Britney Spears (57%) Downs Catherine Zeta Jones (43%) Catherine mulled over this fight and her opponent as she made her way to the ring, dressed in her diaphanous black full length robe which revealed her exotic one piece toga like black suit underneath, and her long legs breaking through the fabric interrupted only by the shiny black wrestling boots with white laces and white socks that carried her purposely to the ring. Cat had come to literally hate Britney who now wore her former title of War Queen with a white hot intensity. Cat had the look of a serious wrestler tonight not putting on the show of the Welsh Witch as she had in the past. Only the flimsy robe was a reminder of that. All of Cat's suits seemed exotic on this exotic beauty as opposed to the teeny bopper image Britney had. She blamed Britney for her losing her allure of the Welsh Witch with her win over her and humiliating her. * She coveted that exotic image and now it seemed silly since Britney had exposed her vulnerability. Now a lot of people pinned the moniker "Cat the Crippler" after her bone breaking matches against Christina Applegate and bloody matches with Salma Hayek and Jennifer Lopez. Her long black curly hair bounced as she jumped into the ring and cat-like eyes surveyed the audience who couldn't wait for this rematch to begin. She couldn’t wait either. She would show these fans she could satisfy their bloodlust and still regain her exotic image. She would finesse a decisive victory from the pop singer but beat her so bad she would never want to face her again.

Britney was ready to exit the dressing area. Like Cat she was dismayed at recent image problems. She coveted her title of War Queen and wanted nothing more than to keep it for ever. But she had hated her recent bad girl image of win at all costs. She had been proud of her ring clearing of Jennifer, Salma and Catherine. She was proud of being called the War Queen. She enjoyed the company she created with Christina Aguilera and Ananda Lewis of "Generation Next" but she knew this was where the problem lay. She had to do this War Queen battle on her own so over the last month she had distanced herself from Christina and Ananda somewhat.

Approaching the ring now in as much thought as Cat she revealed to the audience as she removed her white and pink warm-up jacket a costume of pink top white briefs with "Baby" emblazed on her butt and white and pink wrestling boots with white and pink laces and thick white aerobic socks. Her hair was loose except for two small braids. The fighters limbered up briefly as the bell sounded.

Britney was giving away some height to Cat which was all the more evident upon their lockup. But she used that to her advantage as she dipped down and flipped Cat over her using Cat's momentum. Cat lay stunned and embarrassed on her back as Britney took in the first round of applause raising her hands. Cat was slow to her feet not due to injury but getting her game plan back. Britney had made the mistake of taking in the cheers and was surprised with a punch to the gut. She shot back with a stomp to the kneeling Cat. And then another and another which seemed to not faze Cat at all and now had Brit flustered looking at the scowl on Cat. An upward kick aimed at her chin was caught by Cat and now Brit was lying flat on her back as Cat scurried in with a stepover toe hold wrenching her ankle. Yelling at the audience as Brit screamed in pain she thought if it's "Cat the Crippler" they want it what then cripple her they'll get as she threatened to break Brit's ankle. Just so long as she'd also be wearing the title of War Queen again. As Cat was preparing to bear down on a figure four, Brit kicked out and rolled away back into the ropes. Cat held her against them as she chopped her in the chest and stomped her gut.

Stopping briefly to take in the boos and cheers of the audience she realized she made the same mistake as Brit when she returned to be met with a kick to her gut from Brit who had been hanging on the ropes and now flew off with an upward forearm smash and a front facelock turned into a bulldog ramming Cat's head hard into the mat. As Cat lay there face down Brit jumped to the top turnbuckle and jumped off with a leg drop across Cat's back. She stomped her as Cat convulsed in pain. Then Brit applied a bow and arrow and clutching Cat's boots and chin with her knees in the small of her back over turned Cat bending her back as hard as she could. Cat could only let out muffled cries as she endured the hold. She reached out and grabbed the nearby ropes which helped her get out of the hold that nearly did her in.

She exited the ring massaging her back and studying Britney. She stayed out as long as she could playing to the crowd and getting the young War Queen all the more flustered till she was goading her to get in against the ropes. Cat used her wiles and this is the break she hoped would happen as she reached for Brit's shiny boots and yanked her onto her back as her legs draped across the apron. She slammed the legs one by one against the apron again and again then punching and biting the soft leg flesh. She then dragged her over to the ring post and got her in figure four ramming her knee against the hard metal. Britney managed to escape before Cat could apply the hold which would have her dangling on the outside and most assuredly breaking or dislocating Brit's leg and knee. Cat jumped back in the ring as Brit hobbled to the center with a look of fear and hatred in her eyes as Cat approached calculating and confidently. She stomped on Brit's injured legs and then unleashed a volley of stomps and kicks to her head and sides as well as Brit could only roll up and cover herself. Cat got her in a double toe hold and reaching back grabbed her chin holding her in this painful hold till the powerful teen could somehow power out. As Cat went after her and Brit hurried to her feet, she was met with fists. Cat blocked them and tried to return, but Brit still had a lot of fight in her, which Cat realized and trapped her in a bearhug, that she turned into a belly to belly suplex. Yanking Brit up by the arm she Irish whipped her to the ropes and dropped her with a toe hold. Cat got her breath back as she briefly worked on Brit's hurting knees again. Cat released the hold and delivered a leg drop across her opponents head then held her in a headscissor playing with her as she continued to get her breath and hurt Brit. Brit powered out and flipped out but Cat was on her as she Irish whipped her again to the ropes hitting her square with a devastating dropkick. Brit was gasping for breath and nearly out of it from this perfectly timed and powerful kick that Brit would later describe as "feeling like her chest had been caved in". Cat went over and stomped her chest and belly then slowly bent down and ground her knee into her throat as Brit only kicked and grasped Cat's leg. Cat let up and dropped her leg across her throat as Brit writhed in agony.

Cat stood taking in a mixture of boos and cheers as she knew in a moment she would be once again wearing the War Queen title. She raced across the ring to bounce off the ropes for one last leg drop. What she didn't see was Christina Aguilar and Ananda Lewis had already bounded down to the ring. As she bounced off the ropes Christina had grabbed Cat's ankles causing her to fall flat on her face hard enough to knock her senseless and cause her nose to bleed. She shook her head as she slowly got up not sure what happened. Christina and Ananda out to protect their fellow "Generation Next" wrestler had yanked Cat up by the hair. Ananda had her in a full nelson as Christina went to work on her beating Cat senseless with kicks and fists. Ananda had enough pressure on Cat thought her shoulders would separate as they dropped her and both kicked her till she was all but out. Christina then dragged Brit over and laid her over Cat in a cross body pin. The two counted Cat out and raised Brit's hand. Brit wasn't sure what happened except she heard the boos of the crowd now directed at her and saw Christina and Ananda parading around the ring hands held high in victory pointing at Cat who was still out. Brit had put two and two together now and realized what had happened. They ruined potential for victory not that was likely this time. Brit desperate to regain good graces with the fans now found herself in a controversial win.

She was able to get up and get enough bearings to scream her protest to her friends intervening. Stunned that Brit wasn't happy with their saving the match for her as Brit livid was now pushing and shoving them. Christina and Ananda blew their tops and now attacked their friend. A volley of fists then a double suplex followed by a piledriver by Christina helped by Ananda shoving her by grabbing her legs and driving her hard into the mat, Brit was totally out. They dragged her over and lay her beside Cat who was still out and laying face up and now Brit the victor and still War Queen laying out face up, also. They left the two in the ring as they exited amid boos and cat calls and knowing retribution would be soon by Brit and Cat both as “Generation Next" was down to two members now, the War Queen title still owned by Britney and Cat left to be out for revenge.

Generation Next goes through a few 'growing pains'

The Dark Queen, Cat the Crippler, is Finally Silenced
* Britney Vs Cat I

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