Tia Carrere (52%) Slams Salma Hayek (48%) The crowds were looking forward to the next match as the current Queen of Extreme Salma Hayek put her title on the line against Tia Carrere. Word was out that when Salma heard her next foe was to be Tia, she was said to have smiled wickedly and made a few decidedly derogatory comments about the taller but thinner girl calling her among the more printable things the "Queen of the Bulimia Crowd". Suffice to say the names did filter back to Tia who when queried simply snorted her disgust of the champ and told those there to be at the fight and then see if she was as bad as she said, or a lot worse. Knowing this was for the extreme title, those around knew what she meant by the 'lot worse' bit and the place quickly found itself getting a surge of ticket buyers wanting to see this. As for Tia, a couple days later, she dropped from sight completely and friends looking for her were told by the staff at her home she had gone in to seclusion at some secret place to prepare for her match.

When fight night the match did roll around, Salma wearing a blood red one piece that hugged her body very close and threatened to expose more than a few parts given a chance, entered the area heading for the ring, holding up her belt with the confidence she had that this was one fight she would easily take. The roar and screams of the crowd to her arrival masked the cries that were also given as Tia showed her own style of extreme. Not giving the champ a chance to reach the ring as she swung down from above a monitor marquee Tarzan style her feet out and extended and slammed in to the back of the champ sending her hurtling forward face first skidding several feet face down long the concrete floor.

Alighting on the apron of the ring as the rope reached the end of its arc, Tia released the rope and displayed for a moment a body made more powerful by two weeks of intensive workout and covered by a modest black bikini that accented skin that seemed pale by comparison. Turning to face the champ just a few feet away who was writhing from the powerful blow, Tia screamed her rage and jumped high coming down on her back a second time with both feet. The height coupled with the pain almost cost the champ her title even before she reached the ring as red painful darkness swirled around her. Her strength and own stamina holding it at bay as she tried to recover.

The challenger however was not going to offer her the chance as she grabbed the long black hair and jerked her to her feet. Reflexes went in to play here as Salma started to rally and she went for an eye rake and slammed a fist in to the stomach of her taller foe. The eye rake scored the cheek but missed the eyes barely and the blow got only a grunt from Tia. The challenger stepped back a pace before she went back to the offense and scooped Salma up and cradled the body against hers and ran for the ring corner and especially the ring post slamming her back cruelly against it.

Again the body of Salma jerked as she took the impact and had to fight the blackness threatening her. Her foe was giving her no chances to fight back and even now gave no quarter as she shoved Salma under the bottom rope there at the corner and grasping the middle rope slid in feet first her legs locking around the throat of the champ in a reverse figure four scissors. Clinging to the rope like a monkey, Tia showed her flexibility by working around the post itself and grabbed the champ by both feet and drew her back against the pole and dropped off the edge dangling down using her own body weight to draw the champ back in a painful arch around the post even as the legs locked around the neck, jerked the head back and throttled the champ.

The crowd was going wild as it looked like a blowout win for the challenger and Salma tried to resist. Throwing what strength her fading body had in to her arms she concentrated on breaking the locking ankles to free her throat. She succeeded breaking the near death grip and almost dragging her to the floor as Tia dropped to the concrete. Drawing her feet back in to the ring, Salma rolled over and weakly rose to her hands and knees even as Tia rolled to her feet and tried to grab and drag the champ out of the ring.

It gave Salma her own opening as she reached under the bottom rope and slapped the grasping hands down and put her knees on them momentarily pinning the challenger there. Rising upright she lunged through the bottom and middle ropes and grabbed her foes hair and jerked her forward and slammed her neck first on to the bottom rope and dropped on top using her weight to press the rope into the throat. Hands grabbed at the top of Tia and tore quickly. The top went flying in to the crowds. Salma then went lower to grip the bottoms and jerked upwards giving the challenger a first class wedgie that got her bottom dancing in both pain and rage.

Her move however took some of her kneeling weight off the pinning hands. Tia struggling under the choke jerked them free and grabbed at the rope to slowly force her body upwards getting her neck off the rope. Slowly she inched back even as Salma worked the wedgie unaware she had lost her choke position until the head was almost clear and with a violent twist Tia rolled the two over getting a startled yelp from the champ. Tia was free and on the warpath again.

This time Tia grabbed at the head as she hung out and down a bit and applied a standing head scissors by locking the powerful thighs around the sides of the neck. She leaned against the lower body herself to keep the champ trapped there partially upside down as she squeezed. Salma started to kick wildly as she felt the legs tightening down and the blood rushed to the head. Her position was no where near good and her hands seemed to be reaching futilely finding no real target to attack and settled for raking the back of the challenger leaving long scratch marks and pounding ineffectively at the sides hoping to do some kidney damage.

The kicking however worked against the champ as each wild kick drew her already injured back closer down on the sharp edge of the ring adding to the pain already there and it brought her feet too close as well to the edge. Tia got her opening and seized one foot with both hands. A hard jerk and she drew the foot back under the champ and then planted her feet against the sides of the apron and stretched back, her scissors now straightening out and gaining even more power as she stretched the champ out.

Salma would have screamed in anger and rage as she took the punishment but she had no chance. Her air now was cut off and she got no more except for a thin stream that was doing no good except to feed the growing fire her lungs were feeling. The crowds were also screaming as they watched the champ, and her struggles slowly fail. It looked for a few seconds like Salma tried to tap out on the back of Tia, signaling her surrender and acknowledging her defeat, but no one was sure as a couple seconds after the first couple weak taps her arms went limp and she hung lifeless in the hold. A couple seconds later, Tia released the killer move and the champ collapsed in an undignified heap on the ground, clearly out cold.

Smiling, Tia walked to where the belt still laid on the ground after Salma had dropped it in the initial attack and picking it up waved it to the folks as they went wild acknowledging her the new champ. Setting the belt on the edge of the ring, Tia went back after Salma and quickly stripped the gear off the unconscious former champ. She then picked her up and set her on the apron her feet under the bottom rope, her arms between mid and top so she was kneeling facing out and nude as the new champ slid in behind her and using the swimsuit hogtied her there. Picking up the belt, now Tia struck a victory pose over the helpless ex champ as she hung there for the fans to use their cameras on. Confident, Tia left the ring leaving the champ to be eventually untied and carted off on a stretcher, her anger would grow later however as she learned of how she lost and how she was humiliated, especially after many of the fans photos started to show up on the internet.

Tia stalks the House of Hardcore as the EXTREME CHAMPION! While........

Salma is stripped of her title & clothes