Carmen Electra (60%) creams Rena Mero (40%) Flashbulbs emit small explosions of white light as the crowd of celebrities exits the Hollywood premiere. One of the reporters starts yelling out: "Rodman! …Hey! Worm!" He blocks the exit path of the tall, rather peculiar looking black man making his way out of the theatre.

"I was hoping you could tell us your thoughts on Ms. Carmen Electra's upcoming fight with Sable in the -" "Hey, no problem!" the sports legend cut him off. "She's taken on the best there is, in the ring, in the sack, wherever!" he chuckles as slides into the long black limo.

"Does it matter that it was just announced as a bullrope match?!"

The chatter dies down as Rodman stares blankly at the reporter for just a moment, realizes the limo is about to make its escape. "Wowowo - hold up!"

Fast cut to Ms. Rena Mero on her ranch, dismounting her horse, wearing cowboy boots, cutoff jeans, a black bikini top, and a wide-brim black hat. "You know what really pisses me off?" She inquires rhetorically as she wraps the appaloosa's coarse fibrous rope around the fence slat, tying it off and securing it with a firm yank. She approaches the camera. "Little girls- No! Little sluts!" she spits out, "who get a lot of attention by shoving their tits into people's face, suddenly overnight they think they can step in the ring with a professional fighter!" The horse neighs loudly as it senses its owner's agitation! "Carmen Electra! Take a reality check you filthy slut! Extreme Death Match rules! No pins, no submissions, winner is the one who's not laid out unconscious! Yeah, it's a bullrope match too, bitch." She lifts up an old, rusted cowbell that looked as if it's been laying out in the pasture for about the past eighty years. "Did you know there would be one of these attached to the bullrope when you signed the contract, shithead? The first time your tit touches my face I will use it to slice and chop and rip every last bit of flesh from your bones!!" The horse kicks down the fence and rises on its hind legs - the air fills with its loud flustered annoyance.

The cowbell laying atop the bullrope in the center of the wrestling ring looked to be in much better shape than the one seen earlier (a lot more solid, anyway), however it was still early, as the bell has just rung! Both women rush to the center of the ring to be the first to control the cowbell and coiled rope! Rena dives on top of it first! She clasps the bell in both hands to her chest as she fights to her feet, absorbing Carmen's repeated kicks to her face and the side of her head! Once she can put some distance between herself and her adversary Rena chucks the bell behind her feeling the bullrope slide through her palms. She swings the looped rope with the heavy metal tethered at the end! It narrowly misses smashing Carmen in the face, who was fortunately quick enough to stop short before she got in range. The rope wraps around Rena's shoulder and neck - the big blonde shrugs it off her back quickly as Carmen attacks, snatching two fistfuls of long blonde hair. The bigger blonde's foot is snagged in the bullrope as her head is wildly jerked back and forth. She stumbles and staggers to keep her feet, and only a few notice how this causes the cowbell to stand in an upright position behind Rena. She squeezes Carmen's wrists and pulls back to ease the pressure on her scalp.

With a hard jerk back, Carmen releases Rena's hair - Mero falls back!! Her heavy hips fall squarely atop the vertical bell!!! The crowd's gasp nearly drowns out Rena's cry of anguish!! She rolls onto her knees with her face pressed to the mat as Carmen spreads her arms to bask in the crowd's appreciation. Carmen doesn't notice Rena's hands leave her crotch long enough to clutch a length of bullrope, hiding it between her legs as Carmen steps over the coils of rope laying on the mat. Carmen again grabs the blonde's hair, and pulls her upright on her knees.

Rena suddenly yanks the rope up between the brunette's legs! She bulls into the yelping Carmen, pushing her off-balance and down to the mat, all the while doing her best to saw the rope back and forth into Carmen's bikini line! Carmen frantically kicks free and rolls away to make it back to her feet. Sable pulls herself to her feet as well with the aid of the ring ropes.

Carmen flies at Rena but a textbook drop-toe-hold by the former WWF champ whips Carmen face first to the mat! Rena places her knee across Carmen's back and pulls up on the bullrope laying under Carmen's neck! Carmen knows she's caught! There's nowhere she can go! Rena twists the rope around the back of Carmen's neck and pulls back strenuously, using all her might to try to choke her opponent out!!! Carmen's hair falls in front of her face as she panics, kicking and slapping the mat. Rena, no longer able to withstand the pressure her position was putting on her abused nether regions, lifted Carmen up to her feet in the stranglehold. Carmen fires an elbow to the solar plexus! Rena doubles up falling into the ropes! She wasn't expecting that! Carmen picks up a length of rope and flies toward the opposite ropes and springs off! Throws the rope lasso-fashion around Rena's neck and takes her down!!! Rena's legs thrown back over her head - a backward somersault and she's on her feet!! But, falls to her ass when she sees Carmen coming at her!! Tears immediately well up in the "trained fighter's" eyes!

Carmen winds Rena's hair up in her clutches and jerks back and forth until the heavier blonde gets to her feet! Carmen grabs Rena's arm and whips her toward the corner! A sudden jerk on the noose sends Rena crashing back down to the mat again!! The big blonde is flat out on her back, forcing herself to audibly grunt out the pain lest the referee end the match! Carmen reaches between down between Rena's legs and snatches up a length of rope that Rena's laying on, sits down astride the blonde's ample chest! Grasping the bullrope in both hands she wildly yanks and jerks back on it, forcing it painfully up into Rena's crotch, while bashing her backside down onto Rena's tits!!! Rena screams and struggles to break free!! Carmen grabs Rena's flailing leg to steady herself, continuing the sexual assault!! Finally Rena is able to roll to her side - rolling Carmen off.

Rena is quickly to her feet, her face aflame from either pain, rage, humiliation, or most likely all three. She and Carmen fly toward each other - Then Carmen with a knee to the belly! Rena is pushed back to the ropes! - Flung to the opposite side!! Off the ropes - drops down as she see Carmen spring off the adjacent ring ropes - and comes back up to her feet with the cowbell!! Rena jams it into Carmen's midsection as the cocky brunette springs off the ropes again! Carmen doubles up and turns away as Rena raises the bell high overhead to send it smashing across the small of Carmen's back! Carmen yells and takes a knee, her body twisted in pain - her chest thrust out as she tries to soothe her agonized kidney. Rena grabs a hunk of chestnut brown hair with her left hand, and forces Carmen's head back, and smashes Carmen in the face with the cowbell!!! The crowd leaps to its feet looking for blood as Carmen is laid out flat on the mat, motionless!!! Rena drops the bell to snatch Carmen's top, ripping and shredding it as she drags the now bare-breasted brunette to her feet!

Carmen attacks with a thumb to the eye! She pushes the heavier girl away and snatches the cowbell up off the mat. Rena looks up from her knees as Carmen swings the bell by the rope!!! It crashes down over Rena's skull with a heartless CLANK - and the former "Sable" goes face down on the mat - not moving! Carmen wraps the bullrope around her ankles, pulling up her feet. She's going to tie up the ankles! Nothing doing! - Rena still has enough life left to furiously kick free from the intended bondage!

In frustration Carmen throws the rope over Rena's head - tightens it around her throat and pulls her over her body to lay on her side - Rena's body protesting violently for lack of oxygen!!! Carmen throws a leg around Rena's waist and starts dry-humping her - tightening the rope!! Rena retaliates with a desparate elbow to the ribs! Carmen's ribs are already badly bruised from the earlier gut shot and she rolls free with a tortured grimace crossing her face. Rena throws herself over the piled bullrope and Carmen attacks from behind, straddling Rena's back and pulling a length of rope across Rena's breasts, chafing and constricting the blonde's ample bosoms!!! Carmen rares back with all she's got!! Rena screams as the rope bites into her delicate skin!!! Carmen shoves her down!! Carmen wraps the bullrope around Rena's ankles!! She reaches back to grab a wrist! Rena furiously kicks free from the rope and rolls under the ring ropes - out to the floor. Carmen quickly picks up the cowbell but never takes her eyes off Rena. Rena still has red marks across her body where the bullrope bit into her flesh. Carmen reaches through the ropes with one hand to snag Rena by the hair, forcing Rena back up on the apron of the ring. She steps away from the ropes allowing Rena to make it to her feet. Weilding the cowbell like a bolo she smashes Rena across the mouth! Rena covers her bloody mouth with her hand and begins to fall back off the apron, but Carmen's got two fistfuls of hair again and flips her over the top rope back into the ring!

Rena is on her back, arms outstretched, eyes closed, knees slowly bending and spreading in a weak attempt to signal her consciousness! Carmen, on one knee, throws her other leg across Mero's chest and thrusts her fingers down into her mouth, her thumb pressing up under her chin. She begins force-feeding Rena the bullrope!! Rena can't even fight back!! She has so much hemp stuffed down her throat she'll suffocate!! Carmen snags a fistful of hair at the top of the blonde's head and sits down over her face, her pussy pressed down over Rena's nostrils and her buttocks ground into her bloody, overstuffed mouth!!! Carmen bears down on the smother as Rena presses her feet to the mat, raising up her hips, weakly trying to escape. Carmen grabs onto the ring ropes in front of her secure herself more firmly across her hated opponent's face! Her nipples harden as she senses Rena's struggles dying out, and she's know it's only a matter of time!

The referee is finally satisfied that this fight is over, and calls for the bell. Ms. Electra needs to let Rena up! Finally the ref is able to pull her off and raise her hand. Carmen wrenches away, holds the top rope and viciously kicks the fallen blonde in the face and tits over and over until the referee is able to pry her fingers off the ropes! Carmen turns away and raises her fists in victory, falling to her knees as she soaks up the crowd's boisterous but ambivalent mixture of adoration and contempt.

The Former Champ gets a huge win!

Beautiful Sable bites off more than she can chew


Mr. Skin