Posh Spice (51%) downs Nikki Cox (49%) And it happened like this. Victoria (Posh Spice) Beckham was in New York with her son whilst husband David was abroad with Manchester United. She planned to do a little shopping, hold some meetings about raising her and the Spice Girl's profile on the other side of the Atlantic, and be filmed by a US television crew making a documentary about the lives of European celebrities. All simple enough one would imagine. However the fickle and querulous hand of fate would intervene.

Victoria was taken to a small TV studio to be interviewed about the stressful life she led and make a few appropriate remarks about the life of a celebrity. Having arrived early (and left her son Brooklyn with a child minder at the Sheraton Hotel), Victoria naturally occupied the largest dressing room. However, she was disturbed by the sounds of a raging argument outside. As she stepped outside to ask for quiet, a minor lackey said that there was a mix up over bookings and Nikki Cox had appeared to shoot an interview. Victoria's response was (as would 99% of Britains been in the same situation), "Who the fuck is Nikki Cox?"

Unfortunately Nikki was part of the crowd arguing about who had first rights use of the studio and heard this remark and pushed her way forward and snarled, "Who the fuck is this skinny arsed bitch with no fashion sense!"

There then followed a vigorous debate (that often degenerated to the sort of language that most men fantasize about women exchanging) about the merits of being a US TV star against being a British pop singer. None of which particularly astonished the milling ranks of both entourage well versed in dealing with the whims and tantrums of celebtrity's. After nearly 10 minutes of rising tempers, evaporating good will and general frustration, the head gaffer from each crew agreed that it was time for a donut, whilst the two ladies resolved their differences. As the two crews trailed off to the elevator and down the stairs, Nikki indicated the availability of a nearby conference room that had been set up to hold an interview. Through the double glass doors it could clearly be seen that the tables had been moved to the rooms edge and two chairs set up at the far end a suitable distance apart.

As the two women stepped forward they realised they knew nothing about one another, although they both observed one anothers dress and that Nikki had the larger breasts. Miss Cox was wearing black knee boots, black thigh socks, black mini skirt (showing off just a hint of thigh flesh), a tight short sleeved pink top that showed off her belly button and her brown hair natural. Mrs Beckham was wearing black stockings, a black mini skirt, red calf boots (she'd worn these at an early Spice Girls photo session and would have binned them long ago, but David liked them and she wanted to make sure that David wasn't distracted), a long sleeved black crop top, and her hair also worn long.

No sooner had the doors closed than both women turned on their heels and threw themselves at one another, sinking their hands into long dark hair. They tussled whilst viciously pulling at one another's hair, which whilst maybe surprising given that this was their first meeting, both women knew only one way to fight - all out As they tried to drag the other down onto her knees, the two stars grunted with the pain in their scalps and groaned with the effort they were exerting in hurting each other. But this did not break the deadlock.

Nikki tried to kick Victoria in the shins but missed as Posh jumped to the left. Mrs Beckham then brought her right hand out of Nikki's long hair and brought it up, balled as a fist, into Miss Cox's left breast. Victoria didn't like being overshadowed, especially as she was conscious that she was not as 'well stacked' as the other women who tried to get David's attention. The blow landed solidly on the breast and made Nikki shriek with pain and double up with pain so that she was staring down at Victoria's boots. Whilst she used one hand to try and maintain a grip on her opponents hair, she was grabbed by the fringe of her own hair and her head dragged up, so she was looking directly at Vic's face.

Just as Posh was about to swing and throw her American opponent against a table, Nikki took the arm away from her still hurting breast and drove it into the Spice Girl's stomach. Now it was Posh's turn to exclaim loudly with pain and slump forward, but she didn't let go of Nikki's hair. Instead she brought to bear her second hand on Nikki's locks, pulling her head up whilst simultaneously pressing her body against her opponent to prevent further body blows. Nikki responded by reaffirming her own two handed grip on Posh's hair and pressing her larger, but still throbbing, breasts against her opponents. This made Victoria wonder whether this had been such a good idea in the first place. She pushed aside these doubts and adjusted her hair pulling grip so that she was pulling the hair from the back of Nikki's head and as a consequence was pulling her head back. Their bodies pressed and jostled, broke apart and then clashed again.

As Nikki's head was forced and stretched back she whimpered with pain, but only released Posh's hair with her left hand so that she could try and rake her short nails across Victoria's face. This was one of the attacks that caused Victoria to have sleepless nights and although the attack was ineffectual, because Nikki couldn't see what she was doing and her nails were very short. It did make Victoria step back in an effort to keep her opponent at arms length for her own protection.

Having opened a gap between them, Nikki reached down with her spare hand and took hold of Posh's black top, using the hold to alternately push and pull the British singer. All this put the garment under more strain than it had been intended to withstand and both women could hear the sounds of ripping.

"You dirty bitch!" hissed Victoria, "You rip my clothes slag and I'll rip yours!"

"Go ahead and try it skank!"

Victoria took a hand from Nikki's hair, which allowed the American woman to look at her opponent again rather than the ceiling. Posh now used her free hand to take hold of Miss Cox's pink top under her arm. They continued to struggle and grapple, accompanied by the sound of straining and ripping material. Nikki started to drag the heel of her knee boots across Victoria's stockings, causing ugly ladders to appear. But this unbalanced the US TV star and Posh was able to hook round the ankle of Nikki's foot that was on the floor, unbalancing her, and with the assistance of a determined attack send her to the floor. But in doing this Victoria had quite forgotten that Nikki was holding onto her hair and was dragged down on top of her opponent.

The two women collapsed in an undignified heap, and for a few moments slackened their holds to recover from the fall. But this was only momentary before the two combatants resumed their hairpulling and started to roll back and forth across the floor trying to gain a dominant position. As close in, down and dirty catfighting was Victoria's speciality (or thats what David told her) she began, albeit slowly and only to the trained eye, to gain the upper hand. That was until Nikki slid a hand up under her black top and began to pinch her left breast. Posh Spice yelped and stopped trying to roll Nikki onto her back and instead concentrated on defending herself. This allowed Miss Cox to spread her legs on either side of her British opponent. It was only when the American actress sneered, "Not much to grab hold of under here is there!", that Mrs Beckham realised what had happened.

Victoria's response was to begin shaking Nikki's head from side to side by the roots of her hair. Nikki wailed, but didn't let go of Posh's breast and took the offensive by using her grip on the British woman's hair to twist her head so her cheek pressed into the floor. Now it was Posh Spice's turn to start to wail, her predicament made worse when Nikki raised and then slammed her butt into her body. Victoria started to become desperate and let go of Nikki's hair and instead began to lash out with her hands. One took hold of a handful of Miss Cox's top again whilst the other landed a glancing slap to the American's face. This surprised her so much that she barely noticed that her top had begun to rip open, displaying ever more flesh and then part of her black bra.

Nikki withdrew her hand and began to tug at Posh's designer crop top, which also began to rip open. But in giving up her painful hold on the British singer, enabled Victoria to twist and throw the American actress off of her. This development was definitely not in Nikki's plan and she was taken by surprise as she landed on the floor. Both women lost their holds on one another, and although there were some half hearted kicks which caused only minimal distress. But this did encourage Victoria to start to crawl away from her opponent, seeking the chance to compose herself before the fight was resumed.

But Nikki was having none of this and screeched, "Come back here you little bitch!"

The American actress reached out and caught hold of Posh's right boot, causing her to fall onto her face. She tried to get up again only to discover that Miss Cox had moved her hand further up her leg. As she tried to move forward again there was a ripping sound, followed by a tug and Victoria collapsed again. Mrs Beckham looked over her shoulder and saw Nikki's smiling face and the ladders and rends in her stockings. Before she could think of a telling and cutting reposte, Miss Cox reached forward and took hold of Victoria's boots. As much as Victoria bucked and struggled there was very little that she could do to stop the American actress from pulling her closer.

Having positioned herself between the British singers legs, Nikki adjusted her grip so that she took hold of her opponents skirt, intent on pulling her closer still. But as she let go of Victoria's legs the singer started to kick and lash out. Purely by chance the heel of her left boot, which hitherto had only been in contact with the floor and David's tounge struck a glancing blow to Miss Cox's exposed breast flesh. Nikki gasped with the stinging pain then howled as she fell backwards clutching her bruised breast. This enabled Victoria to scramble away from her opponent sufficiently to catch her breath and then stand up to face Nikki. The American actress had risen to her knees, still clutching her breasts, an ugly mark now visible. Whilst she was still vulnerable Victoria charged forward grabbing Nikki's hair and using her momentum to push the American woman onto her back. Nikki was more concerned about her smarting breasts and never knew what hit her until she realised that the dark haired singer was sat astride her breasts. Now matter how she struggled Nikki could do little to inflict pain on Victoria. All she could do was rip at the singers stockings and tug at her mini skirt.

This did nothing to dissuade Victoria who was now out for vengeance and she began to press down on Nikki's ample breasts. "Get your bony arse off me you stupid English Bitch!" wailed Nikki. But Victoria just smirked and began to playfully tug at the actresses hair, moyioning as if she were going to have a more intimate view up Posh's skirt.

This alarmed Nikki who began to buck and thrash, even managing to free her left arm sufficiently that she could reach and grab Vic's crop top. This started to unbalance the British singer who was now struggling to stay on top of Nikki and escalated her hair pulling from the playful to painful. Nikki responded by trying to raise her booted feet and wrap them round Posh's neck. But all she succeeded in doing was kicking the singer painfully, but not seriously about the back of her head. Inevitably, Victoria toppled to her right, dragging Nikki round with her by her hair. But Nikki was able to move her body so that she could rip open Posh's top exposing her smaller breasts and slinky black bra.

Victoria gasped and went very pale as her attack on the actress diminished in tempo. This only served to encourage who began to tug at pubic hair and generally behave in a most unladylike manner. Victoria wanted to cry and be left alone, but the pain she was suffering only fuelled her desire to inflict the same pain on the American woman. She let go of Nikki's hair, which the American took to be a good sign, and began to tug away at the pink top with one hand whilst the other attacked the arm of the hand that was up her skirt. The pink top have up the ghost at the first pull from Victoria to expose Nikki's push up bra through which solid nipples were clearly trying to poke. Posh threw the top at Nikki's head, distracting the actress long enough to pull aside the bra and start squeezing a nipple between her knuckles. Now it was Miss Cox's turn to reduce the tempo of her attacks whilst exclaiming loudly, "Oh fuck!".

Driven by an overwhelming desire to protect herself Nikki withdrew her hand from Posh's pussy and moved it to defend herself. This allowed Victoria to twist the nipple like a safe dial then roll as far away from her opponent as possible to caress her hurting crotch. The new burst of pain convinced her that her main aim that instant was to check her breasts, which were after all, a marketable asset.

Posh, meanwhile had gotten onto her knees and removed her skirt so that she could check the damage on her pussy, which could be best described as superficial rather than serious, and adjust her damp black panties so that at least offered some protection. Nikki had done like wise and removed her bra and was mortified by the red marks that were visible.

She looked up enraged and shouted, "Your going to pay for this skanky slut!" and stood up.

Victoria smirked at the thought she had inflicted some pain and gave Nikki the come on with her hands.

Nikki Cox stood up, her breasts swelled and charged her singing opponent. She collided with Victoria who although bracing herself wasn't truly prepared for the impact. The two women instinctively went for the others hair as they tumbled backwards screaming insults and expletives. Victoria's butt hit a table edge and Nikki's momentum pushed the singer down so she was lying down. But the polished surface made the British singer slide backwards so that she was able to wrap her legs round the actress and pull her down on top of her. This was not such a great move on Posh's part as it enabled Nikki to press her larger breasts against Victoria's still encased as they were in a lacy black bra. Victoria grunted with pain and the sexual terror as she felt Miss Cox thrust down with her crotch and press harder with her breasts. Mrs Beckham used her grip on Nikki's hair to roll the pair of them over, and closer to the end of the row of tables. She tried to slip off of her opponent so she could get her feet on the ground, but Miss Cox wasn't letting her go anywhere, so instead Posh used a hand to try an pull up Nikki's skirt. To give herself some room to manoeuvre, Nikki adjusted her hair pulling to be from the back of Vic's head, pulling there bodies apart. Posh wailed at this attack, but it did allow Nikki to move a hand down across the singers shoulder blades and tug at the strap of her bra which gave way at the first pull and slide from her sweaty body, hit the table and then tumbled to the floor.

As tears welled in Victoria's eyes she stopped ineffectually fumbling about Nikki's mini skirt and brought her hand to bear on tender breast flesh. Now it was Nikki's turn to howl with pain, reducing the strength of her attacks on the British woman so that Posh could defensively close the gap between their bodies.

As Victoria pressed her now hard nipples into Nikki's breasts, the American actress squirmed and struggled to break free but to no discernible affect. Feeling the pressure mount on her already battered breasts, Nikki sank both her hands into Posh Spices dark hair and pulled hard. Initially the British singer returned the hairpulling whilst pressing her body down against Nikki's. Both women squealed and hissed vicious insults and sexual slurs. Nikki managed to roll them over away from the edge of the table only for Victoria to reverse the roll almost at once. Having resumed her position on top Posh moved her right hand from Nikki's hair and pressed her forearm down against the actresses throat. Almost at once this began to have an affect on the American as she began to cough and splutter. She tried to redouble her pulling on Victoria's hair, but the combination of her previous exertions and the choking meant there was very little left in the tank. Tears began to well in the eyes of both women.

With a supreme effort, Nikki managed to roll Victoria over to her right in a desperate effort to break free. But Victoria used the momentum of the manuever to continue the rolling, except that there was no more table to use. It was Nikki who realised this first and tried to scream, but gravity took hold first.

Nikki hit the ground first, landing on her back and having the wind knocked out of her. Victoria then landed on top of her and rolled away from her now stunned opponent. Both women lay on the floor moaning and trying to recover their senses. It was Posh Spice who recovered sufficiently first to realise the state of play. She gingerly rose up onto her knees and began to slowly close in on her fallen American opponent. She took hold of one of Nikki's boots and use the hold to pull the actress round so that the singer ended up between the actresses legs. Miss Cox's recovery was brought forward when she felt fingers ripping aside her knickers and then start to pull viciously on her pussy.

Nikki let out a stream of abuse and obscenity, as she was caught between the desire to protect her pussy and attack Victoria. But the British singer would not now be held back from her desire to hurt the actress and she eagerly sunk her claws into the inviting snatch pulling and scratching with a viciousness born of revenge. Nikki was unable to hold back the tears and used her remaining strength reach up and grab Posh's hair with both hands and drag her away from her minge. As her head was dragged by its roots, Victoria reluctantly stopped pulling Nikki's pussy, and sunk her hands into her opponents disheveled hair.

Both women were at the end of their tether, their bodies battered and bruised, their ego and image had also taken a beating, and neither woman was capable of undertaking the interview they were contracted to do. As they rolled across the floor, Posh forced home her slim advantage by squeezing Nikki's breasts, thrusting her crotch down.

Nikki was now at the end of her tether and it took only a only a few moments before she was sobbing her submission. Victoria did not release her grip until she was certain that Nikki had submitted. She emphasised her superiority by sitting astride Nikki's tear stained face until she was silent.

It was only when she got up to leave the room that Mrs Beckham realised how much effort the victory had taken when she collapsed by the glass doors

Nikki can be proud of her performance

Posh Spice recieves a hard fought win


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