Christina Hendricks vs Jeri Ryan

"Yo, so here's the deal" begins original rapper, actor, movie writer, director and producer, Ice Cube. "We're looking at doing Fist Fight 2. So my character, Strickland and Ms Monet, played by the fabulous Christina Hendricks have finally hooked up. Then another teacher is hired after some crazy shit at the school with a few weeks left before the last day. She is a knock out blonde named Ms Matlock, played by the lovely Jeri Ryan. Nobody knows that she is actually a plant from the mob to get a notebook that contains hacks to the school's bank account, that Strickland's got hidden. Now Ms Matlock flirts around with Strickland to get the notebook and that makes crazy ass Ms Monet flip out. So this time the big fight on the last day of school is between Ms Monet and Ms Matlock." Ice Cube says giving a synopsis of the script. "We've got an extremely talented and professional cast for this project. So if you've got an adlib that you feel will add to the script, feel free to add it in. We can always reshoot and fix it in editing. Have fun and go all out if you want!"

Ice Cube stands in the hallway of an old school, no longer in use with the crew and performers of the movie. There are 150 extras there to play the students. He is the writer, executive producer and director of the movie. He hopes this will be a successful follow up to his Fist Fight movie, following in the line of his Ride Along 2 follow up film.

One scene has Jeri's character making the moves on Ice Cube's character and Christina Hendricks' Ms Monet, sees them and confronts them. She pulls out a large knife as her character did many times in the first movie. So Jeri is up close and personal with her tits pressed against Ice Cube's chest with him against the lockers in the school hallway. Christina appears out of nowhere beside them and flicks out a large switchblade. "I'll gut you like a saggy tittied fish!" Christina says in her sadistic Ms Monet character. However she did adlib the script and added the saggy tittied fish part being in the mentality of her character's personality. She feels Ms Monet is a twisted woman with a sick, violent side to her.

"Go away. Why don't you go home, where the buffalo roam and your ass is normal size." Jeri replies adlibbing that entire line from being upset at the saggy tit insult.

Everybody saw the fire ignite in Christina's eyes. She is livid. The red head thinks Jeri's adlib just crossed the line too far. "Damned this shit is about to get good." Ice Cube says under his breath a bit, but loud enough for the microphones can catch. He slides out the way, allowing the irate women to square off face to face, about a foot away from each other.

"Blonde stick, twit!!" Christina begins.

"Red head ox!"

"Ugly piece of shit!!"

"Morbid cock sucker!"

"Back off little blondie, you don't want any of this!"

"A fat tittied red head bitch, full of hot air doesn't scare me!"

The two method actress are swept away and totally indulged in their characters. Both have done their research and worked out and trained to do an action fight scene with as little use of a stunt double as possible. They are playing two mature teachers ready for a fist fight in front of the school students and anybody who wants to watch. Both feel the other has crossed the line with her insults and deserve an ass kicking right here in front of everybody. Besides they never liked each other at their first meeting. In his role as director, Ice Cube urges, "So what's up now?"

Christina backs up and shouts, "Come on! What do you want to do?", challenging Jeri with her fingers moving begging the blonde to action.

Jeri backs away and shouts "Bring it bitch!"

Ice Cube exclaim "Hell yeah!" as the women start circling each other as squaring off to fight. "This ain't in the script, but fuck it let's go with it!" Cube informs the crew. "Christina! Jeri! Stay in character!"

Both heard Ice Cube's words and try to adhere. Both think there is one too many busty bombshell on this set. One needs to learn her place. They come together dramatically remembering they are about to make movie history. They meet chest to chest. Both woman stand about 5' 7". Christina is the wider woman with a 40-30-39 figure. Jeri appeared a little taller but thinner with a 36-24-36 measurement figure. They have a stare off, both know one will be battered and humbled in a few minutes.

Christina sizes Jeri up. She wonders why Ice Cube chose her to play opposite her in the first place. Sure playing opposite Jeri would have been flattering 15 years ago or more. All Christina sees is an actress mostly getting hired at Sci-Fi conventions to play her rival. Besides, Jeri is seven years older. Why would Cube choose this bitch to be her romantic rival in any role? Christina finds it insulting. However, now she can right this wrong with a good right hook.

Jeri sizes up Christina, thinking is this really what is being called a bombshell these days. Sure she is pretty, but could not compete with Alyssa Milano, or Baywatch bitches like Pam Anderson, Gena Lee Nolin or Traci Bingham or even Lucy Lawless of Jeri's day. She does not think much of Christina. How she gets so many roles, gets Emmy nominations, earns spots on Most Sexy lists, and have the internet buzzing is a mystery to her. Jeri plans on ending Christina's 15 minutes of fame by knocking her out of the spotlight with a left hook.

With a sneer, Christina's right hand shoots up and grips Jeri around the throat. Feeling her inner Ms Monet Christina says, "I'm going to break you in half boney bitch!"

"Fat chance" Jeri quickly spits back. "Just like you, hippo girl!" As Christina's eyes widen from Jeri's insult, Jeri's hands lock into Christina's red hair and starts wringing her from side to side. Christina grabs Jeri's blonde hair and pulls and yanks for all that she is worth. She could not believe that this blonde bimbo had just come on her set with her friends and just and called her fat. Jeri is more cool and collected. She is thinking about ending Christina's fifteen minutes of fame, and restarting her own.

The bigger read head starts winning the hair pulling battle by whipping the smaller blonde around. Jeri frees one hand of red hair to start peppering Christina in the eye with her fist. It stops Christina from whipping Jeri around and makes start to back off. A couple of good upper cuts convince Christina to let go of Jeri's hair and back off completely.

Jeri takes the time to remove her business jacket that she wore over her blouse. Playing school teachers, both are dressed conservatively. Jeri is very businesslike in a blouse and long skirts now. Christina wears a black dress up to her neck, showing no skin above her knees. They charge each other and clash again, this time tit to tit. Christina again easily wins making Jeri stumble back several steps from bouncing off of Christina's breasts. "She can't compete with me there, can she lover boy? Christina sings, looking Strickland's way.

"Bigger isn't always better." Jeri answers, "But let's take a look anyway!" Jeri surges forward and grabs Christina's black dress and rips it open before the red head knew what had happened. Christina in monetarily dumbfounded by being exposed, and just pauses with her dress open to the waist and her enormous boobs hiding behind a pink bra. Christina's stupor is quickly broken by a couple of stinging slaps to her cheeks. Overflowing with anger, Christina grabs Jeri by her hair and slings her into the nearby row of lockers. Jeri's body makes a big thump as it slams into the lockers making everybody think that had to have hurt. Then two more heavy handed Christina paws, punch the unbalanced blonde to the floor.

Jeri scrambles back to her feet. Her expression said she was surprised by Christina's power but more determined than ever to beat this monster tittied broad into submission. Suddenly Christina charges at her growling like an animal and rams the crown on her head into the blonde's breasts. Jeri makes a loud "Ung!" and goes reeling several feet down the hall backwards until she falls on her ass. The ram to the boobs her hurt more than Jeri ever dreamed it would. She never wanted to experience that again.

Jeri is trying to get back up and scoot backwards down the hall at the same time. Christina is marching menacingly towards her. When Christina approaches, Jeri swipes at her, but the red head swats the blow away with her left hand and backhand slaps Jeri with her right. The slap twists Jeri around and sends her reeling down the hall some more. Christina continues coming after her like a terminator. This time Jeri grabs Christina by her collar and yanks her forward into a head butt to the nose. Christina shrieks and her knees buckle. She remains up as Jeri goes to work with powerful hooks and body blows to Christina sides and vicious and jealous upper cuts to Christina's tits. The fake students give a cheer as Jeri thoroughly works over the red head.

Christina is getting mugged so she goes in and clenches Jeri to end the assault. She gets her arms around Jeri and both engage in a breast to breast bear hug. Christina thought that she would easily win the contest, but finds that Jeri is capable of holding her own. She was certain her tits would swallow Jeri's but even there Jeri's extraordinary knockers hold their own as well. Despite her success, Jeri feels like it will not last. Jeri positions herself then drives her knee up into Christina's pussy. Christina sharply shrieks and backs away holding herself. She was so engrossed in the bear hug that she never anticipated that low form of attack. The sudden pain between her legs stops her for a second as she tries to massage it away.

"Let me borrow that" Jeri says to one of the student extras and snatches a school book out of his hands. Next Jeri returns and starts clobbering Christina over the head with the book. Christina is shouting and trying to cover her head and catch the book all at the same time. She catches a good beating before she is able to knock the book out of Jeri's hands. Jeri instinctively backs up. Because now Christina is huffing and puffing loudly with her big chest rising up and down as she is hulking up in a primal rage.

Christina yells, "You fucking cunt!" and starts coming after Jeri like a wild woman. Jeri ducks and dodges as Christina throws these big wide blows trying to knock Jeri's head off of her shoulders. Jeri is able to duck most of them but the few that did land had a profound impact. Everyone that landed wobbled Jeri, and knocked her blonde hair about. Her professionally designed hairdo is gone and is now a frazzled mess. Jeri is constantly retreating down the hall with Christina constantly coming after her with another haymaker. "Come on!" Christina shouts. "You can run but you can't hide! I'm going to fucking destroy you!"

Jeri thought she would tire the forty year old woman out with her berserk wild blows. Then she quickly remembered that she is now a fifty year old woman, and she is getting more tired than Christina. Then another haymaker lands on the slowing blonde. It knocks her offer her feet to her ass. "Let's see what you're working with whore" Christina vengefully spits and reaches down and grabs Jeri's white blouse. A mighty yank sends buttons rocketing in every direction as her blouse is ripped open. The student extras give a loud roar of approval, as now they see Jeri's remarkable breasts sitting in her white bra. Christina keeps a hold of the blouse and snatches Jeri up to her feet by the garment. "Not bad", the red head comments, "But you've got to learn to stick them out more." then Christina blasts Jeri with punch to the gut. Jeri doubles over with a loud grunt, however she is also sticking her tits out. Christina grabs Jeri's hair one more time to hold her in place, then drives her knee up into the blonde's face. Jeri goes down hard and lies on the floor with sleepy eyes.

Feeling in total control Christina victoriously throws her arms in the air and soaks in the wall shaking cheers from the student extras. She howls and walks around urging them on. She wonders if Ice Cube is about to shout 'cut' and end this fight, or could she give Jeri some more. The sinister and twisted Ms Monet would not let her victim off this easy either. Christina halts her celebration and turns back to Jeri wearing a creepy mass murderer type of smile.

Jeri is slowly getting up and checking out her jaw, moving it from side to side. "I've got to give it to you. For a red headed cow you do pack a good punch." She says as she is unbuttoning her skirt and taking it off. "But it's time to put you out to pasture, Moo Moo." Jeri finishes as she adopts a wide legged martial arts stance that she would not have been able to do while wearing her skirt. Wearing her bra, panties and a ripped open blouse over top, Jeri says. "Your fat ass is about to be grass bitch!" With that announcement all the student extras start jumping up and down and cheering them on jubilantly.

Christina comes storming at Jeri. The blonde fires a high kick at the Christina's head but she blocks and swats it away and scores with a straight fist to Jeri's face. Jeri is rocked and takes a step back before throwing a left martial arts chop followed by a right combination. With a stern determined expression, Christina blocks both of them, and lands a good ol' two fisted combination to Jeri's face. Again the blonde is rocked and stumbles. Next Christina throws another punch at Jeri's face but Jeri slips it and captures Jeri's arm. Then with some leverage, a twist and a turn, she judo flips Christina across the hall. The big busted red head flips in the air, lands on the hard floor and goes sliding a few feet on the slick waxed school floor. The extras cheer. Christina is obviously embarrassed and stands quickly. She goes right back at Jeri, only for her to grab her arm and judo toss the red head again. This time Christina slides a little further down the hall in the opposite direction. She gets up much slower this time. The hard school floor is taking it out of her. Jeri is in her element and much more confident now. Christina mutters "Skinny bitch!" but the words are followed by Jeri's swinging karate kick to her mouth. Christina's head snaps to the right. As her head returns forward and her eyes start to focus, another kick spins her head to the left. One more swinging high kick spins her head back to the right. Another kick lighting strikes into her belly, doubling her over. Finally a slowly measured straight kick to her face drops the red head like a ton of bricks.

The crowd roars in delight. Jeri takes a well earned moment to collect her breath. She still has not heard Ice Cube yell cut, so she knows there will be more. However as Christina moans and collects her senses on the floor, Jeri reaches down and strips the red head bombshell of her ripped open black dress. Christina is so dazed she really does not know what is happening, but every male and female present are very aware, that 2010's Esquire Magazine's 'Sexiest Woman Alive" is seated in a high school floor only wearing a pink bra and black panties.

Jeri did not get the roar from the extras that she anticipated. It was just mouth watering silence as everyone ogles Christina sitting on the floor. This absolutely infuriates Jeri. She does not understand why they are so entranced by this chesty tart when Jeri Ryan, Star Trek dream girl is there scantily clothed as well. She has certainly launched more Trekkie and fan boy rockets as Seven of Nine than this new busty MILF ever has.

Meanwhile, Christina's wits are returning and she realizes she is sitting on a movie set with more than 100 extras, wearing only her bra and panties, and five cameras are there filming her. "NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!" Christina shouts as she tries to cover her top and bottom with her arms. The racktastic red head has been filmed in sexy dress, but never nude. Being this undressed is enough to make her crazy. Mortified at being disrobed, Christina stands and shouts, "YOOOUUUUUU....... You did this to me! I'm going to fucking kill you!"

Jeri is not impressed by Christina's overboard display of humility and anger. She is sick and tired of this curvy bitch that has everybody drooling while they treat her like a grandmother. Jeri is calm and collected as Christina charges at her.

Jeri tries to punch the rampaging red head in the face when they meet, but the sexy Christina simply runs through the punch, absorbing the blow. Things turn into a pier slugfest between the sculpted blonde and the hot body red head. Fists are flying fast and furious. The enraged Christina steady tries to knock Jeri's head off with nothing but heavy head shots. She rocks Jeri many times. Ice Cube mutters, "Hell yeah" thinking his friend from the first film will overwhelm Jeri whom he barely knows. However as Cube thought Christina had everything in hand, Jeri switched tactics and became more concerned about slipping Christina's fist and countering always to her soft belly and saved her power shots to Christina's tits.

After scoring countless body shot and breast punches, Jeri patiently timed it, then as Christina drew her arm back for another haymaker, Jeri riskily fires a six punch combination into Christina's boobs. Jeri is wide open if Christina's haymaker lands, it would definitely change or even end the fight. However Christina's arms go to protect her punished tits and abandon the punch, as she hunches over. The blonde fires a right hook into Christina's unprotected side, then the other side. Christina is nothing but a big target now. One arm now stays near protecting her tits. She now knows that Jeri is capable of destroying them. With the other arm, she does the best she can to defend herself and fight back. Jeri is only concerned about the body punches though. She wants to prove Christina's voluptuous figure is no match for her slender sexiness.

Jeri is in total control and taking a suffering Christina apart piece by body and tit shot piece. Jeri is alternating shots to Christina's side when a sizzling right hook from the red head rockets across Jeri's lips. Instantly the blonde drops to the floor in la la land. It was bedlam and shock as everyone was thinking Christina was about done and defeated a moment ago. "That's what you get for taking my dress off!" Christina yells down to the motionless blonde lying on the floor. "You got knocked tha fuck out!" Ice Cube smiles hearing his classic line. However Christina was not finished. This blonde has done too much to get off this easy. "This is what you get for fucking with me and making fun of my figure." Christina reached down and grabs Jeri's ripped blouse and hauls the semi conscious woman to her feet. Christina slams Jeri's body against the lockers. "When I'm done, you'll be flat enough to spend summer vacation in a locker, but first I'm going to show my honey Strickland what I've got!"

Christina slams her tits into Jeri and watch as the blonde's pair of melons get crushed. Again and again Christina rams her massive breasts into Jeri's huge pair and proves that bigger is better at least in this situation. Jeri just helplessly grunts as her rack is being flattened, as she comes to terms with defeat at this busty woman's hands. Christina does not make it easy as she slaps the blonde's face anytime she pleases as she crushes her boobs. Jeri looks jealously into the gloating winner's eyes as the slaps become heavier and heavier. Christina does not even expect Ice Cube to use this footage. This about her proving to this arrogant blonde and the rest of Hollywood, who is the dominant diva and who is finished. She needs Jeri more submissive and defeated. She was serious about stuffing her into an open locker for the fight finale. Finally the whipped blonde submits, "I'm done.... you win, I can take anymore..." Christina does not let up and continues slapping the blonde around and crushing her tits. "I give up... Please, I'm done." the blonde whines.

"Oh no I'm in charge here. You're done when I say that you're done." Christina tells her whimpering foe. "And I say we're not done until your tits are flat!" Christina says backing up for a little space. She charges at Jeri and lowers her head then... BAM! Jeri was not about to feel the pain of another ram shot to her tits, especially in the painful state that Christina has put her boobs in so she slips out of the way. Christina rams the crown of her red head directly into the lockers. Christina straightens up wobbling and definitely dazed with the student extras' laughing their tails off.

Jeri grabs Christina from behind and wrenches her arm up her back between her shoulder blades into a hammer lock. Then she spins the dazed woman around to face the lockers and holding a handful of red hair starts slamming her pretty face and head into the lockers. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! it went on what seemed like forever. Jeri slammed Christina's noggin into the locker 24 times when counted. Everyone know there is no way that Christina could possibly be aware, cognizant or sensible.

Jeri ceases and turns Christina around for everybody to see. She is out on her feet with unfocused green eyes rolling around aimlessly in her head. Only Jeri's hammer lock and handful of hair keeps her upright. Jeri announces "Students get your phones ready. It's time for Ms Monet and her tits to go viral on the internet."

Sure enough all the extras pull out their camera phones and get ready for a picture or video that is sure to make them some extra money and pay a lot of bills. Jeri releases the hand of hair and Christina limply slumps forward. Then Jeri unfastens Christina's pink bra hooks in her back and grabs the front of it. Jeri knows this will be the ultimate humiliation for her modest rival when she wakes up. If being in her bra and panties made her freak out, then this will really get her.

Frantically Ice Cube comes running on the set screaming, "No Wait! Don't! Don't! Don't! Don't do that!" He dashes in front of Jeri with both hands up trying to beg to stop. One flick of the wrist and Jeri exposes Christina. Seeing Jeri pausing he stutters, "Wait... Jer... Ms Matlock, I mean Ms Monet don't get down like that. She's not about being naked nowhere. It would fuckin destroy and humiliate her. She's already on probation from the school board, so this will get her fired too." He says trying to slip into his role as Strickland while adlibbing this whole part. "I mean if this happens, somebody is definitely getting fired!" he finishes threateningly with director eyes, that Jeri is in jeopardy if she continues.

Jeri gives him a little nod of assurance. "Well Strickland, if you don't want your girlfriend fired and going viral over the internet, give me that notebook you took off a student named Jacques Cane."

"What tha fuck you talking about... you mean that nerd computer son-a-bitch?" Cube says playing along with the script.

"Now Strickland or your girlfriend's tits, are about to become an overnight internet sensation." Jeri stresses. "One flick of the wrist and this broad's boobs will be a worldwide sensation before you could stop me."

"Alright I'll get it right now." Cube appears to comically run away but really steps off screen and grabs a notebook from an extra. He returns and hurriedly hands Ms Matlock the notebook, saying "Here ya go."

"Good! Here's your cow back." Jeri grabs the notebook with one hand and releases Ms Monet. The terribly beaten red head drops to the floor and pitches over face first to the floor with a moan. "Finally I can get out of this insane asylum!" Ms Matlock says and runs for the door. She is quite sexy doing so in her bra and panties and torn blouse flowing in the breeze.

Strickland quickly attends to Ms Monet and reclasps her bra before any mishap. Then a student steps out of the crowd. The computer geek kid meekly comes up to Strickland and says. "Uh Mr Strickland, I don't think you should have done that. Jacques is the best hacker in town. There were some people paying him to hack into the school system about a school funds and bank accounts. He always keeps his notes in that notebook. Sounds like you just gave away access to all the funds for books, computers and teacher salaries. The only way to stop them is to find Jacques, but he's been missing for three weeks."

"Teacher's salaries!" Strickland looks totally aghast. "Damned! Yo we've got to find that little mutha fucker."

"CUT!!!" Ice Cube shouts. "Great work people helluva job adlibing! We're going to definitely do some script rewriting before the next shoot. Now somebody get me some help for Christina!"