By Only One Herm
Jessica Simpson had been talking up her match with Baby Spice for quite some time. She had demolished the little Spice Girl in a cage match and was calling out any challenger that had the guts to face her in the ring. Victoria AKA Posh Spice, came up to Jessica Simpson and challenged her to a regular match, with the exception that she could bring Emma down to the ring with her. Jessica agreed, only if she could bring someone down too. Victoria agreed to this and it was later announced that the leader of Generation Prime, Christina Aguilera, would accopmany Jessica Simpson down to the ring.

The night of the match came and the combatants were introduced. Victoria and Emma strutted down to the ring with the aura of confidence. They knew for the Spice Girl invasion to truly work, they needed to pick up the win against Generation Prime. Posh came down wearing black, high cut, leather shorts, a black vest, that showed off her slender midsection quite well, and long wrestling boots that came up to around mid calf. Baby wore a pink sundress with long white socks and white shoes. Her hair was put up into two ponytails and she was really putting over the “Baby Spice” gimmick.

Jessica and Christina came down to the ring next to a chorus of boos. Ever since Christina broke off from the popular Generation Next, anywhere her new group went got a loud ovation of boos. Jessica had a snide smile as she strutted down to the ring. Her white tank top with pink trimming accented her large breasts nicely, while her white, also with pink trimming, short shorts, made her ass look even better. Her outfit was completed with white boots with pink laces. Christina walked right behind her, wearing a blue tight tank top that said “Generation Prime” on the back. She wore black leather pants with black-heeled shoes to complete her outfit.

Victoria was already standing in the ring as Jessica made her way up the steps and through the ropes. The girls walked to the center of the ring as the ref called for the bell. While exchanging jeers at each other, Jessica wound back and slapped Victoria across the face. This staggered the Spice Girl, but it also gave her a chance to pounce back with a vicious right hook to the stomach of the teen pop star. Jessica folds in half and falls to her knees. Posh Spice picks her up by her ponytail and applies a side headlock. She wrenches in on her until Jessica backs into the ropes and whips her across the ring. As Posh bounds off the ropes, Jessica puts her head down for a back body drop, but Posh stops, puts Jessica’s head between and plants her with a vicious pile driver.

Jessica falls to the mat, appearing to be unconscious. Victoria goes for the pin, but Jessica kicks out at two. Victoria once again picks Jessica up, but while she is gloating to Baby Spice, Jessica punches her in the gut three times and battles out of Posh’s grasp. As Victoria is stunned, Jessica connects with a standing dropkick to the knee, which makes Posh screams in pain and fall to the mat. Jessica doesn’t stop on the attack to Victoria’s knee as she kicked the knee as hard as she can. On the ground, almost in tears, Posh tends to her injured knee.

Jessica slowly picks up Posh and as soon as she gets her to her feet, kicks her knee out from under her. Victoria falls back to the mat, this time hitting her head extremely hard, and almost becomes unconscious. Jessica, sensing victory, walks over to Christina and gives her a high five. She gyrates for the crowd a little bit over Posh’s body to show her dominance over her. Christina claps loudly and taunts some of the ringside fans.

Simpson, who had claimed before the match that she would make Victoria beg for mercy, walks over to her legs and starts to put on a Figure-4. Suddenly, Posh springs to life and rolls up Jessica into a small package. The ref comes over and slaps the mat two times, but on the third time down, Jessica gets out of the pin attempt. Now enraged she let this happen to her, Jessica picks up Posh and whips her into the ropes. Unable to stand on her own because of her knee, Victoria falls to the mat almost right after Jessica releases her. Jessica realizing that Posh’s last pin attempt was the only offense she could put up, wanted to toy with her new found prey a little bit more.

As Posh lay down on the mat face first, Jessica runs over and drops a leg right across the back of Victoria’s head. Grasping for her head now instead of her knee, Victoria leaves her knee open to more attacks. Jessica grabs her leg and snaps it backwards in a half crab. Christina jumps up on the apron and begins to distract the ref so he can’t see Victoria tapping out in pain. Seeing this, Baby Spice runs over and pulls Christina off the apron and onto the floor. The ref jumps to the outside to try and break up the catfight, which gives Jessica ample opportunity to punish Posh even more. As she picks up Posh, she stands her up straight so she is face to face with her. Posh, still unable to attack, is basically out on her feet.

Jessica promptly kicks Posh in the stomach and places her head between her legs. Simpson hooks both of Victoria’s arms and immediately gives her a Pedigree, smashing the Spice Girls’ face into the mat. On the outside, Christina finally got the upper advantage on Baby Spice as she knocked her out with a chair shot to the head, followed by a leg drop with the chair on top of Emma’s face.

When Jessica sees that the other Spice Girl has been knocked out, she screams at the crowd “Time to finish off this little bitch!” She once again goes to apply the figure-4, which wakes up Victoria long enough to scream that she submits. The ref calls for the bell, but Jessica won’t let go of the hold. The ref turns around to call for help, only to get a chair shot straight to the head. Christina takes off her heels and climbs to the top rope. As Jessica is still applying the Figure-4, Christina leaps off the top rope with a moonsault right onto the chest of Victoria. Jessica finals lets go of the hold, but Christina wants to teach these two Spice Girls a lesson.

Jessica jumps to the outside of the ring and picks up the still unconscious Baby Spice and throws her into the ring. Christina tells Jessica to put on a Boston Crab to Emma, which Jessica promptly does. Baby Spice is crying out in agony as Christina once again climbs to the top rope. This time, she comes down with a leg drop to the back of Emma’s head, and knocks her out immediately. Jessica lets go of Emma and slides her to the middle of the ring. Christina looks over to Jessica, as if they had planned this out before hand, picks up Victoria, and the two of them combine on a Dudley Death Drop.

Christina drags the other Spice Girl to the center of the ring and each other them put a foot on a different victim, Jessica on Victoria and Christina on Emma. Jessica has beaten two Spice Girls and was sure that any of the other ones would not challenge her. Jessica and Christina walked out of the ring and up the ramp to a chorus of boos. At the top of the ramp, they raised their hands in victory and walked through the entrance way to the back.

Winner by Submission: Jessica Simpson

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