Carmen Electra (52%) beats Posh Spice (48%) With her husband away preparing for England's game against France, and then training with Manchester United in preparation for their European campaign, as well as, the legal saga over Andrew Morton's book, and her failure to obtain a solo number one in the UK, Victoria Beckham was feeling low. To cheer herself up she hit the shops of London spending enough money to bail out several third world nations. In addition she was invited to attend the UK premier of 'Scary Movie' in London. She had wowed the crowd and press with a stunning little black number and managed to completed over shadowed the other guests. This particularly incensed Carmen Electra a star of the film. Not only had she not wanted to come to London, but having arrived she was then out shone by some skinny British bitch of whom she had never heard of before. Even when she asked her Personal Assistant she had no idea of who Mrs Beckham was. This only drove her irritation to new heights. It was only when someone mentioned that Victoria was a Spice Girl that realization swept Carmen. She was one of the women who had lampooned her star vehicle, Baywatch, some years previously and had insulted her acting ability.

Victoria was bored with the film and took herself off to the Ladies Room where she bumped into red headed American woman in a tight red dress. Victoria, not knowing who she was talking to, then started about how awful the film was frankly and that she had only attended because of the potential for publicity. At this point Carmen (for it was she with whom Victoria was sharing a mirror) lost her rag and suggested that Mrs. Beckham could keep her opinions to herself if she didn't want to get her scrawny underfed arse kicked. Victoria laughed and pointed out that she had kicked Naomi Campbell's butt* and another model with the brains of a paving slab didn't frighten her. The two women then proceeded to have an ever more personal slanging match, until finally Carmen announced that she would delay her return to the US by 24 hours so she could have satisfaction from Mrs Beckham unless she wanted to apologize. Victoria laughed so hard she would have cried until Carmen pushed her into a cubicle where she landed awkwardly. Whilst Posh Spice struggled to regain her ladylike composure, Miss Electra scribbled down some details on a pad in her handbag and left them for Victoria.

"Tomorrow afternoon in Carmen's room at the Dorchester."

Unwilling to back down Victoria booked herself into the Hotel and managed to secure a room on the same floor. She sent her opponent a note detailing her choice of outfit. At 3.55pm Victoria Beckham donned a long leather coat and walked round the corner to Carmen's room. The door was unlocked, as specified, so she entered, locking the door behind her and walked into the main living area. All the furniture had been either removed or pushed to the side and on the far side stood against the drawn curtains of the window was Carmen Electra. The American woman was wearing red stockings with matching panties and bra and elbow length gloves. Victoria slipped off her shoes and then removed her coat to reveal her own outfit: black stockings, matching panties and bra and black elbow length gloves.

"You can apologize now and make it easy on yourself honey!" hissed Carmen.

"Can't do that Carmen, as I've promised my husband your panties and I don't want to disappoint him!"

"Bitch!" snarled the American woman as she strode towards the center of the arena. As Victoria stepped forward her hands raised, Carmen rushed forward and collided with the British singer sinking her gloved hands into her dark hair and pushing her backwards. Posh Spice yelped with surprise, and embarrassment at being surprised, as she took hold of Carmen's hair whilst simultaneously trying to hold her ground. But her stockinged feet offered no purchase on the luxurious carpet and Carmen continued to push the British singer until her back was against the wall. Holding her opponent's head in place by her hair she withdrew her left hand and drove it into Posh's stomach. Victoria realized what was about to happen, but could do little about it except to try and squirm her body out of the way. As a result Carmen's gloved fist didn't land as squarely as she intended, although it did hurt the Spice Girl who grunted with pain. Victoria responded by clawing at Carmen's face with a gloved hand, which although doing no damage did get the American actresses attention and she moved to defend herself.

They tussled and grappled against the wall, neither woman able to achieve anything other than a fleeting advantage. Victoria placed a foot on the wall and used it to try and push herself forward. But Carmen was the heavier woman who was having none of this and all that happened was that their two bodies collided. As they struggled Carmen tugged Vic's hair, pulling her head back so that she was staring at that ceiling. Posh responded in an equally unladylike manner by painfully pulling Carmen's head back by the roots of her hair so she was staring at the ceiling. The two women staggered around like dancers, their nylon stockings hissing as they rubbed against each other.

Posh Spice managed to wrap a foot round Carmen's left ankle, causing the American actress to lose her balance and fall backwards dragging the British singer with her. They collapsed to the plush carpet in a blur of colour and a stream of abuse and invective. The fall did not break the intensity of their struggled and they began to roll back and forth in an intense hairpulling contest. Neither was able to establish anything other than a fleeting superiority as their lusted after bodies pressed and squirmed together, which caused the mind of both women to wander. When Victoria ended up on top, Carmen slide a hand down from the dark locks and started to fumble with British singer's bra hook. The inelegant fumblings, which reminded Victoria of her early dates with her husband, caused her to screech a "No!" and slam her crotch down against Carmen's. The ex lover of Prince let a cross between a sigh and a grunt before hissing in Vic's ear, "Sure you don't want to fuck rather than fight?"

"I have some standards about who I get into bed with!" retorted Victoria as she rolled off Carmen, thus ending the attack on her bra. But Carmen wasn't allowing her opponent to get away that easily and moved after her, able to pull the British singer back by taking a firm two handed grip on her dark hair. Victoria had no hesitation in returning the favor and returning to the struggle so that a fierce hairpulling struggle ensued as the two women rolled around the floor. Their bodies pressed together from their heads to their toes and their faces grimaced in pain as the other woman tried to pull hair out by its roots.

After several minutes struggle, Carmen managed to gain the upper position and spread her legs to prevent being overturned. She then released her grip on Posh's hair and placed one hand round her neck and the other over her mouth and nose. Victoria reacted instinctively and broke the hair hold and tried to frantically rip aside her opponent's hands. But the more she struggled and bucked the more air she consumed, the less she was able to inhale and the more desperate and frantic her efforts. In desperation, grabbed hold of Carmen's left ear with one hand and turned her head sharply, and painfully, to one side and began to punch her cheek with her other gloved hand. The first few blows Carmen ignored believing that she just needed to hang on to win. But the fifth and sixth blows made her shriek with pain and she broke her grip on Posh and rolled away.

After resting for a few moments Victoria got to her hands and knees, her breath now recovered, and began to crawl towards Carmen who say the British singer approaching on all fours and adopted the same position. They eyed each other nastily for a few moment, before leaping at one another, gloved hands embedded in long strands of hair shaking each other's head back and forth. Carmen moved a hand from Posh's dark hair, feinted for Vic's bra, before plunging her hand down the back of the skimpy black underwear and started to squeeze butt flesh. Posh Spice let out a stifled scream as fingers pinched the flesh of her backside and arched her back, thrusting her crotch into her opponents.

Victoria squirmed and struggled, caught in a vice, "Let go of me you stupid American whore." she hissed, trying to try and hide the pain. Mrs. Beckham released one hand from Carmen's hair and used it to start to unhook the red bra adorning her chest. Miss Electra was to intent on hurting and humiliating the British singer and could do nothing to prevent the lacy red article fall away to reveal her full breasts and stiffening nipples. Needing no second opportunity, and with a certain degree of relish, Victoria clamped her hands over the two orbs (which were larger than her own) and squeezed. Carmen threw back her head and let out a shriek of rage and pain as Victoria's experienced fingers alternately squeezed, kneaded and pinched at the flesh. In desperation the American actress put a hand under her opponent's chin and began to push upwards hoping to force her way, but there was no apparent reaction except for some grunts. She then stopped her assault on Mrs. Beckham's butt, instead she took hold of a handful of her underwear and yanked it upwards.

A searing wave of pain shot from Posh's crotch to her brain as the silky material bit into her aroused womanhood. It was enough to make her instantly forget about her opponent's breasts and she urgently moved both gloved hands to relieve herself from the pain. Releasing her grip slightly and moving her hang from the Spice Girls chin, Carmen brought her other hand to grip her the black underwear and pulled again. But the panties couldn't take the strain and gave way and both women fell backwards, Carmen clutching a ragged remnant of Victoria's panties. As the British superstar lay on her back she let out a huge sigh of relief and gingerly removed a piece of underwear from her crotch. But the overwhelming sense of relief was short lived as Carmen recovered and let fly with a barrage of kicks hitting her lower legs. After the pain she had suffered Victoria started to kick back eager to avenge the attack upon her pussy, but both women quickly realized that these attacks were not going to be decisive so backed away to assess the damage.

They both stood up and started to circle again, a great deal more wary of one another now. They locked their fingers in a test of strength and started to try and force the other onto their knees. Carmen had a slight advantage in this type of contest and sought to exploit this advantage by lashing out with her right foot, catching Posh's butt. Although it didn't hurt, Victoria retaliated in the manner that her husband had demonstrated to her and as they circled in the struggle for dominance their feet pummeling one another.

Carmen Electra thrust herself up close to Victoria, trying to use her fuller stature to dominate her opponent. She released her grip and wrapped both her arms around Vic's slender upper body, pinning her arms to her side. As the Spice Girl struggled in this vice all she could do was ineffectually kick her legs. Carmen, meanwhile fumbled from her awkward position to unclasp her opponents bra. There was a pitiful "Nooooooooo!" from Mrs Beckahm as the clip was finally unhooked and gravity took affect and the bra dropped to the floor revealing Vic's pert breasts and stiff nipples. She used her grip to pull the singer into her, causing their breasts to mash together and then lift her off the floor. Victoria squealed and squirmed as her tits were squeezed against Carmen's, their stiffening nipples jockeying for position. But as much she struggled there was nothing that she could do to break free. Carmen was now beginning to enjoy herself and her mind started to wander from defeating her opponent. Eager to humiliate the singer who had previously mocked her she released her hold and threw the singer to the floor. Victoria hit the carpet and crumpled into a heap.

But Carmen allowed her no respite and reached down and grabbed the fringe of Victoria's hair and started to pull her back up. Having increased the size of the target Carmen then drove her foot into Mrs Beckham's stomach and released her hair hold. Victoria again fell to the floor, groaning with pain. Carmen savored the moment and was about to stomp on her opponent when Posh Spice reached out and grabbed hold of both of the American's ankles and pulled hard. This resulted in Carmen's stockings being ripped and the American actress being dumped unceremoniously to the floor. With her opponent stunned in front of her, Victoria needed no second invitation to inflict pain. She got up onto all fours and moved towards her opponents. The moved between her fallen opponents legs and gleefully thrust aside the sopping red panties to reveal and neat trimmed minge. Carmen was brought back to her senses as Victoria began a two handed assault on her womanhood, plucking short curly hairs, and using fingers and knuckles to drive into her womanhood. The American actress sat up as if electrified and let out a scream of pure pain. Despite the pain and humiliation Carmen used both hands to grab hold of Victoria's dark hair and pull her away. But the British woman wasn't giving up this opportunity easily and had to be dragged, loosing numerous strands of hair. Being driven mad with the pain of Vic's continued attacks, Carmen started to thrash about with her feet and legs, and by accident momentarily drove her big toe into Victoria's unprotected, and so far untouched pussy. This made Victoria gasp in shock and surprise, and more importantly end her feverish manipulation of the American's pussy.

Now relatively free of the pain (and however much you had suffered in previous fights it never got any easier) Carmen started to crawl backwards to get away from her opponent. She gasped in horror when her battered pussy came into view and let fly with a torrent of abuse, obscenity and invective against her opponent. But this just spurred Victoria to want her own revenge and she started to crawl after her opponent. Carmen realized that she wasn't going to win this race and started to lash out with her feet to keep Victoria away. The pop star managed to dodge and dive the first few unaimed blows, but one caught her left breast with a direct hit on the nipple, driving it back into the breast. Victoria let out a scream and rocked back onto her knees rubbing her damaged breast. Carmen just sneered in satisfaction that she had hurt her opponent.

Despite her aches and pains, Victoria threw herself into a pursuit of her American opponent, and took Miss Electra by surprise. In a few bounds she had thrown herself on top of Carmen, pushing her body down into the carpet, her gloved hands enmeshed in long red hair. Carmen grunted as Victoria thrust her hairier pussy against her own battered womanhood. Long gloved fingers reached out and took hold of Posh's breasts and nipples, squeezing and pinching. As they battled to inflict pain on one another, they let fly with tirades of abuse, denigrating the others sexual prowess and obscenity. Despite the fearsome pressure on her own breasts, Victoria continued to thrust her pussy down against Carmen's. But Carmen was far from beaten and she began to thrust back and moved a hand into Posh's dark hair.

The two women began to tire as their spiteful exertions began to take their toll. As they began to weaken, Carmen managed to roll them over so that she was now on top. With more struggle she managed to sit astride her British opponent and use this dominant position to inflict more pain on Victoria. Slowly Posh Spice weakened and released her grip, instead concentrating on bucking and thrashing to Carmen off. When this had no affect Victoria resumed her breast mauling attack. But Carmen was now in the dominant position and was able to return the attacks with interest. Black and red gloved fingers stroked nipples and breast flesh before plunging into the bruised but still malleable flesh.

"Let go of my fucking breasts you fucking slut!" shouted Carmen through the pain. When there was no response from her opponent, who was hanging on as if her life depended upon it. Carmen released her grip on Mrs Beckham's tits and turned her attention to her hair, pulling her head off the floor. When there was still no lessening of the pain she started to bang Victoria's head against the canvas. Slowly but surely the grip on her breasts lessened, and after a dozen blows the fingers fell away and Victoria became motionless except for her shallow breathing. Carmen savored her victory by stripping her opponent and then grinding her pussy down onto Victoria's sweaty face until a powerful orgasm overtook her.

When Victoria came to she was disgusted to find that her face was sticky, covered with short curly blonde hairs, that she was laying naked on the floor her legs apart and that an astonished maid was looking down at her. It was fortunate for Victoria that the maid had yet to be granted UK citizenship and accepted a minor bribe to help her back to her room, else her humiliation would have been greater.

Carmen lays down another victory

Posh Spice recieves a few aches & Pains

*Harry wrote the story for Kim & Gin's Site