With Special Guest Referee Mandy Moore

Catherine Zeta Jones (55%) dethrones Halle Berry (45%)
The crowd was cheering…

In the ring, surrounded by junk-like objects, was Halle Berry, dressed in a sexy set of metallic purple bikini and thong, and flexing her beautiful muscles to the crowd.

A few minutes later, CZJ entered the ring, dressed in a black leather suit, covering her entire body, except the feet and hands. Halle looked down and grinned at her champion belt on her waist. Halle slowly removed the belt and handed it to guess referee, Mandy Moore. Mandy presented the belt to the crowd. CZJ walked to the center of the ring, hands on her hips, looking at Halle. Halle did the same, they were face-to-face, eyes looking in the eyes.

"Hah… Not confident of your own body?" Halle whispered with a grin.

"What kind of stupid bitch will wear "Bikinis" in a hardcore match? You…" CZJ replied with a satisfied answer.

The grin on Halle's face immediately disappeared and the bell rang. She instantly slapped CZJ on the face and began to punch her here and there. Caught by surprise, CZJ couldn't do anything but be a punching bag. After a few blows, Halle already knocked CZJ's breath out. Halle forced CZJ in a corner and, holding the top rope for support, shoved her foot on CZJ's throat to choke her. Mandy counted: "1…2…3…4…" Halle retrieved her foot and pressed her body against CZJ, backed off and whipped her with all her force towards the opposite corner. Catherine was like being projected from a cannon, it was so powerful that when she hit the turnbuckles, she flipped and flew out of the ring. She laid at ringside, one hand burying her face sobbing, the other on her back.

Mandy got off the ring to check on her. Halle took her time to slowly walk off the ring. She picked up a pretty long nylon made wire and folds it many times, until it became some kind of "Nylon Club". She walked behind Mandy and lightly pushed her away. She looked at the sobbing Catherine, trying to catch her breath. Halle raised her hand and whipped Catherine's back really hard with her "club", making a "Pack!" sound.

"AHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Catherine screamed.

Halle repeatly whipped her opponent, over and over, spawning every time a terrible and disturbing yelping from Catherine. After a dozen of hits, Halle let the nylon wire down and picked up a huge trash can and threw it on Catherine's back. She once again yelped. After a few more throws, Halle pulled CZJ to her feet by a handful of hair and threw her back in the ring. Halle looks like she's taking her time. When she was back in the ring, Catherine was already on her hands and knees, gasping for air and trying to recover. Halle lightly kicks Catherine's head with her bare foot, for fun. She once again pulled the sobbing beauty to her feet and shoved her head between her legs. Halle raised her in the air and powerbombs her back on the mat. Catherine is totally devastated and exhausted. She can't believe she couldn't even counter-attack Halle's ferocious attacks.

Suddenly, she felt someone touching her chest. It was Halle. Halle unzipped Catherine's suit and abruptly pulls and tears it. The suit was getting ripped off and CZJ has just gotten stripped. She turned around and laid on her stomach. Her back was all red, with light bruises all over. She wore a yellow bra and a yellow panty under the suit…

"I'm gonna finish you off now bitch…" Halle said as she flipped Catherine around, move theirs legs and all, and locked CZJ in a Figure 4 Leg lock. She pressed and Catherine screamed again. Mandy was there, waiting for any submission. After a few minutes, Catherine was like crying, and Halle was furious, she had no patience. They were both sweating… Catherine, with her eyes full of tears, looked at ringside and saw a league official holding the belt.

With all her remaining power, she flipped around once again, going on her stomach, and pushed herself up with her hands. Now it's Halle yelling and crying. CZJ just countered the Figure 4. Halle was struggling hard, but in vain, she was beginning to cry too, due to the hellish pain. After a dozen of minutes, Catherine couldn't hold it anymore, she let it go and crept to the center of the ring, Halle went in a corner. Mandy began to count. Around 7, Halle was up, but not very stable. She crouched down waiting for Catherine to stand up. Catherine finally stood up at the count of 9, but she can barely stay on her feet. Halle charged towards her, going for a Spear. Catherine turned around, seeing this, instantly redirected Halle. She charged and instead of hitting Catherine, she speared Mandy on the stomach!!! (Poor girl!)

Mandy collapsed on the mat, instantly KO'ed. Halle was half conscious due to the impact, she's on her hands and knees. Catherine recovered some of her force now. She pulls Berry to her feet and powerbombs her. Then, while she was lying of the mat recovering, Catherine picked up the ring bell and began to smash it on Halle's breasts. At every hit, there was a "ding!" noise, that was pretty funny. Halle was crying and couldn't do anything. Then, Catherine straddled her and began to punch her face, over and over. Suddenly, Halle, in a desperate move, shoves her fist on Catherine's crotch. CZJ rolls aside and yelps…

They were both down, trying to recover. Halle was the first to stand back up. She dizzily ran to Catherine and pickes her up by the hair. Suddenly, Catherine pushes her hands away with her own, and then kicks Halle's midsection --- Stone Cold Stunner on Halle!

Halle bounces off and lays lifeless on the mat. But Catherine couldn't pin her. She was too weak… Catherine nearly passed out. Instead, she sat at a corner, trying to shake the effect off and to recover. After a dozen of minutes, there were no actions. Catherine slowly stood back up, still dizzy. But so did Halle. Halle was rubbing her throat, trying to shake off the effects. She ran again towards Catherine, trying to spear her. Before she could do that, she just realized she got kicked in the midsection again and stunned for the second time. Halle flies off from Catherine's shoulder and lays on the mat, nearly dead. This time, Catherine could do something. She slowly walked out to the ringside, picked up a steel chair, and came back in the ring. She drops it on Halle's head (face) and she headed for the top ropes…

She carefully climbed the ropes. When she reached the top, she took a deep breathing. She looked down and saw Mandy gaining her consciousness back again. She jumped from the top rope and delivered a hard leg drop on the "chair", which crushed Halle's face.

Catherine immediately threw away the chair and hooked up Halle's lifeless leg.

Mandy saw that… She is trying her best…

"1…………………….. 2………………………… 3……………………!"
The third tap. Mandy signalled the bell ring.

Catherine rolled aside, her head on the bottom rope, holding her lap sobbing. Her lap got hurt when she hit the chair, but she thinks it's worth it. An official came to Catherine and gave her the belt.

On the weak face of Catherine, we could see a smile. She kissed her new belt… and hugged it…

Halle laid in the center of the ring, totally devastated and "face-crushed"…



Catherine Zeta Jones

Halle will rise back to the top again