“I’m so glad we got paired up with you girls. Our win will be payback for what you did to us during Battlelines. It’s going to make me so happy.” Said Halle Berry as she stood up to Cameron Diaz in Marina Sirtis’ office after they signed the fight contract.

Cameron chuckled at Halle’s confidence, “I wouldn’t be so sure about that Halle. Jessica Biel got beaten fair and square and you girls whined like little bitches. You girls paid the price for your whining with that beat down we gave you.”

Halle scoffed and face reddened a bit in anger at Cameron’s comment, “You call that win fair and square? You are delusional.”

“You bitches steal away one of our woman in Eva Longoria and I’m the delusional one?” snarls Cameron as she bumps Halle with her chest.

“You did not just bump me bitch?” growled Halle as she thinned her eyes and steps back into Cameron to reassert herself. The two start to shove each other.

Tia tries to step in and push Cameron away only to be intercepted by Jennifer Aniston who grabs her wrist, “That’s not a wise move Relic Hunter.” Tia grits her teeth as Jenn grabs her hands, but with her quick thinking, she bitch slaps Jenn. The two pairs of woman were about two have a throw down in Marina’s office when security came in and separated the four of them. Unbeknownst to the four ladies, Marina had pressed a button under her desk that called for security the moment Halle stood face to face with Cameron. Knowing the background of the groups, she had rightly sensed trouble was brewing. The two pairs of girls tried to get to each other but were held back by security. They ended up hurling curses and insults at each other.

“That’s enough from the four of you. Save this fighting for the ring or the four of you can each face a suspension from the league. Do I make myself clear?” Yelled an angry Marina Sirtis as she stands at her desk pointing at the four of them. She waited a few seconds for the four to calm down when she asked, “Well?”

“Fine with me.” Huffed Halle as she straightened herself out.

“I’m cool with it.” Said Cameron as she cleared her throat and fixed herself up.

“Good! Now that we’ve got that cleared up, security will escort each of you out of the building and make sure there’s no more… problems.” Said Marina. The two pairs of girls looked at each other without saying a word. They complied with Marina’s directive as they walked out of Marina’s office and building with a security escort. They occasionally looked at each other with snarled lips and muffled curse words. The two pairs of girls went to their respective cars and headed back to their respective gyms.


The following week, the two tag teams arrived at the Knickerbockers Arena in New York along with several of their fellow teammates for backup just in case anything gets out of hand.

“You can’t let Cameron get under your skin like she did at the contract signing.” Said J Lo.(Jennifer Lopez)

“Oh that… that was nothing. That was more for show than anything. I had everything under control.” Smirked Halle.

“You call nearly getting suspended and then escorted out the building by security under control?” asked J Lo.

“Yeah, I wanted her to think I was upset. I know she likes to think she has the upper hand so I let her think she had it. I know what you’re thinking. It’s not going to be a repeat of that time I fought Demi Moore a few years back. That was totally different.” Said Halle.

“I would hope it’s different. We need you focused and your mind in the game. We all love you Halle and could use your experience for the sake of the younger girls.” Said J Lo.

“Don’t worry about me. I love you girls too. I’ll stay focused.” Smiled Halle as she hugged J Lo.

A few moments later, Cameron and Jennifer were called to the ring. Both girls strutted confidently to the top of the ramp. Cameron was wearing the outfit she had from the car wash scene in ‘Bad Teacher’. Jennifer was wearing a pair of form fitting jeans and tank top along with a pair of calf high boots. They each got a good reception from the crowd. Cameron had an apple in her hand. She took a couple bites on the way to the ring. As she got to the ring, she gave it to an adoring fan and winked at him before rolling into the ring. They smiled and played to the crowd for a couple minutes.

As Cameron and Jennifer were playing to the crowd, Halle and Tia were called to the ring. Like Cameron and Jennifer, they too strutted to the ramp. Tia wore black jeans, a shirt that looked more like a suit vest and a pair of calf boots. Halle wore blue jeans, a sports bra and calf high boots as well. The crowd gave them a standing ovation when they appeared. They smiled and waved to the crowd as they made their way to the ring and shook their fans hands on the way down. They finally make it to the ring, they each go to separate corners and jump on the second pair of ropes to play to the crowd.

After watching the two pairs of teams play to the crowd, he called them to the center of the ring and explained the rules to them before calling for the bell. The four girls didn’t bother going back to their respective corners they went at each other exchanging blows. Halle faced off with Cameron while Tia faced off with Jennifer. The referee tried to break them apart, but quickly found it futile, as he couldn’t get in the middle of either pair of women. The two pair of women continued to pummel each other. As he continues to try and separate the fighters and get two of them to their respective corners, an errant punch from one of the fighters hits him in the jaw sending him to the mat.

Tia CarrereAs the girls fight it out in the ring, Jenn slowly gets the upper hand and forces Tia towards the ropes. As they get close, Jenn clotheslines her over the ropes and onto the floor below. Halle on the other hand slowly forces Cameron towards the corner. Jenn follows her by climbing out onto the apron and jumping down to the floor. As Halle gets Cameron into the corner, she reaches up and rakes her eyes making her scream slightly. Halle bends over and sends her shoulder into Cameron’s stomach several times. As Halle gets up and prepares to send her hurdling to the other corner, Cameron plants her feet and reverses Halle’s hold and sends her back into the same corner. Cameron follows that up with several knees into her making her grunt with the knees.

Jenn steps to Tia as she tries to get up and sends a kick to her stomach sending her to her back. Jenn starts stomping Tia’s stomach and chest making Tia grunt with each hit. Jenn bends over, pulls Tia up by the hair and scoops her up before slamming her back several times into the poles on the corner of the ring. Tia screamed in pain from her back hitting the pole. Jenn finishes up by dropping Tia into onto her extended knee before dropping her to the mat. The knee drop made her groan in pain. As Jenn gets to her feet and starts to walk away, Tia grabs her ankle and yanks hard making her lose her footing and drop to a knee.

Meanwhile, Cameron sent a series of punches and chops to Halle’s body making her grunt with each hit. After all the hits, Cameron reaches in, hooks her shoulder and hip-tosses her to her back. Cameron jumps up on the second ropes and jumps onto Halle, sending a knee to her chest making her grunt and spasm. Cameron keeps her knee on Halle’s chest sending punch after punch onto her face. The referee is still down from before and can’t make Cameron stop. After more than a dozen punches, Cameron grabs her hair and pulls her up. As she pulls her up, Halle sends an uppercut to Cameron’s pussy making her scream in pain and drop to her knees. Halle drops to her knees from the pain that Cameron inflicted on her. They start slugging it out with each other while on their knees each giving the other a beating. They eventually resorted to chocking each other and rolling on the ground.

Outside the ring, Jenn is fighting it out with Tia but is otherwise dominating a hurting Tia. As she is taking it to her, Jenn hoists her up and suplexes her through the announcers table splitting it in two and nearly knocking her out in the process. Jenn smirks as gets up seeing the mess Tia is in and turns to Cameron bulldog Halle. Jenn gets up to apron and starts to cheer for Cameron.

Cameron gets to her feet and tags in Jenn just as the referee gets his wits about him and gets to his feet. Jenn comes into the ring and continues where Cameron had left off by stomping and kicking Halle’s prone body. Halle groans in pain from Jenn’s attack. Jenn soon pulls Halle up to her feet by her hair and suplexes her making her grunt in pain. Once again, Jenn pulls her up to her feet and sends her hurdling to ropes. As she came back off the ropes, Jenn goes for a clothesline, but Halle ducks underneath her extended arm and continues to the other ropes. On her way back once again, Halle at Jenn and colliding with her sending her to the mat. Halle straddles her torso and starts pounding her face with punches. After a handful of punches, the referee has Halle step off of her.

No longer had the referee had Halle step off of Jenn, Halle once again lunges towards Jenn. This time, Jenn was ready for her as she brought her knees up connecting with gut and her shins with her pussy making her scream in pain. Halle rolls off of her holding her stomach and pussy. Both girls lie there gathering themselves from their own pains. Jenn was the first to get to her knees. As Jenn gets up, she grabs Halle’s hair and starts pulling her up with her. As she does that, her eyes widen and her mouth opens as Halle uppercuts her stomach and keeps her hand deep in her stomach. Jenn hunches over Halle’s fist and in a blink of an eye Halle puts her in a small-package pin. Jenn tries to kick out from the pin.

Cameron gets a shocked look on her face from the turn of events in the ring and tries to enter the ring. As she is about to enter the ring, she feels Tia’s hand on her ankle. Tia pulls hard on her ankle and pulls her off the apron. As Tia pulls her off, Cameron falls into Tia and on top of her. Cameron soon straddles Tia and grabs her hair and sends a handful of punches to her face before standing off of her. She looks in and smiles seeing Halle and Jenn duking it out once again. As they are doing that, Halle grabs Jenn’s wrist, pulls it towards her and knees her in the gut. Halle puts her in a headlock and DDT’s her. Before Cameron can take another step, Tia kicks her in the back of her knees hobbling her. Tia send both her feet up at her kicking her side making her fall to the ground. Tia slowly got to her knees and lunged at Cameron to straddle and choke her. The two ended up rolling on the ground outside punching and kneeing each other.

After her DDT of Jenn, Halle releases Jenn and watches her fall to the mat on her side. Halle moves over a bit sitting on her ass by Jenn. She pulls on Jenn’s hair towards her and slaps on a sleeper-hold and wraps her legs around her waist in a scissor-hold. Jenn tries to claw at Halle’s legs and arms to get herself free, but Halle had expertly applied both holds and despite the pain from the clawing, she wasn’t about to let go. Eventually, Jenn was feeling the effects of the holds as her eyes started fluttering and her attacks were getting weaker. In less than a minute, Jenn’s eyes closed and her arms flopped to the side. The referee came in and lifted up Jenn’s hands three times, letting them drop each time. He then called for the bell and the announcement of the winners.

Halle releases her double hold on Jenn as she shoves her away. Halle doesn’t bother with the ref trying to raise her hand up in victory as she goes to check on Tia. She sees her in a battle on the floor outside the ring. She jumps out of the ring and sends a kick towards Cameron as they roll towards her knocking her off of Tia. She quickly grabs Tia by her arms and pulls her to her feet, “C’mon, lets get out of here.” Halle and Tia lean on each other as they quickly limp up the ramp and back to safety in the Fabs locker room.

“We’re not finished with you bitches.” Growls Cameron at them realizing they had lost the match. She decides it’s better not to pursuit them, but to enter the ring tend to Jenn. She waits for her to come around before helping her to her feet and back to the Resistance locker room. As they got there, Cameron called everyone’s attention: “Listen up everyone. Even though we lost the match tonight, it’s only a small blip in the bigger plan we have. We’ve been doing great so far and we will be moving onto other fights and we won’t stop in our plans until we run this league.”