Melissa Joan Hart (53%) bewitches Jessica Simpson (47%)
After all the introductions and pageantry, we were left with Jessica Simpson and Melissa Joan Hart in the squared circle. Outside the ring were their Jessica’s corner was Generation Prime, Christina Aguilera, Ananda Lewis and new member, Foxy Brown. In Melissa’s corner was Generation Next, Britney Spears, Lee Ann Rimes and Aaliyah. This match is the first *official* match between factions Prime and Next since the split and more specifically, since Christina and Britney battled not too long ago, and without a satisfactory ending to either side.

In the ring, stood Jessica Simpson. She wears a red string bikini with matching boots. Her long hair is tied back into a pony tail with her face being framed by her bangs. Across the ring in the opposite corner, Melissa stood confidently. She wore a black two piece and her hair was tied back into twin braids. While the teams gave their fighters last minute encouragement, both newcomers engaged in a stare down that neither refused to lose. The ref signaled that the start of the match was almost here.

Finally the bell rings and the match is under way. Both girls come charging out of their corners and lock up in the middle of the ring. Their bodies mash together as both Jessica and Melissa struggle in a collar and elbow tie up. The tug and war battle continues in a stalemate until Melissa backs Jessica into a corner and knees her in the stomach.


Jessica was caught unprepared for the sudden strike to her midsection. With a growing smile on her face, Melissa cocked her hand back and smashed Jessica in the face with a right uppercut, spinning the Prime member face first into the turnbuckle. Melissa took a moment to take in the cheers, from both the fans and her squad before returning her attention to her opponent. As Ms. Hart secured a grip on Jessica’s hair, Jessica struck quickly with an elbow to Melissa’s chest followed by a short-arm clothesline, knocking Melissa onto her back.

Jessica quickly leaped upon her prone victim with a seating side headlock. As Jessica grinded Melissa’s head, Melissa gamely slapped Jessica’s back to no avail. With a surge of energy, Melissa was finally able to force Jessica to her feet. With a heave, Melissa sent Jessica into the ropes. Rebounding off the ropes, Jessica slammed into Melissa and sent her down with a shoulderblock. Acting on her advantage, Jessica ran to the opposite ropes and rebounded off of them, while Melissa rolled underneath her. Jessica hopped over the prone MJH and ran to the far ropes; Melissa hopped to her feet and leaped high into the air trying for a dropkick. Jessica held onto the ropes in anticipation of such a move and Melissa crashed onto her
stomach, hitting nothing.

Jessica quickly pounced on the prone Melissa and hoisted her to her feet by her hair and bashed Melissa’s head into the nearby turnbuckle. Generation Prime erupted into a flurry of applause and cheers for their comrade, as Jessica repeatedly smashed Melissa’s head into the turnbuckle. Dazed and woozy, Melissa slumped into the corner with an overjoyous Jessica lording over her.

Jessica took a moment to address some of the fans cheering her on and hopped over to the far side of the ring. With a flash, Jessica sprinted towards the dazed Melissa Joan Hart and crashed into her with an avalanche. Taking great pleasure in crushing her opponent’s body with her own, Jessica grabbed the top ropes and continually crashed her body into Melissa’s. Melissa started to slump down towards the mat, and Jessica would have none of that. Jessica grabbed Melissa by her ears and roughly jammed her head into Jessica’s cleavage, smothering the Teenage Witch with her breasts. The crowed roared with approval, much to the chagrin of the Generation Next.

After smothering Melissa enough, Jessica throws her opponent out to the ring floor. Melissa crashes onto her side and is in for a rude awakening. Jessica threw Melissa strategically towards Generation Prime. Jessica shrewdly occupies the referee, with a mixture of taunts and threats. With a look of surprise and horror on her face, Melissa is yanked by her braids to her feet by Ananda and Foxy Brown. Christina eyes her helpless prey and yanks Melissa’s top off and precedes to beat upon Melissa’s exposed breasts.

Left-right-left is the usual combination to, Melissa’s breasts, though Christina gets creative and changes it up to Melissa’s stomach, face and finally her crotch. Melissa’s screams elicit the entire Generation Next crew to storm the outside of the ring and a pier 6 brawl ensues. Prime fights Next, tooth and nail and eventually they move their fight to the back stage area. Melissa tries to collect herself with the precious seconds she has. Jessica quickly leaps outside of the ring and grabs Melissa, slamming her exposed chest on the steel guardrail. Melissa violently rocks back and hits the floor, flat on her back. Jessica takes a second to stand ontop of her prone opponent. The ref demands that the match be taken back inside of the ring, which is met by a dirty look from the Generation Prime gal. Jessica roughly hauls Melissa to her feet and shoves her back into the ring.

Jessica rolls back into the ring and brings a forearm down on Melissa’s back, sending the teenage witch crashing on her face. Jessica poses for the crowd before kicking Melissa in the side. Then, Jessica straddles Melissa’s stomach and begins clawing, mashing, and pulling on Melissa’s exposed breasts. Many screams are heard from Melissa, as she attempts to fight off Jessica’s attack. Out of sheer desperation, Melissa scratches at Jessica’s eyes, sending the teenage pop singer onto her back, clutching her eyes.

Melissa gathers herself together and cradles her breasts with one arm and steadies herself with the other arm. Its not too long before Jessica is able to see again, and seeing red! She charges Melissa but is met with an uppercut to her crotch. A very hard uppercut at that. A ‘O’ forms in Jessica’s lips, though no audible sound is heard. Melissa leaps to her feet and DDT’s Jessica’s head into the mat. Melissa has bought herself some time, and after getting herself together, begins assaulting Jessica Simpson.

Melissa leaps high into the air and drops a leg onto Jessica’s chest. Jessica shakes violently on the mat, as Melissa rips off Jessica’s red bikini top and tosses it into the corner. Melissa begins twisting, punching and scratching away at Jessica’s breasts, eliciting loud screams from the pop singer. Jessica is finally able to roll onto her stomach to protect her tortured breasts. An evil grin stretches across Melissa’s face as she begins yanking on Jessica’s bikini bottoms, giving her a tremendous wedgie. Melissa then takes her opponent’s hands and intertwines them in her bikini bottoms. Jessica finds that her arms are trapped behind her back, bound by her own bottoms and cries out at the realization of her predicament. Melissa rolls Jessica onto her back and begins to gyrate above Jessica’s head. The crowd roars in approval as Melissa drops her ass onto Jessica’s face.

Melissa grinds and shimmies on Jessica’s face, effectively snuffing the pop sensation into the dreamland. Melissa signals for the ref to come over and count, and the count is academic....1...2....3, and your winner...

Melissa Joan Hart.

Melissa grinds her butt roughly into Jessica’s face for good measure before getting off of her face. Suddenly, from behind, Christina runs into the ring and bashes Melissa in the back of the head with a chair, knocking Melissa out cold. Christina unties Jessica and then tosses Melissa into the corner, and then precedes to give Melissa a stinkface. Jessica encourages Christina on, and then Christina drags Melissa out into the center of the ring, where both Christina and Jessica sit on top of Melissa’s face. This torture continues on for a minute, until Generation Next, in full force hits the ring and chase out the Generation Prime members. Aaliyah checks on Melissa as the Prime Members make sure the Generation Next members are gone. Melissa comes to, and angrily eyes the retreating Generation Next


Melissa leads Generation Next to Victory over their rivals

Generation PRIME readies for the next battle