Christina Applegate(52%) beats Baby Spice (48%) When the plans for an event in the UK were drawn up, neither of these two women were on the first page of possible combatants. Although Emma Bunton was known in the UK as Baby Spice, whilst the Spice Girls were pulling together their second album her public profile declined. In the US, outside a few die hard fans she was just another Blonde pop star. In the UK, Christina Applegate also had a low to non-existent profile. The shows in which she had made her name, such as 'Married with Children' and 'Jessie' had a small audience, due to either being exclusive to Satellite TV or being shown at 3am on terrestrial TV. Given the need to balance the card to interest audiences on both sides of the Atlantic, and several big names being "unavailable", these two rapidly rose to the top of executives minds. And although the two women were as unknown to each other as their opponents fan base, they believed that they saw a lot to be gained by holding the fight and little to be lost. For Emma she could make a name in the US, for Christina it might mean bigger audiences for her shows, which in turn meant further sales in Europe. More importantly both women thought they would kick some butt with, so they believed, little chance of losing.

Thus, on a warm summers evening the two women found themselves entering the arena at the Riverside Country Club, Purfleet, Essex the usual venue for such events. There was some blaring music, gradually improving undercard and an expectant crowd. Emma entered first accompanied by a medley of Spice Girls hits. She wore white sports knee socks, a long short sleeved Manchester United top (which not as reported donated by David Beckham) and white underwear hidden by the sports top. Christina entered to loud rock music and a video montage of her previous fights. She was barefooted and wore a long, short sleeved blue American sports top, with her own blue underwear hidden from view. As the preliminaries were read out by the announcer both women posed and strutted, until all went silent and they realised that they were the only two left in the ring. The crowd (fueled by copious and cheap alcohol) cheered loudly and the two blondes turned to face each other, walked to the center of the area and began to circle.

The opening moments of the fight were marked by some very tentative sparing, and attempts to grab hold of each other that really came to nothing. The largely ignorant crowd began to boo and jeer, and cries of "Get it on!" rang around the arena. This spurred Emma on to take the initiative and she sprang forward to get to grips with her American opponent. She got passed Christina's outstretched arms and was able to sink both her hands into the long blonde hair. Christina responded by plunging both her hands into Emma's longer and blonder hair, with the net affect that both women pulled their heads back. The crowd gave its approval as the two woman staggered around the ring like a pair of drunken dancers, their expressions of effort and pain audible only to themselves. But this was a cul-de-sac that the two blondes had gone up, which Christina realized first. She changed her tactics, reluctantly, by bringing on hand down from Baby's hair and instead using it to punch the British woman in the stomach. Emma grunted with pain and leaned forward into Christina's body which brought some relief. But on the assumption that the best form of defense is attack, the Spice Girl brought her own right hand down and started to land short, jabbing blows into Christina's stomach. The American TV star grunted and yelped with pain as the blows hit home and tried to break off to reevaluate her strategy (which she was making up on the fly as she knew so little about Emma). But this allowed Emma to bring up her right knee sharply into Christina's thigh. As the spasm of pain shot through the American's nervous system she collapsed to the her knees, letting go of Baby's hair.

Pleased with this development, Miss Bunton followed up by holding Christina's head in place by her hair and delivering an open handed slap that reddened the American's face. The resulting thwack was clearly audible in the expensive ringside seats. Christina cried out with pain and tried to stand up, but Emma stepped back and planted a socked foot between the actresses breasts sending her sprawling onto her back.

It was at this point that Emma's ignorance of her opponent had its repercussions as she first of all strutted around the arena like a champion. Then when she saw her American opponent start to get up and clear the fog from her brains she walked over and planted a socked foot over her face, pushing her head down against the canvas.

"Eat that and weep bitch!" chortled Emma. Christina's reaction was one of horror as a particularly smelly and unwashed sock was planted across her mouth. Whilst Baby Spice played to the cows, hoping that her boyfriend was in the audience, Christina grabbed the ankle of the foot that was on her face and twisted it suddenly and violently. Emma screeched with pain at this attack and having been pushed off balance collapsed to the floor along side her opponent.

Both women scrambled up onto their knees so that they could face one another again, and having done so, they were straight back into one anothers hair like two hellcats. The audience cheered, and then cheered louder still as cries of "Slut" and "Tramp" were caught by the effects microphone and broadcast through the arena. As they struggled to gain an advantage, Christina took a hand from Emma's hair, pulling free a few wispy strands, and smashing a fist into the Spice Girl's stomach. Emma gasped with pain and almost doubled over, leaning forward onto her American opponent. Christina wasn't slow to take advantage and used her hold on Baby's hair to hold her in place whilst her free hand she used to try and rip the shirt from Emma's back. In the process, the front of the neck of the red shirt bit into the soft skin of the English woman's throat causing her to gasp.

But Emma wasn't out of the fight by any means, and she allowed her hands to fall from Christina's hair down her back. The TV star interpreted this as a sign of an easy victory. But this was soon dismissed when Emma pushed her hands up under the back of Christina's top and sank her fingers, cruelly, in to her backside; the silky blue panties offering absolutely no protection. Christina shrieked with pain and arched her back, whilst the members of the audience directly behind the American woman got a good view of the assault. She then wrenched Emma's face away from her body by the roots of her long blonde hair, so that the two stars were looking at one another, their normally immaculate faces sweaty masks of pain.

But it was undoubtedly Christina who was suffering more at this stage, as Emma wrenched aside her underwear and went to work on her butt with fury. Christina's response was to push one hand under Emma's chin in an effort to push the British woman away from her. As the pain grew Baby Spice found it harder and harder to maintain her assault on her American opponents butt, and she was reluctantly forced to break off so that she could move her hands up to defend herself, by pulling away the hand near her throat. But before she could do so Christina grabbed the neck of the Spice Girls football shirt and pulled. The shirt, being made in a sweat-shop in Asia gave way almost instantly to reveal Emma's chest and bra. It also had the effect of pulling Emma into Christina so that the two of them crashed to the floor, with the British singer on top. The two women, now committed enemies, began to roll back and forth across the canvas in a hair pulling tussle, whilst the crowd cheers and shouted "Get yer tits out for the lads!"

After much tussling it was Christina who ended up on top sufficiently long to be able to get her legs either side of the Spice Girl and tried to sit upright. But despite being underneath, Emma didn't let go of her opponents hair. To in order to encourage her Christina brought a fist down on the singers right breasts pushing it back into the chest cavity, causing Baby Spice to howl and buck as if she had been electrocuted. Somewhat feebly Emma moved one of her hands from Christina's hair and started to tug at her top (which sadly for the Brit was made to a higher quality threshold than her own top). Christina, meanwhile, roughly pulled aside the Brits tattered top and clamped her hand around the bra encased right breast. As her fingers started to sink in, Christina allowed a smile to cross her face.

But Emma was a long way from being out of the fight, and letting go of her opponent as if in submission, she instead brought both hands in a chopping motion up and into Christina's neck. Had she bothered to look up Emma's background, Christina would have made the effort to ban karate type blows from the fight. As it was all she could do was fall backwards, letting go of Emma and clutching her throat whilst gasping for air. This enable Baby Spice to try and wriggle free from her opponents body. In the process of doing so she was able kick out with her right foot and more by accident than purpose catch Christina painfully in the crotch.

Whilst the American TV start writhed in pain, oblivious to the new level of noise emanating from the crowd, Emma got up onto her knees, slightly unsteadily and advanced on her prone opponent. She reach down and grabbed hold of Christina's sports top and began to pull. As the American's body was pulled back and forth a rip appeared in the middle of the top where the stitching gave way. Unhappy that this attack seemed to be having no discernible affect on the American, Emma instead decided to thrust both hands into the newly created hole and took hold of Christina's breasts. Despite the limited space available able to her, Baby Spice was quickly able to set about squeezing, pinching and kneading her opponents breasts in a way that her fans would have found most surprising. This quickly brought Christina back to the real world and she responded by reaching out with both of her hands and grabbing hold of Emma's breasts. The crowd roared and the two fighters howled, neither wanting to show weakness by letting go first.

"Like this do you Christina?" sneered Emma through the pain. The American's response was to twist Baby's left breast to the right, like a radio dial, which caused the British woman's screams to reach new heights. They continued the breast mauling contest with little break in the deadlock.

It was Christina who let go first, but only so that she could instead push her left hand up under what was left of Baby's top and start to maul the Brit's pussy. This came as a surprise to Emma who was concentrating on her attack on her opponents breasts. Christina's fingers pulled aside the unseen panties and plunged into the Spice Girl's lush blonde pubic hair and started to pull. As the pain worked its way through Emma's nervous system to her brain, her face went ashen. But this was as to nothing when Christina started to pull out tufts of short curly blonde hair. Emma tried to move away from her American opponent, but Christina wasn't letting go. Her back-up strategy was to defend herself, but other than scratching Christina's exposed arm, which she ignored, there was little she could do. As tears welled in Baby's eyes, she launched her own attack on Christina's womanhood. As she suffered badly at the American's hands it was the roar of the crowd and the desire to hurt Christina that kept her going. With a fury born of desperation, Emma thrust her right hand up under Christina's top and yanked aside her panties. Now it was Christina's turn to squirm as she knew the pain that would ensue if the Spice Girl got hold of her wispy minge. A wave of pain washed over the American and grabbed a few tufts of blonde pussy. Now it was Christina's turn to scream with pain. But this brought little practical relief to Emma who was suffering badly and in desperation she scrambled backwards and away from the American hellcat. In doing so both women howled as new levels of pain swept their bodies - each was holding a clump of pussy hair as they parted.

Emma fell on her back in her eagerness to break free of her opponent, and as she lay there she was able to kick out with her socked right foot, hitting Christina's midriff. Christina groaned with pain and rolled further away from the blonde singer to prevent a repeat of this attack.

They lay there, about two metres apart on their back both women caught between the desire to cry and not show weakness to the rowdy audience. Each body was bathed in sweat which began to pool in the cleavage of their battered breasts, marked, scored and bruised.

"Had enough yet you American whore or do you want some more big girls fighting?" said Emma weakly with more confidence than she felt. She turned her head to see that Christina had started to crawl towards a corner of the ring on all fours. Wearily, Baby Spice got onto her hands and knees and started to pursue her opponent. She caught up with Christina just short of the turnbuckle and grabbed hold of her ankles and pulled hard, sending the American star flat on her face. But before Emma could follow up, Christina had rolled to one side and continued to crawl away to a different corner. Emma lunged a second time, again grabbing hold of the American's ankles pulling her down. But for a second time Emma's weariness took hold so that her American opponent was able to scramble away again. She made a third lunge, this time grabbing hold of the toes of Christina's right foot again sending the American crashing to the canvas. As Baby let go to follow up, Christina rolled over onto her back to face her enemy.

Just as Emma was about to fling herself forward, Christina lashed out with her right foot that landed squarely into Emma's already battered right breast. The Spice Girl's body whole body exploded in pain as she collapsed to the canvas and brought forward a torrent of tears. Christina lashed out with another kick that just missed Baby's ear and added to her misery. Christina rolled over and stood up, before stumbling towards her fallen opponent, who was till sobbing. Intent on ending this surprisingly painful contest Christina lent down and took two handfuls her opponents blonde hair and very cautiously dragged her to her feet. Emma whimpered and put up some half hearted struggles which did nothing to stop Christina spin and throw Emma into the turnbuckle with a sickening thud, that brought a roar of approval from the crowd, who had forgotten whatever allegiance there might have been to Emma as a Brit. As Emma collapsed onto her back clearly in the land of nod, Christina lowered herself onto the tear stained face. Having rubbed her arse over the Spice Girls face to ensure she was comfortable, Christina proceeded to wrench off Emma's panties to add to her trophy collection. In the process giving that part of the audience a clear view of the Spice Girls battered crotch. Christina left the arena, leaving Emma to be carried out by her corner crew, to catch the next plane back to the US and vowing never to fight in the UK again.

Christina escapes with her hide

Baby is looking for a rematch

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