Salma Hayek(62%) Destroys Mariah Carey (38%) Hardcore Extreme Fight!
Mariah was a serious contender, Salma knew that. Salma also knew she wanted to keep her Hardcore Title. Mariah had been trash talking her since she won the title from Madonna. Mariah was willing to take her on anytime, anywhere, anyhow. Salma decided to take her up and try to discourage if not scare her away as well as future opponents when she suggested a barb wire match. They would fight in a ring in which the ropes were replaced with strands of barb wire. To her surprise Mariah agreed. She had been training hard and still smarted from recent defeats as did Salma. Mariah was anxious to make a name for herself again in the fighting circles and dethrone Salma. The match would take place in an outdoor ring in a secluded area south of Tijuana. Mariah was on tour and in Southern California so the match was quickly set.

It was night and the ring was lit with crude lights and bamboo torches. It was set before an invitation only crowd. Both fighters entered the ring as one side was open and now the strands of wire were tied to lock the two fighters into the ring. The fight would continue till either one cried quits or couldn't continue. Mariah appeared in a white bikini with a rainbow design like her recent CD cover. She shook her long brown hair and placed her hands on her hips as Salma was introduced. Salma was wearing a dark red bikini, her long black hair shimmered against the lights as she too waited defiant with her hands on her hips.

The command to begin was given and the two cautiously approached. The strategy as both knew would be to use caution and try to get the other to react and act on any mistakes. Their eyes had never left one another since they entered the ring and now they were face to face and locking up in a power struggle. Salma kicked at Mariah's leg then tried to whip her around but Mariah caught herself and tried to whip Salma who also caught herself as the two were now grappling on the mat. Both were rolling and struggling with wresting holds trying to hurt the other but protecting themselves. Then they started clawing with nails that hurt probably as bad as the barb wire. They held on and grappled till they realized they had rolled under the bottom strand. Salma scurried to her feet and grabbed Mariah's ankles. Before she could react Salma pushed up and caused Mariah to be tossed into the wire just above her breasts. Salma dragged her out and was going to flip her again now at face level but Mariah rolled out in time. Her top became a casualty as it got stuck to the wire. Mariah was wide eyed more with rage than pain or fear as she realized her wound only stung and the bleeding was minor as she rubbed her breasts. She screamed as she went for Salma. The two grabbed each others hair mid ring and pummeled each other.

Again they wrestled to the ground till Mariah jerked Salma up backhanded her repeating it with chops to her chest and a violent shove that sent Salma back into the wire. She froze in pain as she laid against it. Mariah's eyes were now wide with bloodlust and thrill at what she'd done. She backhanded her with hard chops and then forced Salma around as she rubbed her forehead along the barbs. The wire had ripped her top and bottom so Mariah undid her top squeezing her breasts in sexual delight before jamming them into the wire amid Salma's screams. Mariah was taking sadistic delight in this as she backed off with Salma draped over the middle strand. She ran across the ring for a bronco buster but Salma managed to roll away, the bottom wire taking what was left of her briefs. Mariah was again wide eyed but this time in fright as she landed her butt on the middle wire and her face went over the top. Salma pushed her ahead trying to trap her but the wire didn't give as easy as ring ropes and she fell back striking her head on the mat floor, her legs still draped across the wire. Salma stomped her face, chest and sat back on her legs. She kicked away what was left of Mariah's bottoms which were shredded.

Salma picked up her head and rammed it back to the floor then dragged her by the hair to the center of the ring causing her legs to have long scratches. She pummeled Mariah and then raised her up into a bear hug trying to wrest her around to the other side and the vicious barbs. Mariah got enough of her bearings now to squeeze Salma as well and wrap her legs around hers and then sink her teeth into Salma's shoulder. Salma released her hold but Mariah lifted her and intended to toss her around into the wire. Salma grabbed her again as Mariah got the momentum going and managed to lift Mariah off her feet enough to lift her and cause her to fall across the top strand. Mariah bounced off as a gash of a long scratch bled below her throat along with the one she suffered earlier above her breast. Mariah was gagging and gasping from pain and fright as Salma laid into her with feet and fists. Before she could effectively fight back Salma had her pushed back into the wire but worse wrapped up in it as Mariah sat on the middle strand her head over the top and legs around the bottom. Salma forced her forward till she was wrapped hopelessly nearly upside down and trapped in the wire. Salma struck at her as Mariah tried to free herself but realized it was hopeless and cried quits.

Ring seconds cut away the wire as Salma chided Mariah grabbing her by the hair forcing her to look at her and slapping her as Mariah pleaded with her to stop. Salma was separated from her and Mariah carefully righted and freed from the entanglement of her body and the wire. Both nude women were bloody but especially Mariah who had scratches from head to toe. Fortunately for the beauty of these women the scratches were only skin deep and even the deepest wouldn't show to people who wouldn't know to look but serve as a reminder of this night of hardcore fighting for the combatants. Salma left the ring bleeding, most of her wounds already drying but happy in her victory. Mariah was helped out, carried whimpering as towels were put over her wounds. She sobbed being carried piggy back and having to cancel her appearances till her wounds healed. Salma would wear hers proud knowing enough makeup would cover them till she was fully healed enough for closeups and until her next fight.

Sweet, Sultry Salma Reigns as the Hard Core Queen

Mariah Survives a Brutal Beating