By Only One Herm
In the back, Baby Spice, AKA Emma, was getting ready for her upcoming match with Jessica Simpson. Baby Spice remembers how this match was made. It all seems so recent...

"Hey BABY Spice! You couldn't lick the crap off my boots in the ring!" explaime Jessica Simpson. "I bet I could beat you just like I beat Shakira, with one arm tied behind my back!"

Baby Spice, not known to be much of the aggressive one, started to get a fury lit from under her. She flung her two pigtails back behind her and turned to face Jessica. "I bet I could beat you in any type of match you wanted, and I do mean ANY type of match."

With that, Jessica knew she had her right where she wanted her. "Alright, bitch. You got it! I want you in a cage match, but one stipulation. You can't EVER leave the cage. You must pin or submit me to win, and the same goes for me for you. Do you accept or are you too much of a BABY to do that?"

Emma, knowing that Jessica was quite a good wrestler, hesitated a moment. She could feel her other Spice Girls staring at her, waiting to make a decision. This could be the perfect opportunity to show them that she was a lot more than just a "baby." "Alright!" Emma shouted. "I accept your match, but under the circumstances that no one can be at ring side for either one of us."

"Thats fine by me." said Jessica. "See you in the cage, little girl." With that Jessica walked away to her dressing room. The match had been made.

Now all Emma could do was wonder how she was going to beat Jessica in a match under her own terms. Emma was no mean a slouch when it came to working out, but Jessica was so young and physically fit, she would have to beat her quick if she wanted to win this match. A worker for the federation came in and told Baby Spice it was time for her match. "Thank you, I'll be right there." Emma hurridly put on her outfit, which consisted of her long blond hair into two pig tails, a hot pink top with sleeves, but only came to the bottom of her breasts. Her midsection was bare and her legs were only covered by very short hot pink shorts that came only to the bottom of her very fine backside. Her hot pink boots had white laces and white socks that came out of the top. She laced up her boots and preceded to walk out to the ring.

A ring announcer was in the ring as the cage was being lowered. "Intoducing first, from England, give it up for BABY SPICE!" With that she walked out onto the entrance ramp to the ovationn of the crowd. She walked down to the ring and was helped through the door to the cage. She stood in the middle of the ring, waiting for Jessica to stroll down the ramp.

"Now, please welcome, from the United States of America, Pop-Icon, Jessica Simpson!!" With the very mention of her name, the crowd began to boo loudly. She was once one of America's sweethearts until she teamed up with Christina Aguilera and Generation Prime. A few seconds later, Jessica walked out onto the ramp with a flurry of pyrotechnics. Her long blond hair was kept back in a pony tail that came down to the bottom of her neck. A silver tank top covered her entire upper body except for a little bit of midsection, and a lot of cleavage. Long, silver pants finished out her outfit with black boots that you could barely see.

She walked confidently to the ring, knowing that she could easily dispatch of this little girl in a matter of minutes. She couldn't be too confident though, cause Baby Spice had taken down a couple of the bigger names in the federation as of late. She got into the ring just as Baby Spice had done, and just to intimidate the Spice girl, she grabbed the lock from the ref and locked the cage herself. With that, the bell rung and the match was underway.

They circled each other a couple of time, Jessica with a sneer on her face and Emma with a look of concentration. Finally, they locked up and neither could get the big advantage. Jessica decided to get things her way and backed Emma up into the corner. The ref called for the break and when Jessica let go, she rammed her knee into the exposed midsection of Emma. She did this twice more which made Emma fall to her knees, grasping her midsection. Jessica grabbed Emma by her pigtails and threw her accross the ring, landing flat on her face.

Emma was still grasping her midsection when Jessica came over and dropped a leg across the back of Emma's head and immediatly put her into a head sciccors. Jessica clamped down as Emma struggled to free herself. Jessica let go just a little bit to give Emma a thought that she could get out, but them immediatly clamped on the headsciccors again. Emma twisted her body so Jessica was on her back and her head inbetween her thighs. She jumped over Jessica to make it into a pin. The ref went down and counted one...two...but before he could hit three, Jessica let go of the move and let Baby fall to the mat.

With Jessica on her back Emma had her first chance to mount an offensive attack. Emma grabbed Jessica's leg and twisted her onto her back and slapped on a half crab. Jessica was now the one who was in pain and was screaming. The ref went down to ask Jessica if she wanted to tap out, but Ms. Simpson only spat in his face. With one swift move, Jessica brought her other leg up and connected with the side of Emma's head, forcing her to let go of her leg and reach for her head.

Jessica, a little slow getting up, walks over to Emma and drops an elbow right across the chest of Baby Spice. She goes for the quick cover, but only get a two count. She picks Emma up and whips her into the ropes. On the way back, Jessica moves back and gives Emma a drop toe hold right into the side of the cage. She hit so hard, that she busted open the top of her head a little and began bleeding. It looked like she was about out of the match, but she wasn't going to give up.

When Jessica came over to pick her up, Emma kicked her leg out from under her and Jessica fell onto the back of her head. Emma bounded up and as quickly as she could, locked on a Texas Cloverleaf on the prone pop star. Jessica, who's leg was already hurting from the Half crab, was now in significant pain. Jessica tries to get to the ropes and struggles her way across to them. She finally makes it to the ropes and the ref taps Emma on the shoulder and tells her to let go.

Emma, thinking she won, raises her arms in victory and walks over to the door to get let out. When the ref tells her the match isn't over, she turns around only to see Jessica is already on her feet and connects with a Superkick to the face of Baby Spice. Emma crumples to the mat, knocked out entirely. Jessica seeing that the match is basically over, drags Emma to the middle of the ring and begins to climb the side of the cage. At the top of the cage, Jessica turns around to steady herself. Seeing that Emma was still out on the ground, she leaps off the top of the cage and delivers a HUGE legdrop across the neck of the Spice Girl.

With that, Jessica lays on top of Emma, reaches over to her far leg and hooks it so the ref can count the pin. The ref comes over and hits the mat three times and calls for the bell. Jessica stands up and the ref raises her hand in victory. She begins to walk over to the door, but turns around and walks back over to the unconcious Spice Girl. She picks her up, places her head inbetween her legs, and drops her with a Pedigree. Happy with the destruction of Emma, she leaves the ring to a chorus of boos and jeers. The cage is lifted and a medical team rushes out to help Emma.

Winner by Pinfall: Jessica Simpson