Melissa Joan Hart (52%) whips Catherine Zeta Jones (48%)
CAT IS BACK! At least that is what the marquee said. Cat the Crippler, Catherine Zeta Jones is back to finish unfinished business with Britney Spears and Generation Next once and for all. Cat the Crippler is the name justly earned through her savage destrucion of Christina Applegate and Salma Hayek. In fact she destroyed everyone except Britney Spears. Cat is back from an extended layoff from pregnency and marriage to do just that. The first stop to Britney is Generation Prime's enforcer Melissa Joan Hart. "Her ass is mine" thought CZJ as she marched to the ring where Melissa waited. CZJ looked ever menancing in a black sports bra and black spandex pants.

MJH was dressed rather modestly in the ring with a sports bra and kackie shorts. She looks very strong & confident while waiting her opponent. CZJ enters the ring and the two imediately get in each others face, bad mouthing each other. This short dispute is quikly ended when CZJ drives her knee into MJH's stomach, doubling the young beauty over. CZJ wraps her arm around MJH's head and locks her hands under MJH's chin in a front face lock. CZJ pulls up on MJH's head bending her neck into an unatural postition and actually lifting the blonde's feet off the mat. CZJ wrenches MJH's head from side to before spinning and falling back to take MJH down with a spinning neck breaker.

CZJ springs to her feet, and sees MJH struggling to stand. CZJ knocks her back to the canvas with a stomp to the blonde's head. CZJ snatches MJH to her feet by her hair and uses her hair to sling her head from left to right. MJH finaly retaliates with a solid punch to CZJ's gut. The punch knocks the air out of the former War Queen and stops her cold in her tracks. MJH takes advantage of the situation to lock CZJ in a side head lock.

MJH uses the headlock to weaken her opponent, while at the same time catch her breath. Feeling she has recovered sufficiently from her previous encounter with CZJ, MJH thrust her hip and hip tosses the btunette to the mat. CZJ is slightly dazed as she labors to her feet, but reacts quick enough to stop the charging MJH with a low blow to her crotch. The blonde drops to her knees howling in pain. CZJ releases a rare sly smile and grabs a handful of blonde hair to hold MJH's in place long enough to spit in her face, before walloping her over the head. CZJ snickers at her insult while MJH falls to the canvas rolling in pain. To add further insult AND injury CZJ rakes the sole of her boot across the youngster's forehead, getting another long howl out of the blonde. CZJ looks across the crowd that is booing and hissing at her vehamently.

MJH gets to her feet. She is angry at how the match is going so far, and whens she looks up, all she sees is CZJ standing in the far corner with a smug look on her face. Emotions get the best of MJH and she races across the ring at her foe. She reaches CZJ, draws back to deliver a powerful punch, but when she is in mid motion, CZJ pulls a night stick from behind her back and wacks MJH across the arm to block the punch. CZJ continues her assault by driving the point of the night stick into her midsection again & again until she drives the blonde back to the corner that she originally charged out of, in a ball seated on her phat ass.

MJH is groaning in agony, the crowd is booing, and the referee is in CZJ's face warning her about her illegal tatics. CZJ ignores his threats and keeps her eyes on her prey. CZJ really hated having to resort to using the foreign object, but brought it to the ring as an equilizer in case MJH's Genreation Next cronies, Britney Spears, Aaliyah, or Nelly Furtado decided to interfer in the match. Although none of the girls were in sight, CZJ figured since she bought the object she might as well use it. MJH struggles to her feet, with a red face and gasping for air. CZJ pushes the referee aside and again use the butt of the night stick to strike MJH in her stomach a few more times, till the young beauty again collapes in a heap in the corner. The referee steps in and again threatens CZJ and tries to take the stick from her. He was unsuccessful in getting the illegal object, but did give MJH time to recooperate.

After finally winning her tug-of-war with the ref over the club, CZJ goes back to attack MJH once again. Only this time MJH surprises the brunette by blocking her swipe with the club and flipping CZJ over to the mat. A big look of surprise is on the brunette's face, that the youngster was not only able to recover but counter her night stick. CZJ springs back to her feet and charges again, but MJH once again flips her to the mat, this time a lot harder. The night stick goes flying out of CZJ's hands as she lands with a thud. The brunette gets up, holding her back, and to her dismay, realizes the blonde now has possession of the night stick. CZJ chargess the blonde hoping to wrest it from her before she has a chance to use it on her, but as she charges in MJH drops and strikes the point of the sick into CZJ's crotch. The brunette goes down loudly screaming loud enough for all the fans in the upper level to hear. MJH smiles and tosses the stick out of the ring. She clasp her arms around the brunettes mid section and pulls her to her feet. She holds the brunette upside down like she is about to execute a pile driver, but then lifts her higher across her shoulders. CZJ's back is across MJH's shoulder. Her legs dangle behind MJH and the blonde holds her suspended there by her arms which she is pulling down on, shooting spirts of pain down her foe's contorted spine. The move is called a Canadian back breaker in pro wrestling terms, and is a submission hold. MJH holds her there and treats the crowd to a rare sound, CZJ howling in pain.

Tiring of the back breaker, MJH slams CZJ to the mat. She quickly locks her foe into a Boston Crab. CZJ screams even louder, but the strong taller brunette was not about to go down that easily. She strains to stretch out her strong legs, and eventually flips MJH off her, and sends her tumbling forward, landing on her head. CZJ gets to her feet holding her back, but thirsting for revenge. She starts by grabbing the blonde pulling her to the ropes and pressing her throat against the middle ring ropes choking the blonde. CZJ tries to get more preasurre on MJH by pushing in her back with her knees and pulling the rope tighter against her throat. Hoping she has choked some of the fight out of the blonde, Cat wraps her arms around her mid section and pulls her back. By the pained and exhausted look on MJH's face it looks like she has succeded. CZJ lifts MJH up in the air, preparing to drop her big, sexy ass across her knee, when the blonde flips out of the brunette's grasp and lands behind her. MJH in turn wraps her arms around CZJ and picks her up and flings her backward with a belly-to-back suflex. CZJ lands on the back of her neck, and rolls to her stomach with her eyes rolling around in her head.

If CZJ was not so woozy she would be amazed as the youngster's resilence. MJH shakes off her earlier beating and takes charge. She hair hauls CZJ in to her feet and whips her into the ropes. On the rebound MJH sends her tumbling head over heels with a big back drop. CZJ lands with a big thump to her already aching back and starts hollaring in pain. The brunette feels her legs going numb from the pain her spine has absorbed. MJH quickly adds to that pain by picking CZJ up and suflexing her to the mat. The brunette screams are loud enough for the fans in the upper level cheap seats to hear. MJH smiles and hair hauls her up again for another suflex. CZJ tries to resist and fight out of the hold, knowing her back can not take any more punishment, but MJH quiets her resistance with a kick inbetween her crotch. CZJ screams in pain and again is taken over in another devastating suflex.

CZJ's long loud screams of agony are music to the teen witch's ears. She has magically transformed 'Cat the Crippler' to 'Cat the Crying Criple'. MJH hair hauls the screaming woman to her knees. She stops and uses the handful of long black shiney hair to shake her head from side to side to exhibit her dominance over her screaming, crying foe. Finally MJH pulls CZJ to her feet, and spits in her face, returning the earlier indignity. MJH spins CZJ around in a circle four or five times before releasing her into the ropes, and leveling her with a devastating clothesline as she rebounds.

MJH grabs CZJ's ankles and folds her up until her ankles are beside her head in a matchbook pin. MJH presses down, bouncing her full weight across the brunette's legs. Each bounce elicits another scream from the brunette, while the referee mercifully makes the three count. MJH rises to a roaring crowd. She flexes her muscles and flaunts to her approving fans. Catherine Zeta Jones holds the small of her back and rolls under the bottom rope and out of the ring. She slinks back to the dressing room, humbled by a resounding defeat as the victor treats the crowd to a posing session that rivals of Hulk Hogan in his heyday.

Melissa stands alone and sends Cat the Cripler packing!

Cat slinks back to her hole