt