Jenny McCarthy (56%) defeats Tyra Banks (44%) Jenny McCarthy entered the ring first. She was leaning over the ropes, yelling at ringside fans about how she was going to kick Tyra's ass. She had been telling anybody who would listen this for weeks now. She was tremendously disappointed that although she kicked Tia Carerre's* can in her last match, the final result was a time limit draw. Jenny certainly felt like she was the winner since she walked out of the ring proudly, while Tia's unconcious carcass was toted out on a stretcher. She also lost a close match to Jennifer Lopez in very controversial form. The whole experience had soured Jenny's approach and reaction to the rules and officials. In fact she had become quite the "bad ass", arguing with officials at every turn, and rebelling against the rules. Jenny furthered her bad girl attitude by wearing a pair of black leather shorts to the ring, that were a size or two too small. Her assets overfilled the shorts and were spilling out the bottom of them. She had a black leather vest top that was also so tight it had her tits buldging out of the top.

The ‘bad ass’ coninued to yell at ringsiders, and flipping them the bird if they did not agree with her. Suddenly the crowd erupted as Tyra floated down from the rafters to the center of the ring. She was wearing a bright yellow bikini with a flowing matching cape, simply looking like an angel or a fantasy super heroine. Tyra unhooked the harness that was used to lower her to the ring, and threw her arms up and posed like a ballerina or gymnast who had just peformed a dificult routine. The audience’s reponse left no doubt who their heroine was tonight.

Tyra’s scene stealing entrance infuriated Jenny all that much more, as she attacked the heroine from behind by tackling and driving her to the mat. Jenny struggled to pin the larger Super Model underneath her, but Tyra was too strong. Tyra shrugs Jenny off her and appears to be a little annoyed by Jenny’s cowardly attack. Tyra fought back by clutching the blonde’s hair with both hands, and repeatedly slamming the back of her head to the mat. She maintains her grip, and snatches the now dazed blonde to her feet. Tyra drives her knee into Jenny’s exposed soft, stomach. Jenny beloews and doubles over. Her head was snapped back as it met Tyra’s rapidly rising knee to her forehead. Jenny falls to the mat in obvious pain. The crowd however roared their approval as the once rampaging bad ass is now silenced.

Tyra now pulls Jenny to her feet by her vest, and delivers several paintbrushing slaps across her mug, till her cheeks turn rosey red. Tyra then hoists her victim high above her head and slams her back to the mat. Tyra whips her foe into the ropes and allows Jenny to run into her up raised foot on the rebound. Jenny’s chin again took the impact as her head snaps back as she collapes to the canvas. At this point, Tyra very much resembled a Comic Book Super Heroine, easily dispatching a villan’s henchmen with her flowing cape, and unopposed dominance over the mean looking blonde. The whole time she was delivering her frightful beating to Jenny, she kept a lovely, charming smile on her face.

Jenny is down but definitely not out yet. She crawls to her feet with the help of the ropes, and is still full of venom. “You fuckin’ shit face bitch, I’ll get you” Jenny yells. Tyra meets Jenny after she has finally reached her feet, and rockets several stinging jabs to her face. Jenny eats the jabs on her chin, and again is on wobbly legs. Jenny falls back, only supported by the ropes, when Tyra whips her across the ring, and plants a foot into Jenny’s gut on the rebound. With the blonde doubled over and gasping for air, Tyra leaps into the air, and sends her leg crashing down across the back of the blonde’s head. Jenny again tumbles helplessly to the mat.

Tyra again uses Jenny’s leather vest to pull the blonde back upright, but the buttons popped and the vest flings open down the front. The poor buttons were stuggling hard enough as it was to contain Jenny’s extra large tits, with the added responisbility of pulling’s Jenny’s full weight to her feet, they buckled under the preasure. “Bitch you’ll pay....” but Jenny’s rant was interupted by another rap to her mouth. Jenny wobbled backwards. Tyra whips the stunned blonde across the ring and flattens her with a flying clothesline. Jenny is definitely in trouble now as Tyra patiently waits for Jenny to slowly rise to her feet. Tyra plants a kick in the pit of Jenny’s stomach, again doubling her over. She tucks the blonde’s head under her arm, and falls back, driving the crown of Jenny’s head to the mat with a DDT.

Jenny lies on the mat moaning in pain. Tyra realizes the match is near over and poses to get another pop out of the adoring crowd. Tyra then climbs to the top turnbuckle and gracefully dives off. Her cape flutters in the wind as her beautiful form flies through the air, and lands heavily on top of poor Jenny. The slap of skin on skin and a loud grunt from Jenny punctuate the impact. The referee drops to the mat by the pair, as Tyra stays on top of Jenny for the pin. Tyra intently watches as the official raises his hand and slaps the mat and shouts “One!” He raises his hand and slaps the mat a second time yelling, “Two!” Jenny has not even lifted a finger in resistance as the official’s hand is moments from slapping the mat a third time. Tyra then hears a ‘SMACK’ instead of her usual ‘THAP’ of the ref’s hand meeting the mat. She looks up to see Jennifer Anniston standing over the now motionless official with a metal chair in hand.

Tyra & Jennifer had a private fight a couple of months ago,** and Jenny obviously had brought her in to insure she does not fall to another unfortunate defeat. Tyra stands wide-eyed as Jennifer approaches her with the chair. Tyra slowly backs up as Jennifer charges with the chair drawn back, ready to strike. At the last possible moment, Tyra steps out of the way of Jennifer and the chair. The chair slams down on the top turnbuckle, as Jennifer just misses her target. Jennifer turns as Tyra’s shapley & deadly legs flash into her gut. Tyra prepares to kick again, and Jennifer instincively raises the chair to block the kick. Tyra had planned on this, and kicked hard against the chair, driving it back into Jennifer’s face. The actress wails in pain and drops the chair out of the ring. Tyra’s fist again go to work just as they have done earlier against Jenny, pounding the trapped actress in the corner.

Tyra mounts the second turnbuckle to gain more leverage to punch down on Jennifer, as she holds her in place by her hair, and rains punches down on Jennifer’s face. Jennifer is starting to take a major league beating, when Jenny strikes from behind with a villianous low blow to Tyra’s crotch. Jenny then slides under Tyra’s legs and lifts the large Super Model up off the turn buckle. Tyra is seated on Jenny’s shoudlers as the blonde walks her to the center of the ring. Jenny bends forward and pitches the Super Model over her head and sends her flying flat on her face to the mat. Tyra is lying face down with all the breath knocked out of her. Jenny knows she can not give her a moment to recover as she rolls the model on her back and forces the edge of her cape against Tyra’s throat, choking her. Tyra’s eyes again almost bug out of her head, as she realizes her plight. She kicks her legs hoping to buck the blonde off her, but as she does, Jennifer grabs her ankles, and speads her legs. Jennifer’s heel came down like a jackhammer onto Tura’s unprotected pussy. Tyra was in BIG trouble. She wanted to sceam but the cape against her throat stopped her screams from being heard. Jennifer then kicked her between the legs to her lower groin, like she was kicking the opening kickoff at a football game, and imediately followed it again with anotherjack hamer stomp on top of Trya’s groin. Tyra was fading fast. The lack of air, multiplied by the pain raging in between her legs was too much.

She felt herself slipping into unconciousness when a ray of hope appeared. “No I want to hear you submit” Jenny muttered as she moved the garment that was choking Tyra. Jennifer completed another kick & stomp combination causing Tyra to howl like a wounded animal. Now Tyra's screams are free to be heard by all. Jenny reached behind Tyra’s head and untied her bikini top. Jenny gleefully clamps down with both hands on Tyra’s now exposed tits just as Jennifer comes through with another kick & stomp.

“Submit” demands Jenny as Tyra trembles and pitifully screams while withering in extreme pain. “I submit” says Tyra. “No, louder so everyone can hear!” orders Jenny. “I submit.... I submit..... I SUBMIT” screams Tyra, each time getting louder. Jenny displays a evil smile at her foe’s plees but does not let up as Tyra’s beautiful brown tits ooze between Jenny's fingers, trying to escape the preasure she is putting on them. Suddenly the crowd erupts as another heavenly body decends from the rafters. It’s Cindy Crawford wearing a blue string bikini with a long flowing red cape.

Jennifer & Jenny sees this new threat and imediately take action. Jenny charges the new Super Model only to be met by a crunching fist to her nose. Cindy collects Jenny and deposits her over the top ropes to the arena floor. Jennifer charges, but Cindy ducks and back flips Jennifer over the top rope, sending her to land directly on Jenny. The two villianess scramble to their feet to find Cindy perched on te top turnbuckle and diving off on top of them. Cindy crushes them to the har arena floor and returns to the ring. Jenny & Jennifer decide they have had enough and try to make their escape. As they turn the corner around the ring to make their way to the runway to the dressing room, they look up in time to see Tyra’s heavenly form flying through the air, bare breasted and cape flowing in the breeze. Tyra lands on them, again knocking them to the hard arena floor. Tyra returns to the ring and thanks Cindy for the save, as Jenny & Jennifer scamble up the runway, but they leave with an all important victory

Jenny gets a huge victory, while Jennifer get a measure of revenge!

Our Two Super Heroines will return with a vengence

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